Roomies Pt. 01

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I was 29 years old when I moved into Ray’s condo.

He was helping me out with my ‘situation’. I’d just gotten divorced from my wife of four years. We just hadn’t worked out, no harm no foul.

The problem was I couldn’t afford a place on my own. I didn’t want to go through the process of fixing my torn-up ’86 Chevy pickup just to have something to commute in, so I had to live close enough to work to either use public transportation or bike/walk it.

Ray lived in a condominium development that went up insanely fast. February, it was a field that had been a foundry. August, the first tenants were moving in. They didn’t try to hide what it’d been, calling the place “Villas at the Foundry”

They were super nice condos, three or four bedroom, one or two car garage, three levels.

Ray’s was at the very back, next to the eight foot high privacy fence that segregated the place from a large retaining pond and, on the other side of that, a nature preserve. The first time I’d stopped by, Ray’d shown me that you could sneak out through gaps in the fence to get to both.

He’d offered his spare bedroom to me when he found out I’d be living in some microscopic studio in the shit part of town. I could have the spare room, some of the fridge but none of the garage. He needed that for his two motorcycles and the M5. All of that for ¼ of the rent.

“The garage is all yours.” I told him. A day later I sold the truck to a buddy looking for a ‘fixer upper’.

We set into a pretty relaxed schedule. Ray worked the opposite shift at the same place I worked. For three or four days I wouldn’t see him at all, then on the days off he’d be partying with his circle of friends or gaming. I’d be working on my Masters and doing some pickup tutoring work. We’d usually pick one night to hang out, maybe do some retro Goldeneye or MarioKart.

The beginning of the second month was when Ray started getting laid. A lot.

I’d known he was kind of a ladies man. Everyone at work knew he got pretty much whatever he felt like. The first night he brought a girl home it shocked the shit out of me. There was yelling and laughing and screaming and cursing. Half of the condo felt like it was moving to it.

The next morning, there she was. This petite little thing maybe 4’11”. She had the look of “I got the shit fucked out of me last night and I don’t care who knows.” Hair was screwed up, makeup was screwed up, clothes were disheveled.

Ray was standing at the kitchen wearing a pair of loose fitting sweatpants on his decently built 6’3″ frame. His short, light brown hair was freshly showered, his light brown…almost amber eyes were behind the glasses he only wore at home. The girl glanced at me with disinterest, but looked at Ray like he was her new messiah.

“Making pancakes, want some?” He asked. I said yes.

That night was the first I’d been around for. That girl was the first one I remembered. Neither would be close to the last.

Six months later I returned from a trip to the Cascades where I’d been camping and climbing. I opened the door to hear a raucous fleshy slapping. I walked up the stairs to the living room area to see Ray slamming himself into a somewhat stocky older gal who was bent over the breakfast bar egging him on, “Come on! You want to get it right? Fucking get it! Fucking! Get! It!”

Her excessively large breasts swayed below her to the time of his slamming. Every time he jammed himself into her they went forward and hit the underside of the breakfast bar with an additional ‘wap’.

Ray was in good shape. His tensed arms pulled her wide hips against him, his taut ass flexed and his upper legs hit hers a split second before his groin hit her ass. Even though I was a bit interested in her, I found myself glancing at him as well.

I must have stood there watching for an uncomfortable amount of time… I was very erect, I noticed that as soon as I remembered I was watching my roommate fucking. The room smelt of energetic sex.

Something in my brain must’ve clicked that ‘You’re being a perv’. I quietly…or so I thought…crept towards the stairs up to the bedrooms. “OH HEY!” Ray said with a direct thrust and slap, “Welcome back, how was Washington?”

I sort of didn’t look but did, “Uh…it was fine..good..great yeah, I’ll just head up to my room.” I took two gaziantep rus escort more steps.

“Sure, hey, I’ll be up in a bit. Let me and Kate here finish up and we’ll be right there.” He went back to his rhythm, “Oh, Kate, that’s Joe…Joe, Kate.”

Nice…to…oh fuck YEAH!…you…OH FUCK Joe!” Kate said in a husky voice, punctuated by thrusts.

The hollering went on for another five or six minutes. It was finalized by a, “Jesus CHRIST Ray. Can I have my fucking pussy back?”

A moment or two later there was a knock on my door. I replied to it with a ‘come in’ to have the door open and Ray, in all his naked glory, stood there. His erection was still prominent as he leaned on the door jamb, “Sorry about that, wasn’t sure when you were gonna be back. Katie called me this afternoon wanting a bit of relief. Who am I to let a lady suffer, right?” With every word his cockhead bounced a little. Fascination kept me wanting to look at it, my sense of heterosexuality kept me staring at his face.

“It’s all good.” I replied.

He stretched, “Let me take a shower quick and you can have it, cool?” I nodded, “Pretty sure I’m gonna have to call Dawn later. I love screwing Katie but can’t get off.” He turned and I glanced fully at his cock.

It looked at least an inch shorter than my seven inches. It was also thicker by a decent amount. He shaved, and his balls were slick and reflecting the light from the hallway.

