Riding Home for Christmas

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This Story comes from an idea by Needlenose on the Story Ideas forum.

The family must be naked at home at all times, and consist of the parents (younger than 40) and two girls and two boys, all over 18.

They must have the mindset to fuck at the drop of a hat, and revel in being exhibitionists among themselves. When not fucking, eating or sleeping, they must be compulsive priapic masturbators and frequently engage in group sex with each other. Knowledge of their behavior at home must be shared with all of their friends, but friends are only occasionally invited to participate. Someone please write this.

It may be more than they wanted.


priapic. adjective

1. (sometimes initial capital letter) of or pertaining to Priapus; phallic.

2. characterized by or emphasizing a phallus: priapic figurines.

3. (of an image) suggestive of or resembling a phallus by its shape.

4. exaggeratedly concerned with masculinity and male sexuality.

Mom poked her curly blonde head around the door of my bedroom and asked “What’s wrong honey? You look a little serious.”

I looked up from the dictionary across my lap and smiled. “Nothing really. some guy used the word ‘priapic’ in class yesterday and I didn’t really know what it meant, so I’m looking it up in here.” I held the dictionary up so she could see.

“Priapic?” her deep brown eyes looked to the left as she thought and her mouth made a kind of lop-sided pucker. “To do with phalluses.” she said eventually. “The shape mainly” she continued “or exaggeratedly concerning male sexuality.”

“Almost word for word Mom.” I smiled “Thanks.”

“That’s ok honey.” she said as her curls disappeared back through the door only to pop back again almost straight away. “Erm honey?” She said.

I looked up again.

“Terry and June will be home about one thirty, Christmas break and all.”

I grimaced and clucked like I had a bad taste in my mouth, but not wanting to disappoint Mom I quickly turned that into a smile.

“Oh honey,” she said and walked into the room to sit alongside me on the bed. She brushed her fingers through my hair and looked into my eyes. “I know he can be a little… priapic”

I smiled despite myself.

“And I know he’s competitive, but that’s just how he is. I think he’ll be more than a little surprised to see how much you’ve grown over the last few months” she said as she slipped her hand beneath the book on my lap and cupped my balls in the palm of her hand.

I relaxed contentedly as mom massaged there and remained quite still gazing at her full and very slightly hanging breasts, watching the nipples stiffen as she worked her magic. Soon, the book in my lap began to rise as if of its own accord, both Mom and I knew the real reason.

Mom’s voice was a tone deeper than usual when she said “Well honey, I see our friend’s strong and ready to go.” She indicated with a glance the rising tome now tented on my thighs. “And I notice that you’ve noticed that I’m enjoying the moment.” She shook her shoulders to set her breasts swinging across her chest like twinned pendulums, “Are you ready for a treat?”

I nodded wordlessly and smiled into her eyes as I removed the dictionary from its resting place.

Mom’s eyes flicked downwards to rest her glance on my engorged glans and her hand slid upwards letting my balls glide down her fingers which she then wrapped around the shaft of my cock and began stroking eagerly, yet with loving tenderness.

“Well at least there’s one thing about Terry coming home that I’m glad of.” I said.

“What’s that honey?” Mom’s eyes flickered between my face and the motion of the foreskin she was manipulating over the head of my prick. “Hmm?”

“I might be able to get a break from servicing four insatiable women while Dad just seems to watch every day.”

“Oh Honey.” Mom almost crooned. “I’m so sorry Aunt Sophie’s been visiting so often and you know that Father’s not as young as he once was. Tastes change and excitement comes from different angles as you grow older.”

“Not for you Mom or Aunt Sophie neither. And Grandma just gets hornier every day.”

“Well I have an idea about that and it may also solve what to get Grandma for the holidays.”

“You do? What is it?”

“Well…” began Mom, squeezing my now throbbing erection between her fingers in her excitement. But before she could get another word out my bedroom door was flung open and, speak of the devil, there was Grandma, her silver hair in a coiled bun nestling on the back of her head, her huge breasts resting on her belly, one noticeably shorter but just as full and blue veined as the other, both pointing down at the luxuriant wet-sparkling growth of hair between her soft thighs.

Mom’s head whipped around and I saw her shoulders sag a little when she saw who was there, but that didn’t stop her rhythmic fingers pulsing a tune from my pink clarinet.

