Road Tripping Pt. 12

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Readers, this a fictional road story set in the 1980’s, before cell phones and the internet as we know it today. There is pot smoking and use of “Magic Mushrooms” in this story All sexualized characters are fictional and over 18. This is part twelve of what I hope will be a many part series. I hope all have enjoyed it so far.

Lou and Molly awoke to the 5:30 AM wakeup call with a start and raced for the bathroom, both having slept through the night after all their fun last night. After a quick pee they quickly dressed for the hotel breakfast so they could get on the road quickly today.

They ate quickly and after a stop back at the room to get fully ready for the day they were on the road shortly before 6:30. Lou joining in with the line of semi’s pulling on the highway and doing a little over the 65-mph speed limit in a few minutes.

There were more than a few Highway Patrol officers as they cut through parts of Oklahoma and Texas and did not spark up any morning doobies. The truck traffic was heavy, and Lou did not even try the cruise control for his three-hour leg.

A quick stop for gas and bathrooms just before leaving Texas and to gather many brochures from that huge state. They crossed into New Mexico with Molly looking to run a couple of hundred miles down after her long nap and with a strong cup of coffee in the holder.

Lou started to read a book for a few minutes, but he was asleep within ten pages. He awoke to a now very different landscape then what they had left in the plains this morning. The traffic had thinned, and Molly said she had not seen any cops for a while and on this stretch of road they had nowhere to hide so Lou got out their half joint from their walk in the fields last night and they shared that rolling down the roads and gaining altitude.

By 12:45 both had their stomach growling at the 30 miles of truck stop billboards before they finally arrived at the crowded lot. Molly spied an opening spot twenty feet from the door and with “Sugar Magnolia” blasting out of the speakers, and open windows, she warped the large station wagon into the spot with a loud “WOOHOO Lunchtime!” drawing the attention of a couple of the truckers seeing her roll in. Lou held one door for her while one of the truckers held the other door before they got a couple of seats at the counter and were looking at the large burger and fry plates roll past with eager eyes. Breakfast had been over six hours and 420 miles ago.

It was a quick and very good meal leaving them making a mental note to stop here again. Topping off Andromeda they were back on the roads west. The sign at the exit said last gas for forty miles and they knew to keep her full in these open places. Andromeda had topped 65,000 miles early this morning, was running great and had a range of about 500 miles on the highway, but they knew it was best to keep her filled for these trips, along with all the water they carried. Camping could get a little primitive out here possibly and they planned to work hard tomorrow and would need several gallons for themselves to drink and possibly wash after.

Lou got another 220 miles done before it was break time at last gas for fifty miles in the now open areas. After a stop in what Molly called the nastiest bathroom since Hartford she had them crossing the border into Arizona, being careful not to enter in any way the Petrified Forest National Park. They were going to a legal dig site and did not want it to look in any way like they had been poaching in the park. Federal Prison would ruin their trip!!

They were soon sharing a package of cookies and seeing what cassettes they had not listened to in a while. Lou put in the Beatles, White Album, that neither of them knew where it had come from, but it worked and Molly drove them for the next hundred miles until they turned off at the exit for the approximate fifty-mile trip on very dusty two-lane roads doing between 35 and 55, watching for cops after each slow down.

It was a beautiful sun grew low on the horizon that they drove alongside heading north-east now for an hour and a half hoping to get to the campground before dark and that there was some food around. Hot dogs would do but they were hoping for either dinner at a restaurant or a store to buy something to cook.

They went miles hardly seeing a car or building on the long road to the campground. Molly asked Lou while driving. “How hard would it be to have a CB radio put in here Lou? I think it would give us some added safety on the road and we might have some fun talking to people out here.”

Lou thought for a moment and agreed quickly that it was a good idea to add one. “The only problem I see Molly is I would want to have the shop that did my stereo and all my hidden compartments put it in. They could install it so it worked with the stereo speakers I bet, and they could hide it well and not interfere with Andromeda’s secrets. I would get an antenna with a magnetic base, to be able to put it away in the lots and Beşevler Rus Escort when we park for the night.”

