Sam and Kate 01: Brave New World

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If you haven’t read part one you might want to go check out “Is it Punishment if You Enjoy it?”

Patty had a smile on her face as she released my legs from the leather straps securing them to the desk. She knew she had been played but wasn’t mad about the outcome in the slightest. Even though I had been released I felt it would be a few minutes before my legs would be steady enough for it to be safe for me to walk in heels without falling over.

Still wearing the obscenely large strap on, Patty took a seat at the desk I was still laying across where she could see my face. She said “I’m sure you are feeling proud of yourself right now, but just be warned, now that I fully understand the literal depth of your depravity, in the future I will find a way to express my displeasure that will get the point across. Now get out of my office…..and don’t forget to leave the money you owe.”

I stood, and despite some doubt on my part, confirmed that my legs would still support me, though a bit unsteadily. I fished her money out of my purse, left it on the desk and made my way to the seat I usually claimed at the end of the bar. My pussy was still dripping wet and the next woman who occupied this seat might be in for a damp surprise. I was also pretty sure my ass was still gaping wide open and I flexed my sphincter muscles a bit to try to tighten things back up.

After ordering a drink, I started to scan the bar to see if anyone caught my attention. I was pretty sure I wasn’t ready for round two yet, but you have to take opportunities as they present themselves. However, after nearly an hour I had not seen any of my regular customers and nobody new had approached.

Just when I thought I might have to be a little more pro-active in finding some nocturnal entertainment, I heard a weak voice, practically inaudible over the sound of the music. She mumbled, “ummm, excuse me, but ummmm, the woman behind the bar said that, ummm, I could pay you to, ummm, come home with me and ummm……”. I turned to have a look at her. She appeared young, didn’t even look old enough to be in a bar, but Patty had never been too scrupulous about such things. She was small, probably not much over 5 feet tall and maybe not even 100 pounds, but with the shapeless blouse and loose-fitting skirt down to the floor, it was hard to tell much else. I couldn’t even see much of her face as she was looking squarely at the floor. As I was assessing her, she went on “ummm, I can pay. She, umm, the woman at the bar, umm, she said that I could pay you to ummmm……do things…. to, umm, let me do things.”

Sitting on the bar stool I was still several inches taller than her and I was pretty sure if I stood up I would be a whole head taller than her. I reached out a hand to lift her chin so I could see her face. She stiffened at my touch, but she didn’t back away. I gently raised her face up so I could see her. She was pretty but plain. Her brown hair was pinned up so it was hard to tell how long it was. If she worked at it a little she could be cute though. After seeing her face, I put her age at more like 22 or 23. It must have been her small size that gave me the impression she was even younger. I could tell she was nervous, but she held my gaze and didn’t look away.

Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t interest me. An obviously inexperienced young woman wasn’t my usual preferred client but it was a slow night and I was intrigued. I figured this would just wind up being a little pussy licking and some light fondling but I felt like I would be disappointing her if I said no after she worked up the courage to approach me. And you never know maybe it would be fun.

I told her, “Lets step outside where we can talk a bit” and I headed for the door. She followed and we walked over to my car. I opened the passenger door, ushed her in, and then crossed around to the driver side and got in. She sat stiffly in the passenger seat facing forward, not looking at me. Now that we were out of the bar, I could smell her perfume and it was better than I would have expected. My estimation of her went up a notch or two.

I reached a hand over and put it on her knee and she stiffened again. I said “My name is Samantha, but I usually go by Sam. And you don’t seem like my usual kind of client.” She nodded her head slightly and in a small voice said her name was Kate. At this point I felt like I had two options. I could take the soft approach and be gentle with her, but something in the way she had said “do things to me” had made me think maybe taking a harder line was the way to go. So I told her “My usual clients are bull dykes and wanna be dominatrixes; women who want to flog my ass and fist my pussy while I am strapped down over a padded bench wearing nipple clamps and a gag.”

And then she turned and for the first time she looked into my eyes and said “yes, that’s what I want, all of that and more…..please”. It was the please, almost pleading, that made me realize how badly şişli escort she needed to have me and how badly I wanted to let her.