A small drop of something dripped onto my lower belly under the covers.

Ray was in good shape, but I was in better. He was taller than me by five inches, but I had him on muscle mass and lower body fat. I was still a bit torn up about the divorce and hadn’t been comfortable with the idea of dating, much less screwing anyone.

Seeing Ray and Kate though. That had pushed me into a serious moment. I’d only jacked off sporadically for an age, and felt guilty every time. Now, the whole sensory overload beat me up. The smell, the sounds, the view.

It made me want to go to the gym. To put my physical frustration into something constructive. I didn’t like doing cardio in the gym, and I had started going out to the trails behind the condo to run.

The next weekend, I got up earlier than Ray usually did to go on a run. I knew he was still at the house, his pickup in the drive, so I put my headphones in and headed towards the park.

The pathway around the pond was about a quarter mile. It led to three paths you could go down, a two mile path, a four mile and a five. I decided that today I’d do the middle one as it went down a few little rest spots.

Three miles in was my next big shock of the week. There were small sitting areas around the park, scenic areas, you know? A small rise led around this tight turn and to a nice lake overlook with a bench carved from a few oversized logs, imported from some other locale.

As I came around the bend I saw a man with no shirt on and shorts around his ankles leaning on the bench. Another older man was behind him, slowly pressing his cock into the first man’s ass.

I stopped short as they both looked at me. The older gent had his prick a good three inches out of the bent over one.

The older man was short, a little pudgy. He was endowed pretty well from my vantage point, and his strokes had been significant. He looked at me with a, ‘What?’ look.

The man bent over. That was Ray, “Oh…hey…” he said.

I just said, “…Hey…” and went jogging away.

An hour later Ray came back into the condo. He was wearing what he had been, his pants pulled up this time, and he wasted no time, “Dude, about that…”

My reply was quick, “Dude, you do you. I’m not gonna judge.”

“So we’re…we’re cool?” He asked?

I smiled at him, “Of course, man, doesn’t bother me at all. Just enjoy yourself.”

I said nothing about the fact I had to run another three miles back with a confused hardon.

The next night I was chilling out, watching some old episodes of the Twilight Zone and having a beer when Ray rolled in, laughing and joking with a girl who looked to be maybe 19. She was slim, but curvy in every place you wanted a girl to be curvy.

When they saw me on the couch, Ray introduced us and, in a buzzed voice said, “This here’s…Joe, my roommate, my comrade, my secret crush.” He laughed at that with an unusual tone, “But seriously, fun guy.”

The girl, Naomi, looked me up and down like she was eyeing a steak and said, “How much fun?” She wore a tight t-shirt, a skirt and thigh-high stockings with some sort of design on them. Her dark hair was cut in a pixie style, her makeup was somewhat punk/emo somewhere.

Ray grinned at me and said, “Oh, you couldn’t handle his fun. Like…scary fun.”

Again, I hadn’t had sex with anyone besides my right hand…occasionally left…since my divorce those months ago. The two of them talking in a joking manner about me in a sexual manner felt…nice.

A few minutes later they retired to Ray’s bedroom on the next floor up. I kept watching with a slightly louder volume.

Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery had just realized they weren’t enemies anymore when I heard the door open and quick footsteps.

Ray came around the corner, bare-ass naked, “Dude…you wanna get laid? Naomi is totally down for a threeway! It’ll be a blast, seriously!”

I stammered. I sat there with my mouth open until I realized I was doing it, then finally answered, “I…uh…I don’t know?”

“Dude, don’t think about it, just get your dick wet and have a good time. Maybe you won’t be so uptight.” His erection was bounding in front of him. “Come on up when you’re ready, we’ll be at it!”

I thought about it for two minutes. I couldn’t get the thought of Ray and Kate, Ray and the random dude in the park. Ray naked in general. I was half out of my clothes and on my way up to his room before I realized it.

Surprisingly, the lights in the room were on. Naomi was on all fours on the king-sized bed with Ray behind her. Apparently, under her clothes she had on a garter for the stockings and a sort of see-thru bralette thing.

Behind her, Ray was slamming away similar to how he’d been with Kate. I could make out a few inches of him clearing her every stroke, his hands gripping the area where the garter met her hips. “Hey dude, welcome to the party!”

Naomi looked back to see me naked and ready to go, “Come on up here…” She growled, “…let me get a taste.”

I mounted the bed and moved on my knees to her head. She had no hesitation in her. Her dark lipstick spread and wrapped around the head of my prick, quickly adding some suction and moisture. She was fast, she was enthusiastic, she wasn’t particularly good.

My ex hadn’t been good either. I had a girlfriend in college who had been very talented, the only girl in my life to ever get me off orally. My ex had occasionally tried and failed. It was partially an issue with me, my patience. It doesn’t work with oral.

Naomi was doing her damnedest though. My brain was still a non-starter with having sex with anyone due to the situation with my divorce. My dick was just going for it.