“That goddam awful husband of yours cain’t last but a minute and a haf when it comes to Pendik Escort loving Clarrissa.” She said in a raised voice “and I need me a full eight minutes at least to get me where I wanna go. Good hard action’s what I want and your husband just ain’t got it in him. Now Terry, he’s the boy for me, good and solid for fifteen whole minutes at a time. What you got there?”

Grandma had only just realised that her daughter was stroking hard on her grandson’s erection and then a smile spread wide across her wrinkled lips and deepened the lines about her eyes. “Now that’s what I call cock.” She said as she strode purposefully into the room.

Mom turned back to face me and gave a slight shrug of her shoulders and a rueful grin crossed her delicious mouth as if to apologise.

“It’s ok Mom” I assured her as she began to rise from the bed. “No, don’t go Mom” I urged her to sit again. By now, Grandma was standing directly in front of me staring hungrily at my cock standing tall in Mom’s fist.

“Well?” she said “Am I getting some real dick today or not?” she demanded.

I smiled and looked into my Grandmother’s eyes. “I do so like your titties Grandma” I said in a near whisper. I reached forward and took hold of them both, one in the palm of each hand and pulled them towards me, away from the slight swell of her belly. I thumbed the taught nipples and let her breasts fall back to slap noisily on her skin. “And your pussy” I said, glancing once at her face “is an absolute peach of perfection.” I put my hand between her thighs and pressed up to hold her labia in the palm of my hand, feeling the long silky hair there tickle my skin. I squeezed gently and we both closed our eyes and sighed together.

My Mom’s hand around my cock had slowed to a steady pace while she watched me make love to her mother and the smile on her face was warm and generously happy.

Knowing Grandma had just had Dad’s cock in her and the wetness I could feel on my hand I had no hesitation in sliding three fingers straight up into her hairy quim. Grandma gasped as I finger fucked her with the same steady pace that Mom was using on my cock.

* * *

Terry was surprised and also quite glad that the bus was only half full for the ride home across state as he hunched down to touch his knees to the back of the seat in front. His sister June didn’t move as he adjusted his position, she slept on unaware of the thoughts riding through her brother’s mind brought on by the sight of the girl laid out on the seat opposite.

Terry’s view had been slightly obstructed by his sister’s sleeping head resting on his shoulder but now that he’d slumped down he could see the girl opposite more clearly and what he could clearly see was that she wasn’t wearing panties. The girl had curled up onto her seat and the short skirt she wore had ridden slightly to reveal as she’d squirmed in to a comfortable position, thigh and ass and a wisp of dark hair.

The cell phone in Terry’s pocket buzzed, vibrating against his thigh. He let it ring while he peered at the view opposite and the combination of sight and sensation perked his pecker up no end.

“Are you going to answer that or wait til you cream?” June asked in a voice thick with sleep.

He reached into his pocket and got out the phone, sliding it carefully along the length of his now erect penis. He looked at the display and saw the picture of his naked sister Helen.

“Hi Helen”

“You took your time answering bro. Did you cum yet?” The whole family knew about Terry’s buzz and always let the call ring for ever before they hung up.

“Not yet, but soon if I’m lucky.”

“You were born lucky bro. Interesting prospects there?”

“At least one.”

“How so?”

“Well, she’s sleeping with her skirt riding high and there’s a full moon.”

“You’re just an old romantic. How soon you gonna be home?”

“Erm… One more stop and then a couple hours more.”

“Two hours? I’m dying here bro. I need filling.”

“So where’s Dad? What about Jimmy?”

“Dad’s just quick timed Grandma and she’s gone off looking for Jimmy. Besides, you know they don’t compare to you.”

June was awake now and looking idly around at the few other passengers. She noted the girl opposite and tapped her brother urgently on the shoulder. He looked up and she pointed out the girl there. Terry smiled and nodded.

“Listen Helen, the bus is pulling in to the stop now and I have to use the rest room. Call me later.”

“Well you better answer when I do.” She hung up.

As Terry edged past his sister she grabbed his upper thigh in both hands and said “Don’t you go wasting what you got there.” Terry smiled. “Not when I’ve got prospects like these.”

“Terry…” June said “I may be asleep when you get back. I’ll take your seat and try not to wake me with all your fumbling.”

Terry’s smile widened when he understood his sister’s dare, so maybe she did know the thoughts that had been riding through her brother’s mind as she slept.

* Kurtköy Escort * *

Grandma looked at her daughter and asked “Are you going to let go of that thing so I can stick it where it’ll do some good or are you gonna hold on and stick your fingers in too?”

