Rebecca And Best Friend’s Brother

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It was late Friday morning and Martin Richards had finished his breakfast a few minutes earlier. He had slept in late since, with his parents and sister away at his grandmother’s for a long weekend, there had been no reason to get up early and he’d had enough of doing that when he’d had to go to morning lectures at college. But now it was a few weeks into the summer holidays and his time was his own, or most of it was as he had been set three chores this particular weekend; to clean the swimming pool, to repair its water pump (which had broken down the day before) and to water the garden. So, after a lie-in and breakfast, he dressed in a pair of loose shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, fetched the toolkit from the garage and had just taken it out to the back garden when he heard the doorbell ring.

He put the box of tools down next to the water pump housing, went back through the house and opened the front door.

‘Is Angela home?’ asked the girl there whom he recognized as Rebecca, a friend of his sister. Rebecca was wearing a big, baggy shirt, almost a minidress and, with his sister away, he immediately wondered why was carrying a bag which he could see contained a large towel.

‘She’s with my parents visiting our grandmother’s this weekend.’

‘The whole weekend?’ she exclaimed.

‘Yes, until Monday evening.’

‘Oh, I didn’t know she was going as well, I thought she meant just your parents would be gone,’ Rebecca said, a look of disappointment on her beautiful face and not giving away the fact that she knew he would be on his own. ‘I was really looking forward to having a swim.’

‘You can still use the pool if you want to,’ he said, ‘but you’ll have to wait a while if you want to swim because I’ve got to clean it first and fix the water pump which broke yesterday.’

‘That’s great, Martin. Thanks. I’d like to work on my tan as well. I’ll swim later.’

Martin couldn’t help but feel a shiver of arousal run up his spine as he spoke with the girl. At 18, the same age as his sister, Rebecca was one of the most attractive girls he had ever seen with her slim figure and very well-developed breasts.

She was also a flirt, at least he didn’t think her behaviour towards him could be anything more and he was sure it was by design that she always teased him when she had come to dinner or stayed overnight at their house.

Every time that she stayed overnight recently was on a Friday, the one day of the week when his parents were certain to go out for the evening until very late, and it seemed as though she had always managed to be in her nightclothes when he was around. On the latest such occasion, just the previous week, he was treated to an entire evening trying to watch TV while Rebecca, this time wearing a short dressing gown and an even shorter frilly nightie, sat in the easy-chair across from his. She had her feet on the chair with her ankles crossed and he could see the crotch of her tiny panties and her smooth, lightly tanned thighs.

She had seen him looking on a couple of occasions but she hadn’t said anything, just meeting his glance each time with a sexy wink and a smile.

He didn’t know what to do as he was almost sure that she was flirting with him, but he resisted the temptation to do or say anything because she was a friend of his sister.

Then she had left the room for a few minutes partway through the evening, claiming the to need to go to the toilet.

When she came back, she sat down and crossed her legs, putting one knee over the other.

Although he wasn’t looking in her direction at that moment and only caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye, he didn’t think he saw the white of her knickers as she did so.

His sister announced a little while later that she was very tired and went to bed early, leaving him alone in the room with Rebecca.

As soon as Angela had gone, Rebecca drew her legs up onto the chair and sat with the soles of her feet together, her hands on her knees.

He saw straight away that she had indeed taken her knickers off and he was sure he could see some moisture on the lips of her wide-open, hairless pussy. She blew him a kiss this time as well.

Later that night, as he emerged from the bathroom after his evening ablutions, he had literally bumped into Rebecca standing outside the door waiting for her turn. She appeared to have been reaching for the doorknob as he yanked the door open and had grabbed his cock instead, her hand lingering for a moment before snatching it back. Rebecca was not wearing her dressing gown any more and he could see her perfectly-formed breasts and large (swollen?) nipples very clearly because she wasn’t wearing a bra and the gossamer-thin cloth of her nightie was almost see-through.

She had then squashed past him to go into the bathroom, brushing her breasts across his bare chest and giving his cock another squeeze as she went. When she was inside the room she turned to face him with her hands on her hips and taking an indignant stance.

‘Well, Şerifali Escort it’s my turn in here now.’

