Rigan and Claire

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My name is Rigan and a few weeks ago I had my first bi-sexual encounter with Claire. We had been friends for some time but are now lovers as well!

It is not easy for Claire and me to meet very often as we have work and children and our diaries have only joined twice since our first time together. As I said at the end of that story it was only as I thought after that I understood that Claire had made me cum only with her hand. I was sure that would change next time we were together so really wanted it to happen.

The new school term started and we chatted a little at end of school but it was not easy because our children were with us or other parents were in a group with us. But one day walking home we worked out that next day was a day off for us both. We agreed to meet after taking children to school and would go to my house for day. I spent the evening cleaning up and when Miks came home I told him the plan. He threatened to phone in sick next day but I told him Claire was not ready so he better go and I would tell him all about it when he got home. It did not take long for him to show me how much he liked the idea.

Next morning I got up early and had a nice long shower making sure I made myself ready for the day ahead. I made breakfast and as Miks left for work he gave me big long sexy kiss and had a big grin on his face. I finally got children ready and out and got them to school.

After sending them in I realised that there was no sign of Claire. After five minutes still no Claire and I started to worry that she was afraid and had stood me up. Then I saw her rushing with her son to school. It turned out that her son had been big pain that morning and just would not get ready. She took him in and then we started to walk home.

Usually when we walk together we chat away about the children and work and life in general but today we kept trying to start a conversation but it did not seem to last. We kept looking at each other and smiling a little. I know I was slightly nervous about what was going to happen and I think Claire was too.

We got back to my house and I made us some coffee and we sat at the breakfast bar to drink it. I was not sure how to start – remember before Claire I had only had sex with Miks and we know each other so well we just get on with it however we want. With Claire it was different! In the end I put my hand on her thigh and gently stroked her leg through her jeans.

Claire smiled at me and said she had wondered whether this was actually going to happen because she knew I loved Miks. I answered that I did love Miks with all my heart but that we were more open in our marriage than she realised. She wanted to know what I mean so I told her about us posting pictures on the internet. She Demetevler Escort just looked at me in shock for a moment and then asked if she could see some.

So we went to the computer and I got out the encrypted disk or pictures are on. As Claire started to look at them she said turned to me and told me that I was very beautiful. She leaned towards me and we kissed. With that the spell that had seemed o be there broke and suddenly our hands were all over each other.

Claire’s mouth tasted so good on my tongue and her perfume filled my nose and her body felt so good against my own that I knew I had to see her again. I broke the kiss and started to unbutton her shirt and as I did I saw that she was wearing a bra just like one I had myself but smaller cup size. Why I thought that I don’t know but something about it turned me on even more. As I was working on her shirt I felt her hand on my right breast through my own top and it felt so good. I could even feel my nipple harden as she gentle kneaded it.

As I undid the last button her hand left me and she slipped her shirt off and then undid her bra before asking me to kiss her. I pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply, but after a moment she pushed me away and said that she meant that I should kiss her breasts!

I did not need to be asked twice so I bent down and took one in my hand and started to kiss all around the other. A moment of jealousy went through me as I felt just how firm they still were but that disappeared as I felt her nipples become rock hard under my gentle teasing. She tasted so good and I began to realise why Miks enjoys my breasts so much. Maybe I was turning into as much of a breast girl as he is a breast man!

While I was giving my attention to Claire’s breasts I felt her release my own bra strap through my shirt and then I felt her gently pull my shirt out of my skirt and start pulling it up. I stood straight as she pulled it over my head and quickly took my bra off as well.

This time Claire pulled me towards her and our breasts touched each other a moment before our lips met in a passionate kiss. As her tongue darted against my own I could feel the pressure from her nipples digging into my own breasts. It was if my whole body was more sensitive than it had ever been before!

The kiss seemed to go on forever until we finally broke apart. As we stood there staring into each others eyes I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs. She nodded and we quickly made our way into our bedroom. As soon as we got there she wriggled out of her jeans and panties and I slipped of my skirt and panties too and we fell onto the bed giggling like a couple of school girls.

Her body was exactly as Otele gelen escort I had remembered it and I wasted no time in getting to work on her breasts again. As I did so I felt her hand slide down my back, over my bum, round my hip and slip between our bodies. We were so close together that I could feel her discomfort as she tried to reach between my legs so I rolled onto my back and opened my legs so she could have better access.

