Sales Promotion

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(I based this story on a thread Sim8425 and I wrote for a story called “A Highschool Fantasy.”)

“You head off to work. I’ll be fine,” Dan told his stepmother, Christine, acting as ill as possible. His erection was still raging. He faked a harsh cough to add to the illusion of being sick. She was buying every minute of his deceit.

Dan had been masturbating before heading off to high school, and his step-mom had interrupted him. He had barely managed to throw the covers over his groin. He was, however, a little sweaty and overheated from his exertions on his cock, and there was no way to hide that. Fortunately, she had suggested that he might be sick and should stay home from school. Since it was spring of his senior year and he was eighteen, he jumped at the chance to stay home alone all day. He just needed to convince her that she did not need to stay home to take care of him.

“Yeah, why am I worrying so much? You can take care of yourself,” she said with soft eyes, gently smiling. She hugged him, incidentally pressing her warm breasts against his body. He could smell the heady aroma of her perfume. Dan’s stepmother was very good-looking, only ten years older than he was. She kept fit in the company health center at lunch, so her body was well toned, accentuating her full breasts. Her face was usually smiling. His mom had died when he was young, and his dad had remarried a younger woman a few years later. When his dad ended up in jail for tax evasion, Christine had gotten full custody.

Sadly, the hug ended as she straightened up and softly kissed him on the forehead. Dan watched her round ass sway sexily, as she walked out of his room. “Damn, she is fine,” he quietly whispered to himself.

“Bye,” he heard her yell from the front door.

“Yes!” he said to himself, pumping his fist. “Now I have the day to do whatever I want.” There were so many things that he had in mind. First, he wanted to take care of his little problem and release some stress. He eagerly trailed his hand down to his large erection, grabbing and slowly rubbing himself. After a few minutes attention and a fantasy of his step-mom, he was getting very close to spraying his load. The door chime rang out sharply, ruining his concentration. Damn that doorbell, he thought to himself angrily. Stupid fucking thing. He quickly and clumsily got dressed, and he rushed to the door.

He unlocked the door, and, when he opened it, he saw an attractive woman standing there in a tight red t-shirt and short black leather skirt, carrying a small suitcase.

“Hi, I was wondering if you would like to purchase some of these fabulous kitchen utensils. They can spice up anyone’s cooking life,” the sales woman quickly blurted out, sounding a little rushed and unpracticed.

“Um,” he said, unable to speak, as he was still putting together what she had said so fast. “I don’t think so,” he responded, once his brain caught up to his ears.

She eyed him with disappointment. Dan looked her over briefly; she was certainly attractive. She was medium height, maybe six inches shorter than he was. Other than the red t-shirt and leather skirt, she wore a matching pair of black, leather boots. She had a cute face with big blue eyes and full red lips. Her sandy brown hair fell just to her shoulders. Her grapefruit-sized breasts stretched her shirt a bit. He liked the look of her.

“Could I at least give you a presentation?” she begged him. Her expression was pleading for his acceptance of her offer. How could he turn down a beautiful woman?

“Yeah sure,” he said, even though the decision of buying her crap was not even his to make.

“Thank you,” she said, sighing in relief. She still seemed very worried, though.

He let her inside, shut the door behind her, and motioned her gaziantep escort over to the couch. She opened up her suitcase on the coffee table and explained what each utensil did and how it was better than the average. After fifteen minutes, he was starting to regret his decision to let her in, because she was wasting his free day off. At least she was good-looking, and Dan entertained himself by staring at her tits and imagining what he wanted to do to her. Damn, wouldn’t it be great to play with those marvelous knockers? he thought. He also noticed that her nipples were poking through the soft, red material of her shirt. Does she wear a bra? he pondered.

Half an hour went by. It seemed she had tried every trick in the book to get him to buy. He refused her deals each time. Damn, this woman is persistent, he thought to himself. Will she ever give up?

Suddenly, the sales woman broke down, sobbing. “You see, I have to make at least five sales today or I’ll get fired,” she explained through her tears. He stared into her face. Her moist eyes were looking directly into his. She fidgeted self-consciously, crossing her arms over her body and pushing up her lovely cleavage.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” he responded, hoping that she would just leave.

“You need to understand, I really need this sale. Is there anything *extra*, you’d want?” she asked him with an anxious smile on her face.

