Relative Changes

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Big Cock

(Inspired by Suzy)

Synchronicity I think it’s called. When a bunch of unrelated coincidences are timed in such a way as to make one large event significant. The first small coincidence for me happened in lit class. We were studying the story of Jekyll and Hyde and how the chemicals consumed by the quiet, decent man changed him into a monster. This rang bells with a piece of work I was doing for my theology paper about redemption. My particular angle was showing that it is easier to make a good man do bad things than it is for a sinner to repent his ways. I believed that to be true. The next link in the chain happened when I was sitting in a café later that same week. I overheard a conversation between two women about their sex lives. One of them remarked that since her husband had been taking viagra pills he was like a sex-starved, sadistic beast who couldn’t be sated. She told her friend that prior to the medication he had been disinterested in the physical side of their relationship. But these days, saying no to him wasn’t an option. It just seemed that everywhere I went there were tales that seemed to support my argument. I thought it would be a nice trick if I could somehow prove the theory in some small, personal way.

Fate played its next card the following day on the campus. I was walking between lessons when I overheard a guy telling his buddy how those little blue love-pills had kept him going all night long with his girlfriend, and that three of the little devils were well worth the ten dollars that he had paid to the local dealer. Then, almost immediately, I received a text message from Mom telling me that Grandfather had just called her to say how much he was looking forward to seeing me next week. I go up to his place in the back-of-beyond about three times a year, for a week at a stretch, in order to get some peace and quiet during revision times. It was at that very moment that the idea came to me like a thunderbolt out of the blue. As crazy as it sounds now, at the time I thought it would be perfect. If I could secretly administer some viagra pills to Grandfather and, as a result, cause him to make a simple, yet obvious, pass at me, that would surely prove my argument. Grandfather is the most gentle man on earth who, I am certain, has never had a bad thought in his head. But with the two of us alone in his quiet retreat, I might just be able to get him to do something that he would never normally dream of doing in a million years.

The following day I drew 50 dollars out of my checking account and went to see the local dope dealer. He’s pretty well known on campus, but he’s tolerated mainly because most of the teaching staff also use his products. When I gave him the money and asked for fifteen viagra pills, he laughed loudly.

‘Hey, baby. What d’you need those for? You kin git any many man in the world hot enough just by smilin’ with those pretty lips, flashin’ those big baby blues or tossing that blonde hair at him.’

I thanked him for the compliment and blushed a little. I told him that they were for a party I was going to across country that might get pretty wild. As he handed the blue pills to me in a brown bag, he remarked how that sounded like something he’d like to go to himself. I thanked him for his interest but told him it was a closed affair between a bunch of old friends. He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly as we parted. As I drove home, it was with a mixture of excitement and fear. I couldn’t believe that my plan was actually being put into action.

I was still full of nervous energy when I set off for Grandfather’s early on Saturday morning. Since Grandmother had passed away two years’ ago, I was pretty much the only regular family contact he had. He didn’t like coming to the city, and others felt his place was too quiet; his nearest neighbour is two miles away. It was a long journey in my little black VW Golf. Even with my foot down on the pedal, it still took me until lunchtime to reach his place. He lived in a big, old, ramshackled house with about ten acres of land and its own stream. It was the perfect place to relax and revise for the forthcoming school examinations. Well, at least it would have been had I not been planning my little social experiment.

As I pulled the car up to his front door, Grandfather came running out of the house with a big smile on his face. His energy belied his age, he was almost seventy, and he was as big and strong as I had always remembered him. He put his long arms around me and gave me a bear hug.

‘Suzy, Suzy, I can’t tell you how good it is to see you again. How’s my favourite Granddaughter?’

I gave him a big kiss on his cheek and told him I was feeling great now that I was here.

