Riding the Dragon Ch. 02: Inside the Spa

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I walked briskly to the door, ignoring anything in my peripheral vision, praying that I wouldn’t run across anyone I know. This was the scariest part, but the fun was about to come.

A bell was attached to the door, and it jingled when I entered. I stood in the sparsely decorated lobby, and soon a door opened. It was Jeannie. She was dressed in black yoga pants and a snug turquoise t-shirt that showed off her mild curves.

“Laura!” she exclaimed, and we stepped forward into a hug. “How are you?”

“I’m doing great. And you?”

“Wonderful. It’s been forever since I’ve seen you!”

We made small talk as she led me back through the hallway. There were half a dozen massage rooms, and she always put me in the back left one. I’m not sure why she did it, but I liked the consistency, the familiarity. We entered, and Lily was already there, laying out the towels.

Jeannie is an American who happens to be of Chinese descent. As such, her frame reflects a mix of the two cultures. She’s almost as tall as me, maybe 5-4 or even 5-5, and her small frame has modest but noticeable curves, perhaps a B cup on top and a feminine curve in the hips. Her hair is always styled in a sleek bob that curls around her ears. Lily, on the other hand, is Chinese in every way. She’s tiny, maybe five feet even, and probably 90 or 95 pounds soaking wet. She has narrow hips, a waifish frame, and the breasts of a developing twelve year-old. She speaks almost no English, but is a real cutie, with straight-cut bangs and long black hair down to her shoulder blades. She smiled at me and came to give me a hug.

Jeannie shut the door and locked it. “How long a session would you like today?”

“Let’s go for two hours. With oil.” I pulled out my $300 and handed it to her. Without counting the total, she peeled off a hundred and handed it to Lily, then put the rest in her pocket.

“Oil is fun,” she said, smiling. She spoke to Lily in Chinese for a moment. “Lily will help you get undressed.”

Lily approached me, scanning me up and down as I removed my wedding ring and other jewelry and set them on the small table. When I turned back around, I stood still for her as Jeannie took a seat and watched, a smile of authoritative pleasure on her face. Lily grasped the zipper on my neckline and gently eased it down.

I loved this part. I’ve never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, and I have no desire to be naked in public. But there’s something very sensuous about being stripped in a private room like this. It’s like you’re a princess being prepared by your servants. This wasn’t a part of a typical massage service, of course, but at some point Jeannie had done it and it turned me on so much that it became part of the ritual.

I shimmied my shoulders and Lily pulled the dress down past them, lowering the whole thing to my hips, my knees, my feet. Steadying myself with a hand on her shoulder, I stepped out of the dress, now clad only in my beautiful red underwear and high heels. Lily carefully set the dress on the table and then dropped to her knees to remove my shoes.

“Mmmm,” Jeannie murmured. “My darling, you are my most beautiful client by far.” I smiled demurely as Lily set the shoes to the side.

The smaller woman rose back to her duties. Given her height, it was easy for her to get a great view of my cleavage, and she took a moment to stare. I wondered what was going through her mind. Envy? Desire? Dread? Whatever it was, it was exciting to think about, and in a petty way I liked the way it felt when a little A-cup girl studied my C’s.

She stepped into my personal space and reached behind me. With a bit of fumbling, she unhooked my bra, and I brought my arms forward so she could pull it off. My breasts fell free and Lily again studied them. I let her, arching my back ever so slightly to present them in the best possible light. It felt so naughty to just display myself like that, such a turn on. Over her shoulder, I could see Jeannie studying me as well, her lips in a mysterious smile.

Lily set my bra with my dress and then knelt again, her face directly at crotch height. Clutching either side of the strings that held my thong up, she slowly worked them over my hips, her fingers brushing my sensitive skin in the process. Once she got the strings over my hips, she pulled down. The material gave way quickly, and just like that I was naked. Lily put the thong on the pile as I stood expectantly. In any other environment I would be mortified by my nudity, but here it was exciting, thrilling. My heart was pounding and I felt arousal beginning to simmer between my legs Jeannie soaked me in with her eyes and rose.

“To the table,” she said, taking my hand. She led me over and I lay on the table, face down. My breasts scrunched beneath me, and I took a moment to adjust them as someone put on some soft, new age music. For legal reasons a small towel was placed over the small of my back, but I knew that it would “fall off” momentarily, and sure enough, it did. No one bursa escort bayan seemed to notice, as usual.