‘Yes, yes,’ he mumbled and turned to go, but not before noticing that the way she was standing had raised the hem of the nightie to above her bare pubes.

Now she stood at the front door, about to enter the house knowing he was the only one home.

She had always enjoyed playing around sexually, though she had never gone all the way with a boy…and now she was determined to lose her cherry to her best friend’s brother.

‘The door to the back garden is through there,’ he said as he opened the door wide to let her pass. ‘I’ll be along in a minute, I’ve just got to fetch something from upstairs.’

Rebecca went through the house and out to the back garden, saw the toolbox and put the bag with her towel on the grass a few feet away between it and the pool.

After taking her shoes off, she sat and waited until Martin arrived carrying a small wooden box which he put down on the ground beside his tools.

When he began working on the water pump, the first of his jobs, she stood up facing him and started undoing the buttons on her shirt, asking him about his work at the same time.

At first he avoided looking at her while she was doing this but then, by the third button, he reasoned, Hell, if she wanted me not to look, she’d have turned away and he stopped working so he could watch her while they talked and as she stripped.

When all the buttons were undone, she opened the shirt, drew it back over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground revealing her superb body in a tiny white g-string bikini that was just three wisps of cloth which barely covered her nipples and pussy and held in place by string so thin it was nearly invisible; more a courtesy item than anything else as she looked more sexy wearing it than she would have done if she was completely nude.

She stood still, hands at her sides, for all of ten seconds while he looked her up and down, and then asked, ‘Well, do you like my new bikini, then?’

‘Er, wow,’ was all he could say.

Rebecca raised her arms, clasping her hands together high above her head, arched her back, stretched upwards and turned around slowly showing her beautiful evenly tanned body.

‘What do you think?’ she asked again.

‘Are you really going to swim in that?’ he asked.

‘Well, if you don’t like it I can always take it off,’ she said with a giggle, and reached behind her as though she was going to undo the knot at the back of the bikini-top.

‘No, no, that’s all right,’ he said hastily, ‘I just don’t think it could stand up to swimming. You look, um, wow is all I can say. Er…I think I’d better get on with this pump,’ adding to himself While I can still think about what I’m doing. This has just got to be more than flirting, and I hope it is.

After having listened to his explanations of how the pool pump and filter operated while she undressed, and not being able to really picture what he was describing, Rebecca moved over to where he was working so she could actually look at the machinery he was talking about.

His words faltered a bit at the sight of this stunning, now almost naked, goddess approaching him but he managed to retain control of himself. Even so, he was very conscious of her nearly-nude form as she knelt beside him, so close that their thighs touched occasionally, and peered at the machinery of the water pump with obvious interest.

He was so conscious of her, in fact, that her proximity was producing a reaction in his cock which he thought a bit inappropriate, this being a friend of his sister, and adjusted his own kneeling position twice in an attempt to conceal his growing erection which was now protruding out of the leg of his shorts.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘description finished. I’ll be about half an hour on this and then I’ve got to skim the leaves out of the pool and that will take me about half an hour to as well.’ He decided not to mention watering the garden as well.

Taking the hint that she should leave him alone to get on with it, Rebecca walked away the few feet to her bag and, as he watched her from behind, he thought she looked completely naked.

She returned to her things where, with her back to him and her feet either side of her bag, she bent over from the waist keeping her legs straight and picked her discarded shirt up. After folding the shirt, she bent over again and took the towel out of her bag, putting her shirt away.

While she was bent over, she looked back between her legs to see Martin looking at her crotch and felt a sudden rush of juices to her pussy; he was going to fuck her, she was sure of it now.

He saw that she’d seen him and looked away quickly.

She stood upright, turned sideways to him and shook the towel out, her breasts shaking to and fro, after which she spread the towel out on the ground.

Rebecca got down onto her hands and knees on the towel, making Göztepe Escort sure he could have a nice long look at her from the side as she did so. Then she laid down on her side, her head propped on her hand and chatted to Martin some more as she watched him working; she knew her chance would come because she’d caught a few glimpses of what he was trying to hide.

