Roommates, I Guess.

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“College can be very scary,” her mother told her, “You need to be very careful.”

She sighed, “Okay mom.” She pushed out her chair with her palms. Getting out of her chair, she straightened my clothing. A pair of ripped skinny jeans and a white tanktop hid how nervous she was.

Katie had always been shy, especially around boys. She’d turned eighteen only a month ago, and graduated only three. She had to admit, that she was terrified.

From her small town high-school, to an upstate university was a huge change. She hadn’t met her roommate yet, but had been informed that it was a boy. That only made it worse. She walked out towards the car as her mother called after her, “Use protection!”

She stopped completely, and was sure the entire neighborhood had heard it. “Mom!”

“Well you don’t want to end up pregnant in the first six months! That’s not something a mother can deal with twice!”

“Or a father,” her dad added as he walked into the kitchen.

“Daddy will you tell her I’m not going to be,” she paused, clearing her throat. “Sexually Ataşehir Escort active.”

“You bet your ass you’re not,” her brother smirked. “I’ll beat the shirt out of that boyfriend of yours.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend!” She sighed.

“Don’t worry kitten, they’re just worried about you.” Her dad smiled.

This was the first time since her parents had separated that they were all together as a family. Her brother, Ryan, was only two years older than her, but still very protective. Katie had led a sheltered life, until this point.

“Can we head out now? It’s a pretty long ride.” She tapped her brother on the head playfully.

“I wanna drive!” Ryan hollered.

“I don’t think so. Your mother is driving.”

Katie smiled and walked outside slowly, saying good-bye to her, kitten Lucy, who her brother was supposed to take care of while she was away. Lucy meowed good-bye, and followed her outside.

“Daddy can Lucy come with us?” She asked sweetly.


Alex laid on his bunk as soon as he entered Kadıköy Escort the dorm. With his bags by the bed, he smiled as he wondered what his roommate would be like. He imagined having one of those preppy girls, a goody-goody, as a roommate, and laughed at how horribly they’d get along. He imagined one of those tough-guy skater girls, and didn’t quite like it either. He also wondered if she even existed.

It was getting late, and she still wasn’t here. Maybe he should just forget about it and go to bed.

He set up his things, and laid back down above the covers. Slowly but surely, he drifted into sleep.


She opened the door slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. As not to wake the boy, she carried her bags in instead of dragging them. But to no avail.

He snapped awake as she dropped a bag on the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” she said quietly. “Please, go back to sleep.”

“Calm down bro,” he smiled, though he couldn’t see in the darkness.

“Sorry, but could you maybe help me?” She cringed as she Bostancı Escort finished. She hated asking for help.

“Yeah, how many bags are left?” He wouldn’t have been so nice if he wasn’t tired.

“Just one, but it’s a little heavy.” She warned. “It’s right outside the door, I had to have my brother bring it up.”

“You’re family’s here?” He asked, not that he was interested.

“No, they just left. Had to get home.” She shrugged. She was almost glad they left. She loved her family very much, but they could get annoying after being stuck in a car with them for three hours.

“Oh, cool.” Was his only reply as he carried the bag in, which was actually very light.

She walked over and turned the lights on, so they could see each other for the first time.

He dropped the bag and looked up to see a small, fragile looking girl. She had long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles that brought out the rest of her face. He stood up and put his hand out, hoping for a high-five.

She looked at the boy strangely. Hesitantly, she gave him a high-five. “What was that for?”

“Teamwork man. Teamwork.” He smiled. So maybe he’d still be nice now that he’d seen her.

She smiled, and tried her hardest not to laugh, but to no avail. A small giggle slipped through closed lips. This was going to be a good year.

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