Reuniting with my Cuz Pt. 02: Revelations

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Walking into my aunt’s house had me nervous. Tina and I had just finished having sex for the first time, loud sex, out in Tina’s camper, in front of her mom’s house. My aunt, Tina’s mom, possibly heard us; not probably, almost definitely heard us. We were first cousins doing things that family members aren’t supposed to be doing when her mom knocked on the door to her camper. Talk about embarrassing. But what is done is done, and boy were we done. I was tired, excited, ready for more, and now scared to death of what she would say.

My aunt was out shopping when I arrived. Tina and I had soon after gotten busy with our sexual lusts for each other. We never noticed when her mom had gotten home, went inside to make lunch before coming back outside, knocking on the door, and inviting us inside to join her for some food. Tina and I tried to be nonchalant about everything, but I found us smiling a little too much and staring into each other’s eye a little too long. Her mom directed a question at Tina, “So, I heard you and Todd having sex, is that right?” What could Tina say? With a quickly reddening face, she nodded affirmative. Her mom didn’t flinch. Instead, she almost looked disappointed.

My aunt resumed amid the silence, “I’m not here to judge you. You’re both adults, you can make your own decisions. You’ve both been through horrible relationships and divorces, so if you find a little bit of fun and companionship in each other, I’m OK with it.” Was this my aunt giving us the green light? I almost couldn’t believe my ears. “But please, you both need to promise me that you’ll be careful. I need a promise from both of you that there will be no talk of babies and no falling in love. You guys are cousins, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway. Just please promise me.”

She sounded so sweet in her tone with what she was saying. Tina sat there staring at her mom, as if she didn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. I didn’t understand exactly why she was saying what she was saying but I made my promise quickly without thinking about it. I also didn’t know if I could keep it, especially the falling in love part. I knew we would have no babies since I had a vasectomy years ago, but not falling in love was easier said than done. So, how good was my promise and how far would I go to try to keep that promise? Tina and I were acting like best friends more than lovers in the past few weeks, but we had just upped the ante to becoming friends with benefits. I didn’t feel any real romantic feelings for her, at least not yet anyways. But sometimes sex changes everything.

Tina on the other hand made the promise not to have babies but told her mom that we would see where life led us regarding the ‘falling in love’ part. Was this her way of telling me that she had stronger feelings for me beyond friends or lovers? That would be something I would need to contemplate later, maybe sooner than later. Until that moment, I had never given a single second to consider a long-term relationship with her. She seemed confident in her head, but I knew I wasn’t.

That was when things turned mysterious out of nowhere. My aunt asked if either of us had any memory of an Uncle Bobby. Of course, neither of us had. Her reasoning was because he had not been mentioned or seen since before either of us were born more than thirty years ago. I had never known my aunt to be anything other than confident and strong, yet here she was now, hanging her head, looking directly into her coffee cup, gripping it tightly with both hands. Now it was her turn to be embarrassed as she progressed to tell us about this unknown peculiar uncle.

She had kept his name and memory hidden from Tina and her brother all their lives. Uncle Bobby was the older brother of herself and my father. Being 5 years older than Tina’s mom and eight years older than my father, he had been drafted into the Vietnam conflict when he just turned eighteen years old. He was overseas for more than two years fighting the losing battle that the world came to know that conflict as. Eventually, he made it home. Although, like most of the men that were there, Bobby came back different, changed. He was no longer fun and optimistic; he was now depressed and solemn. No matter what the family did for him, he just wouldn’t pull himself out of that funk.

Then, one day, five years later, after a heavy night of drinking, he came home from the bar and forced himself on his own sister. “Yes, that was me.” She said as tears began running down her cheeks. Tina raised off her chair to go calm her mother, but she was stopped and told to sit back down. Amid sniffs and small breaks, she continued her story.

He was her first. He cried that first night afterwards in her arms as she comforted him and forgave him for his sin. As the days went by, they grew closer than either of them expected. She had begun confusing his forced sex on her for true love. His obsession for her grew. They spent so much time together, began sleeping in the same bed Onwin giriş unbeknownst to everyone else, and even had sex whenever possible. Nobody knew, nobody guessed. Until she became pregnant.

