Roxy Who?

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Author’s note: For once I had a hard time picking a title for a story. I started with “Revenge Is a Dish Best Served by 2”, then moved to “The Bond Forged by Revenge”, and was finally happiest with simply “Roxy Who?”, the cathartic mantra for this story’s couple. I hope that even though all three fit, you’ll agree that it was the better choice. Enjoy!


Jen’s Story

Jen and Roxy grew up together, attending grade and high school together. They were the best of friends… apparently.

When they were young they played all things little girls would play, spending lots of time at each other’s houses. Roxy also hung out with other girls apart from Jen, but Jen only had Roxy. Nothing was secret between them, and boys weren’t discussed in their early years.

Roxy bloomed early, her bra size expanding far faster than her parents’ comfort for it. Roxy, being the most well developed girl in seventh grade, soon garnered a lot of attention from the pubescent boys around her, and even many girls in envy of her. By the time she was a freshman, Roxy had lost her virginity several times.

She repeatedly rubbed that into Jen’s face. Jen, in contrast to Roxy, never really developed, having no chest to speak of through much of high school. Their friendship was still all Jen really had. She was a shy, skinny, and awkward girl who hung on Roxy’s every word. Talking to a boy, let alone anything else, was something that sent her into a panic.

Their sleepovers had long since stopped. Roxy had discovered makeup some time around eighth grade. Unfortunately she did not share her discovery with Jen, not that her parents would approve of her using it anyway.

When Roxy realized that she had power over boys, she used her chest to get whatever she wanted. It worked so well she started to exercise power over her friend.

Roxy started telling Jen that she was lucky to have a friend like her. With a body like Jen’s she’d never get a guy. She was too fat and too awkward.

Jen quickly started to respond. She had no confidence at all and that was the linchpin that separated her from what little she had. She started to develop anorexia and never dated. No boy in high school wanted to be with her, Roxy told her. She was lucky to have a friend like Roxy who was honest with her.

Roxy’s parents died in a horrible accident shortly after she turned 18. She inherited their house. Jen turned 18 two months later and they graduated another two months after that.

Roxy threw a high school blow out party in her house that night, with a lot of kids attending. Jen sat in the corner alone while all the boys did their best to get busy with Roxy. Several succeeded — some at the same time! Roxy made Jen watch and asked some of the boys if they’d like to have sex with her friend. “No way!” resounded around the room. Jen ran home crying that night.

“You’ve got to do something about that,” Roxy told Jen. “Those boys said you were fat and didn’t wanna screw you because of it.”

Jen’s college years were much the same, attending a local college to get her RN. Roxy didn’t go, but didn’t skip the college experience either finding all the parties and college boys. Jen, of course, was even more dejected because these kids seemed to be working hard to keep up their appearance. This meant that since Jen didn’t fit the “norm”, she went back home alone every time.

Then on Jen’s 21st birthday, Roxy took her out to celebrate. Roxy was already 21 and had years of experience with alcohol, Jen having none to speak of. Nursing a drink, Jen saw a guy walk in with some friends. The guy was very skinny and nervous and Jen instantly took a liking to him, a kindred spirit.

Jen stared at the guy for half an hour before Roxy actually noticed what she was doing. Staring in the same direction, Roxy saw the commotion gathering around the guy. She told Jen she was going to go find out what was happening and walked over to the group. One of the skinny guy’s friends whispered into Roxy’s ear and Roxy nodded to him with thumbs up. She then whispered something to the guy. He looked in Jen’s direction and shook his head, making a “no way” gesture.

Quickly abandoned, Jen watched as Roxy worked her magic on the incredibly drunk skinny guy. Eventually Roxy practically dragged him out of the club and Jen was left alone yet again.


Kevin’s Story

Kevin just finished the biggest deal of his life, selling his company to the highest bidder. He didn’t expect how generous that bidder would be! Properly done, he’d be set for life with a somewhat lavish lifestyle. Properly invested, so would his imaginary kids. Not many 22 year olds would be able to say this, but he had the right Internet product at the right time.

His friends were enjoying the party he ended up throwing for himself. They were at a swanky club in a hot part of town, and word was quickly getting around why Kevin was there. He found himself deluged by women who wanted to become Trabzon Escort a piece of his action.

