Reformation Ch. 06

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Chapter Six: Veronica

That next morning Veronica smacked the alarm into silence and groaned as she regretted getting up. Slowly she pulled her weary body up and sat on the edge of the bed. She stretched for a moment before getting up out of bed. She shuffled towards the door and pulled on her bathrobe before exiting her bedroom. As she sleepily made her way towards the bathroom and the shower she wanted, something caught her eye.

Glancing into the kitchen as she passed it by, her stomach grumbled, and she remembered the bedtime snack she never got. Then the events of the night before came rushing back to her, the sights and sounds of Owen dominating and having sex with his mother and sister. Veronica’s knees weakened slightly as the images of the night before flashed across her mind. Her excitement rose as the knowledge that she was not alone came back to her, as well as the possibility that someone may be able to help her make her deviant dream come true: dominate her own mother.

Veronica made her way to the bathroom and started her usual routine to get ready for the day. By the time she came out of the shower, her mother was waiting to enter the shower. As usual she and her mother exchanged a tight hug and kiss, but this morning Veronica extended the kiss a second longer. Karen in her sleepy state did not protest, even though it seemed odd to her, nice but odd.

Over breakfast, Veronica kept stealing glances at each person around her and imagined the possibilities. Owen had her respect and admiration now for having accomplished what she had only dreamed of. She had to know his secrets and would do whatever she needed to in order to learn how he had dominated his own mother. Taryn and Rosina she saw in different lights that morning, for she had not only seen them nude but as Slaves having sex with their Master. As she looked at them she kept imagining them with their clothes off and her excitement continued to grow. As she looked at her mother, her lust kept whispering to her that soon her mother would be hers. Veronica wanted to pepper Owen, Taryn and Rosina with all manner of questions, out of wonder and a desire to understand, but knew she couldn’t do so in front of her mother.

Even on the bus-ride to college Veronica was not able to start the conversation with Owen that she wanted. Even though he was sitting in the seat beside him, the bus was too public a place to have so private a conversation. As they stepped off the bus and prepared to go their separate ways, not to see each other until they were back home, Veronica panicked. Veronica knew she had to say something now or she would loose her chance for another day.

“Owen?” Veronica said in a nervous manner as she lightly grasped Owen’s arm to stop him from walking away from her.

“Yeah?” Owen replied calmly as he stopped and turned to look at Veronica.

“I was wondering if you wanted to get together this afternoon for a quick drink before going home?” Veronica asked as she looked up into Owen’s dark blue eyes with a pleading look.

In the brief moment that Owen pondered her request, Veronica’s insides started to flip. Since she knew what she knew about him she could see his confident manner and the air of power that surrounded him. Her admiration of him for what he had accomplished, along with his natural good looks and that big, fat cock she knew he possessed made Veronica start to swoon. She quickly got a hold of herself before her emotions got out of control but clearly she remained mindful and respectful of his power. Veronica respected him and viewed him as someone she wanted to learn from.

“Sure, why?” Owen asked with a slightly puzzled manner.

“Well, we never seem to get the chance to talk and, since you are living in my house I thought we should get to know one another?” Veronica replied in an equally nervous manner, hopeful that he would say yes.

“Sure, my last class today is four, I’ll see you at the campus pub shortly after that,” Owen said calmly as he shrugged his shoulders and started to walk away.

“Great! My last class it at three-thirty, I’ll be there before you, just look for me when you get there!” Veronica replied in an eager manner and saw Owen turn, nod and wave his understanding.

* * *

It was four-o-six when Veronica looked at her watch that afternoon, and then glanced at the door to the pub. She was seated in the booth in the furthest corner of the pub, in a spot where people rarely sat. The reason nobody sat here was because of a noisy exhaust fan for the kitchen which was just on the other side of the wall. The noise from the fan made it harder to carry on a conversation, but today that noise, along with the seclusion of the booth, made it perfect for the conversation Veronica wanted to have with Owen. She was nervous and eager to get this talk started and kept glancing at the door to the pub as she sipped her beer.