Grandfather took my case from the car and ushered me into the big comfortable living room. I left my things in the hall and offered to make some lunch for us both. He said he’d take care of that as I’d had such a long drive. But I wanted to get him started on the viagra gaziantep escort immediately and insisted that he let me prepare things. I made a light salad and a pot of coffee. When I was sure that Grandfather was otherwise engaged, I crushed one of the blue pills and placed it in the bottom of his cup along with a spoonful of sugar. As we ate and talked about family news, I watched every time he took a sip of his drink, certain that at any moment he would say it tasted funny. But when he drained the cup without any comment, my elation was hard to keep under control. This was actually working. From now on, for the duration of my five-day stay, Grandfather was going to be getting a crushed tablet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After we had eaten, I went upstairs and unpacked my things in the guest bedroom. It was fantastic to look out of the window onto such a wide expanse of quiet, open countryside. I had a little nap and went back down to join Grandfather late in the afternoon, just as it was beginning to get dark. Within half an hour, he had closed all the curtains and locked us both up safely for the night. We had a simple dinner together, and when I made coffee I put another crushed love-pill into Grandfather’s cup.

By the time Sunday lunch was over, I had given him four viagra in all. I began to wonder what signs I would see that could indicate the effect they were having upon him, and when would they first manifest themselves? Of course, I could never tell anyone about my experiment, nor base any schoolwork upon it. But it would satisfy me, personally, to know that I had achieved my objective.

Around two in the afternoon, Grandfather got up from his favourite easy chair and quietly said he was going upstairs for a few minutes. He looked bent and round-shouldered as he crossed the room, not his usual upright gait. I was starting to get concerned that maybe the tablets were affecting him in some way. I’d heard that they can raise the blood pressure a bit and, well, he is an old man. He looked better when he came back down about ten minutes later, but disappeared again a little after three. I was really worried now and made up my mind to stop slipping him the pills; I didn’t want to kill him to prove my point. Grandfather spent another ten minutes upstairs around four-fifteen. The same pattern applied; he looked worn and haggard going up, but his old self coming back down.

When, at five-thirty, he announced for the fourth time that he would just be away for a few minutes, I decided that I should go and make sure he was okay. I mean he could be throwing up all over the place but didn’t like to complain. I slowly tiptoed upstairs, not wanting to disturb Grandfather if he was being sick. The door of his bedroom was open about a foot. I heard a low groaning from inside and I feared the worst. I began to panic. What if I killed him and they did an autopsy and found out that he had so much viagra in him? I’d be arrested and locked away for murder. Feeling really, really scared, I popped my head around the door. I was about to speak but the reflection of movement in the mirror stopped me. Grandfather had his back to me and had not noticed I was there. That was just as well, because the motion I had seen was his right hand moving up and down the impressively long, thick shaft of his cock. So that’s why he had been coming up here for ten minutes every hour or so. The pills were making him so horny that he had had to masturbate four times in a single afternoon. Obviously, his hunched disposition as he had been rising from his chair had been an effort to hide his erection from his granddaughter. Apart from porn movies, I had never actually seen a man jerk-off, and I was mesmerised. I stepped back into the hallway far enough to be out of Grandfather’s line of vision, but still close enough to see him in the mirror. His right hand pumped away like a blur for over five minutes until, very suddenly, a stream of white liquid shot up about a foot in the air and landed on his chest. I stayed to watch him squeeze out every last drop of semen before sneaking back downstairs.

When Grandfather returned, smiling, I looked up and returned the affection. Now that I knew he wasn’t ill, I decided to press ahead with my plan. As we both sat in front of the TV, my mind began to wander. I had confirmed that the viagra was working, but would that be enough for Grandfather to make a pass at me? I mean, he could just spend the whole week going upstairs every hour to relieve himself. Should I be doing something to encourage him to come after me? I looked down at myself. Sweat pants and long-sleeved T-shirt; hardly erotic by anyone’s standards. Damn, why hadn’t I brought some of my nice, sexy dresses and skirts with me. There must be something in my suitcase I could wear that might get him interested. I mean, it’s not really cheating, making myself more attractive. It’s just helping things move along, that’s all. Anyway, I told Grandfather that I was going eskort gaziantep to take a shower and change and that I’d be down in about an hour to cook dinner.