Martin felt incredibly excited by this display of her sexy body and was sure that he was right in thinking that there was more than just simple flirting involved. He began to feel a bit warm, from more than just the sunlight, and took his t-shirt off.

Rebecca?’ he said a bit later.


‘Um, you remember I mentioned it probably isn’t a good idea to swim in that bikini.’

‘Er, yess,’ she answered in a questioning voice.

‘Well, ummmmm, that’s why,’ he said, pointing a spanner towards her breasts.

She looked down and saw that cloth of the bikini top had become dislodged, exposing her left nipple completely.

‘Oh, dear,’ she said, without the least bit of penitence, and rolled onto her front.

After a few minutes more, she tried to spread some suntan lotion over her back before interrupting Martin’s work again because it was too difficult to do on her own.

‘Martin, could you help me with this lotion?’ she asked with all the sweet innocence she could muster.

Martin wiped his hands on a rag, sat on the ground at her left and poured some of the lotion onto his hands.

While he did so, Rebecca undid the ties that held the top of her bikini on, pulled it out from under her and dropped it to the grass at his feet.

‘I don’t want to get any lotion on my new bikini,’ she exclaimed.

Martin spread the lotion over her skin until he had covered her back and sides down to her waist. His fingers occasionally made contact with her breasts where they squeezed out beneath her but she didn’t comment.

He turned to her legs to begin putting the lotion on her ankles, working up her calves, and had just got to the backs of her lower thighs when she reached down to her waist and untied the strings that held her bottoms on. Then she raised herself up onto her elbows, lifted her bum a bit and pulled her bikini bottoms away, dropping them at her side as well.

When she felt Martin’s hands pause momentarily, she twisted her upper body round to look back at him, moving her left elbow and shoulder right back with her hand on her waist, and brought her left knee up a little to raise her hip as well.

With her most flirtatious smile, she said, ‘Like I said, I don’t want to get any lotion on it,’ after which she laid back down on her front and straightened her left leg out, but didn’t move her legs back together.

He poured the lotion onto her upper thighs and began smoothing it in, his hands slipping occasionally between her legs.

Rebecca accommodated him by moving her right leg out as well but he avoided touching too near her crotch, moving instead to cover the cheeks of her bare bottom with the oil.

He realised he was definitely right in thinking what she wanted, and how much she wanted it, so he pulled the left globe of her ass, spreading her bum cheeks, and poured a little of the oil into the crack between, just above her anus, watching as it rolled down, trickling along her pussy.

Rebecca went silent for a long moment and then said ‘Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’, spreading her legs wider and curving her back to raise her bum a bit.

Martin slid his slick fingers down the gully between her ass-cheeks and along her pussy, spreading the oil over her damp folds.

When he heard another low moan escaping her mouth, he cupped his hand under her pussy and pumped a finger a little way into her cunt a few times.

‘Aaaaahhh, that’s…ooooohhh.’

He finally spread the lotion on the insides of her upper thighs, and heard her give another moan when his fingers touched the lips of her pussy again.

He decided to tease her a little so he finished abruptly with the lotion and said he had to complete his pool jobs. He did hint, though, that once these were done he would have almost the whole of the rest of the weekend to do whatever he liked.

He turned towards the pump and looked back down at the now-naked Rebecca lying at his side, her bronzed skin glistening from the suntan lotion.

‘Er, by the way, now that you’re here…’ and he handed her the box he’d fetched from his room.

‘Yes, what?’ she asked as she propped herself up onto her elbows, held the box in her hands and looked up at him questioningly.

‘Skin up.’

She opened the pot-box to find tobacco, a cigarette lighter, skins and gear and rolled a joint while he went back to work.

When it was ready, she remarked that it wasn’t very good because she hadn’t actually skinned one up before, or smoked any pot either.

‘So what,’ he replied, so long as it’s smokable, that’s all that matters.’ Then he joked, ‘Who cares what it looks Ümraniye Escort like, it’s all going to turn to ash in a few minutes anyway.’

When Rebecca didn’t do anything with the joint, Martin said, ‘Well, spark it up, then. Or are you just going to look at it all day? It’ll make you feel a bit more horny as well.’