Mom looked at me and made a twirling motion with the finger of her free hand, sh owing me that she wanted her mother to be impaled facing the other way.

Mom was a little flustered and stammered a little in her answer. She knew that her mother liked fisting and we all knew that Mom really enjoyed getting her whole hand inside my sister Helen, but until now Mom had never actually put her hand up Grandma although she had put quite an assortment of other things there.

I broke in to settle the situation. “Grandma..” I said. “Grandma, Mom’s gonna just place it for you, stick it in there just how you like it, full bore.”

“I can do my own placing thankyou very much. I ain’t needed no help from my daughter yet and I ain’t planning on starting soon.” With that, she began shuffling forward to straddle my lap and reached for the length she required.

I leaned forward and grabbed a hold on Grandma’s hanging titties “But I wanted to try something new with you Grandma, see how you like it.”

“Something new? Son there ain’t nothing new you can show me. I fucked your daddy every which way since he was a might younger’n you and I tried everything — ” She broke off and gave me that stern look that brooked no arguing. She squinted her good eye and said “You ain’t planning on sticking that thing in your Grandma’s ass are you? Your Grandaddy always wanted ass, he never got none from me, your Momma here gave him that when he wanted it, he never did get mine.”

“No Grandma. It’s not your ass I want. I’ll be having some of that when June gets home.” Grandma made a sour face at that. “It’s something new for me. It seems like we’ve never rodeo’d, you and me. I just wanted to watch in the mirror there” I pointed across the bedroom at the dresser mirror facing the bed “I wanted to see your titties swaying and swinging while you rode this dick.”

“Well, you might be right at that. Goes deeper in that way, and if I ever needed deep, it’s right now. Ok. Clarris, you can point it for me, I’ll need both hands to keep my balance, don’t do a body no good to be falling over at my age.”

Grandma turned around, put her hands to her knees and started lowering herself onto my dick.

Now I was wondering what Mom was up to as she held on tight to my cock, keeping it pointed up towards Grandma waiting for that injection.

“Get a hold of my hips son and help me down.” Said Grandma.

Mom nodded in what seemed to be anxious agreement so I took the slight weight of Grandma’s backside in my hands still wondering what would happen.

Mom started pushing my dick forward and back so that it tickled Grandma’s pussy as she lowered her rear towards me. Then Mom held up her free hand to signal me to hold her there while the head of my cock slipped back and forward through Grandma’s pussy hair and the wet folds of her lips. Grandma moaned. Mom worked my dick across the outfolded nub of Grandma’s clit. Back and forth, dipping into her wet hole then sliding gently across her clit. Then I noticed that the return stroke was past Grandma’s slit and working slowly on each pass towards the puckered hole of her ass. I clenched my hands softly and pulled apart Grandma’s ass cheeks when Mom nodded.

Maybe I was going to get Grandma’s ass after all. So as Mom pushed my dick forward I pushed Grandma a little higher, when Mom pulled back I lowered Grandma a little more. By now Grandma’s ass hole was covered in a mixture of her own pussy juice and my pre-cum and Grandma had begun crooning.

Mom knew Grandma wasn’t fond of foreplay, she liked to stick in the dick and ride, but she also knew that with patience, she could bring Grandma off without any penetration at all.

But I spoiled it. I was getting mighty eager to feel my cock in Grandma’s ass and let her fall too much. She stopped crooning and almost screeched.

“What the hell are you doing back there girl? I want cock and I want it where it should go, in my slit, not in my ass you dirty bitch. You might like it in your dirt box but your Momma’s not taking it in hers”

Before she could carry on cussing out Mom I shook my head and Mom pressed the head of my dick into her mother’s hole. I let Grandma fall straight onto my cock and straight up her slit. Grandma’s breath woofed out of her as I drove home.