I exhaled deeply and calmly. I loved this part, the anticipation of the first touch. I heard quiet footsteps, then the soft pop of a cap, and the squish-squish-squish of oil in palms. My face in the cradle of the table, I could see the floor beneath me, and when the footsteps returned I could see Jeannie’s small feet, now bare.

Simultaneously, warmed oiled hands touched both my shoulders and the soles of my feet. Lily must be down below. I sighed contentedly.

For the next fifteen minutes, Jeannie’s firm hands worked the kinks out of my back, moving down my shoulders and spine. Lily worked her way up, starting with my feet and working up through my calves and hamstrings. She reached my glutes first, and there was a little commotion as she climbed up on the table. She spread my legs and moved up between them, her small hands gliding across my sensitive cheeks. I loved how her knees forced my legs apart, leaving me open and vulnerable to her attentions.

The massage got softer at this point, less therapeutic and more sensual. Jeannie began long flowing strokes up my back and sides, pausing occasionally to stroke my neck and ears, sliding occasionally to stroke the sides of my pinioned breasts. On the longest part of her strokes, I could feel the weight of her breasts falling gently upon my back. Lily was oiling up my glutes, sliding her hands up and down my thighs and butt. Her strokes slowly moved inward, and I gasped as the first touch first slid across my lips.

Jeannie knelt down and whispered in my ear. “We’re going to strip down now,” she said softly. “We don’t want to get oil on our clothes.”

My two masseuses stepped away, and I dreamily raised my head to watch them strip. Women weren’t my thing, but then again I had nothing against seeing attractive naked women, and I was already revved up sexually. I could feel my pussy crying out for another touch as I watched them.

Jeannie was truly gorgeous. Her breasts were gravity-defying and firm, topped with dark nipples and quarter-sized areolas. She retained her pubic hair, but it was trimmed very short and neat into a perfect rectangle, and was sparse to begin with. I loved her look; very elegant and sleek. Her abs were flat as she bent to pull off her underwear.

Next to her, Lily was more cute than beautiful, but she was adorable. She had tiny areolas, the same color as Jeannie’s, but unnaturally long nipples that went erect very easily. Her pubic area was trimmed into a tiny landing strip that complemented her narrow hips. She had darker skin than Jeannie, and a more round butt compared to Jeannie’s tight derriere.

The two nude women approached me and I dropped my head back into the face cradle.

“A little stretching, perhaps?” Jeannie asked.

“Mmmm, yes.”

Jeannie said something in Chinese to Lily, then went to the back of the table. I felt it shift as she climbed atop it, pushing my legs apart with her knees. Her breasts touched my buttocks, then slowly moved up my back, soft and oily, as she stretched herself out atop me. Through the hole in my face cradle, I could see Lily’s feet position themselves at my head, and then fingers were stroking my scalp.

Jeannie rubbed her body atop mine for a few moments, then brought her knees up and moved to a seated position across my middle back. Hooking her elbows under mine, she pulled them up and back, then leaned back slowly and steadily. Her weight trapped my lower body from moving, and her motion pulled my upper body off the table, slowly extending until my back was heavily arched. I could feel the muscles in my stomach stretch taut, pulling against my diaphragm and forcing me to breathe shallowly. It felt therapeutic, but that wasn’t the real reason for the move.

On cue, I heard the squish-squish-squish of oily hands, and then Lily’s small hands were on my breasts, sensuously sliding rubbing and caressing and squeezing. She was gentle and soft, thorough and sexy. Trapped on the table, my arms pulled back behind me, I was held motionless, unable to resist her touch, and that’s just how I loved it. If you’re not a lesbian, you can still enjoy a woman’s touch if you have no choice, no ability to resist. There’s no guilt, no second-guessing yourself.

My nipples hardened under the attention, and that drew even more attention. Lily stroked them and squeezed them and gently pulled them. She toyed with the fullness of my breasts, ran her oiled hands up and down them, lifting them, weighing them, pushing them together to make cleavage.

Opening my eyes, I could see that she was fascinated with them. She had so little to play with on her own that I thought that she must be curious what a curvy woman’s breasts felt like.