Tina gasped out loud!

She didn’t abort the baby as her family told her to, yet also never admitted to anyone who the father was. Her parents ended up sending her to a home to have her baby and was eventually forced to give it away. She had a baby girl and never saw it once.

As she was away for nearly five months before coming back home, Bobby had been caught raping their cousin. Bobby was sent away, possibly out of the state, as far away as he could go. She never saw him again. This broke her heart because she had fallen in love with him, in love with her own brother. Within a span of a few weeks, she had lost the love of her life and their baby. Her heart was broken. Eventually she moved on, but she never forgot.

My aunt was in full tears by the end of her story. Tina was crying at the same time. I was trying to keep it together as well. Nobody said anything for a while until she finished, “I know the feelings of love and I know the pull of sexual attraction. I lived with them and through them. Enjoy your time together but please follow those two rules and everything will be ok. Please!”

With tear filled eyes, she got up, head tilted down, and went to her room. Stunned at the revelations, Tina got up and followed. She closed the door behind her as I was left alone in the kitchen. Almost twenty minutes later, Tina came out alone. Her mom was sleeping. She came up to me, grabbed both my hands in hers, and pulled me up. Without saying a word, she kissed me softly making sure no sound was made and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. It was a hug of need not passion. She needed to feel secure and loved at that moment. I wondered what was said after they were alone in that room.

After we broke the hug, Tina pulled me towards the back door. We headed out into the backyard. The house was actually on the border of the state park which Tina told me as she drew me closer to the trees and the hidden path in the back corner of the property. As we pushed through the brush, she explained how she used to take walks and explore the park as a kid. This was her getaway at times, her place to think or calm down or just hide. We began walking on an overgrown path. I didn’t understand where we were going but I allowed her to lead the way. She explained that it was her teenage getaway path, yet she had not been down this way in over ten years.

We walked not even a quarter mile when she stopped, looked closely at the hedges to the side, found her opening and pushed through the overgrowth. I followed. Coming out on the other side, I first saw a huge, giant rock. It had to be ten feet high, odd shaped, with a semi flat side on top. Tina led the way climbing up onto the top of the rock. Once I was standing next to her atop the boulder, I could see the path on one side and an amazing view on the other. On the opposite side of where the path was, totally hidden by the rock, there was a tranquil waterhole, about twice the size of a double-wide above ground pool. There was fresh water running into it from a small creek on the far side. It was totally hidden from the path that we were just walking.

I stood there taking in the environment, it was breathtaking, calm, and serene. The sounds of the water were soothing. Everything about this place was relaxing and peaceful. I suddenly found myself getting hard, even though we had done nothing sexual nor spoke about anything sexual. Maybe it was just being out here alone with her. No matter what, it was getting uncomfortable in my shorts due to the rise in my underwear. I tried to adjust my length, but it continued to feel awkward, trapped.

Tina opened up the conversation again telling me that this was where she went when she was young to get away. She escaped the early years of persecution by the local kids who teased her about her looks. Later, during her high school years, it was her quiet place to come do homework and meditate. She found that the quiet allowed her to study better and remember more. And then during her early college years, it became her place for sexual experimentation. This place was precious to her in every block of her life.

Now was a time for revelations, she told me. With her mom opening up with all her painful memories that she kept hidden, she knew it was time for her to release some of her own demons. This was something she hadn’t told anyone about before, not even her ex-husband. And because she kept it a secret from him, it would eventually ruin their marriage. But now, with me, she felt safe enough to expose the truth. A secret she’s kept hidden for over ten years. A secret she believes only I would accept and not punish her for.

