Roberta Ch. 09

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To Be Continued… Yes…this was supposed to be the last chapter, but I think we need just one more, comparatively short, epilog-y kind of thing to round things out after this. I’m doing my best to edit this ramble down to a manageable read. (Of course, my faithful readers (and faithful detractors…) are well aware of my complete inability to submit anything even closely resembling a ‘manageable read’ :-> ) But, Lord knows we don’t want to take this into the college years or, god forbid, beyond… (H.S. graduation, college, marriage, kids, the workplace, lusting and coveting, infidelity, divorce, jobs, hating jobs, lusty neighbors and nieces, drugs, alcohol, auto accidents and the resulting police interactions, Alan and Jeff dabbling with the Amish schoolgirls, Bobbi’s housepet preferences…) I promise we won’t go there. Not right now, anyway. Bear with me…
That comparatively short, epilog-y kind of thing will follow soon….

But, for now…here’s Chapter Nine… Lemme know if I’m pissing y’all off with this crap…

* * * * *

Peter looked down at Sandy and managed half a smile as he watched his sister lean towards his waist. She held his cock lightly, as if she were afraid it would go off in her hand if she squeezed too tight, and kept her eyes locked on his as her tongue snaked out to lick the tip. He felt all the air escaping from his lungs as Sandy slowly opened her mouth and took his cockhead inside, letting it rest on her lower lip as she teased the underside with her tongue. She smiled as she felt his pre-come flow over her tongue, and kept her eyes fixed on his as she allowed her lower mouth to fill with the thick, salty fluid. Then she grinned and, with a sly wink, closed her lips around him, spreading his pre-come over his cockhead and swallowing the remainder.

Sandy’s burning eyes were driving Peter mad as he sensed the love that was pouring out of them. The emotions and the pure lust he was feeling, combined into a sensation he’d never felt before and couldn’t describe in mere words even if he had a thousand years. The way that she was so gently caressing his cockhead with her tongue… as if she were setting the timer on the most sensitive bomb in the world… The look of lust, knowledge and power in her eyes… And the hungry way she had verbalized her desire for his cum… All of this was pulling him closer and closer to the edge. He watched his sister’s eyes as she closed her lips around him and swallowed. It was one of the most erotic sites he’d ever seen. After all the years of waiting and dreaming and fantasizing… His sister was actually sucking his cock. He groaned as he felt the cum boiling in his balls. The light in the room suddenly seemed to fade around him, his entire consciousness focusing solely on Sandy’s naked form. The only sounds he was aware of were the wet, sucking sounds her mouth was making as she began to slowly move back and forth, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Sandy’s eyes never left his as she used her mouth on him. She was glad he was holding out as long as he was, but she could tell from the throbbing against her tongue that her brother was extremely close. Her heart continued to beat wildly as she anticipated the results of her blow job and she could feel the adrenalin coursing through her body as she felt his already huge cock expanding even more inside her mouth. She knew that it was time…

Peter also knew that his time was at hand, but still fought with all his might to control his urge to come. He knew that he was experiencing just the beginning of a new and expanded relationship with his sister, but he still didn’t want this feeling to pass so quickly. But, try as he might, he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. He saw the determination in his sister’s eyes and felt her hands on his ass at the same time, pulling him closer as her tongue swirled around his cock. She already had half of his cock inside her mouth and he groaned as she gripped his asscheeks and pulled him closer still. Their eyes were still locked together, but he could still watch as more and more of his shaft slipped inside Sandy’s mouth…until he felt his cockhead pressing against her throat. He heard Sandy’s groan of pleasure even as he felt his cum overflowing the confines of his balls and racing up his shaft.

Sandy felt is also, and tilted her head at just the right angle as she pulled on Peter’s ass. His groan was more like a roar as he felt his cockhead turn slightly and slide into Sandy’s throat at the very moment he exploded. He watched in disbelief as Sandy’s nose pressed into his pubic hair. He felt her swallowing against his cock as he shot a second thick load of semen deep into her throat, then let out another roar as she smoothly pulled her face back, letting him come on her tongue as she suckled his cock like a nipple, swallowing his cum as if his cock were a straw in the sweetest milkshake she’d ever tasted.