Then, sitting there in my car, looking forward and not at me, she spilled out her story. Her whole life she had been painfully shy. Rarely talking unless spoken to and even then, only saying the minimum of words in a mumbled whisper. Most people didn’t bother to try to get to know her and those that did, quickly gave up when they couldn’t get through her shell. As long as she could remember she had always been this way. Her mother had tried everything; play dates, enrolling her in activities, anything she could think of that might get her daughter to engage and interact. But eventually, even her mother had given up. When she had graduated from high school with a straight A average, she enrolled in college and was able to get a library science degree in only 3 years by taking heavy course loads and attending summers. Now she worked as a research librarian at the university where she gets by on as little personal interaction as possible.

But just because she couldn’t seem to bring herself to interact didn’t mean she didn’t desperately want to. But her fear of rejection was stronger than her need for personal connection. And that’s why she sought me out…or rather anyone she could pay to give her the release she so desperately needed. Since she figured if she was paying for it, there was no risk of them saying no. I didn’t tell her that I had almost told her no and now I was glad I hadn’t.

She went on to say that as a researcher she read voraciously for work and for pleasure but she now spent most evenings, curled up in her bed on her computer watching all manner of the raunchiest lesbian porn the internet could offer. At this point I was afraid to interrupt her narrative, but it seemed like she was opening up so I was willing to risk a question. I tried my best neutral, clinical voice and asked if she touched herself when she watched porn. For a second it looked like the question might be going to push her away, but she seemed to nod inwardly and force herself on. She turned toward me, but didn’t look at me and in a meek, embarrassed, voice whispered “yes”. I took her hand and said “Its ok, Kate, we all do it.” She let me hold her hand, I wasn’t sure she would, and continued on, still not looking me in the eye. She said I didn’t understand. That it wasn’t just masturbating. She had done things, used things.

I asked her if she hadn’t heard what I had said earlier about being tied up, gagged, spanked, and generally fucked in all my holes by every slut who was willing to pay for the privilege of using my body. Her response what that she just though I was saying that for effect (which I had been) and things like that only happen in the videos.

After a moment’s consideration, I reached for my purse, opened it and took out the butt plug I had put in there before heading out for the evening. At the sight of it, her eyes got wide and her mouth made a “oh” sound. It wasn’t a huge plug, by my standards, but most women would have had trouble with something of that girth. I told her it was ok, she could touch it. And she reached out and encircled the thickest part with her thumb and forefinger. When she did, her eyes got even bigger. “Its huge!” she said and I took the plug back and dropped in back in my purse. “Let’s get your car and we can head to your place and you can show me some of your toys.”

We got out, I locked up my car and we crossed the lot to her car. She unlocked it as we approached and she then walked around to the driver’s side. But since she had to walk around, I got in first, and when I did, rather than sitting down in the front seat, I knelt on it facing backward. When she got in she looked at me in surprise and I pushed the short skirt up above my ass. Now I was kneeling in her front seat with my bare ass toward the windshield and my legs spread as wide as I could in the seat. I handed her the plug and a small bottle of lube and waited quietly, watching her for a reaction.

She held the two items in her hands for perhaps a count of ten, then she popped the top on the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto the tip of the plug. Kneeling in her seat, she reached over to me with her right hand to help spread my ass cheeks and then she used her left to start the plug toward my waiting hole. Now this is what I call my medium plug and after the reaming Patty had given my ass a little while earlier, it was going to go into me pretty easily. But I was trying to get our relationship off on the right foot and when she hesitated as she brought the tip of the plug to my ass (as I knew she would) I cooed “Please shove it my ass Ms. Kate, shove it hard” and to her credit, she did. With one firm swift push she seated it home in my ass. And just for effect I gave a small jerk like it might have hurt a little and made a little grunting noise. When her immediate taksim escort response was an almost feral grin and her eyes lighting up, I knew we were going to get along just fine.

