Ready Player Two Ch. 01

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Chapter One

Diana laughed with her friends while they waited for the show to start. They had a table close enough to the stage to see everything, but far enough back that it would take an effort from the performers to embarrass them. This was the second time she had been to the local gay bar, a small hole-in-the-wall called The Connection just south of Ocala. Diana had recently moved to the area from Jacksonville to attend school at CFCC because both the school and the rent were cheaper. It also gave her an excuse to get away from her overbearing mother and a boyfriend she didn’t want. Her boyfriend was a great guy that she had dated since high school. The problem was, he was a guy. Diana had started to notice an increasing interest in women and had done a lot of research in the past year. She still hadn’t dated a woman or even kissed one, but this bar was going to change all of that. The one friend who she had told about her blossoming attraction to women had suggested going to the bar just to check it out. They had come early on a slow night and had a beer. Diana pointed out the show schedule pinned to the wall and her friend readily agreed that if nothing else it would be fun. They had invited a gay guy couple that they knew, who instantly said yes. Diana looked away from the crowd sitting around her and looked up at the bar. The first thing she noticed were her eyes. Deep cobalt eyes that lit up in response to something being said by a girl that then ruffled her dark, silky, shoulder-length hair. The eyes then showed irritation, as the owner of them slapped the hand away and then smoothed her hair back down.

‘I’d like to look into those eyes and run my fingers through that hair,’ Diana thought, the image incredibly vivid. The lips resting below those eyes were full and pouty and a little dimple in the right cheek would peek into view when they smiled. Diana’s imagination concerning those lips made her blush and her friend Sharon took notice.

“Go talk to her,” Sharon whispered, elbowing Diana. She shook her head nervously. She wasn’t that bold. She watched as the girl’s eyes flitted in her direction and then back to the girl who was teasing her. Something about the way they interacted told her they were only friends. The teaser walked to the other end of the bar to talk to the bartender. Diana never took her eyes off of the dark haired beauty that remained seated. Those incredibly rich blue eyes turned and settled on hers.

J.D. sat at the bar after she and her best friend Tay helped the queens with the last of the show preparations. She had been coming to the bar almost every night for the last three months and had become a favorite assistant to the men who dressed with style. They made her laugh and treated her like a sister, distracting her from her own family problems. Now that she knew that the show was ready to go on, she could do what she had been doing best lately, get drunk.

The bartender gave her a beer and a shot and said, “I think you have an admirer.” Tay immediately swiveled around to search the growing crowd. She spotted Diana and turned back around to J.D.

“Don’t soil your panties just yet kid,” Tay smirked and ruffled J.D.’s hair. “She’s looking at me.”

“I don’t think so,” the bartender replied watching Diana stare as J.D. smoothed her hair. “Come down to the other end of the bar Tay.” As Tay walked away, J.D. realized the bartender had been right, the girl was staring right at her. J.D. watched as the girl looked away blushing and started whispering with her friend.

J.D. smiled and Tay came up next to her and said, “That degree of difficulty is pretty low. I’m going to need proof of carnal knowledge before the show ends for you to get any points on this one.”

J.D. spoke to the bartender, “Give me a shot and one of whatever beer she’s drinking. Don’t pop the top.” She looked at Tay, “I think I have an idea on how to add to that degree of difficulty rather substantially.” She looked at the time. The show was just about to start.

Diana held her breath as the young woman drank a shot and then stood up facing her. J.D. was small framed and thin. Diana figured she was close to her 21 years. A self-assured smile, complete with dimple, settled over her face. Her cobalt eyes twinkled mischievously as she held eye contact with Diana and began to walk toward her. Diana would have laughed at the strut in J.D.’s walk if her nerves weren’t singing. J.D. approached the table, smiled at Diana, and pulled out the closest chair. She sat down facing Diana, took Diana’s hand, placed the unopened bottle into it, and popped the top, all the while never breaking eye contact.

“Thank you,” Diana stammered. “My name’s Diana. What’s…”

Loud music cut her off. The lights dimmed. The show was starting.

J.D. never turned toward the stage. She sat looking at the young woman with the beautiful, big brown eyes and button nose. She mouthed “J.D.”

“What?” Diana asked trying to be heard over the music.

J.D. took her finger and favoring Diana with her cutest crooked smile, traced out a J and a D on the palm of Diana’s hand. J.D. felt Diana shiver at the touch, so she repeated bursa escort the movement and reveled in the beautiful woman’s reaction.

“J.D.?” Diana asked in a slightly raised voice. At J.D.’s affirmative nod she asked, “What’s it stand for?” J.D. just shook her head and wagged her finger.