She stood in front of me, turning around to face the waterhole. Tina stripped off every piece of clothing she wore before jumping off the rock and into the water below. My amazement was that she did that without any hesitation or warning. As I saw her head bob up out of the water, I was just starting to undress myself as well. A call from below asked if I was coming in to join her. When my last bit of clothing was off, I leaped in. The water was a cool temperature but not freezing, enough to shock the system but not enough to hurt. It actually felt refreshing. Yet, it wasn’t enough to calm down my raging hard-on below the surface.

We came together and wrapped around one another. Sharing another kiss, we floated around. The water was deep enough so that I couldn’t touch the bottom while Tina’s confidence and past experience here calmed my fears. We both remained silent as we swam around for the next few minutes. I wasn’t going to push her to tell me a story that I’m sure she was going to find difficult to tell, to admit. This was her time and her story and if she said she would tell me and trust me with her secret, I would wait until she was ready.

It was when she finally reached down and stroked my still hard dick that I knew she was ready for something. I also reached out to touch her but found nothing but water as she swam back towards the rock. Her ass looked sexy as she climbed up out of the water and onto the rocky edge. When she turned around towards me, her breasts and her wet body made my dick twitch and release a squirt of pre-cum into this perfect water. I wanted to climb up after her and take her right here in the middle of the forest, on that rock, until we both came to a screaming end. I swam to the edge after her.

By the time I was climbing out of the water, Tina was already up to the top of ‘her’ rock. My cock led the way after her. She was sitting Indian style in front of me when I made it to the top again. Grabbing my hardness, she dragged me down to sit by her. She started her story as I sat in front of her, face to face.

Tina said how much she loved coming to this rock and being naked, it was a tradition of hers. She would come out here to do her homework and do it naked. She would sit and stargaze at night, naked. She would sit here in the rain, naked. She would masturbate here, naked. She loved being on this big rock, ‘her’ rock, naked. Any time she was on this rock, she would be naked.

She explained her belief of the feeling around the rock. This was her sexual rock, no matter what happened in her life, she felt safe and loved and comfortable on this rock. Most of all, she felt extremely horny on this rock. All the time, horny. Whenever on or close to this rock, she was horny, had to be naked, and eventually masturbated. Every time. From the first time.

Her story led to her explaining that she actually lost her virginity on this rock. She was 21, in college, and it was with her first boyfriend. He was her first because her time here on the rock would always keep her satisfied and never looked for a boyfriend. It wasn’t until she was away from the rock for three months that she felt the need for a real man. She had brought him here because she thought he would enjoy it too. He did enjoy it! He enjoyed her! And that was the last she saw of him as her boyfriend. He called her a perverted slut for wanting to have sex like that, on a rock in the middle of a forest. After that, she never again brought any of her lovers to this rock.

Now her secret began. She asked that I not interrupt her because she had to get it out. The shame from it kept her chained to the memory for so long. Now, here with me, she felt safe enough to release it all.

“Then, one day, I was lying here naked, sunbathing and daydreaming. This is the part that I have always kept a secret. I got up and jumped in the water. As I swam around, I heard voices in the woods. I tried to crouch down in the water, but the three guys had already seen me. They would tell me later that they had seen me jump off the rock naked into the water. They climbed to the top of ‘my’ rock, undressed, and jumped in the waterhole. With all three of them naked, I saw each hard cock as they jumped in. That made me hornier than I already was just laying out naked sunbathing. more than I usually was on ‘my’ rock. And I wanted to touch them all. I didn’t care who they were or what would happen, I wanted their three cocks all to myself.”

My dick stood harder and longer as she began her story. Tina would constantly look at it as she told her tale, but she refrained from touching it. I noticed that her own hand had found its way down to her own sex and was playing in and around her lips and her clit. That gave me the silent OK to place my hand down and play with my shaven balls. I wasn’t ready to actually touch myself yet, but it was close.

“The three boys swam around me and introduced themselves. They were in the same local college as me but one year ahead. The conversation was boring, so I climbed out, up onto the rock and jumped back in. The three boys clearly saw my full nakedness now. My breasts, my full bush, my entire body was on display for the two seconds before I hit the water and went below the surface. The three boys then climbed out and began jumping off the rock, following my lead, time and time again. All four of us took turns as our sexual needs were simmering. Viewing those three hard cocks on every jump, my desire was beginning to burn inside. I had no hesitation being around them naked, just the opposite, it made me hornier than normal.”