He could not believe what she had just said. Is she insinuating sexual favors? he thought. Would this hot woman seriously do such a thing? She watched him eagerly, awaiting his response.

“*Anything* extra?” he asked with what he hoped was a sexy grin.

She straightened her back, which thrust her tits nicely out in front of her. She sure knew how to use her assets. “Would you buy a full set of utensils,” she questioned, looking directly at the bulge in his pants, leftover from the fantasies stirred up by ogling her during her presentation, “if I relieved some of your ‘tension’?”

He could not believe she had actually asked directly. Dan was going to kind of dance around the topic. She seemed a little relieved that he did not get angry at her sexual proposition, but was still very worried. She must have been extremely desperate to make the sale. She bit her lower lip tensely, anticipating his response.

“How much is a full set?” he asked.

“Forty dollars. If you buy, you won’t regret it,” she said, trying to sound seductive. She leaned forward and rubbed her hand over his crotch. A deep blush of embarrassment immediately invaded her face. She was now pushing her luck, trying to finalize the sale.

He remembered that he had saved some money from his work at a fast food joint. “You’ve got yourself a deal,” he found himself saying. Besides, his step-mom needed some new kitchen utensils.

She quickly knelt on the carpet. She hesitantly grabbed his erection through his pants, giving it a light squeeze. With trembling hands, she unsnapped his jeans and unzipped the zipper. His hard-on popped up, pressing strongly against his boxers. She carefully grabbed it through the soft material. He leaned in and fondled her tits through her tight red t-shirt. Indeed, she was not wearing a bra. When he rubbed his thumbs over her firm nipples, she softly moaned. She pulled down on his pants and boxers next; he lifted his hips off the couch to help. His rigid manhood sprang out at full attention. She bent forward and licked the tip with her silky tongue. His penis quivered with anticipation, a drop of pre-cum welling up at the tip. As he watched, she licked it from the bottom to the tip, just like a lollipop, leaving a trail of wetness.

Her soft eyes locked on his hard cock as if hypnotized. She slowly slid the head between her lips, her tongue swirling around the underside. She swallowed more and more of his length until she had about half of his penis in her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue and lips felt amazing around his stiff member. He squeezed her breasts and occasionally flicked his fingertips across her hard nipples, eliciting moans from her throat. The sales woman relaxed her mouth and throat, and proceeded to take the rest of his erection down. She buried her nose deep in his pubic hair. She swallowed hard, and her throat gripped the head delightfully. He had never before had someone deep throat him, and the sensation was unbelievably exciting. She slowly pulled back, sucking hard as his organ emerged from her wet mouth. She then enveloped him once again, as her head bobbed up and down. He tilted his head back and moaned.

“Ooh, that feels great. Suck that cock!” he encouraged.

He continued groping her soft boobs while she bounced on his dick. He must have had some effect on her, because her breathing had grown ragged and her groans became louder and more frequent. Suddenly, she pulled her head up, her lips smacking loudly as his cock slipped from her hot mouth. She looked up at him with her face blushed a deep shade of red.

“If you buy another set, I’ll go even further…” she boldly propositioned, her breathing husky and deep. She awaited his answer, severely flushed. Caught up in the moment, he nodded his head in agreement.

She slowly stood up and reached under her leather skirt with trembling hands, pulling a pair of red thong panties off and tossing them to the floor. They looked a little moist to him. She rolled up her leather skirt, exposing a neatly trimmed, dark bush. She moved up onto the couch, straddling him, her hands grasping onto his shoulders for support, and his dick rubbing right over her pussy lips. Her eyes glared into his passionately. He felt her heat against the hardness of his cock. They both moaned in unison as he pushed her red t-shirt up, over her round tits. He leaned forward and took one of her soft breasts in his mouth. His tongue rapidly flicked over her rock-hard nipple. She groaned louder while she rubbed her burning wet snatch up and down his shaft, spreading her lubricating juice upon it.

“Are you ready?” she softly asked, as her eyes burned into his.

“Yeah,” he weakly gasped, as he lifted his hips up and pulled her down, his cock impaling her slick, steaming cunt. Her skirt fell down, back in place due to the swift motion. He moved his hands under her skirt, firmly grasping her soft ass cheeks.