She was capable down past my head and about three of my seven inches before she paused and worked backwards. She moved herself back and forward, not moving much further onto me. I was surprised at her control on me, seeing as how Ray’s pace had gone significantly more fervent from when I’d walked in the door.

I subtly kept an eye on Ray, noting he was definitely keeping an eye on me. His hands were on her hips, his cock buried some six and a quarter into her, but his eyes were on where my dick vanished into her mouth.

We kept the position for several minutes without any sounds but the occasional breathless grunt or slurping noise. Ray’s motion began to get a bit arrhythmic, then stopped altogether, “Jesus Christ” he said, “I’m gonna need to chill out or I’m gonna bust. Wanna switch, Joe?”

I nodded, ready to get myself back in the game. I pulled out of her mouth and rolled sideways, moving around to where Ray had just been, expecting him to get back to the position I vacated. He didn’t.

Instead he crawled underneath her in a 69. She was much shorter than him so she had to reach forward a bit to get him into her mouth. Meanwhile he started voraciously slurping at her wet cleft.

I looked down past my cooling dick to where his head was and just said, “uhhhh”.

“Don’t stress it man, just do your thing.” He said, going back to his business.

I looked down to her. She was as wet as any woman I’d ever seen. Wet to the point where I wasn’t sure it was natural, saliva or her. I’d never seen anyone outside of porn this…sloppy.

My head spread her apart. I’d missed the heat of this, the warmth that hits your tip and shoots through you like lightning. I didn’t even notice her outer labia flipping to the left and right as Ray flicked his tongue either way under me.

I got in about an inch or so before withdrawing. Ray was wider than me and I could have probably gone in to six inches without a break, I just felt like I’d probably explode if I did.

I went slowly. As I worked myself in I looked down. I saw myself work inside but below I saw Ray looking up at me every motion. It made me feel a bit awkward, but I could also see his eyes were focused. Every time I felt his jaw and tongue move her to one side or the other, it was telegraphed through my shaft and into me.

The biggest problem that I discovered involved the combination of her body’s movement, a squirming action that began as a wave with her ass and went down towards her head, where she’d moan or whimper around Ray’s cock. The next item was how Ray would pull her labia left and right, tugging on the bottom side of my own prick…and if I was feeling right, he’d occasionally get a tongue on the bottom of me. I knew he’d had several licks of my balls. The final item was this was my first pussy in over two years.

The aforementioned problem, it’s combination of factors, pushed me over the edge. “I’m…I…I’m gonna…finish.” I said loud enough for both of them to hear.

Naomi reacted with a twitch of the ass and a lusty ‘mm hmm’.

Beneath us, Ray grunted, “Yeah man, fill her up, load that pussy!”

Now another item of note: I had never cum inside anyone bare. The prospect sent me into another whole realm and I felt the first shot boil up from my balls. It flew into Naomi with what felt like the force of a hammer. I grabbed her hips and slammed in, only to feel her buck away from me an inch or so and back.

As my third shot flexed me and started to come out though, something weird happened. I felt Naomi pull away from me. I felt myself come out of her and hit air as the spurt hit her directly on the inner labia.

All at once I was pulled down and entered Ray’s mouth.

Looking back, I can’t honestly think about what was going through my head right at that second. I knew I wasn’t going to stop cumming. If he wanted it in his mouth, that’s where it was going to go. I’m not sure if it was more of a turn on than cumming inside Naomi, but it was definitely not bad.

Naomi must have popped off of his prick in the movement, “Yeah, swallow that. Give him that load.” She swiveled as another two shots went into Ray’s working mouth. What I felt from him was a stark contrast to how she’d done things. He alternated his suction in time with how my jizz left my body, slurping it into his mouth.

The girl started moving around my groin, kissing and licking as Ray continued pulling my seed into his mouth. I didn’t know how, but she was back to fucking him.

Some amount of time between a few seconds and a hundred years went by as I unloaded into his face. My mind went through about a thousand scenarios about how I got to the point where I was blowing a load into my roommate’s mouth, about how I’d never once considered doing anything sexual with another man, about how I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to the normality of what I was.

My prick pulled out of his mouth and was immediately replaced by Naomi’s lips. They made out with their faces and thrashed their groins together, grinding and making more noise than we had up to this point.

“Fuck you, you fucking fuck!” Naomi screamed as she pulled her head away from his and grabbed his hair, “Fuck you making me fuck fuck FUCK!” she began a squealing noise, slamming down onto him hard and twitching almost everywhere. Her ample chest jiggled inside the bralette she was wearing, the nipples drawing patterns in my brain.

He grabbed her hips at just about the same minute, pushing her upwards, “Yeah, get it! Take it!” His hips shuddered as he unloaded into her.

Five minutes later she was back in her skirt and shirt. Ray was wearing his now-familiar sweatpants. I was in a pair of shorts. We were sitting at the breakfast bar sharing a bottle of wine.

Naomi put a punctuation at the end of the night, “We have to do that again sometime.”

Ray answered her, but stared straight at me, “We will.”

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