At the time he was 5′ 7″ and 110 pounds with no muscle to speak of, no chest hair, and no life outside of his computer. He was the skinny geek you’d expect to be the brains behind such a successful endeavor. Behind was the operative word, having never gained a single bit of notoriety until three different companies became interested in what he created.

Did I mention no social life? All of the attention at that club was throwing his head for a loop. His friends seemed to love seeing him uncomfortable. These friends were fortunate enough to ride through the success of his company. They both made out fairly well in the sale, too.

He stood there getting pawed, completely unsure of what to do. His experience was limited to some tame nudie magazines, being too embarrassed to try anything more even in private. All he wanted to do was get away and avoid his extreme anxiety.

Kevin was also a lightweight. His friends goaded him into trying a fruity drink, telling him that it’d help him loosen up. He knew that there was alcohol in it and didn’t want to drink it until all the attention started. His friends wouldn’t let him leave and he was feeling like he would pass out.

“Confidence booster,” one of them said. “Just try it!”

He reluctantly took a sip. It wasn’t bad for whatever it was even if it did sting on the way down, and he downed the glass a little too quickly. Cheers rang out from his new entourage and another was shoved into his hand. He was starting to enjoy himself, putting his arms around a couple of the babes who snuggled up against him…

He woke up with a really bad headache and didn’t like it. Nor did he like his stomach right at that moment. Too many times with the flu as a kid told him what was about to happen. He flew out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get rid of the problem. When it was over, he realized he was actually in the closet.

“Oh boy, I don’t ever want to drink again… owwww…” he said holding his gut and his head.

“Don’t say that, baby!” came a voice from the bed.

He wasn’t feeling well enough to look. “Who, what…”

“Don’t you remember, baby? It’s Roxy! You begged me to come home with you last night!”

He couldn’t think. His memory had a fault and he didn’t like it. “I… I did? I don’t remember…” In fact he couldn’t remember anything after he started drinking.

He felt a hand on the back of his neck, running down his spine and back up. “Don’t say that, baby. You have to remember last night. You were so proud you popped your cherry!”

That was enough to override his pain a little. He turned his head as his eyes shot open, looking at this Roxy person and flying back hard into the wall of the closet. In front of him was a very nude woman with very, very large and firm boobs. She was skinny, but not overly so like him — she looked like she worked out and tanned… all over! She was taller at 5’10” in bare feet. Kevin stared at the centerfold fantasy in front of him.

“Up here. Look up, baby,” she said putting her hand under his chin and raising his head. Kevin’s eyes didn’t follow immediately. He saw her face and it did look familiar, maybe. Her skin was so smooth, with puffy lips and perfect blonde hair. It didn’t look like she’d slept at all.

That’s when Kevin realized his own nudity! He was getting hard and scrambled to cover up by pulling a shirt off a hanger.

“That’s so cute! After what we did last night you’re shy! I’ve seen it all, baby… and felt it too! Nothing to be ashamed of!” She reached out for his hands and tried to help him stand. He resisted. “You’ve got to come out of there. It’s going to smell really bad soon.”

She got him out of the closet and back to bed, covering him up with the sheet. Kevin threw up a few more times, one of those times after getting “hair of the dog” shoved under his nose. Roxy was there to be more supportive after the closet incident.

Eventually Kevin sobered up. He and Roxy had sex when he could remember it. It was straight sex with a condom and Kevin rapidly fell in love with her. Having sex with a real girl once a week or so was awesome! It was fast but it was powerful for him. Roxy said she enjoyed it, too.


Jen Meets Kevin

Occasionally Roxy would let Jen come out with her and Kevin. Jen always knew why: Roxy was hitting on other men in the bar practically in front of Kevin. Jen was told that Kevin knew and didn’t mind, but never to mention it. Whenever Roxy disappeared, Jen cringed internally knowing the reason.

The one thing she did know is that she didn’t mind. Even if it was only as a friend, Jen enjoyed her time with Kevin. They made fast friends, finding many common things to talk about. She was still in school to get her BSN, but she liked playing around on the Internet and video games. He was fascinated with her love of reading. She was fascinated with Trabzon Escort Bayan his programming skills.