It was about ten minutes later when Owen finally arrive at the pub. He paused for a moment at the door and looked around the pub before finally Onwin spotting Veronica sitting at the distant booth. He smiled and waved at Veronica before he casually strode over to where Veronica was sitting. As Owen drew closer, Veronica’s nervousness grew ever higher. Silently she wondered if she could actually go through with this odd conversation. As Owen sat down, Veronica smiled nervously at him and it wasn’t until after Owen had a beer in hand that Veronica gathered up her courage and started the talk she needed to have.

“So, now that we’re here, why don’t we get more acquainted? Tell me about yourself, Veronica?” Owen said with a friendly tone as he took a sip of his beer.

“I have a confession to make, Owen, while I do want to get to know you, that’s not why I called you here. I actually want to talk to you about something,” Veronica said in an embarrassed tone as she looked down at the table.

“I see, what did you want to talk about?” Owen asked with the raised eyebrow of his curious mood.

“I first want to say that I didn’t plan it, nor am I mad, upset, or judgemental about it,” Veronica stated in a nervous, yet definite manner as she looked Owen in the eye before looking down and taking a shaky breath.

“Okay,” Owen said with a puzzled look and an expression that silently encouraged Veronica to go on.

“I was hungry last night after I went to bed so I went to the kitchen to get a snack,” Veronica said and then paused to take a breath and steady her nerves before continuing. “I overheard and saw you with Taryn and Rosina . . . or should I say ‘Red’ and ‘Cat’,” Veronica said with a shaky voice before she watched Owen intently to read his reaction.

“I . . . I . . . don’t know what you’re talking about,” Owen replied in an angry yet dismissive tone of voice that was unconvincing.

“I know what I saw!” Veronica asserted forcefully. “I didn’t plan to see it, but I saw you having sex with your mother and sister last night. Not only that but it was clear that you are their Master and they are your Slaves!” she added just as strenuously.

“Even IF there was anything going on, and I’m not saying there is, what happens in my family is no business of yours!” Owen snorted as he took an angry swig of his beer.

“I agree! I’m not here to judge you, I’m not mad and I’m not upset! I just want to talk to you about the unique nature of your family,” Veronica replied with a firm yet imploring tone to her voice.

“What?” Owen replied with a puzzled yet cautiously optimistic tone to his voice.

“Yes, that’s right, I just want to talk to you, to understand your family. Can we start by your admitting that I’m right?” Veronica asked with a warm tone of voice.

“Okay, sure, you’re right, about all of it.” Owen admitted with a sigh. “Now you tell me, why do you want to know?” Owen asked with an insistent tone to his otherwise pleasant voice.

“Shortly after I hit puberty I realized two things. The first is that I prefer women, but still like men, and the other is that I wanted to own my mother. Yes, like you, I want to dominate my mother, but unlike you I have not had the courage or opportunity to make my dream a reality. Please tell me how it happened? How did you make your mother your Slave?” Veronica said, starting out in an embarrassed tone but slowly working up to a tone of wonder as she looked at Owen, with big, hopeful eyes.

Owen chuckled before he started to tell Veronica the tale of how it all happened. He told her of the fateful birthday outing with his mother four years earlier, up to and including his time at Heather’s and his return the night before. Veronica listened with rapt attention to the tale of the man she looked up to and admired for actually achieving what she had wanted to accomplish and surpassing it.

“Wow, all I can say is wow! Your story is amazing!” Veronica said with an astounded tone as she looked at Owen with new-found reverence.

“Amazing, but true,” Owen said with a superior smile and chuckle.

“Oh, I don’t doubt you, not from what I saw!” Veronica replied defensively.

“Now that you know all this and you know that you’re not alone in desiring your mother, what do you want from me?” Owen asked with a shrug of his shoulders, not letting on that he knew what she wanted.

“I want your help. I want you to help me seduce and dominate my mother,” Veronica said with an embarrassed and lowered tone of voice as she looked down.

“I’m not sure you’re ready,” Owen said with a shrewd look as he examined Veronica.

“I’m MORE than ready!” Veronica forcefully asserted. “I’ve wanted this for so long, I am ready to do whatever it takes to make this happen! With or without you!” Veronica huffed in disgust and started to get out of the booth.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you, I just said that you weren’t ready . . . yet,” Owen replied just as forcefully.

“Yet?” Veronica asked with a hopeful tone of voice as she slowly sat back down in the booth.