* * *

As Terry walked from the all night rest stop flakes of snow began falling, dusting the sidewalk and staying on his nose and eyelashes. He began singing in an off key tremolo “Raindrops and roses, and whiskers on kittens…”

He was still humming when he took the first step back on to the bus. The driver grinned his large pock-cheeked grin, pushed the fur trim of his Santa hat up to the tightly curled widow’s peak atop his head and Maltepe Escort joined in, with a very pleasant baritone — “These are a few of my favourite things. When the dog bites, when the bee stings…” The door shushed closed and the air-breaks hissed in counterpoint as he pulled away from the kerb, causing Terry to overbalance and place his hand squarely on the hip of the sleeping girl opposite. The girl just wriggled in her sleep and drove her skirt further up her tanned legs. Then Terry heard a voice from the seat behind where his sister ‘slept’. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

In a fit of gentlemanly good nature Terry pulled down the girl’s skirt to cover her butt. It didn’t seem right that he should be the deliverer of lecherous glances to someone he didn’t know. He sat down in his seat rather pleased with his gallantry but when he glanced across to check on his handiwork he saw that the girl was gently scratching an itch on her thigh and when she pulled her arm away managed to draw up her skirt to its former revealing position. He was just about to turn and ‘wake’ his sister at his side to let her know about the incident when he saw that the girl was peeking across her shoulder. She gave him a broad wink, lifted her skirt to replace it more modestly and in so doing revealed her ass and pussy to good view before she hid it away.

The voice behind muttered a heartfelt “Damn”. Then he heard a few low voiced exchanges before the guy behind upped seats and moved across the aisle to sit slightly forward of Terry and his ‘sleeping’ sister.

“Are we moving?” June asked from her slumber “Wake me when we get to town.” And she pinched her brother’s arm to remind him of those thoughts he had been entertaining before and which she had read on his face.

The sound of June’s voice brought a curious gaze from the guy opposite. Terry looked around and saw that his sister had managed to ride her own skirt up her thighs when settling down for her nap. “Well I do owe him one.” Terry thought “and this is the game that sis likes, so…”

“Aww, stay awake and talk to me June. June?” Terry shook his sister’s shoulders and pulled down her skirt. If he couldn’t wake her then she was game. The guy opposite gave Terry a dirty look, but brightened immediately when June pushed her brother away and sank back to reveal even more thigh beneath her rising skirt and lay back with arms spread to show what little bust she had to best advantage. “Ok then.” Terry signaled and June raised her hand to scratch her head and incidentally bring her long blonde curls to cover her face, but more importantly her now opening eyes.

Terry gauged the guy across the way and leaned forward conspiratorially. “Sisters huh? You can’t live with ’em and you can’t fuck ’em.”

The guy kind of laughed and coughed in one and flicked his eyes back. Terry strained to see his companion who was a woman in her late forties Terry guessed and also seemed to be sound asleep.

“Sorry.” Terry whispered.

“I don’t mind. But the old lady, she’s into sex in a big way but really draws the line at that kind of thing.”

“Oh. Ok. Sorry.”

Then his phone buzzed and Terry pulled it from his pocket.

“Only one ring. You ill? Or busy?”

“Hi Helen. No, no. I was just talking to an interesting kind of guy who I owe a favour to.”

“Hmm. Interesting or interested? What kind of favour? Is she sleeping already?”

“The second. Viewing. And Yes.”

“Any returns?”

“Well he says his old lady is into sex in a big way, so who knows.” Terry questioned the guy by raising his eyebrows. The guy answered with a fluttered hand and an indecisive grimace. “Oh I just mean a look see. Nothing else.” The guy nodded enthusiastically.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then. But do hurry back bro. I need you.”

“Soon as, sis.” He hung up.

The guy leaned across the aisle to Terry. “Are you ok with your sister and all? I mean. Your sister. You know?”

“Oh let me tell you, she wouldn’t wake if the bus went over a cliff. And if she doesn’t know, she won’t complain hm?”

“So who goes first?”

“Well, seeing as how I owe you one for that skirt thing behind…”

The guy glanced back. “Oh. Yeah right. Mike, by the way.” He extended his hand. “My name. Mike.”

Terry grasped his hand and shook. “Terry. And the lady I’m about to reveal is my sister June.”

“Hey. That’s what made me look in the first place. That’s the old lady’s name too. June. And let me tell ya. She’s bustin out all over.”

Terry managed to turn the groan into a shallow laugh as the guy continued.

“38 double F.”

“Sounds like someone I know.” They both laughed.

Terry sat back and leaned in towards his sister. “Hm?”

“Mmmmm.” She stretched, pushing her chest against the buttoned cotton of her pale pink shirt.

* * *

“You like it like that don’t you Grandma?” I said to her back as she strained herself along the pole of my erection. Easy up and slithering down. I pushed in to her back and she arched forward so I could see into the mirror opposite and watch Grandma’s titties flapping on her thighs.

“”Ooh, like that, Like that. Just like your Daddy. Push it there, push it up there, ain’t nothing hurtin’ inside your Grandma. Do that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32