It wasn’t often, but Jen looked forward to the times that they could spend any time together. Kevin was enamored with Roxy and didn’t have to make it clear that Jen was only a friend. She knew he’d never go for her even if he was single. Roxy made sure to tell her so every time they went out together. That didn’t stop Jen from developing strong feelings for Kevin, even if they were to forever go unrequited.

Nine months into their relationship, Roxy and Kevin became engaged. Roxy told Jen that it was because she told Kevin that it was time to do it or she’d leave. Kevin took Roxy to a jewelry store to buy an expensive ring for her and it was done. Jen was asked to be the maid of honor.

Something clicked in Jen and she decided to say something to Kevin. A couple of days after the engagement the three of them went out to celebrate. When Roxy went off by herself to show off her engagement ring to some girls, and to assure some guys that it meant nothing, Jen took her opportunity.

Jen asked Kevin if he thought he was doing the right thing. He said he was certain. Besides, he was so lucky that someone like Roxy would want a guy like him. He didn’t want to be alone for the rest of his life. Jen started to tell Kevin that Roxy was cheating on him regularly.

She barely got part of the word “cheat” out when Roxy approached the table behind her. She cut off the conversation and dragged Jen away. She was sent home alone in a cab.

Roxy threatened to take away the top bridesmaid spot if she ever said another word. Jen didn’t have any other friends. She was never going to have the opportunity to be a bridesmaid, let alone a maid of honor, again.

After that Jen wasn’t allowed to see Kevin again. She was constantly being told she was too fat by Roxy and that she needed to lose weight for the wedding. No groomsman was going to pick her to have wedding sex as fat as she was! At the time Jen was 5′ 6″ and 95 pounds.

One month later Jen collapsed in class at the start of term from a lack of nutrition and sleep, and was rushed to the hospital. She weighed only 85 pounds. From there she was sent to a rehab center to work through her anorexia. Psychologists worked on the main problem: her lack of self esteem. They convinced her that most of that came from Roxy, and taught her how to get control back.

Jen owed her life to that center. She also realized she owed another couple of debts…


Kevin and Roxy

Kevin’s friends disappeared from his life. He tried to call them but they wouldn’t return his calls. They were replaced by a few of her male friends. “They’re better! They won’t stab you in the back!” Roxy, of course, followed this up with proof that his friends had indeed done as she said.

The new male friends invited him to do “guy things” like watching football games. Kevin did his best to learn the rules and feel like one of them. He even started drinking beer and vodka like they did, trying to keep up.

These guys, however, repeatedly made fun of him. They said things like, “How did a pipsqueak geek like you land a fox like Rox! Never gonna happen again, not in a million years!” Roxy just told Kevin that this was how real guys act and to toughen up.

He and Roxy would go out to the bars once in a while. Roxy made sure he always had plenty to drink with vodka in it. He was getting to like that! Roxy would hang with a few of her girlfriends who couldn’t believe she’d be with such a “little shrimp”. She defended him, saying he loved her and that he couldn’t live without her. Kevin agreed.

One of those friends was a girl named Jen. She was the only one who didn’t poke fun at him and he got along well with her. She was more like his old friends: intelligent and caring. They found interesting things to discuss when they were all three out at the bars together and Roxy was off talking to her friends. It was fun getting to know another woman.

But Kevin only had eyes for Roxy. Once in a while he would see another beautiful woman like Roxy and stare at her. This set Roxy off, and she’d tell him, “If you keep looking, you’re going to lose me! You don’t want that, do you? Besides, there’s no way she’d want you.” Jen was the only woman that Kevin was allowed to speak to or look at without Roxy by his side.

At his home they sat around watching TV a lot and drinking vodka drinks. She always visited him, and he wondered why he never got to see where she lived.

Sex with a condom soon started being replaced with Roxy sliding her big boobs along his condom cloaked penis. As with sex, he came quickly from her words and his inexperience. Even though there was no way to become pregnant, Roxy explained that only a whore or porn star would want semen in her mouth or on her body.

Titty fucks, as Roxy called them, started becoming less frequent. Instead Kevin would wake up Escort Trabzon with a hangover wearing a used condom. He couldn’t remember anything at all about the night before. Roxy would tell him he enjoyed it and that his cum must have dried up in the rubber. Kevin accepted this through the pain in his head as he did everything she said.