Claire’s hand started to work its magic on me again and then I felt her mouth start to tease my nipple. This is something Miks does all the time but today the feelings were so different. Whether it was the fact that Claire simply did it differently or the fact that it was not Miks doing it, I do not know but I know it felt amazing.

After a few moments Claire shifted position and started to kiss her way down my body. Slowly she kissed me while still playing with my pussy. Her tongue darted into my belly button and licked her way down to my pubic hair. Suddenly she jumped lower and my legs parted more as she gently nibbled the inside of my thighs.

By now she hand two fingers inside me while her thumb was gently but persistently teasing my clit and it felt incredible. As she slowly worked her way up my thighs I felt her shift position again and I opened my eyes that had closed involuntarily to see that she had positioned herself over my face. The scent of her sex filled my nostrils and my hands went round her hips to her bum and drew her down towards my face.

The moment her pussy touched my mouth I felt her tongue touch my own pussy for the first time. I know that I let out a deep moan at that feeling although it was somewhat muffled by Claire body over mine. I found myself torn between wanting to experience the feeling of my lovers mouth on my pussy and giving her pleasure as well. In the end I got to work on her and for only the second time tasted another woman’s juices.

The feeling of her clit on my tongue was amazing as its firmness seemed to press into me as I circled it. The meaty lips of her labia parted as my nose slipped between them and I realised then why Miks always has a wet nose after we 69!

All the time I could feel Claire matching me lick for lick and I realised there was a connection between us that no man could ever understand. Our bodies while so different were both women’s bodies and we seemed to understand each other’s needs better than any man could.

Time seemed to disappear as we made love to each other and then I felt Claire’s breathing start to speed up. All of a sudden her thighs clenched around my head and her mouth left my pussy as she ground herself into me harder and harder. It was difficult to Balgat Escort breath but then she collapsed on top of me breathing deeply.

After a couple of moments she lifted herself up and started work on me again. Maybe it was that brief pause while she came but almost as soon as her tongue danced over my clit I felt my own orgasm start to build. Claire obviously felt it too because she really went to town on my, slipping two fingers deep into my pussy and going overboard with her tongue. The wave hit and every part of me seemed to disappear except for the sensations of my orgasm. I think I screamed in release but don’t really know!

As I came down I realised that Claire had already moved so that our faces were close to each other and her hand was across my belly. As she leaned in for a kiss her leg moved over my thigh and we were in a lovers embrace.

We lay there for awhile simply enjoying each others presence and gently stroking each others bodies. Then Claire asked the question I had been kind of dreading yet hoping for too. She wanted to know what I thought Miks would think if he knew about us. I took a deep breath and explained that there were no secrets between us and that he already knew what had happened. She seemed a little surprised but I reminded her about the openness we had. I also pointed out that Miks was a guy and that it was every man’s fantasy to see two women together and tat I knew he was hopingg that one day he might get to join in as well.

Claire was quiet for a minute or two and then she said that she hadn’t had a man since her father’s son had walked out on her. She had only had one lover since that, a girl who had disappeared as soon as she realised she was pregnant. Since then there had only been me. Then she asked me whether I thought Miks would like her, and I said that I knew he would.

This was turning into a pretty serious talk by now and I realised she was trying to work out where things might end up. I said that there was no rush at all and that Miks was a patient sort of guy. As long as she was ok letting me tell him about our time together then he would have to wait to see if things progressed. She seemed happy with this and gave me a quick kiss before getting off the bed and stretching. Then she asked where the toilet was and she went off to the en-suite wriggling her bum at me just as she close the door!

I lay there thinking about things and realised I didn’t want this to stop. Could I live with myself having a lover on the side if Miks never got a chance to join in? Miks is the centre of my life, along with my children and I would be devastated if he ever had an affair, so would it be fair for me to have one?

Just then Claire came back out of the bathroom and lay down next to me. Her hand slipped between my legs again and he started to kiss me. Then with her finger parting my lips she asked how it felt to have Miks fuck me as it had been 9 years since her last cock. I grinned and turned over and opened my toy drawer and pulled out a very realistic dildo. Did she want to find out?

Her eyes widened and then she smiled!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32