“Yes, yet. It takes a certain mindset and understanding to be a proper Master or Mistress. I will teach you what you need to know and when the time is right, and if Karen seems receptive, I will help you make her yours,” Owen said with a calm yet firm tone of voice.

“If she’s receptive?” Veronica asked with trepidation in her voice.

“Yes, she may indeed be a submissive and in that case we can try to get her to submit to you, but if she is not a submissive or if she can’t handle having a relationship with her own daughter, you will have to let it drop. If you force things and she is not receptive, you could permanently damage your relationship with your mother . . . I was very lucky,” Owen said with a calm yet firm tone of voice.

“I see,” Veronica said with a saddened tone of voice.

“We will start with your training and see how it goes. Are you willing to be trained by me?” Owen said with a leading tone of voice as he looked at Veronica with a discerning tone of voice.

“Yes, I would like that,” Veronica replied with a pleased tone of voice and smile on her face.

“If we do this you must understand that I will be your teacher and you must listen and obey me. What I say goes and I will not tolerate arguing or disrespect, but I encourage questions,” Owen explained in a commanding and unambiguous tone of voice.

“Let’s get something straight, I’m not like your mother and sister! I am not the type of woman who will grovel at your feet! I am just like you, I want to dominate my mother, not have her dominate me. The last thing I am going to do is kiss your ass!” Veronica snapped in a disgusted tone of voice.

“You’re a Dominant, I get it. This may be hard for you, but you need to see me in the light of a teacher and you are my student; that’s all. You need to learn how to be a Mistress and to do that you need to differ to me as a student does to a teacher. Can you do that? Can you be my student?” Owen explained in the firm and unfettered tone of voice.

“Okay, but I’m not calling you ‘Master’!” Veronica replied agreeably but ended in a chuckle.

“No, ‘Moe’ will do,” Owen replied with a confident tone of voice while wearing a smirk on his face.

“Moe? Why Moe?” Veronica asked curiously.

“It is simply a name you may use to show me proper respect,” Owen replied firmly, with an expression that he expected not to be questioned.

“When do we start, Moe?” Veronica replied with a frustrated sigh as she looked at Owen with a sideways smile and unimpressed look.

“Tonight after your mother has gone to bed, come see me in the living room,” Owen said with a commanding tone of voice as he sipped his beer.

“Yes, Moe, I’ll be there,” Veronica replied pleasantly, while still having trouble saying the word “Moe.” * * *

“Good night, Mom,” Veronica said as she hugged and kissed her mother goodnight.

“Goodnight, Ronnie,” Karen said before releasing Veronica from the embrace and entering her room.

Veronica walked into her room and waited with baited breath for half an hour, waiting for her mother to go to sleep. She wanted to walk into the living room earlier, but knew it would be best to wait to see if her mother got up to go to the bathroom, as she sometimes did. After half an hour had passed and Veronica was sure that her mother was down for the night she left her room and walked quietly into the living room.

When Veronica got there she saw Owen, Taryn and Rosina up and still dressed, sitting on the couch and chatting amongst themselves. When she entered the room they looked up at her and smiled warmly at her and beckoned her over to them warmly.

“Hello, Moe, Taryn, or should I call you Red . . . or Mistress Red?” Veronica said in an attempt at a warm greeting but her nervousness dominated her voice until she stammered to silence.

“Hello, Veronica, I hope you don’t mind but I have already brought Red and Cat up to date on what we discussed this afternoon. They not only know that you know about us but they also know about your desire to dominate your mother, and my offer to train you. I thought it would speed things up,” Owen said in a calm and confident manner as he relaxed between Taryn and Rosina.

“Oh, I see, that makes sense,” Veronica said with a nervous smile as she sat down in the vacant comfy chair. “But what do I call all of you?” she asked curiously.

“Please, allow me, Master,” Taryn said to Owen and paused until he nodded his approval before continuing. “Since you know about us, we will be ourselves when just you are around. In those cases you will address us by our ‘Slave names’ so as to give each person the respect they are due. You can use these names when we are in public together, as outsiders will simply think that they are nicknames. I am ‘Mistress Red’ because I am Master’s highest Slave and I have authority over all his other Slaves, to see that his will is done even when he is not around. In public however you may call me simply ‘Red’. Rosina is Cat, and you will address Master as ‘Moe’. When your mother or other outsiders are around we will function like a normal family and use our given names. You must remember though, at all times Master is in charge,” Taryn explained in a calm and almost lecturing fashion.

