Rose’s Awakening Ch. 09

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Exiting the bathroom, Charlie and I were hit by the permeating smell of sex. The sound of Damon assaulting Julia’s pussy with his big cock just further confirmed the degree of pleasure and torture which would occur in this dungeon. Charlie and I walked to the side of the chair beside Julia, watching Damon’s thick cock slip deep in and out of her pussy. We each took a nipple clamp between our fingers and squeezed them and pulled them harshly away from her body. “So, My estranged slutty wife, you see now that your daughter has replaced you,” I said with a tone of sarcasm to my voice, “your little plan backfired completely.” Damon’s verbal berating didn’t stop with our presence. “Julia, you’re not a bad fuck, too bad you’re old and used up though.” Charlie looked to Damon and spoke quickly, “Go, and fuck Melissa’s ass with that huge cock of yours. Show her no mercy, violate her, use her and return all of the pain she has given you.” Damon withdrew from Julia’s pussy leaving her on the verge of orgasm and her sex gaping open from the void.

Annie was now writhing on the dildo’s inside her as Jake licked her exposed clit fast and furiously. I watched her hips buck as he would bring her to the brink and then back away and hold her hips down so she couldn’t finish herself off. “What’s wrong bitch,” he demanded, “can’t you cum?” He was teasing her to the severest degree he could, I watched him repeat the process three or four times. I stopped him the next time he started telling him, “Jake, go and tilt back Julia’s chair and feed her your cock.” He at once stepped from Annie leaving her to pump her hips against the dildo’s crammed inside her holes. I slid behind her and slapped her ass hard watching the flesh jiggle. “Oh, Master, please,” she started to beg, “please allow me to cum.” I reached around her from behind and squeezed her clit jerking it like a little cock. Stroking it up and down and then rubbing it rapidly. “Cum, Annie, cum for Me now,” I ordered. Her hips bounced, picking up speed and she screamed, “Yes! Oh god Yes,” her little body shivered and her legs shook violently against the restraints as she came. After she came I had Charlie help me get her down from the cross. I still had a few plans left for her.

I commanded her to kneel and wait further instructions, which she did immediately. I nodded to Charlie and we returned once more to Julia, Damon backed away upon our approach this time sensing that Julia was in for some more punishment. We undid her restraints and lay her on the floor, I told her, “Lie still and whatever you are commanded to do Julia, you will do if you wish to remain in this house.” I summoned Annie over and told her to straddle Julia’s face. “Eat her pussy Julia,” I demanded, “and when Jake buries his cock in her pussy you will keep licking.”

“I want you to lick his cock as it slides in and out of her pussy, and when told you are going to tongue fuck her little asshole.” I saw the horror spread across her face for this had been the one thing she would never do to another person. Julia had always said that this was disgusting and would never do it. “Tyler, Escort İstanbul Master, you know I will not do that,” she said. I stared into her eyes and spoke, “That is My ultimatum My dear, you either fuck her little ass with that pink tongue of yours or you get up and leave right now, never to return.” She sobbed softly as she wrestled with her decision, “Yes, Sir, I will do as you command then.” I watched Annie straddle her face and then I took one more step to ensure Julia’s discomfort, I handed Annie the chains to Julia’s nipples and clit and told her to tug them constantly to never stop jerking and yanking that chain or she would be outside these walls with only what she was wearing now.

Annie at once began to tug and yank the chain and ride Julia’s tongue as it slipped up into her pink pussy. I looked to Jake now who was standing beside the two women, stroking his cock slowly keeping it alert and hard. “Jake just before Annie starts to cum, I want you, “I said, “to bury your cock deep inside her and use her little pussy for your pleasure.”

“Yes, Master Tyler, Sir.” I knelt down next to Julia and whispered in her ear, “When Jake fills this slut with his cum you are to scoop it out with your tongue and show it to him.” Her eyes lit up for she had always been a cum hungry little slut since the first time she had tasted it. She pulled away from Annie only long enough to say, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Oh yes, FUCK Me with that big long black cock you bastard,” Melissa screamed. Our attention quickly was drawn to the site of Damon cramming every last inch of his fine 11 inch cock into Melissa’s ass now. His hands were gripping her hips pulling her ass back to him every time he thrust forward. Charlie stood in front of his wife and tugged her hair hard and forced his cock into her screaming mouth muffling her cries of pain and ecstasy. Seeing how well this was all going I decided to rouse Rose and have another go at that tiny little mound of joy between her legs.

I stood beside her brushing her hair from her face and admiring her beauty as she slept soundly. She had always been a sound sleeper but I was surprised at how anyone could sleep through this oral onslaught of moans, commands, and slaps around the room. I undid her wrist restraints and scooped her up as she slowly opened her sleepy little eyes. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 5 A.M. My god, I thought I have been awake for nearly 24 hours now and I am still going strong, running on pure adrenaline. I lay Rose down on the floor and stroked her face as I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked hard. I felt her hands starting to roam my back as softly as she could do while she started to awaken more. “Oh Daddy, Sir, that feels so good.” One of her hands slipped down her body and she started rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers inside her pussy. Her hips were starting to rise against her own hand and she was becoming fully awake now. I slid over her and pulled her hand away from her pussy and buried my cock deep inside her. Taking long slow plunges into the still extremely tight little quim İstanbul Escort Bayan of my daughter. “I love you My little slut,” I whispered in her ear as I continued sliding in and out of her sweet little pussy. Rose grabbed my face and kissed me in a warm embrace. Her little tongue darting across my lips and her hands reaching down now and grabbing my ass pulling me into her as far as I could get.

