Robyn’s Amazing Adventure Ch. 04

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Billy’s sister, Jenn, moved in with us while she was looking for a new apartment. It was okay with me. She had her own bedroom and it was a turn on watching her walk around the house. Usually nearly naked, she wore panties and a wife-beater tee shirt at best.

But when Jenn came in to the kitchen wearing a full spandex body suit I nearly creamed on the spot. It went all the way to her ankles and wrists. And had a small “turtle neck like” collar around her neck.

It was not just a straight spandex tube. There were darts so the contours of her breasts were pronounced. And the rear was rucked so it conformed tightly to the shape of her ass.

I’d say it fit like a glove, but that wouldn’t do it justice. It was a 2nd skin. Every curve and crease of her body was emphasized. Her nipples stood out like small bullets pushing out the front of the spandex. And I could see every soft fold of her labia with the small protrusion of her clitoris at the top.

“I don’t know why I got this other than I thought it looked sexy,” Jenn said.

“Fuck sexy, it’s erotic as hell. Let’s fuck!” I said as I pushed her back against the refrigerator.

Running my hand up and down between her legs I said, “Your outfit could do with an opening just above your pussy in case you have an itch.”

Jenn mumbled something like, “You’re doing just fine with my itch, as is.”

When she finally opened her eyes she saw the clock and she said, “Oh shit, I have to get to work.”

She pulled the zipper down on the back and squeezed out of the body suit. Handing it to me she said, “Here, you try it on.”

Jenn and I were nearly the same size so it fit me perfectly. Zipping up the back she looked at me and said, “Damn, you look hot.”

Grabbing my ass with escort bayan both hands she pulled me close and kissed me, saying, “Sorry, I’ve gotta go!”

She left me wet as she went to get dressed for work.

After she left I wore the body suit around the house as I did some housework. It was kind of like being naked, but not naked at the same time.

I guess I had too many cups of coffee that morning because I really needed to pee. I reached up behind my back I grabbed the zipper cord on the body suit and pulled it down.

Crap, the string broke. I tried to grab the zipper but I couldn’t reach it behind my back without the cord.

I was stuck in a full body suit and really needed to pee. Finally I couldn’t hold it in any more and let loose. The pee ran down my legs soaking the body suit and puddling on the floor.

Just then Debie, from next door, came in. She was wearing tan linen slacks and a white cotton blouse. She looked gorgeous, but all I could do was stand there with pee running down my legs.

She looked at me standing there in the puddle. I tried to stammer out an explanation about not being able to reach the zipper but was so embarrassed I’m sure it was unintelligible.

If she had said anything mean or nasty right then I would have started crying. Instead, she hugged me.

And then to my amazement I saw a dark stain running down her linen slacks. It started as a small spot in her crotch and quickly ran down her legs. She stood there, peeing right in front of me soaking her linen slacks and adding to my puddle of pee on the floor.

I don’t know if she was empathic or just liked watching people pee. I didn’t ask her.

Standing there, we hugged each other while we finished our altıparmak escort bayan mutual peeing.

Helping me out of the body suit Debie asked, “Why didn’t you just go stand in the shower instead of peeing on the kitchen floor?”

“I don’t know, all I was thinking about was being stuck in the body suit and needing to pee.”

“Come on, let’s go take a shower.”

Debie stripped off her clothes and headed toward my shower.

It probably didn’t mean anything and I don’t know why I noticed, but she wasn’t wearing panties or a bra.

We took a long time in the shower making sure every crack, cranny and crevice was clean.

We were drying off when Debie said, “The reason I stopped by was to ask you if you would shave my pussy.” She was running the towel between her legs.

We were both still naked after our shower so all I did was push her back on my bed. I told her to wait a moment while I got some things out of the bathroom. I brought back my razor, some shaving gel and a small pair of scissors.

Debie could have been a pubic hair model. Her pubes were perfect. There were no pubes out of place, just a good thick bush. A pussy I could only dream of.

Still, she wanted her pussy shaved so I dived in. I used the small scissors to trim Debie’s pubes back to a manageable length. Then I generously lathered her crotch being careful not to get any gel in her pussy.

After I finished shaving her I got a warm damp wash cloth and cleaned her up.

When I got near her clitoris I couldn’t resist. Pressing two fingers on her button I gently massaged it until her body stiffened. She arched her pelvis up and shuttered as a climax washed over her body.

After a nilüfer eskort minute or so her body relaxed and she said, “Oh my, that was good.”

“Not finished yet.” I told Debie to roll over and get up on her knees. “Now bend over and spread your legs like you’re getting ready to take one in the ass.”

I spread some gel on Debie’s taint (that’s a crude name for the perineum, the area between the pussy and the anus) and around her asshole.

There wasn’t much to shave but I finished up by running the razor over the peach fuzz on her buttocks.

I was wiping Debie’s ass with the warm wash cloth when Billy walked in the room. He took one look at Debie’s inviting ass and said, “Mrs. Allen, you’re looking good!”

I yelled at Billy to get out of the room. As he was closing the door Debie said, “Stop calling me Mrs. Allen.”

Debie started to get up but she stopped when I pushed two fingers into her pussy.

When I leaned in and explored her asshole with my tongue she tensed but didn’t move. Billy had given me rim jobs before, but this was the first time I’ve ever given a rim job to anyone.

Our “pee” clothes were in the washer so I gave Debie a pair of my bikini panties, a light cotton blouse and a calf length peasant skirt.

I watched Debie as she dressed. When she pulled the panties up I saw her hand go to her crotch. Feeling the smoothness of her Mons Venus she said, “This feels so different!”

“Thank you so much for shaving me.” She was still rubbing her pussy.

I told her, “If you want to stay naked you will need a touch up every couple days.”

“Really? Oh, I guess that makes sense.” I saw her slide her hand inside the top of the skirt.

After she left I retrieved the body suit from the dryer and attached a good strong cord to the zipper before putting it back on.

When Jenn came home I was still wearing the body suit. She looked at me and picked up where she left off earlier. She grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me close and said, “Let’s go to my room and fuck!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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