Sandy was in heaven as she felt her brother come in her mouth. She had dreamed of this moment since she’d begun dreaming of sex, and this was better than any dream she’d ever had. Peter’s cum was thick and sweet İstanbul Escort and showed no signs of letting up. She sighed and mewled as he came again and again on her tongue, letting it build up inside her mouth, then swallowing it all as sexily as she could. She grinned up at the expression of absolute pleasure on her brother’s face and let her lips part so he could see her cum-filled mouth. His reaction to this urged her on, and Sandy gripped his cock, jerking him off as she leaned back, resting his cock on the side of her upper lip as he came over her cheek and up into her hair. She began to chuckle with glee as Peter continued to shoot, feeling his hot cum spray onto her face then drip over her chin and onto her neck.

She could feel his body begin to shake uncontrollably as his ejaculation slowed and stopped, and his cock continued to pulse in her hand as she stroked him slowly. She looked up at him with a huge grin on her face, then took him in her mouth once more, effortlessly taking him into her throat and working her mouth and tongue to suck the last vestiges of semen from his balls. When she knew there was no more to be had, she began to bob her head, fucking the full length of his cock in and out of her throat. She continued to bob her heads until she felt his strong hands entwine in her hair, grasping the back of her head as his hips began to move.

Peter looked down in amazement as he watched his sister taking the full length of his cock again and again. He held her head as gently as his condition would allow and continued to fuck her mouth, drawing out until she was able to suck on his cockhead, then sliding smoothly into her throat. Not even Marlene could suck his cock like this, and she was the best he’d ever had! He continued his fucking until he felt his knees begin to shake. He knew that he was going to fall if he didn’t sit, so he very reluctantly pulled his spent cock from his sister’s mouth, sighing as a long rivulet of semen and saliva stretched from her lip to his cockhead.

“Oh…my…God…” Peter sighed as he collapsed to his knees between Sandy’s thighs. She giggled almost uncontrollably as she leaned over, hugging his head to her breast as they both panted madly.

During the sibling’s performance, Marlene had moved over to stand between and just behind, Alan and Jeff. She’d watched Sandy’s skillful blow job with a mixture of amazement and envy as her own excitement grew stronger. She could feel the boys’ heavy breathing as she leaned against them, while their now hard cocks showed her that their own excitement was matching hers. Her eyes moved from the action between Sandy and Peter, to the boys’ hard-ons until she could hold back no longer. Slowly settling into a crouching position between the two boys, she let her hands move sensuously between their legs, running softly over their hairy thighs, then moving higher and higher… She could actually feel their heat as she neared her goal, and the three of them simultaneously released low moans as her fingers contacted their full balls, then moved upwards… each hand curling around a hard cock.

For Alan, it was as if he was in a dream. He continued to watch Sandy suck on Peter as Marlene began to stroke his cock. He momentarily tore his eyes away to look down and had to catch his breath. This beautiful, blond near-stranger was squatting between Jeff and himself, her short leather skirt almost around her waist and her naked, shaved pussy in clear view. She looked up at him and smiled as she squeezed his cock, running her fingers from his head to his balls.

“I hope you guys don’t mind…” Marlene purred, “Having two hard cocks so close was just too tempting. And both of you have such beautiful cocks…”

Jeff looked down at her, then over at Alan, a huge grin on his face. “I must admit, Marlene, that I don’t mind in the least. And I’m pretty sure that Alan agrees with me. And you, my dear have very talented hands…”

Marlene smiled and continued her stroking. Jeff’s calm sense of humor only added to her excitement at what she was doing. She’d never been with two boys at once before and she was feeling marvelously slutty. She saw their eyes moving over her body and she knew that her position was exposing her pussy to them. She leaned back slightly, using their cocks as hand-holds and allowed her thighs to spread even wider, showing off her wetness…

She and Peter had been fooling around in the boat on their way back from a party on the other side of the lake, and she’d given him a little strip show as he tried to steer the boat in the dark. She’d thrown her panties to him before moving close and pulling his shorts down, removing them so that he was naked from the waist down as he stood and drove the boat. After that, she’d leaned against the dashboard, letting her eyes move over his growing cock as she raised her skirt and placed one foot against the steering column… Peter always loved to watch her masturbate for him and to be doing it in an open boat as they passed by all the camps along the shore, only made her that much hotter. Peter had winked at her as she pulled her top off and Bayan Escort he’d flipped a switch beside the wheel, illuminating the front of the boat, the deck, and Marlene. She’d been shocked at first, but then her excitement had taken over. She had felt wonderfully slutty at that moment, knowing that anyone along the shore could see her nakedness as she placed one foot on the low rail and slowly moved two fingers in and out of her pussy. But the feeling was nothing compared to the sensations coursing through her body right now. ..