We remained this way, slowly fucking until I was sure she was wide awake and ready for her next task. I flipped her over doggiestyle and positioned her, shoving her face into her mother’s cunt. “Lick your slutty mom’s pussy My pet,” I ordered. I wrapped my hand in Rose’s long black hair and tugged on it as I fucked her harder. Her little ass slapping against my stomach as I invaded her pussy again and again. “My god, lil’ one your pussy is so tight,” I moaned, “I will be fucking you everyday from now on,” I said for both of their benefit’s. I could see Julia’s hips rising and pressing against Rose’s mouth as she felt her daughter’s tongue on her pussy for the first time. I nodded to Jake who immediately slid behind Annie and buried his cock inside her cunt with one hard push. Her moan filled the room, “Oh yes, stuff me with that sweet cock.” She shook and yanked on Julia’s chain harder as she wiggled her ass down so that Julia’s tongue could find its way into her backdoor.

Meanwhile Charlie was fucking Melissa’s mouth with vigor, ramming it in choking her over and over, and at the same time she was being filled in her backside by Damon’s cock. It appeared as though the two men were trying to meet in the middle of her body as hard as they were ramming there cocks into her. I watched as I fucked Rose’s pussy harder, spurred forth by the lusty scenes in the room. I was on the edge of orgasm now myself, and wanted for all of us to finish around the same time. Suddenly Rose lifted her head from her mother’s pussy and yelled out, “Sweet lord Daddy, I am cummingggggggg.” I swatted her ass and headed for the finish line as I shoved her head back down. Jake moaned, “Arrggghhh! Take all of My cum bitch,” as he flooded Annie’s cunt with his jism. Annie was already crying as she came, her orgasm seemingly never stopping since Julia’s tongue had touched her exposed asshole.

Charlie held Melissa’s head in his hands and was bucking unrelentingly into her mouth, I saw him tense and he pulled away jacking his semen all over her face and lips and into her waiting mouth. Damon was nearing finish as well and he slapped Melissa’s ass harder and harder, “I’m cummiinggg too,” he panted, nearly out of breath from the exertion of stuffing all of his cock in her ass. As he came Damon pulled out and shot his cum all over Melissa’s ass before stuffing his cock back inside her stretched open asshole for the last few spurts.

I waited until I heard Julia’s muffled cries as she came while cleaning out Jake’s cum from Annie’s hot little pussy. That pushed me over the edge, I held Rose’s ass still as I pounded her cunt and listened to her scream, “Yes, Daddy, Master, fill your little girl’s pussy Anadolu Yakası Escort with your hot Daddy cum.” I felt the cum rushing from my balls and shooting into Rose, every glorious spurt causing Me to convulse with orgasmic bliss. I could only uttered a “ohhhh my god yes!”

Ten minutes later the women were all sitting on the couch before us with the exception of My Rose who was kneeling at My feet, her little arms wrapped around My leg that was nearest her and her head laid against my thigh. “Now,” I started, “you have each been punished accordingly.” I paused to let them wonder if there was more, I decided to address Melissa first. “Melissa, you” I began, “still have a bit more coming to you but not this morning, you will be given two days to heal, if that is what Charlie wishes, and then you will be brought back here to repeat your punishment with Jake and Myself.” I let this sink in before continuing, “Once that has been done then your punishment is fulfilled in My eyes. Your Master though, has decided that you will only be allowed to Domme Jake and Damon two nights a week, and not until you have proven yourself worthy once more.”

I stepped to the side and felt Rose scooting herself back in place by My feet. I stood before Julia now and looked deeply into her beautiful emerald eyes, “My lil Julie, you may remain in the house and return to our family, but with one stipulation. You will be,” I hesitated letting her fear the worst, “sleeping in My bed only when I see fit, which I assure you will be most nights, but not all of them.” I watched a smile form across her lips as I spoke once more, “You will have duties and they will be done daily, things will not be as you remember them for we no longer need to hide things from our sexy little Rose.” I looked down as I ran My hands through Rose’s hair while I talked. “You will find a list,” I went on, “after I awaken later today with your daily chores. You will be given a monthly allowance and you will learn that disobedience will earn you swift and harsh punishments.” I waited for her response and when none came I demanded an answer, “Is this understood slut Julia?” Julia looked up and smiled quaintly, “Yes, Master.”

Now only Annie was left, and she was sobbing, expecting her fears to be realized now that the sex and punishment were over for the night. “Annie,” I said softly as I slid over in front of her with Rose moving right along with me, “I have measured your submissive gift tonight in your swift obedience and mannerisms.” Her eyes dropped and her arms were wrapped around herself as she struggled to fight off the chill that was coursing through her veins. “I have found you …” I wanted to drag this lil’ one’s torture out but I found myself giving in, “very… worthy.” Her face lit up and she beamed a proud smile at once, falling to the floor and kneeling before Me, her soft little lips formed a kiss as she bent her head forward and planted her kiss upon each foot. “Thank you Master,” she cried through her tears of joy. She looked up with her demure smile and clasped her hands behind her back and remained kneeling as I spoke again, stroking her hair. “You, My sweet little babydoll will be sharing My bed for the next few nights.”

The next sound that was heard was the gasp from Rose’s lips…”But,Daddy…”

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