Chapter 2

Her apartment was small but well appointed and neat. Rather than the Swedish flat pack furniture I had expected there were antiques in dark wood. And bookshelves and barrister cabinets everywhere I looked. All full of neatly shelved books. I don’t know exactly what a research librarian makes, but she must have spent a significant amount of her salary on books and furniture. But there would be time to investigate her reading habits late. I needed to maintain her momentum now.

She stood just inside the door after ushering me in, like she wasn’t sure what to do next. I turned to face her and knelt down onto my knees in the middle of the living room. I said “Before we begin, there are a few things to cover. Firstly, its $300 for an hour (which was lower than my usual fee, but I was intrigued where this would lead and didn’t want to scare her away). Second, no permanent marks, no scat and no bondage….at least until I get to know you better. Third, no photos, no video. Otherwise, my body is yours to do with as you wish.” “Are these terms acceptable?”, I asked. She nodded her agreement, placed $300 on the coffee table and I replied, “How may I serve you Ms. Kate?”.

She was still standing near the door and I waited patiently on my knees. Finally, she said, “Can you get undressed? I’d like to see your body.” To which I replied “Of course Miss, but you don’t have to ask. I am yours to command tonight.” She seemed to think that over a moment and in a somewhat firmer voice said, “Stand and get undressed.” And after a bit of a pause added “slut”. Keeping my eyes down I obediently stood and shrugged off the leather jacket and dropped it to the floor, then unbuttoned the blouse and dropped in on top of the jacket. Finally, I unzipped the skirt and slipped it over my hips to fall to the floor. I stepped out of the skirt and used my foot to push the pile of discarded clothing out of the way. Next, I unzipped the boots and tossed them onto the pile of clothes. This left me standing naked in the center of the room.

Even though I kept my eyes down I could see her approach. She got to within a couple feet and reached out a hand to touch my nipple. It was a gentle touch with her fingertip, caressing the tip of my nipple, which immediately stiffened to a surprising degree. Considering all the wild sex I have had in my life, I was surprised at my reaction. Her full attention was focused on my nipple. She continued lightly touching just the tip of the nipple for some time, before moving on to the jewelry adorning that nipple. She gave it a little tug and I felt my nipple get even harder. She asked, “Did it hurt when you got this done?” and I replied that it had hurt a bit and for a while thereafter, but it was definitely worth it. She seemed to take in this information, thought about it a while and switched to the other nipple, giving it the same attention.

After playing with my nipples, she reached up (yes she had to reach up slightly to touch my breasts since they were about even with her chin) with both hands and gave my breasts a squeeze, not hard, but firmly. My erect nipples pressing into the palms of her hands. My breasts aren’t huge by any measure, but they more than filled her tiny hands. She kneaded them in her hands, increasing the pressure as she gained confidence. I have experienced a lot of breast play, some self-inflicted and a lot by others. I have had them flogged, slapped, squeezed, shocked and bound. But Kate’s inexperienced touch was just as much of a rush as any of the more intensive attention they had ever received. Just her hands on my tits were starting to make my pussy genuinely wet.

She removed her hands from my breasts, took a step back and asked, “Can you spread your legs?”. To which I responded, “Of course Ms. Kate, but you don’t have…” and before I could finish I saw her expression change and she said in a more authoritative voice “Spread your legs, slut”. And I obeyed, spreading my legs wide apart. My pussy was completely shaved and unpierced (so far). Kate spent a long moment admiring my naked pussy before stepping back toward me and again reaching out a hand to explore my body.

Her touch was again light, almost hesitant, but she gained confidence quickly and soon had a finger between my pussy lips feeling my wetness, but not yet entering me. She found my clit and used a fingertip to rub it lightly, then more firmly. I let out a moan, involuntarily this time, and my knees weakened a bit, but I remained standing in front of her. The anticipation was beginning to get to me. I wanted her to take me, make me cum. But she wasn’t done exploring the first other female body she had ever had access to.