J.D. rubbed Diana’s palm with her thumb, massaging it intimately. ‘You’re beautiful’ she mouthed to Diana. Diana flushed at the compliment and gave her a shy smile. ‘Damn, she is beautiful,’ J.D. thought. She let her eyes rove over Diana, never letting go of her hand. Diana’s hair was long and free, dyed with chunky, blond highlights and dark red lowlights. She had a smattering of freckles on the bridge of her nose and perfectly kissable pink lips. Her cheeks were a little chubby, making her look younger than J.D. knew she was. J.D.’s eyes traveled down a pretty, pale, unblemished neck to a tantalizingly small bit of cleavage, revealed by an unsecured button on her flowing white blouse. Her breasts were large, but not to the point of sagging. They sat proudly, rising and dropping with her breathing, which was a little faster than normal. J.D. brought her eyes back up to find Diana watching her appraisal nervously. J.D. smiled reassuringly and squeezed her hand. ‘Absolutely beautiful’ she mouthed.

“So are you,” Diana said. J.D. looked a question and cupped her ear. “So are you,” Diana said a little louder. J.D. shook her head and popped a thumb toward the bar’s nearest exit. She covered her ears and mouthed ‘Outside’ with a question mark in her eyes. Diana nodded. J.D. stood up and pulled on Diana’s hand so that she couldn’t think of reconsidering. As soon as Diana had found her feet J.D. pulled her toward the exit. She opened the door and held it while Diana went through and then pulled her around the side of the building. ‘Now for the test,’ J.D. thought to herself. ‘Push or pull?’

“Wow, it’s so loud in there,” Diana said, “Is it always…” Her sentence was cut off by J.D.’s lips on her own. J.D. felt her freeze for the slimmest of moments and then respond. Diana pulled her into the kiss by raking her fingers through J.D.’s hair and J.D. walked her back into the wall. ‘Pull it is,’ J.D. thought as she deepened the kiss.

Diana had been turned on by J.D.’s eyes and small touches long before they walked outside but she had been expecting the kiss to come much later in the evening. J.D. had already been unraveling her with her thumb on her palm and her eyes on her body. She didn’t know what to expect when they got outside but it didn’t take her long to react to the kiss. She was happy that she didn’t have to struggle through conversation before getting to this point. She took the chance to run her fingers through J.D.’s hair, enjoying the soft, silky feel of it between her fingers and then pulled J.D.’s head to her. J.D. took the hint and pushed Diana back against the wall and slid her tongue deeper into Diana’s mouth. They explored each other’s mouths while hands roamed up arms and over shoulders. At one point J.D. slid her hands around to Diana’s full ass and pulled her in so that their groins were touching. Diana reacted by greedily kissing J.D. and moaning into her mouth. Before long both women were breathing fast and hard. J.D. broke the kiss and panted on Diana’s neck, her hands rubbing and squeezing Diana’s ass. She kissed the perfect neck and brought her face up to stare into Diana’s deep, brown, wanting eyes.

“What …” Diana begin. J.D. stole the words with her mouth, kissing Diana long and hard. She pulled back putting a finger to Diana’s lips and grabbed her hand. J.D. started to pull her deep into the back of the parking lot.

J.D. had parked, back-in, at the corner of the fence and was grateful. It was closed in and with the length of the Firebird’s doors, no one would be able to see anything once she got Diana inside. It helped that the overhead light in her old Pontiac hadn’t worked for months. She pressed the fob to unlock the car and as they arrived next to it she pulled Diana toward the hood. J.D. pushed Diana back gently onto the hood of the Firebird, bent over her, and began kissing her once again. J.D. let her right hand roam over the young woman half lying in front of her. Diana’s hands were flying over J.D.’s head, arms, and shoulders, seeming to want to touch everything she could reach. J.D. brought her own hand down and brushed the top of Diana’s breasts before going over the shirt and circling both breasts, allowing her fingers to gently trail over the nipples that strained the bra underneath. She brought her hand down over a full hip and thigh and pinched the material of Diana’s flowing, calf length skirt between her fingers. She slowly started to gather the material up into her hand.

“No, no,” Diana panted, stopping J.D. instantly. “Someone could see.” J.D. groaned into her mouth and suddenly pulled Diana off the car and into her arms. J.D. had thought for a moment that Diana was having second thoughts and she was so relieved that she kissed Diana hungrily while opening the car’s passenger door. She stopped just long enough to recline the seat and push it all the way back, revealing the large, and bursa escort bayan thankfully clean, expanse of foot space. She stood back up and looked deep into Diana’s eyes, giving her one last chance to back out.

