Reconnecting Ch. 03

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Staring into my mug of mocha, everything in me said, “NO! No way!” This meeting with JD had far overtaxed my reserves of nerve as it was. The number of men I had anywhere near the degree of comfort with in the bedroom was exactly zero. Never felt near the level of attraction to any other man either, which for the most part disturbed me, as outside the bedroom or playroom my enjoyment of JD’s company dropped dramatically.

My thoughts were disturbed when JD moved his chair to sit very close to me and let his hand slowly find its way from my knee, to my thigh, then scoot right under the loose pant leg of my cut off sweats, to my pussy. As his fingers made little circles around the folds of my pussy, he said quietly, “I hear that “no” in your head, but I feel something else down here.”

I leaned back in my chair and let myself enjoy his fingers for the moment. He was right, the fuckhead. Then after a moment to ponder it, I realized he was wrong too. I’d give him shy and scared, but there was also attraction. Given an hour to spend, I’d rather it were alone with JD, than with some guy we had no idea about.

I turned on my seat to put one of my legs over his and grant him better access to my entrance. As he began exploring more aggressively, I said, “You always seem to want to push me out of my comfort zone.”

He grinned and replied by sliding a finger into me.

“Not tonight. I just want you now. But we can talk with him, see what kind of vibes we get.”

Sliding another finger in me, and rubbing my clit with his thumb, he leaned in to kiss me. Every move he made felt so hot and familiar, like the time apart hadn’t changed anything. Though whether that was a good or bad thing was still a mystery to me.

JD pulled his fingers out of me, dipped them in the whipped cream on his mocha, then sucked them clean. I shook my head and told him, “gross”, but felt a jolt of excitement in my crotch from his actions. Grabbing my mug, I added, “Let’s not get these mixed up.”

Looking up, I saw the man slowly sauntering along the walkway across the quad area. He may have just been out for some air, or might have been trying to find a way to check us out. It was hard to make out many of his features because of the distance and the lighting. I could tell his was tall, of course, looked to have a bit of a belly, wore a baseball cap and painter’s pants. I took a sip of my drink and turned to JD, “What if he’s hotter than you?”

Leaning back in his chair, a trace of whipped cream on his upper lip, he replied, “Then maybe I’ll have to sleep with him instead.”

I stood a bit, moved forward and licked the bit of cream off his lip, them asked, “Why do you say that?”

“So you don’t sleep with someone hotter than me,” he answered.

I shook my head. “Wouldn’t you just tell him to go away? Or do you do guys now?”

“Nope, no guys. In fact, I’m not at all sure about seeing someone else’s dick all close up and all.”

Glancing out the window, I saw the man had stopped in the corner to lean against the railing and look out across the parking lots. I looked back to JD. “So even you have some reservations about this?”

He laughed. “Of course, RT. For me and especially you.”

I shrugged my shoulders. He always seemed so fearless. Always the one to get us into trouble, dare me to do things I shouldn’t have.

JD leaned in and put his hand on my knee. “I’m not a total wild man, RT.” He paused and looked up the ceiling for a moment. “Well, except when I am…but that is less and less. I think it is a lot because you will go there with me.”

“So do you think we’re just each other’s mid-life crisis?” I asked.

He Sakarya Escort laughed. “I dunno. I’m just glad as hell to see you and I want to move ahead and not do all the listing of life events shit.”

I smiled and looked into his eyes, so damn lost to their joviality and just JD-ness: ornery, present, playful, honest. Staring at him, I was eager to hit to sheets with him again. As I reached to take his hand though, we heard steps approaching and both looked over.

Mystery man was on our side of the quad, near our window, strolling along slowly. I moved in my chair, pulling the leg of my shorts back down, wondering if I should run to change my shirt. As I looked down, JD seemed to catch on and shook his head and smiled. “Okay,” I said.

“So what do you think of my mocha anyway?” I asked, thinking we ought to say something.

“It’s great. I’ll take anything chocolate. I’m like a girl that way. How come you didn’t bring me a heart shaped box with all kinds of little cute chocolates in it?”

“Maybe I did,” I replied.

We both turned when we heard a voice from outside say, “That sure smells better than the coffee in my room.”

JD stood and walked to the door and stuck his hand out, “Hey man, yeah, I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot better.”

The man shook his hand. “I’m Wade, nice to meet you.”