Kneeling between two boys, almost strangers, who were probably three of four years younger than herself, and stroking both of their beautiful, hard cocks at the same time, Marlene was feeling lightheaded from the pure lustful pleasure of it all. And, at the same time, they were all focused on a delightfully erotic sex show being performed just a few feet away. The whole thing was just too surrealistic! She was glad that she’d left her panties in the boat and even more glad that she hadn’t let Peter come in her mouth when she’d eventually gotten on her knees in the boat and sucked his cock in front of anyone who had happened to be watching them pass by. Marlene knew that Peter’s balls were now filled to overflowing and, as she watched Sandy sucking his cock, she wondered if his sister would be able to take all of his cum in her mouth. Peter came harder and longer than anyone she’d ever met. It was one of the many reasons she loved sex with him so much, and she was dying to see if Sandy would appreciate it as much as she did.

Marlene was also watching Bobbi as she filmed the action in front of her. She was impressed at the young girl’s ability to handle and control the camera while being so close to such a hot scene. Bobbi would bend and twist, working to get just the right angle of Sandy’s hot blow job, occasionally focusing on Peter’s facial expressions, then moving back down to capture the sight of his hard cock sliding in and out of Sandy’s mouth. Marlene grinned, knowing that all the video being shot would make for a very interesting morning of television. She smiled up at the boys again as she continued to stroke their cocks. Both of them were staring intently at Peter and Sandy, their cocks pulsing in her hands as she jerked them off.

No one dared to speak as the sounds of Sandy’s sloppy sucking filled the room, but everyone released a groan when they watched Peter’s cock slide deep into Sandy’s throat and begin to pulse his cum into her mouth.

“Wow…” Marlene breathed, gripping the boy’s hard-ons even tighter. She stopped her stroking as she watched Peter come again and again into his sisters smiling mouth. She grinned as she watched Sandy pull her brother over the precipice of love and lust by doing all the things she instinctively knew would turn him on…showing him her cum filled mouth, then jerking him off onto her face, moaning as his hot semen flowed over her cheek and into her hair. Marlene also stared in disbelief as Sandy let Peter fuck her throat. She’d never seen anything so erotic as when Peter gripped Sandy’s head and began to fuck the entire length of his cock into his sister’s throat. Not just once or twice, but again and again, his cock sliding in until his balls slapped against her chin, then pulling out to let her suck on the head. Marlene could deep throat Peter, but not like this! She determined, then and there, to take Sandy aside for some private lessons on cocksucking.

Marlene could tell that Alan and Jeff were enjoying the show, also. Both of their cocks were throbbing mightily in her hands as she resumed her slow stroking. As she watched Peter finally drop to his knees from exhaustion, with his sister cradling his head in her arms, Marlene saw Bobbi slowly pan the camera towards her and the boys….

Bobbi grinned and panned the camera over Marlene and the guys. Sandy’s blow job of her brother had totally blown her away and she wondered if the microphone was picking up the pounding of her heart. It filled her ears as she moved the camera over Alan and Jeff, then slowly moved in to capture the sight of Marlene kneeling between them stroking their full, thick hard-ons, a broad grin on her face. Bobbi zoomed in on Marlene’s face, returning the smile she saw in the viewfinder.

“Like I said before…”, Marlene beamed, “You guys throw an awesome party…” She winked at Bobbi and turned her head, first to the left, then to the right, extending her long tongue and making as if she was licking the cocks in her hands. “I’ve never had two men at the same time…” she continued, still smiling. “I could suck them, I guess…” She looked up at the boys, running her tongue over her lips before turning back to the camera. “But I’m afraid they might be disappointed. If Sandy’s been sucking Alan’s big, thick cock like she just sucked Peter’s, I think I should take some lessons first…” She grinned when Alan groaned his disappointment and looked up at him with a shy look.