As soon as I’d dried off, I looked into the wardrobe where I’d hung my clothes to see if I had anything that might catch Grandfather’s eye. I had an old pair of jeans that might come in handy and a tight white T-shirt. I found a pair of scissors in one of the drawers and set about hacking both items of clothing. The jeans were really tight on me and I cut them off as high up the leg as possible. When I put them on, I left the top button undone just for added sleaze effect. Then I put on the T-shirt and cut it just underneath my largish breasts in such a fashion that, as they jutted out, so did the thin, white material, meaning that if Grandfather was below me he would be able to see the underside of my melons. It was a pity that I only had sneakers to wear though. Then I had a thought. I wondered if any of Grandmother’s shoes were still around? I sneaked into Grandfather’s room and looked into the wardrobes. Sure enough, along with all of her other personal things, there were about a dozen pairs gathering dust. Grandmother had been a size smaller than I, but I could put up with that providing I got the result I wanted. Right at the very back was just what I had been looking for; a pair of really high white pumps. I ran back into my room, gave them a dust-off and went over to the long mirror to see what I looked like. Wow, I thought, what a trashy tramp. I am quite petite, but those four-inch high heels certainly made my legs look a lot longer and slimmer. I couldn’t wait to see what impact my outfit had on Grandfather.

I walked down the stairs deliberately slowly and hoped I’d attract his attention with the noise of my heels on the wooden staircase. Grandfather looked up expecting to see the same casually dressed girl that I normally am. When he saw what I had become, his stare was not that of a loving family member, but more that of a dirty old letch. I pretended not to notice how he was looking at me, and just mentioned that I was going to cook dinner. But I could feel the heat of his gaze on my tight little ass cheeks as I wriggled into the kitchen.

It wasn’t long before he came in to see how I was getting on, which was unusual in itself; normally I don’t see Grandfather at all while I’m cooking. After a few minutes of silence, I turned my head around from the food I was preparing to acknowledge his presence. He was slightly stooped again and had one hand conspicuously in his trouser pocket. I had turned quickly enough to realise that he had been staring at my body for the last couple of minutes, and that thought alone made me very excited indeed. Grandfather walked slowly over and stood right behind me. Even in these heels I could feel him towering over me. He asked how I was getting on, and I said fine. Then he leaned over my shoulder to see what I was doing. At that point I was just cutting up some vegetables for a stew. As his right hand came around to pick up a piece of raw carrot, I felt his left on my bare waist. I was so nervous and excited that the knife I was holding started to tremble in my hand and I had to press myself against the worktop to keep my balance. I don’t know if Grandfather noticed my reaction, but if he did, it may have given him some encouragement, because he then pressed himself against me and I swear I could feel his hard cock digging into the small of my back. But then, just as his gnarled old hand started to move slowly around to the front of my jeans and the open top-button, the phone rang. It was like an alarm call to him. He shook his head, as if what he had been doing was all a dream and went to answer it.

The rest of the evening was pure frustration. I had plenty of flesh on display and flaunted myself at him at every opportunity, even making sure that when I crossed my legs, my dangling high heel rubbed against his shins. I took hope in the fact that he hadn’t been upstairs to flog-the-log since before dinner and that he was, perhaps, saving it all up for me later on. But it was all in vain, for at eleven o’clock, Grandfather said he was a bit tired and went to bed.

I could hardly sleep that night because of the disappointment in my failure to entice my goodly Grandfather into wickedness. I could hardly claim that his brief fondling of my bare midriff counted as making a pass at his granddaughter, although it’s fair to say that it would have made me feel uncomfortable at any other time. No, if I wanted to prove my theory correct, then I would just have to increase my efforts the next day.

At about ten on the Monday morning, after I had administered the first of that day’s love-pills to Grandfather in the usual manner, I drove the ten miles or so to the nearest town. I thought that if I could get a sexy video for that evening, it might be the straw that brakes the camel’s back. With all that stimulation gaziantep esmer escort running through his veins, it was surely only a matter of time before he had to make a move on me.