Jeannie would occasionally let me down to ease the pressure on my back, then would reapply it, pulling my body back up into an arch. The forces pushed my pubic mound into bursa anal yapan escort the table, forcing me to spread my legs to ease the pressure on my lower back. It felt exquisite, and went on for several minutes.

Jeannie said something in Chinese to Lily, and the smaller woman stepped away. I moaned in pleasured protest.

“We’ll work your lower body now,” Jeannie consoled me as she released my arms. She spun on my back and moved down my body. I could feel the silky roughness of her pubic hair down my spine as she moved, and an ever so slight trail of dampness. Lily moved around to my feet and climbed onto the table, once again forcing herself between my thighs.

Massage oil fell upon my bottom and down the crack, flowing across my most private of places. Soft hands stroked my cheeks, then wandered inward. I gasped as a finger gently stroked and probed my anus. Two more hands began softly rubbing my clit, playing with my vaginal opening.

“Ohhhhhh,” I gasped. Four hands worked my core, slick with oil and my own secretions. Face down, with my legs trapped wide by Lily’s knees and my back pressed under Jeannie’s hips, I couldn’t move or writhe or buck. I could only accept their ministrations. I gripped the sheets on the table, unable to do anything else.

My masseuses were quiet and focused, concentrating on my pleasure. The only sounds were my own muted whimpers and gasps, and occasional wet sounds of oiled hands on oiled flesh. Fingers entered both of my openings, causing my upper body to spasm and thrash even as my lower body was held motionless. Palms slid up and down my crack, across my lips, even underneath, moving up and down my mound. I stretched my hands behind me, touching Jeannie’s legs, feeling their softness.

Up and down, in and out. I was so slick that every move was silky smooth, giving me nothing but pleasure. Sensations built up rapidly and strongly. “Ohhhhhh,” I breathed. “That’s fantastic. You’re driving me crazy!”

The pleasure flowed up my body, filling my brain. I found myself reaching my capacity, my body stiffening. I wished I could move, wished I could position myself to get the exact sensation I needed to get over the top, but I couldn’t. I could only take what they were doing. I released my tentative touch on Jeannie and grabbed my breasts, pinching my still-slick nipples to help myself.

“Unnnnnnh! That’s it! That’s it!” They were driving me to climax. My brain and my pussy exploded in pleasure simultaneously, and it was almost painful to climax when I couldn’t buck my hips. Frantically, I gripped my nipples and squeezed hard as the pleasure washed over me. I spasmed beneath them once, twice, three times in my throes.

The girls stopped. I was breathing like I’d just run a sprint. Each of them stretched out and lay beside me, Jeannie on my left and Lily on my right, enveloping me in their warmth. They stroked my back and buns, and kissed my neck. Jeannie nibbled on my ear as I rested and recovered.

After a few moments to let me settle down, Jeannie said, “Did you like that?”

“It was amazing.”

“Now we’ll do your front.”

The two Chinese women stood, and Jeannie ordered me to turn over.

This is when I feel most vulnerable. I was still breathing heavily from my exertion, lying on a table completely naked, under the full frontal view of their inspection, my erect nipples and shaved pussy available and exposed to their whims. It’s at this point that I make the fantasy transition from pampered queen to defenseless slave.

I have to admit, I love that transition.

Jeannie moved down to my feet this time and began working her way up. Lily started at my head, offering a nice scalp and face massage before moving down. She made long strokes down my chest to my stomach, pausing at the apex before moving back and fondling my breasts. At each pause, her own small breasts ended up right over my face.

Now, each time I visited it seemed like we discovered something new, pushed the envelope a little farther. I had always been touched, but I’d never touched back. I watched Lily’s small breasts over me, her long nipples incongruously black and stiff. Was she turned on? Were her nipples naturally stiff?

And most importantly, could I touch them? And what would it mean?

As she hit the apex of her stroke, her hands were stretched down almost to the junction of my hips. Jeannie was working my thighs, and it felt so good. I couldn’t resist. I reached up and for the first time in my life I touched another women’s breasts.

Lily jumped slightly, but didn’t protest or resist. Instead, she froze in place and let me explore. I tweaked her nipples and felt their stiffness, their texture. Her breast flesh was soft like mine, perhaps a little more spongy and firm. She backed off and my hands followed. She reached for my breasts and mirrored my actions, and the two of us played while Jeannie reached my pussy below.