“How much do you think it will cost Lou?”

“I don’t know but I think the CB will be around $100 to $150 for a good one and about another maybe $200 to install it all. I got his card, and I will call him from California and set up a day for him to do it when we get back east. If he’s got some head’s up he will be ready and get it done quick and if I’ve got any other problems like a dead speaker I’ll have him fix it then too.”

“She is also going to the shop where my buddy did all of her original work for an oil change and any other work she might need. We will have gone as much as 10,000 miles by then from when I left home.”

The landscape was painted in deep gold and red hues when they finally arrived in a small dusty town, with two gas stations, a small store and two restaurants, along with half a dozen other shops and a few empty storefronts. They stopped at the first gas station to top off and saw the signs for their campground and dig site on a billboard next door.

After a quick stop in the store for some kielbasa and some easy side dishes, they took off down the now dirt and gravel roads to the campground. Both watched strange patterns of dust now build up on the white hood of the car laughing that their New Jersey car wash was officially done now, and they hoped all the wax was protecting the paint.

The campground was not with Lou’s usual chain and when they said limited facilities he was concerned there would be a fire circle and Porto-johns for bathrooms. They were pleasantly surprised when they pulled up to the modern building with a small store, laundry, and good showers.

It was off season still and there were only four other campers in the thirty-place facility, and it would likely be a quite night. There were three RV’s with older couples all hanging out with grills going and talking and one tent like they had with a younger couple at the far end of the without the electrical hookups.

Lou pulled up slowly to keep the dust down and they took a spot near the other young couple who looked to be about their age and were grilling some hot dogs. They said hi and shared some a beer with them over the 45 minutes it took them to set up and get the Kielbasa and water for instant potatoes going on their grill. Lou went and started some laundry while they had the chance to get some done. Once the tent was up they also got all their other tarps out to finally fully dry from the downpours in Chicago.

Molly asked if thy smoked pot and if it was cool around the campsite?

Tina said they did smoke but had run out and were on the last days of their vacation and had to be home in Ohio in two days. They had a lot of driving ahead of them.

“It was really quiet here last night, and I think if you walk out behind here with your binoculars no one will notice. Just look out for snakes!!

Molly had not thought of that before and was now not so sure about a little late-night stargazing or any “Contests”. It would be a bad idea to pee on a rattlesnake Molly suspected!!

Lou came back to the food finishing with a six pack of a local beer, and he had put their second load in and started the dryer to a concerned looking Molly. “Lou, what do you know about snakes?! Tina mentioned them and I had not thought about them until then. Do You think it will be safe to go out back here later?”

There was still some daylight and Lou went out about a two hundred feet and saw no holes or any other hiding places on the dirt path. He came back and told Molly it looked safe, and they should bring several lights for the walk and a look around before smoking and using the glasses.

“What about the tent tonight Lou?”

“We will keep it closed up and only a little in there so they can’t hide and put your boots up on the table with your socks in them so they can’t hide in them.”

“If I hear one rattle I’m sleeping in Andromeda!” Molly said looking just a little worried.

“Careful going under the hood of the car too. They like the warm engines.” Craig, Tina’s husband added.

Molly told Lou go under the hood now to “check their oil” and in reality get her a bag so they could roll a few joints and relax after the two days of hard driving. Neither had ever driven like this in their lives before and it did exhaust and left them a little stressed after almost 14 hours from leaving the hotel to arriving at the campsite, then two hours of setup, cooking, and laundry. It was after 9 Pm before they could rest and go for a stoner walk with Tina and Craig.

All got a good buzz, and no snakes were sighted or heard. Lou left a camping light on in their tent and gave Molly a stick with a fork to hold any snakes she saw or more likely beat it to death. Molly gave their new friends two joints for their long ride and after they told them of their adventures Cebeci Rus Escort across the country. They offered them a floor in their apartment if they needed it near Cleveland where they lived, for a night along with their phone number.

Again, like with Janet and Tommy, there was no sexual connection with either of them but still they were good people out here on the road and all had a good time before both couples went to bed having to get up early in the morning. Lou and Molly to find hopefully a good breakfast in town and Tina and Craig hoped to do a thousand miles tomorrow.