“I’m JD and,” waving his hand over towards me, added, “This is RT, my personal barista.”

I had turned in my chair, and hiding my chest behind it, reached out to shake Wade’s hand, “Hi Wade, nice night for a stroll, eh?”

Returning my shake, he said, “Very. I was going a little stir crazy in my room, been stuck in town for three days already…business trip, you know.”

“Well we can’t have that buddy,” JD began. “RT, any chance we could share some coffee with Wade?”

“Not a problem,” I replied, and got up to get him a cup.

“Wade?” JD asked, “Join us for a bit? It’s not so bad in here with everything opened up.”

“Sounds great, thank you.”

Wade made his way around the table and took the seat in the corner. JD sat back in the middle and immediately started gabbing away with Wade as if he’d known him for years. I never could understand the way he had with people like that. Made it easy though sometimes, just letting him talk and only having to pipe in here and there. I was otherwise pretty pathetic with small talk in social situations. Put me on a sinking ship, and I’d take charge, get shit together, and save everyone. Ask me to talk to a stranger in an elevator and I generally later have to visit a doctor to have my foot removed from my mouth.

When I took a mocha over to Wade, I was incredibly self-conscious about my threadbare white shirt and tits on display. I sort of leaned over JD’s shoulder to half hide myself. Once I sat back down however, it was total boob display for the stranger.

JD and Wade were talking NASCAR. I knew nothing about it so used the time to catch glimpses of Wade. His brown hair was short, but full and wavy. Bearing a three day or so beard stubble with sharp features and grey eyes, he definitely passed for ruggedly handsome. He wore a light blue Henley shirt and his hands, cupped around his coffee mug, wore no rings. As he spoke to JD, his voice sounded very friendly and animated. He seemed genuinely glad for some company.

“RT?” I heard JD say as he tapped my knee.


“I just asked you about your rental car,” he repeated, shooting me a knowing look, well aware I’d been sizing up Wade.

“Sorry,” I looked at Wade. “I tend to space it when he goes off about NASCAR… I’m here with my own wheels. I have Sakarya Escort Bayan a mobile office these days, more or less.”

JD looked at me and tilted his head, obviously curious about that. For a long time part of the reason we’d been apart was distance.

Glancing at JD’s expression, Wade replied, “I was just telling JD that pretty much the only part I like about business trips is getting to rent a cool car.”

“Ah,” I said nodding, and looking him in the eyes said, “And what about the people?” It must have been the influence of JD’s hand rubbing my leg under the table, but I ended my question by leaning forward slightly in my chair and pulling down on my T-shirt. The effect worked, and I saw Wade’s eyes get pulled down to my chest.

JD did not miss the move either, and after smiling at me, his eyes shining with dirty mischievousness, he turned to Wade and asked, “I hope we haven’t been too disturbing.”

Wade looked over at JD and studied him for a few seconds, then he leaned forward in his chair, arms on the table, and gazed at my chest. Wetting his lips, his said quietly, “Yes, disturbing, but not at all in a bad way.”

Quite openly, JD leaned over to let his hand move from my thigh to my pussy and said, “So you saw my little streaker earlier?”

I closed my legs tightly and shot JD a look; he pulled his hand away and sat back in chair. Wade let out a chuckle, took a swig of coffee, then said, “Okay, what’s the game here you two?”

“He’s a very bad influence on me,” I replied, gesturing to JD.

“She’s a chicken without me,” JD retorted.

Wade looked from me to JD, then back to me. He paused, took a breath, then said, “I see. Okay. This is some damn good coffee, I thank you. And,” looking at my chest, continued, “a damn good view. Whatever dares, games, bets you two have going, count me in, if you’d like.”

I stared at Wade, so impressed with how chill he was about everything. He seemed like a rock, confident in himself, and maybe it because of JD’s presence, someone I could imagine spending some time naked with. Letting my eyes wander down a bit to gaze on his tanned leathery neck and dark brown heavy chest hairs visible between the space of three open buttons of his shirt, I wanted to reach over and pull his shirt off to see more.

I realized suddenly both men were watching me stare at Wade.

I shrugged in the silence, and looked from Wade to JD. JD remained expressionless and mute. I knew he was waiting to see what I would do, going to make me take the next step. I shifted in my seat slightly, turned my mug, then took a sip and put it down.

When I looked back up at Wade he was smiling.

I smiled back, still unsure of what to say, mostly just scared, victim to my recurrent shyness.