It’s just bursa rus escort not a fair fight when it’s two on one, and Jeannie was a master at fingering. She ran her fingers up my outer lips, then brushed up and down my clitoris. My hips began moving involuntarily, attempting to follow her fingers to get the push I needed to climax.

Jeannie said something in Chinese to Lily, then spoke in English. “Time for some more stretching.”

I felt a disturbance to my right, and then my left, as Lily climbed atop the table, her knees on either side of my head. On her hands and knees she crawled over me toward my feet, giving me a great view of her breasts and then …

Oh, my god.

I’d never really seen a woman’s pussy before, at least not live. I’d seen some porn, of course, and gotten glimpses of Jeannie and Lily and others as they moved, but only fleetingly. Nothing like this. As Lily clambered over my body, there it was, right above me. A real, live pussy, barely a foot from my face.

I only saw it for a second, but it was beautiful, and the vision seared itself into my memory. I can see why men love them so much. It was hairless other than the landing strip, and like me she had a prominent pubic mound. Her outer lips were small, not much more than a darkened border, and her inner lips blossomed out like a flower. I felt a nearly irresistible urge to touch it, to explore it, to see if I could bring her to orgasm the way that she did with me.

But my opportunity was over as she settled in; maybe next time if I was really brave. Shifting her body over me, she sat down on my chest, backing her tiny derriere up against the underside of my breasts and pushing them upward. I placed my hands on her hips, caressing her softness and enjoying the feel of her dampness against my sternum.

At my feet, Jeannie was now climbing onto the table too. She moved up between my legs, forcing them apart with her knees. The two women conversed in their native language for a moment, and then Jeannie was lifting my ankles. They were passed up through the perpendicular to Lily, and she pulled further. With a little teamwork they bent me double, pulling my feet toward my head, the pressure actually lifting my hips off the table.

Sitting atop me, Lily tucked my heels under her armpits and at that point I was trapped. Doubled up as I was, I couldn’t move my hips at all, and had no leverage to move my legs against even her small size. I reached up and felt her hips where they were pushing against my breasts.

And now, down between my legs, Jeannie really got to work. Moving up, she positioned her knees underneath my raised hips, forcing herself against me in a way that even further prevented any motion on my part. Her fingers then went to town on me.

God, how I loved this. I loved being held and pleasured, unable to escape. I know that it’s my decision to come here, and that in the end I’m the one who controls the situation. But as a woman, there are times when I want to be put on my back, pinned down, and forced to into a mind-blowing orgasm. The fact that it was two women doing it and not my husband? I’ll be honest – that made it all the more mind blowing.

Jeannie’s fingers were everywhere. My nether regions were so heavily oiled that every touch was a glide, and Jeannie was a master at rubbing and stroking them. She worked my clit, pushed gently inside my pussy, and even went further back. With a yelp and a whimper, I felt a finger push deep within my lubricated anus while others strummed my clit.

How many hands were there? I realized with a start that Lily had my feet trapped in such a way that her hands were still free. She too was working my vulva, amping up the pleasure in that vulnerable part of my body. Four hands were rubbing, caressing, stroking, probing, and I was helpless to stop it. I loved the feeling of trying to escape without success. My stretched back and hamstrings meant that I had no chance of stopping or even minimizing the intense pleasure they were giving me.

“Unnnnh, that’s great,” I encouraged. “Keep it up, that’s wonderful.” Instinctively, I reached up and caressed Lily’s back, the only thing I could really reach. We women are big on reciprocation. I reached around and was surprised that I could reach her nipples. I wished I could do the same with Jeannie.

When you can’t move, you’re at the mercy of your captors, and I was helpless. My body was bent double, my hips rotated upward, and there was simply nothing I could do about it. My pussy and anus were completely open and vulnerable, and I had two experienced women working on them. This was going to be intense.

It took ten minutes for me to cum, and it may have been the longest ten minutes of my life. I was frigged, fingered, probed, and teased. They worked to my gasps and whimpers, learned my weaknesses, and took advantage of them. Every time I thought I was on the verge, they would back off, stroking me gently to drive me mad. When I finally came, I practically yowled as an explosion of pleasure engulfed my pussy, then blew like ripcord through my body to my brain, nearly blacking me out.

And then they kept going.

“No! No! I’m done! Too much!” I struggled and tried to kick, but I was held fast. The overstimulation was so intense that it was like an electric shock.

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