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do that throat thing quite as well as she does… ” Marlene giggled at Alan’s pleading look. “Well…. I guess I could try…” Eskort She leaned onto her knees and turned towards Alan, quickly winking at Bobbi before running her tongue over Alan’s dripping cockhead. “Mmmmm….you do have it all nice and slippery for me, Alan…Let’s see…” She let her lips part as she leaned forward and Alan groaned as his painfully hard cock slipped into the velvety warmth of her mouth. Marlene began to hum softly as she pressed her mouth lower and lower, slowly taking Alan’s entire cock into her mouth and throat. She held him there for just a moment, then pulled her face back, stroking him as she smilingly teased his cockhead with her tongue. “Well, that wasn’t so bad… But I wonder if Jeff would mind if I tried that on him…” She winked and turned to Jeff who was staring down at her with a look of lusty expectation. He was simply amazed that Marlene was acting out the fantasy he’d had when he first set eyes on her. She was still fully clothed, which only added to the eroticism, and her gleeful, excited manner was making his cock throb.

“I’ll bet you can…” he managed to croak, as Marlene turned her face to his crotch. She looked up at him and winked, then ran her tongue over his cockhead.

“I don’t know, Jeff…” she teased, “You’re a little thicker around than Alan…” She let her lips part again and then closed them around Jeff’s cockhead, eliciting a low groan. She smiled and turned her eyes to the camera as she leaned forward…

Bobbi wasn’t surprised to see Jeff’s cock disappear into Marlene’s mouth just as smoothly as Alan’s had. She grinned as Marlene began to bob her head, forcing Jeff’s cock deep into her throat and pushing her nose into his pubic hair. They had all watched the video of her deep throating Peter and Bobbi knew that Marlene was simply being a tease. She zoomed in on Marlene’s face and smiled as Jeff began to slowly fuck his cock in and out…

Marlene was smiling also as she felt Jeff’s fingers run through her hair and grip the back of her head. She released a low moan as Jeff held her firmly and began to slide his cock in and out of her throat. Getting up onto her knees, she turned her body to face him, letting him continue his slow fucking. And just as she was remembering Alan, she felt two hands encircling her waist, then slide sensuously higher, cupping her full, firm tits… Alan had moved to his knees behind her, straddling her feet and placing a knee on either side of hers. He sighed as he pressed his cock against the cool leather of her skirt. Alan knew that the rest of the group was focusing on the new threesome, and the knowledge fueled the fires burning inside him. He grinned over at Bobbi as he slipped his hands under Marlene’s tight, pink t-shirt, raising it higher as he moved his hands up to cup her naked breasts. She responded by pressing back against him, drawing Jeff with her, until she was leaning back at a forty-five degree angle onto Alan’s chest. Alan moved his head to the side as Jeff leaned over Marlene’s face and continued to slide his cock in and out of her mouth.

Alan had never been in such close proximity to another man’s hard-on, but the feeling that was flowing through the room outweighed any trepidation he might have had. He’d also never been close enough to hear the wet, sloppy sucking noises like those that Marlene’s throat was making as she sucked Jeff’s cock. And the low sighs of pleasure that were emanating from her were turning Alan on immensely. He pressed his cock against her ass as he pulled her t-shirt up to her neck. Marlene accommodated him by raising one arm, then the other, until she wore the shirt like a hot pink boa.

Alan’s hands were incredibly exciting to Marlene. His firm but gentle touch as he squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples fueled her determination. She’d never been with two men before, but she knew, at that moment, that she would never say that again. She pushed on Jeff’s hips, making him slide his cock from her throat, then pulled downwards, enticing him to move to his knees in front of her. At the same time, she leaned forward slightly, grinning when Alan deciphered her hint and moved his hands to her thighs. She leaned forward onto her knees, licking Jeff’s shaft as she felt her skirt being slid up and around her waist. Then, as if Alan needed more hints, she began to move her hips from side to side, reaching between her legs with one hand to caress her now dripping pussy. She groaned out loud as she felt Alan’s cock sliding between her fingers and she gripped him…directing his cockhead to the center of her pussy…

Her eyes grew wide as she felt the first inch of Alan’s cock slide inside her pussy. Her eyes moved to her right, locking on Peter’s. She felt as if she was in a dream when she saw Peter’s huge grin. Jeff was gripping his own cock and running it over her lips and cheeks, covering them with an erotic sheen as Alan pushed deeper into her. She groaned and worked her hips against him, her heart pounding as she felt him begin to slide in and out of her now sopping pussy…sinking deeper and deeper inside of her until she felt his belly pressing against her ass. Only when she felt Alan’s entire cock inside of her did she open her lips and take Jeff back into her mouth. She’d never dreamed that she could feel so full as she began to suck on Jeff’s cock with the same rhythm that Alan was fucking her with.

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