She gave him a double-take and a smile at his emphasis, and then lit the joint just as he remarked, ‘By the way, if you haven’t smoked any bef…’

She interrupted him with a fit of coughing and then made a sour look at the awful taste it left in the back of her mouth.

He tried again, saying, ‘If you haven’t smoked any before, then watch out because it will make you want to cough and that will leave a horrible taste behind.’

‘Now he tells me,’ she responded, smiling, and tried again.

When she coughed again, he handed her his water bottle, suggesting she take a drink to wash the taste away and asked her to put the joint in his mouth so he could have a puff.

‘I know the water is a bit warm because it’s been in the sun, but it’s wet. Now, give us a puff. I can’t hold the joint because my hands are greasy.’

He took a drag on it and almost coughed himself.

‘Good God, girl. How much did you put in that?’

‘Did I make it too strong?’ she asked.

‘Well, that is a “killer” joint. For future reference, you only need about a quarter of what you put in this one. Making it this strong will sure get you stoned bloody fast. I think you’d better roll another one, you need the practice,’ he said with a laugh, ‘only don’t put as much gear in it this time.’

He had a few more puffs and then returned to the pump while Rebecca carried on smoking the joint and rolled another, deliberately making this one a bit strong.

He had almost finished so he put the spanner down, wiped his hands and turned round to go over to Rebecca for a few more lugs on the joint to find himself face-to-face with her glistening pubes.

She was feeling the effects of smoking the joint lowering her inhibitions so she had stood up, walked over and waited standing right beside him, holding the joint just in front of her shaven mound, ready to feed him a few more puffs.

Martin looked up and down her naked body, her smooth pussy inches from his face, and was tempted to just stop work right there but knew that if he didn’t finish his jobs now then they would drag on, and he knew what he would rather do, what he was certain he would be doing, for the rest of the weekend. So he leaned forward, balancing himself with a hand on her inner thigh and took a few more lugs, then nodded his thanks and returned to work on the pump.

Rebecca was a bit disappointed that she hadn’t managed to distract him, but she returned to the towel and he finished repairing the pump.

When he took the long-handled net over to the poolside to start scooping stray leaves out of the water, she propped herself up on her elbows to watch what he was doing.

Oh, God, I wish he’d hurry up, she thought, the anticipation of what she was sure he was going to do when he had finished making her juices flow even more.

They chatted as he worked and she found herself swaying a little from side to side, brushing her sensitive nipples over the surface of the towel and feeling them becoming even harder as the erotic sensation, and the two “killer” joints, took effect. She thought it rather comical the way he to scooped the leaves out of the water while he tried, at first, to hide a very obvious erection at the same time, but she didn’t say anything about it.

It took him about half an hour to wrap up that task, as he had predicted, and then he disappeared indoors without a word.

Rebecca wondered where he’d gone.

He must know I want him to fuck me, so how much longer is he going to make me wait?

Martin reappeared a few minutes later carrying two glasses of iced lemonade which he’d fetched from the kitchen and walked around the pool towards her saying, ‘I thought you might like a glass of lemonade.’

She held a hand out to take the glass from him as he sat down beside her, twisting her torso even more than earlier and fully exposing her breasts to his view.

After a few sips of the cold liquid, she asked, ‘Will you oil my front, now?’

‘If you turn over onto your back, yes,’ he replied. ‘I knew you’d want me to, that’s why I went indoors to wash the grease off my hands.’

Rebecca put the glass down out of the way and rolled over quickly, spreading her legs in a wide vee. She knew now that he was going to fuck her, and fuck her soon.

Martin was suddenly struck dumb as he sat there looking at her beautiful naked body, his hard-on making itself known again. But he didn’t try to hide it any more.

He studied her breasts, flattened slightly now that she was lying on her back, noting the slight flush on her chest and her swollen nipples, and let his gaze wander down over her stomach to her smooth pubic mound and the thin lips of her slit, glistening perhaps from more than just the oil he had already applied. Then his gaze moved back up to her breasts.

Rebecca interrupted his reverie with a giggle, covering her pussy with one hand and her other arm across her breasts, saying, ‘Hey, lotion.’

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