He bought her expensive dresses and jewelry. He took her to expensive restaurants at which she’d made reservations. She loved the attention, and he loved being part of it. “Baby you are so lucky you found me!” she’d say quite often. “You’d never be able to find someone else like me!” He bought her more when she said that.

Kevin wouldn’t always see her in some of the clothing he bought her since she often needed time to hang out with the girls. In fact, beyond her job he only really saw her two nights a week. But he longed for those nights…

Nine months later they were engaged. “You’re going to love me forever! You’d never find anyone like me who’d be willing to marry you!” she said that night. Kevin knew she was right. He knew he was the kind of guy no one ever gave a second look to unless he could make them rich. After all, that’s just what happened with his friends. He didn’t find Roxy until he struck pay dirt. Only Roxy stayed with him.

Jen was talking to him a few nights after this at a bar. She started to say something he couldn’t make out over the noise of the club… or was it because of the fuzzy feeling in his head from the vodka? Roxy appeared and dragged her away. When Roxy came back, Jen was gone.

Roxy started planning an elaborate wedding paid for, of course, by Kevin since she was an orphan. “You wouldn’t want our wedding to be anything less than spectacular, would you?” she begged.

Roxy started to become a little more direct with Kevin. She moved in, telling Kevin that he needed someone in his life to show him how to live it. “You won’t ever want to be without me!” she said.

When she moved in she began saying that she wanted to save herself for marriage. “We’ll wear you out if we don’t. That wouldn’t be good, now would it? Besides, your thing isn’t filling me like it used to. Maybe you need to masturbate more, give it some exercise and make it bigger? The honeymoon will be so much more special if you do!” He complied often, thinking he could make her happy and want him again.

Roxy started giving him a titty fuck only as an incentive to get Kevin to do what she wanted. He just did whatever she wanted to get her affection.

She wore a shirt and pants around the house. In bed she wore long flannel pajamas. Kevin was becoming so horny that he tried to undress her in bed. She would yell at him and go into the spare bedroom. In fact she ended up in the spare bedroom frequently until three weeks after she moved in, when she didn’t come to bed with Kevin anymore.

Right after she moved in, she began telling Kevin that he’d have a hard time finding a tux for the wedding, being so skinny. She started loading the house with junk food and alcohol.

Kevin started getting depressed and the house full of garbage food and alcohol started looking good. Not having work to go to any longer was making it easier to just sit around watching TV or playing video games… and nothing else.

Roxy also wasn’t home all the time. She went out with friends was gone on a lot of seminars for work. She’d be gone by the time Kevin woke up most days as well.

“You need me, baby! You’re never going to find anyone better!”

Kevin was putting on a lot of weight. “No one’s going to like that gut but me,” Roxy rubbed it and started saying. “I love it! You look so sexy like that!” All it did was make Kevin eat and drink more.

As the wedding date grew closer, Kevin hardly saw Roxy at all unless she needed more money for the wedding. He was getting lonelier by the day and drank hard through his depression. He was gaining weight quickly, ballooning up to 160 pounds.


Recovery Begins

105 pound Jen had just gotten out of the center a week earlier and still had five more months before school started up again. She didn’t know what she was going to do with her time.

Then Roxy told Jen that as part of her duties as maid of honor, she had to finish the wedding preparations. She was also to go and visit Kevin on the day of the wedding, and only that day, to make sure that Kevin was presentable.

Roxy was going to go on a vacation for a few weeks and would be back the day of the wedding, three weeks away. Before Roxy left, she gave Jen a strict warning to keep her mouth closed or forever lose her as a friend.

Jen had other ideas.

Kevin was in oblivion. He had a lot of junk food all around him and lots of opened and unopened bottles of vodka. He just stared at the TV and couldn’t even register what was on the screen, except one moment when he thought he saw a pretty lifelike porno. Funny, he didn’t have any of those channels, did he? He went to the bathroom… when necessary. Otherwise he slept.

There was a knock his door. Was it on TV?

Kevin felt something touching him… tapping him on the shoulder. He awoke, raised his head, and stared at the TV. “How the hell is…” He turned his head and saw someone there.

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