“I see,” Veronica replied in an understanding tone and nodded her agreement. “Now about my mother, how can you help me get her?” Veronica added in a hopeful tone of voice.

“Well, it’s not as simple as sneaking into her room and jumping her,” Owen said sarcastically and chuckled.

“It worked for you!” Veronica retorted indignantly.

“We got very lucky! Master didn’t know he was a dominant and I didn’t understand that I was a submissive. We were drunk and lonely and it all came pouring out in one very odd evening after a lot of alcohol. For us it worked out only because I was receptive to his advances, even though I didn’t understand it at the time.” Taryn explained in a stern and lecturing manner.

“What do you want me to do, sit my mother down and say ‘hey mom how about I make you my bitch, now get over here and eat my pussy!’ is that what you want me to do? She’ll freak!” Veronica retorted defensively as she shook her head.

“That is one way to go and a talking it out worked for me, but only because my own desires to be dominated had been stirred up in me and submitting to Master was really the only option,” Rosina explained in a calm and friendly manner.

“So for one of you, a direct confrontation worked but for the other talking it out worked. What do you think will work for my mother and me?” Veronica asked curiously as she leaned in slightly.

“The key to everything is to somehow find out if Karen is a submissive, and if she would possibly be receptive to your advances. Like I said before, this could work out great, like it has for us, or it could blow up in your face and she may never talk to you again,” Owen said in a sage manner.

“How do we find out? What do we do?” Veronica asked in an eager manner, hoping to find out something useful.

“That is not our main concern right now, first we must train you so that you will be ready to be a good Mistress. Remember, you are a dominant who needs to dominate. Even if your dream to dominate your mother does not pan out, you can still find some other woman to dominate,” Owen said in a lecturing manner as he looked at Veronica to gauge her reaction.

“I . . . I never thought of it like that. I had always been so focused on my mother to even consider others,” Veronica said with a relieved smile on her face.

“Things will work out one way or another, trust me. But for now, we must get to your training,” Owen said with a warm smile to Veronica who nodded her approval in reply.

What followed was almost two weeks of nightly training sessions, after Karen had gone to bed. The sessions were mostly the four people talking and discussing the lifestyle. Sometimes it involved acting out or demonstrating certain actions or procedures but never was anyone nude or did any sex take place. Veronica was stubborn and it took time for some of what Owen was trying to teach her to sink in. She had to let go of her original preconceptions of what a Dominant / Submissive relationship was all about. Owen was determined to train her in his style of dominating: a caring, nurturing style rather based on love rather than an oppressive style based on pain and objectification. By the end of two weeks Veronica had made some remarkable progress and was ready to assume her role as a Mistress to a Slave.

The other thing that happened during those two weeks was that Taryn chatted Karen up when they had a moment here and there. Taryn was trying to find out about Karen’s previous relationships and the men she liked, what she looked for in a man. Taryn was looking for clues to determine if Karen was a submissive or not. Taryn dropped a few hints about messing about a little bit, just to see if Karen was interested but she nervously turned Taryn down. Taryn took that as a positive sign, that she was interested but not able to admit it just yet.

Still, by the end of the two weeks it was not clear if Karen was really a submissive and truly desired women, let alone Veronica. While it looked promising, Owen felt there was not enough to allow Veronica to make a try for her mother. After some discussion a plan was devised to find out one way or another and if things were favourable, make a move on Karen all in one night. It was chosen that the plan would be enacted on the following Saturday night, after a busy day at the spa.

* * *

It was after the Spa had closed when Rosina had walked into the apartment portion of the spa with the armload of porn movies. Owen had gone out for the night to a local bar to meet some friends to allow the ladies to have a “girls night in.” Karen had thought that they were just going to watch some normal movies and enjoy some time together. The special juice punch, that Taryn and Veronica had made, was spiked with alcohol, but not enough for you to taste it. By the time the first porn movie started playing, Karen was already on her third glass and staring to feel no pain.

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