“When the four of us finally tired of swimming, we ended up sitting together right here on the rock, right here where you and I are right now. I remember the guys being as hard as you are. They were as desperate to do something sexual as I was. As I’m sure you are, as well. They wanted to fuck me as much as you do right now. I was losing my patience to keep my hands to myself.”

Tina was right, my own desire was barely controlled. My hand was all over my balls and wanting to move up the shaft. Her hand was beginning to explore her hole which was driving me crazy watching.

“All three of the guys were visibly excited while my own excitement was cloaked by the water dripping down my wet body. The conversation was silly and playful, meanwhile I couldn’t take my eyes off all three of their stiff members in front of me. It made me so fucking hot! I couldn’t hold back any longer as I asked if any of the guys wanted me to suck their dicks. Of course, they all said yes. The tallest of the three moved towards me and put his member in my face. It looked to be almost six inches long up close as my desire overtook me. I took that first cock into my mouth and slowly started sucking. I tried keeping my eyes on the other two as they began touching themselves. They were both watching their friend get a blowjob by this strange sex-crazed girl. It was sexier than anything I had ever experienced. One cock in my mouth and two more waiting their turns. The two guys were touching and pumping themselves in front of me. I sped up my sucking in order to match the two pumping fists of the two other guys. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, but I did my best to keep my mouth and head moving.”

My own hand was speeding up as she revealed her story. I envisioned it all clearly. I wanted to jump up and throw my own dick down her throat as that first guy was busy doing in her story. I wanted her to watch me pump my own cock as I watched her deep throat another man. But I didn’t reveal my own desires to her just yet. She still had more to tell.

“It was a surprise to me when I heard the man in my mouth give a grunt before I was suddenly flooded with hot cum. I was so focused on watching the other two guys that I never heard the guy in my mouth warn me of his oncoming orgasm. It was too much to swallow at once. His load was amazingly large. The overflow came out the side of my mouth, dripping down onto my breasts. I’m sure it looked hot to the others because one of them exploded at the same time. He filled his own hand with his white-hot load. It landed in his pubic hair and on his lower belly right before he fell backwards from exhaustion.”

I wanted to explode myself, right then, but I knew the story wasn’t over yet. I needed to hear the rest, she wanted me to hear the rest, so I slowed my pumping.

“Now there was only one guy left that needed to finish, besides myself. I bluntly asked that last man if he wanted to fuck me, which got a round of enthusiastic “Yes”es from all three of them. The first two that had already finished were cheering on their friend. They wanted to see him fuck me, this woman they found in the woods. In my mind, I wanted all three of them to fuck me, beginning with this first one, but not ending with this first one. I wanted each of their seeds, somewhere, anywhere, in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, anywhere. I didn’t care where, just as long as all three of them gave it to me. I was hotter than I had ever been before…, or since.”

As Tina continued her story and explained how she laid down flat waiting for that first guy, her finger was inserted deep in her pussy. I was personally wishing I could see it all live. I wanted to watch her story come to life. I wanted to watch her take three cocks at one time. I wanted to hear the rest of the story, all of it, everything those boys did to her that day, on this very rock. Did she realize what this story was doing to me?

“The rock was warm on my back and ass as I laid back waiting for the first of those three cocks. The only guy not to cum yet stepped forward and knelt down between my open inviting legs. As the tip of his eight-inch hard cock was at my entrance, he looked down on me, in my eyes, and caringly asked if I was sure about this, that I genuinely wanted this. His kind demeanor hit a nerve in me. My heart fluttered for a moment. If I stopped right then, it would have changed my life, I know that now. I later met him again and knew we liked each other and could have been more if not for the memory of that day. Instead, my need to be fucked kicked in. I reached down, grabbed his cock, and pulled it into me.”

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