Molly had gone into the tent earlier and taken the sleeping bag and zipped it up instead of having it open like a big blanket and put it in a trash bag so nothing could crawl in it before they went to bed shortly after ten.

There was only one trash bag of clothes and necessary stuff on the table and one cooler in the tent besides their bed and light on the table. Both snuggled into the sleeping bag so nothing could crawl in after Molly inspected every zipper on the tent to make sure all was closed. Lou got to sleep easily but Molly took a while, and the sounds of Tina and Craig trying to keep the sounds of their lovemaking down did not help, although she hoped it would scare the snakes away.

Lou woke up at around three he guessed and woke up Molly to see if she wanted to go to the bathroom with him. He shown the light around the tent for them and then checked the way before they left for a trip.

No Snakes were seen along the way and Lou and Molly got to see the full, majestic, Milky Way stretched out before them across the very dark sky.

Once back at the tent Molly took off her boots and long shirt she wore with old shorts to the bathroom and said quietly. Lou I’m horny and think were ok with keeping any critters out.” as she checked all the zippers to the tent again. Un-zip the sleeping bag so we can be comfortable after you fill me with your cum.”

Lou got the bag apart while Molly put a bud in Lou’s pipe and took a hit and got a cup of water to share.

Lou had the bag apart and took his shorts off to join Molly naked and smoking in the middle of the night. Lou took her in his arms and began to kiss and share a deep shotgun hit with Molly, holding her as her knees went weak with the headrush.

He lowered Molly to the bed after the hit and put the light where they would not be silhouetted by the light against their tent. He got on the bed as Molly kissed and shared a deep hit with him, holding him and stroking his already hard cock.

After they both coughed a little and his hands now were playing with her wet and twitching slit. “I couldn’t sleep for a half hour or so earlier Lou, and I heard our new friends making love and trying to be quiet after we had stoned them, and I think they had more than a few beers. I’m glad we met them, and they had a good night. I like spreading joy to all Lou!”

Molly Kissed him and rolled under the blankets and soon had Lou on top of her spreading legs. “Fuck me Lou and give your cum to me again. I know we will be exhausted tomorrow night.”

“I Love you Molly.” Was all Lou said as he just pushed his tongue and cock into her at the same time to stifle both of their moans. No need to wake up their new friends. His cock found her warm and already very wet despite very little foreplay.

“I Love You Lou and you make my pussy so happy every time you enter me. Fuck me nice and slow and let me feel you in me for a while. If you get tired I will get on Top of YOOOUUU!” She finished with a long-drawn-out moan, as her first orgasms ran through her clit and pussy. Her right hand began to work between them to find and finger her clit.

“You feel so good Molly and I love feeling your whole pussy squeeze me when you cum and I’m fucking you slowly and feel it all.”

“Keep up that pace and you’ll feel me cum again soon,” as her fingers now were matching his thrusts in speed rubbing across her clit with four of them. Her left hand was pinching her nipple and trying in vain to bring it to her lips at this angle. In the midst of that effort her second and more powerful orgasms crashed through her, now soaking his cock and balls in her squirting cum.

Lou had grown to love the feel of her pulsing her cum all over him, either over his cock or mouth, and the feel of her coating him had him picking up his pace fucking her.

Molly’s low moans and her right hand joining her left fondling both of her heaving and sweating breast. They locked eyes and just kept up with their motions and pace letting their eyes hold and build their coming mutual climax.

“Cum in me Lou and fill me NOW!” She all but shouted as her hands went to grab his ass cheeks almost as hard as she could and held him deeply embedded in her as their pulses of cum met deep in her and their tongues wrestled in their deep kiss to keep the people in the RV’s from hearing them Kolej Rus Escort cum together.

For a few minutes they held each other kissing and talking softly as Lou stayed in her and kept moving slowly, soaking the towel beneath them further. Both were being quiet and just kissing when they heard a giggle and “Not now Craig!” Followed by some more giggles and talk of a trip to the bathroom.

