Rebekah’s Passion Ch. 01

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Hey all:

Obviously this is a fantasy, but it’s one I’ve had since I was in High School and even though I’m well past that era, every once in a while the idea of my aunt is just titillating. So before you post “It’s not realistic,” just remember, “realistic” is that we’re here reading and writing this shit instead of actually doing it. This is fantasy. Enjoy.


The warm summer breeze made the curtains across the cracked window flutter slightly as Rebekah tried to sleep. Usually these were her favorite nights; she was alone in a cool house, naked between the sheets with the warm gulf air slowly breezing in the window as she read a good book.

Tonight was different; her nephew had come to visit and they had had a wonderfully fun evening catching up as he passed through town. He had crashed on the sofa, but she was still wary of sleeping in the nude. Her robe was hung up on the back of her bedroom door, neatly on the hook it always hung on so she could go get the morning paper; in case he came wondering in looking for something she locked the door. She put on her relaxing music and pulled her tight jeans off over an ass that was tight and perky for her age.

As she began to wash her makeup off for the night she saw herself in the mirror and had all the familiar thoughts. Her breasts were a very nice size; they were big enough to flaunt but small enough that they weren’t saggy after kids. Her body was in great shape; with age she had some freckles dotting her skin, which was flaxen save for her arms and legs, which were a dark tan color from the south Texas sun. Her dark brown hair contrasted with her pink lips, and as she observed the hints of wrinkles around her face she took comfort in the fact that she had a set of perfect lips and a pretty smile.

As she removed her bra, she remembered she’d not set the alarm. She slipped a t-shirt on and her robe and raced out to the entryway where the alarm console was. Barefoot in the dark, even walking quickly she was almost silent gliding across the tile flooring.

As she passed her nephew on the sofa she heard a low moan. She stopped for a moment in the dark and perceived, more than saw, her nephew stroking his cock. As her eyes adjusted to the dark she was sure of what she saw; with his head facing the other way he was certain he was alone. Everyone else had retired hours ago.

He began to buck as he came, wiping his load discreetly on his dirty t-shirt and setting it aside before rolling over and going to sleep.

Rebekah stalked over to the alarm, gaziantep ofise gelen escort set it, and walked quickly back to her bedroom.

Her husband was out of town on business, as usual, and tomorrow was a Saturday. She had no plans, except to hang out at the coast with her nephew, her kids and some friends. She curled up with her music and book and began to read.

As the pages and minutes flew by, the story she was reading was entirely too gripping. The characters in this smut novel were caught up in a dangerous game of corporate espionage, but were passionately in love- or lust, rather- with each other despite being chased by hit men, PI’s, and other dangerous people. During one extremely erotic scene she began to discreetly finger herself, rubbing her clit to the idea of herself being the heroine, rubbing her stocking clad legs along the lips of a dangerous man.

The three glasses of wine she’d had were fueling her lustful masturbation, and finally got the better of her. She got up and put on her black stockings and red corset. She fixed her garter belt over a pair of crotchless lace panties, and put on her ruby red makeup. As she rubbed her mound veraciously she looked into the full length closet door mirror at herself. She was at the edge of orgasm, regretting her lack of “toys,” but cumming nonetheless.

She finished and yet felt completely unfulfilled by the orgasm. She needed a man inside her. As she passed out, her dreams were fueled by a lack of sleep, wine, and the burning images of her book. And, as she found out in her sleep, remembering her nephew’s masturbation.

In her dream she confronted him about it during the act… she grabbed his penis and stroked it as they talked… then he was on her, inside her, flipping her over into the dog position and railing her before kissing her shoulders softly and collapsing with her.

She woke up with a start. Noise was coming from the kitchen. Quickly changing and tossing her robe back on she went out to find everyone almost ready for their day. Her nephew, Kevin, had already fed the kids and they were in beach attire getting sunscreen on. She looked at him for a moment; he was young, not really a stud, but attractive even if a little skinny. She thought about her dream for a moment and realized she was staring.

“Aunt Bek, you alright?” Kevin asked.

“Oh, yes. I need my coffee,” she said absently.

The day was fun. They went to some boardwalks, rode some rides, and played gaziantep öğrenci escort in the warm, brown water for a while. Finally it was time to go home.

Betty, Rebakah’s best friend, asked if the kids could sleep over that night, which Rebekah agreed to. She needed the sleep.