The problem was that the town was so small that the one and only video store only stocked major movies and not the kind of soft porn films that I was hoping to get. Just as I was on the way out, trying to think of a new angle for my seduction, I spotted the cover of a video that might just do the trick. The film was ‘The Accused’, and in it the character played by Jodie Foster gets gang raped in the back of a tavern. I remembered that the scene was quite explicit and lasted a good ten to fifteen minutes. To make things even better, many people have commented that I bear a resemblance to Jodie Foster, which might help to trigger some subconscious thoughts in Grandfather’s head as he watched the film. I could just make out the actress’s outfit in one of the small promotional shots on the back cover, and set about trying to find something similar in the few fashion stores that were in the small shopping mall.

I had brought some ready meals back with me, as I wanted to get dinner over with and get down to watching the movie as quickly as possible. I had been really lucky in town and had managed to buy a tight fitting, light blue top with thin shoulder straps, and a really short denim mini skirt just like Jodie wore in the film. A pair of black high heels of Grandmother’s, some shiny lip-gloss and a change of hairstyle, and even I thought that I looked like that famous actress.

I received some more admiring looks from Grandfather when he saw me and, I thought, he was more brazen than he had been the night previous, not bothering to avert his gaze when I looked at him. I wanted to give myself the best possible chance that night, so I gave Grandfather a double helping of viagra in his coffee.

With just a small light on in the living room, Grandfather settled down in his easy chair while I sat opposite him on the couch, and he started the video. I made use of my very short skirt by giving him good views of my long thighs as I crossed my legs frequently. Then, just at the moment when she starts to dance in the bar, I let one strap of my top fall enticingly off my shoulder, just like Jodie. I was now very much aware that Grandfather was alternating his gaze between the TV and me, and I can’t tell you how excited and naughty I felt.

Just as Jodie gets lifted up onto the machine by the first rapist, who, as you can tell when you see the film, is out of control with lust, my own blood ran cold. Not because of the film’s content, which I am sad to say I found very erotic, but because of the words I heard coming from grandfather’s mouth:

‘Come and sit over here with me, Suzy.’ He said calmly.

‘Thanks Grandfather,’ I replied, ‘but I can see the TV just fine from here.’

My mouth was completely dry with the excitement I felt at hearing his words. Was he going to make a move for me at last?

Then, a few minutes later, as the retard redneck guy ploughed into little Jodie, Grandfather spoke again:

‘Suzy, I want you to come sit on my lap.’

If you’ve ever been in the position where somebody is lusting after you, particularly if that person shouldn’t be, you will be familiar with the equal sense of fear and excitement that I was feeling at that time. I wanted to be taken, yet at the same time I was afraid of the consequences.

As Jodie’s ordeal finished and she ran away from her violators, Grandfather stopped the tape. I asked him why he had done that. Grandfather said nothing. Then he began to rewind to the beginning of the rape scene. He pressed play at the point where Jodie starts to dance. Without any kind of a warning, Grandfather suddenly stood up. I asked him where he was going, but still he didn’t answer me. His face was impassive and stone like. The stoop he had adopted to hide his erections over the past few days was now gone. Grandfather stood tall, almost proud of the large obtrusion sticking out at the front of his pants.

Zombie-like, Grandfather walked over to the couch where I sat. His speed was deceptive. Even if I’d wanted to, I couldn’t have avoided his grasp. It was creepy the way he silently bent down, placed one arm behind my back, the other under my legs, and lifted me like I was a doll. He carried me slowly over to his easy chair, watching the film continually. As he sat down, I fell sideways into his lap. He used his right hand to move me around while his left was out of my sight under my legs. Soon I became aware that he was trying to position me on the stiff cock that was hiding in his pants. It took him a couple of minutes to manoeuvre me where he wanted, and I could feel the pressure of his hard male member rubbing against my panties. By then, Jodie was back with her first rapist. Grandfather began to caress my bare legs as he watched the violence on the screen. His lips were drawn cruelly across his face in a manner I had never seen before, as he moved his groin slowly up and down against my ever increasingly wet pussy.

‘What this girl doesn’t understand,’ he began suddenly, ‘is that men have uncontrollable urges. Looking like she does, short skirt, loose shoulder straps, high heels, she’s asking for it.’

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