“Sorry we woke you!” Molly called out with a giggle of her own, followed by laughs from their tent as they both were trying to hunt down clothes with an urgent need of the now far away bathroom. Molly took a dirty t-shirt to quickly clean both of them and they were asleep before the others returned to their tent for their own 4 AM fun session that woke the birds but not Lou and Molly. Dawn around 5:45 did that for them.

They crawled out of the tent to see Tina and Craig just getting back from the showers and preparing to pack up and drive. Molly offered to buy them breakfast in town on their way out as they had about an hour ride to the dig site but some time to kill before. They were packed and almost ready when they got back and ten minutes later after a quick smoke in their tent, they all headed to a breakfast place in the nearest town.

After a good meal and hugs goodbye and wishes of safe travels, the two young couples took off to their very busy day ahead at 7 AM.

They still had some time before the site opened and went back to the camp to get the car ready for what could be a large mess of rocks in the back. A set of tarps was laid down on the back deck and one of their blankets and another tarp were used to cover the back seat and all their other stuff under it. Some clothes and their sleeping stuff and table and a chair had been left, but anything of value was with them. Lou’s digging tools and a couple of 5-gallon buckets they usually used for trash at shows were ready to carry the tools in and hopefully some rocks out along with the milk crates their water was in could be used.

The morning dew and the dust from the thirty-seven miles of two-thirds dirt and gravel roads had made swirling tie-dye patterns of different shades of grey and beige upon Andromeda’s hood and sides, as they did an average of thirty miles an hour to the dig site, arriving twenty minutes before opening at 8:40 AM.

“Those roads would have killed my old Toyota!” Molly laughed, getting out of the car as Lou parked then near the building hoping they may get some shade later and cracking some windows if it was quiet here.

“I’m glad I got all the suspension and exhaust work done on her. I saw a couple of rusty mufflers by the side of the road. Rain would be bad for any car. Even Andromeda unless you were really careful.”

Molly took a moment too look out at the vast emptiness of low hills painted various muted colors with nearby places where people had dug and a couple of wheelbarrows. She had never seen any place like this before and only the lava fields in Hawaii compared.

They were also surrounded by lush jungles. Here there was only more open space and distant hills and mountains. In place she looked out on where there were no signs of man it reminded her a little of the Lunar landscapes, she watched with the Apollo program as a young girl. It was the promise of a Star Trek future hopefully coming to life for mankind in the optimistic side of her mind.

Lou put the tools and a gallon of water in each bucket as Molly got out the sunscreen and was covering herself in it as Lou had his new spade and their beach umbrellas and one chair out for themselves to have some shade and a place to rest. They wanted to work most of the day but wanted to stay safe. It was only April, but it was still looking to be over eighty degrees today easily.

The only major structure other than a vast fence reaching out beyond sight along the road and past the parking lot over a hill, was a weather-beaten house and store front it appeared. A staircase led up to the door with a closed sign that opened as smiling woman called out. Hi guys. Might was well open, you two look like you mean business.

“Hi, I’m Lou, and my partner here is Molly. I called you from Delaware a couple of months ago, and I was here when I was a kid and got some cool pieces I still have.”

Despite her deep tan and lined face Darcy was an active 74 who could have passed for her early sixties with some makeup and a hairstyle she would never think of wearing. Her and Molly hit is off at once as Lou paid the $10.00 each and $5.00 to rent one of the wheelbarrows and a screen to sift the dirt.

“Smart of you two to bring all that water. I have soda’s, juices, and bottles of water here which I have to sell to make money, but there is no drinkable water out here. I have some water from a well, but you can only wash with it. Never drink it!” Molly bought a couple of bags of chips and 2 orange juices while Lou talked about his trip here as a kid.

Molly told Darcy of their trip across America and plans to go to California soon, but they also planned to be back here in about a month before the heat of summer. She saw she had a few quartz crystals for sale and told her if they found any in their planned digs in upstate New York in July they would bring her some along with some other things to trade if she liked and if all went to Lou and Molly’s plans so far.

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