She walked around behind me and in her strongest voice yet ordered “Bend over, beşiktaş escort slut.” Which I did. Bending at the waist, hands on knees. I assume she spent a minute contemplating the view since she didn’t say anything or touch me for some time. Then I felt her touch the plug in my ass. She gave it a bit of a push and wiggled the base a bit, which again made me moan involuntarily. She said “I haven’t tried anal, but I have thought about it. Fantasized about it really. Does it hurt?” To which I responded “It depends. Some enjoy it more than others. I love it.” As I talked, she kept her hand on the base of the plug, pulling on it gently, wiggling it around, making it hard for me to concentrate on what I was saying. “But like anything…moan… takes practice………moan. And whether it hurts…moan….is up to the parties in…..moan….volved. I personally….moan…..don’t mind a little pain mixed…moan…with my pleasure. ” And as I finished, she jerked the plug out of my ass, and even though it was only moderately sized, I released a rather loud grunt of surprise and pleasure and had to work to regain my balance and not fall over. Kate let out a little noise of pleasure as well as she did it, then she slowly pushed the plug back into me and I gave a little shudder as it went back in.

I couldn’t see a clock, but Kate must have been able to because she said “Time is flying and I have so much more I want to do. But I want to make you cum and I want you to make me cum. Let’s go to the bedroom.” I straightened up from where I was still bent over showing my ass and headed in the direction she indicated. As I said, it wasn’t a big apartment so the way to the bedroom wasn’t hard to find.

The bedroom was similar to the rest of the apartment. Neat, tidy and full of bookshelves filled with books. In the center of one wall was what appeared to be a full bed and I was glad to see it wasn’t covered in decorative pillows. She instructed me to lay down and she stood by the bed and undressed. Then she climbed onto the bed beside me, kneeling. “Spread your legs”, she ordered. She was getting better at the ordering me around thing. And I gladly spread wide for her. She moved one hand down toward my bare, spread pussy, and the other went to my breasts. I felt her squeeze my breast with her small hand and she began to slide a finger into my hungry pussy. As she worked her finger in and out and played with my breast and nipple I said “More, please”, and she obliged by sliding a second finger into my wet pussy. With a real dominant, experienced mistress I would not have had the temerity to tell her how to finger my pussy, but in this case, I felt a little guidance and encouragement was in order, and I said “I can take more, Miss.” And in response she added a third finger and began to fuck my pussy with more force.

I was beginning to feel the very beginnings of the orgasm that was to come but I wasn’t ready to let it happen yet, and once again I said “More, please.” She looked at me and I could see the questioning look on her face saying, “Are you sure?”. But I was. I had had quite a bit more than this woman’s tiny hand in my pussy and I intended to show her how far she could take me.

The orgasm was building, my breath was beginning to get faster, shallower and my back was arching, pushing my pussy up to meet her thrusting fingers, wanting her to fuck me even harder. More, I needed more. “My tits” I said, “Spank my tits!”. And I felt the first tentative slap. My breaths coming faster now. “Harder! Please Harder!” I begged. And this time it was her turn to surprise me, or maybe she wasn’t sure what I meant, but at the same time the first truly hard slap landed across my breast I felt her shove her whole hand into my pussy. That was it, that was what I needed, and the orgasm rolled over me. My head was thrown back letting out a primal groan and she continued to pound my pussy with her fist and land slap after slap after slap on my chest. I came again and again and if anything, she went at me even harder. Each slap on my now sore, reddened tits sending a jolt of pleasure pain through me. Her fist deep, deep in me hammering against the depth of my pussy. I was as though she were exercising some kind of demon and she poured all the years of want and desire into me and I took it all. I can’t tell you how long the pounding lasted, I lost all track of time and the number of times she made me cum. I knew she needed to do this, but It was nearly too much. I was on the verge of begging her to please stop but I would let her go as long as I could stand it. And eventually she collapsed on top of me, her hand still inside me and she was crying.

I held her, stroking her hair and whispering to her that I understood, and she would never be alone again. Eventually she quit crying and I slid her hand out of my pussy and rolled her onto her back. Then I crawled down the bed to between her legs and, spreading them, began to slowly and gently lap at her clit. Her orgasm came quickly and quietly. I felt her muscles begin to tighten as she was getting close and I ever so slightly increased the pressure and speed of my tongue. Only a minute longer and she shuddered and collapsed back onto the bed. I moved up beside her and held her until we both fell asleep.

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