The silence was finally broken by Wade. Slowly, he moved his hands under his armpits, and then flapped his arms and squawked like a chicken, “Bawk, bawk, bawk.”

JD and I burst into laughter.

Embolden by the geniality of both men, I moved my chair close to JD, put a leg over his and said, “A little help?”

A surprised and happy expression on his face, he pushed his hand into the leg of my cut-off sweats and let his fingers begin to tease my pussy. The jolt of sexual heat, especially right in front of Wade, helped me finally say the words of what I really wanted, rather than shying away.

“So wade,” I said, looking at him as JD enticed my clit with his fingers. “Earlier, when JD got here and I greeted him…I’ve never done that before. Though, when I am with this guy,” I said gesturing over to JD, “It always seems we do something, well, new. Escort Sakarya And we both kinda really liked being distracting to you earlier, and sort of came up with an idea to do a little more.”

“You want me to watch?” Wade asked, his face blank.

“No, Wade wants to watch,” I said and after a pause, blurted, “He wants to watch me and…you.”

Wade remained expressionless and seemed to be considering the idea. He let his eyes drift down to my chest, then to JD’s arm, the end of which was obstructed from his vision by the table, but obviously rubbing my pussy. After what seemed like hours, Wade finally said, “It’s not just him though?”

I stared at him. He held my eyes. I realized what he meant. He wanted it to be my desire, not JD’s. And I knew what he wanted me to say, and if not for the magic of JD’s fingers stirring heat deep within me, I wouldn’t have been able to utter in reply, “I want to fuck you Wade.”

Wade and JD smiled broadly. I let out a breath of air, and felt free and devious, just like the old days with JD. I moved one hand to press JD’s more firmly against my pussy, then added, “Oh, and I want you to take off your shirt now.”

Without a word and his gaze steadfast on mine, Wade reached up and pulled his shirt over his head. “You say, you get, ma’am.” He smiled.

My eyes moved down his chest, very enticed by what they saw. His chest was broad with a heavy mat of hair, his belly stuck out some, but otherwise he looked toned and rugged. JD must have felt my pussy spasm slightly as I drank in the broad upper body of Wade.

Feeling suddenly drunk with lust and daring, I stood and walked around JD. Wade leaned back on his chair, and after drinking in the bulge in his crotch, I moved to sit on the table, my legs spread before him. Wade let out a groan, shook his head with a last measure of disbelief, then placed his hands on my knees, looking into my eyes.

“Hold that thought,” JD said, as he stood up. He quickly closed the door, and began closing the windows, while Wade and I sat, staring each other down.

My inhibitions were already mostly replaced by the intense heat I felt in my hard nipples and wet pussy. It was all I could do not to pull Wade’s face down into my crotch.

Things closed up, JD wiggled out of his pants to free up his erection, and sat over in a cushy chair at the end of the bed then called over, “I get to name the moves still?”

I smiled and watched Wade. He nodded. So I replied to JD, “Agreed.” Then after a moment, added, “But make it fast.”

“Okay, okay…” JD began, “Let me think for a second.”

Wade and I chuckled a bit, suddenly feeling a little awkward just waiting there. Wade kept his eyes on mine, though I knew he ached to let them move down. It made me think of the ache I had felt waiting for JD. An idea came to my mind. “Rule change,” I called out.

“Huh?” JD said.

“I want to add something to the deal.”

“Well, I guess, okay, what?” He allowed.

I turned from Wade to look at JD, and said, “You can’t touch your wiener until we’re done.” I heard Wade let out a laugh as JD’s mouth dropped open.

After a moment of stunned silence, JD composed himself, lifted his hand and replied, “Point of order.”

Wade and I laughed. “That’s the deal,” I reiterated to JD.

“But that’s just mean,” he protested.

“Mean would be letting this man down,” I said, pointing to Wade. “We promised him some action, we made that huge boner stuck in his pants.” I looked down at his crotch and said to Wade, “Nice by the way, wish I could touch it.”

Wade smiled and shrugged. “So do I.”

JD seemed to be lost in arguments with himself.

“You want an ice bucket?” Wade asked. I giggled.

“Okay, okay…damn you RT. Take off your shirt, lean back on your hands and put your legs over Wade’s shoulders and I’ll just sit here not touching my damn cock.”

They were words I’ve seldom been happier to oblige.

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