She gasped and arched her back from the penetration. He latched onto a nipple and sucked hard. She lifted herself up and dropped rapidly on his stiff member. The sensation was fantastic, as he felt every ripple in her hot pussy. The leather of her skirt tickled his body, as he pounded his hips up into her as she came down.

She shouted in ecstasy, her breath coming in pants and gasps. He twisted on the couch, so that he was lying down and she was on top of him. The added leverage let her rock up and down faster and easier on his penis. He moved his hands from her jiggling ass to her bouncing breasts. He aggressively squeezed her tits together, leaning up to take both nipples in his mouth at once. Without warning, she screamed and clamped down on his cock, her orgasm coming as a surprise to her as well. Dan struggled to maintain control, closing his eyes and thinking about baseball. Her pussy tightly gripped his dick as it convulsed with pleasure. Her moans and screams filled the room. He kept pounding up into her, while roughly pinching her nipples. Exhausted, she leaned on him, as her orgasm subsided. Somehow, he had managed not to climax.

He pulled out of her dripping snatch, and slipped out from under her by rolling her over on the couch.

“What are you up to?” she asked languorously.

“Just changing positions.”

She looked back at him as he pulled her hips over the edge of the couch. She was now kneeling, bent over the seat of the couch. He rolled her leather skirt up, over her waist. Her round ass jiggled gracefully as he gave it a light spank. She purred as he ran his hands roughly over her firm buttocks. He spread her legs apart and ran his fingers through her slippery slit, while she moaned and rolled her neck back. He lined his cock up with her slick pussy lips, rubbing up and down her entire slot. His knees bumped into her black boots; they looked very sexy with her upturned skirt. She pushed her soft butt back into him. He grabbed her hips and pulled back on them at the same time, thrusting forward into her burning cunt.

She shouted out in pleasure as his cock filled her hot crevice. He started a slow rhythm, stroking in and out of her tight, slick pussy. She pushed back with every stroke. As he glided back and forth, he reached under her and grabbed her hanging breasts, pinching her nipples hard. She gasped. He kept pounding into her body, his thighs and balls loudly slapping against her jiggling ass. After all the recent stimulation, he finally felt his penis tingling with his oncoming climax. He twisted her erect nipples and kneaded her swinging tits relentlessly. She groaned and wailed loudly, her hands gripping the fabric of the couch tightly. She lowered her head and rested it on the couch, her face awash with pleasure. He was near to shooting his wad into her.

He pounded his cock hard into her steaming cunt. Her moans turned into growls. She screamed as another wild orgasm overtook her body. Her writhing form and clenching tunnel pushed him over the edge. His stiff sex organ exploded inside her snatch, filling it with creamy goodness. He shouted with ecstasy toward the ceiling. Their combined love juices dripped down her smooth leg as he continued pumping into her. Her wails finally subsided. He withdrew his deflating manhood from her quivering slit. They both collapsed on the couch, their chests heaving due to the sexual effort. The musky, erotic scent of sex filled the room.

“That was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I came twice so quickly,” she said with excitement.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did,” he responded, his voice heavy with exhaustion.

After about five minutes of cuddling in the afterglow, she rose and packed up her demo kitchen tools. She then picked up her thong. He wrote her a check from his account. He handed it to her with a big grin. She smiled sexily in return and handed him two cases of utensils.

“Thank you for you purchase. I hope you’re satisfied,” she said playfully, a big grin plastered on her face. She then handed him her thong as a souvenir.

“I’m quite satisfied. If you keep up this sales tactic, I’m sure you’ll keep your job,” he jokingly answered. She raised an eyebrow at his comment, kissed him lightly on the lips, and then turned and left.

After her departure, he said aloud to nobody in particular, “The best eighty dollars I’ve ever spent!” He headed toward the kitchen; his frolic with the sales woman had stimulated his appetite. “Hey, I don’t even know her name.”


The regional sales director for Gourmet Kitchen Products looked over his monthly report. He was concerned about a few of his sales reps’ performance. Looking down the columns of the last two months sales divided by rep, his eyes bugged out at one entry. One sales rep had gone from nearly dead last to third from the top in one month. He checked the name so he remembered to talk to her. This woman definitely deserved his recognition at the next regional sales dinner. He would have to ask her what she changed in her sales pitch to make a turnaround that quickly. Maybe a promotion was in order.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32