She and Kevin went back to the house. Kevin went outside and played some guitar on the back porch while Rebekah wrapped up some bill paying online and grabbed some Brats to grill. She made a few sangrias and took one out to Kevin.

They chatted for a while, and he sang a few songs he’d been working on. All the while she kept thinking about her dream last night, and all through supper she tried to get the thought out of her mind. Finally, she was in bed after a half dozen sangrias and a bottle of wine with supper.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She tossed and turned, and finally got out of bed. She put on her stockings again, but this time there was nothing else on under her robe. She touched up her makeup and put on her heels, walking over to the living room. Kevin was already asleep, laying on his back on the sofa. He had left his shirt on tonight, so he hadn’t jacked off again.

She started to lift the blanket off of him. She paused. “Am I really doing this?” she asked herself. Her hands kept lifting the blanket. “I guess so,” she said as she left the blanket heaped on the floor and began to rub his crotch over his shorts.

Kevin moaned a little. As the bulge in his pants got bigger, he woke up with a start.

“Aunt Bekah!” he said, and then didn’t finish that thought for a moment. He looked up at her in shock, the light from the hallway casting an erotic light over parts of her face… notably her red lips, which reflected the light brilliantly off their supple surface.

“I’m going to make this very, very easy for you,” she said in her seductive south Texas accent. “Come to my room right now, and you’ll get some.” With one hand still rubbing his cock through his pants, she slipped the knot on her robe loose and let it fall open. Kevin’s eyes bulged through the sleep and wine, and he sat up. She grabbed his hand and led him to her room. She shut the door out of habit and as he turned around to face her she dropped the robe, revealing her thirty two year old body.

Kevin was shocked. He’d thought his aunt was a hot piece of ass since the day he’d met her, but shit had just got real. He had fucked some girls before but it was pretty basic, lustful shit oğuzeli escort typical of eighteen year olds. It was messy, fumbling, and quick.

His aunt was putting on an art show. This was totally different. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him back onto the bed. She pulled his shirt off and wriggled his pants slowly off his ankles. She kissed his chest and stomach slowly and deliberately. The more she kissed him, the harder he got until he was throbbing and drizzling precum. His dick touched her tits, and he thought he was going to cum right then and there.

Rebekah was ecstatic in her wine induced stupor. Here she had a hard cock in front of her. He wasn’t fighting her. In fact, he was enjoying it. She placed her lips around the tip of his cock and lightly licked the precum clean. Everything she did was light and soft until Kevin couldn’t take it anymore. He grasped her chin and pulled her face up to his, passionately kissing her perfect lips. Her legs wound around him and she grabbed his cock, sliding it into her waiting pussy.

He moaned as she gave way to his dick. She was so tight! Her ass worked up and down, thrusting her pussy down onto him while they tongue fucked each other’s mouths. He had one hand on her delicious ass and the other on her breast. With her lips locked on his he couldn’t talk, but he was about to come. Still she kissed and fucked him passionately until the sensation of her soft lips and tight pussy overcame him. He groaned, gutterally roaring like a wild beast. His hands went to her hips to pull her off but she pulled herself down on him as his hot load shot into her waiting pussy. She slowed down as he softened slightly, and finally she rolled off of him into bed.

Kevin had came and the lust wore off temporarily. “What have I just done?” He asked himself, looking at his panting aunt.

Rebekah hadn’t cum yet. She continued kissing Kevin’s neck as she rubbed her pussy on his leg, grinding softly but lustfully. Kevin panted heavily, but realized that his aunt was still in a bad way. He shoved his hands between his leg and her love slit and began to rub her clit. She moaned as two of his fingers slid inside her pussy and pressed her g spot as his thumb rotated on her clitoris. She throttled and thrashed onto his hand as he pulled her close with his free hand and kissed her lips as passionately as he could.

She got goosebumps all over her arms and breasts as she came, screaming in pleasure. Slowly she stopped grinding on his hand and thumb until she finally collapsed, still in the throes of her orgasm for a few moments.

It was something Kevin had fantasized about for years and it had just happened! He was enthralled. As her soft, nude body laid in a heap in his arms she was thinking something very different as she drifted off into sleep… but at least she could sleep.

As Kevin drifted off to sleep himself, he realized only morning would tell what was next.

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