Diana stared into those amazingly beautiful, searching, cobalt eyes and leaned down into the seat of the car, fisting J.D.’s shirt into her hand and pulling her down into a kiss. J.D. came down with her, kissing her hungrily. J.D. put her arm behind Diana’s knees and swung her all the way into the car. She backed away just enough to take in the view of the beautiful woman reclined in front of her. Kneeling on the running board J.D. started unbuttoning Diana’s shirt holding eye contact until her hands had finished with the buttons and had swept the two front halves of the shirt aside. ‘Oh my God,’ Diana thought. ‘This is incredible.’ She watched as J.D. looked down at what she had uncovered. The silky bra barely held Diana’s large breasts in place and she saw the smile as J.D. noticed the front clasp. To Diana’s surprise, J.D. didn’t go for it right away though. She snuck a finger under the top of the lace and ran it slowly along the edge, allowing herself to feel the texture of the soft skin and silky lace and Diana’s reaction to her touch. Diana’s nipples hardened under the material and J.D. took her thumb and rubbed them both lightly over the bra. Diana gasped, amazed at how sensitive this woman had made her. J.D. dipped her head down and lightly nipped at the points under the bra, smiling when Diana moaned. J.D. very slowly undid the clasp and set the beautiful globes free. Diana heard an intake of breath and watched J.D. simply stare at what she had uncovered.

J.D. had been with several women in the past but most of them had been older than her. They had been her teachers, experienced and demanding. Diana was so refreshingly open and reactive that J.D. wanted to take it slow and enjoy every taste, touch, groan, and gasp. She looked at Diana’s smooth, pale breasts and her perky, pink nipples that were surrounded by crinkled, rouge areolas. She swept her hands up underneath them and felt their weight and firmness. She took her fingers and swept up the sides of both breasts, enjoying the shiver her touch brought from Diana and watched as her nipples grew even firmer. J.D. looked up and into Diana’s eyes again and saw the desire and the plea in them. She dipped her head down and darted her tongue out to stab at a nipple and smiled at the soft moan that she had earned. She did the same to the other nipple and got the same soft moan in reply. ‘Damn this woman is sensitive,’ J.D. thought with immense satisfaction. She shifted on her perch, her crotch becoming extremely wet. She put her lips to a nipple and hummed before taking it into her mouth and sliding her tongue around it several times. The moans from Diana increased in volume. J.D. brought her hand to the nipple of the breast not in her mouth and rolled it between her thumb and finger as she began to suck and tease the other one with her teeth.

“Oh my God,” Diana gasped, her hand flew to J.D.’s head and she tried to tangle her fingers in the silky hair. J.D. sucked and nipped and listened to the little sounds coming from Diana. She then shifted her mouth to Diana’s other nipple and let her hand slide down the youthful body. She started to gather the skirt up again slowly, while Diana moaned and gasped.

“Wait,” Diana said breathlessly. J.D. groaned and stopped again, looking up to give Diana a frustrated, questioning gaze. Diana pushed her fingers through J.D.’s hair and smiled.

“There are buttons.” She took J.D’s hand and guided it to the very far side of her hip and undid the top one with her own hand. J.D. smiled and began to unbutton the skirt. She growled as she returned her attention to the abandoned nipple. As she finished unbuttoning the skirt, she slid her mouth down to Diana’s soft stomach. She kissed the soft, smooth skin and, rubbing her cheek on it, inhaled the light, feminine scent. She took the now loose front of the skirt and drew it across Diana’s body to fall to the side of the seat. Full hips with thin straps of material greeted her gaze. She followed the straps down to panties that matched the bra. A small, sheer, lacy patch that made her almost say ‘Wow’. She clenched her jaw and used her finger to trace the top line of lace, much as she had done with the bra. Diana’s stomach quivered and she inhaled sharply. J.D. let a finger trace down over the material barely hiding Diana’s sex. Diana’s hips jumped and she made a little mewling noise in the back of her throat. J.D. cupped Diana in her hand and brought her face up to stare into those deep brown eyes once again. She started to massage what she covered with her hand, making circles firmly with her fingers, over the panties, the slippery material moving with her.

“Oh, oh,” Diana moaned, thrusting her hips up to strengthen the touch. J.D. took a finger and snuck it under the panties so that she could feel how wet Diana had become. What she found caused her to groan and attack Diana’s mouth with her own so that she didn’t cry out, ‘So wet’. Her finger bursa merkez escort sank easily between soft, damp lips and slid into a wet, hot, pocket of juices. Diana brought her hand down and quickly untied the strings to the panties so that J.D. could have full access. J.D. quickly slid the damp silk aside and played with the long, but neatly trimmed hair between Diana’s thighs. She pulled Diana’s bottom lip into her mouth as she let her hand explore lower.

Diana sighed into J.D.’s mouth, “Yes, touch me.” She couldn’t believe where she was and what she was doing, but she wasn’t about to question it. J.D.’s feminine hands, mouth, and eyes were making her feel things she had never felt before. Her whole body felt alive and longing for this gorgeous creature to touch it, everywhere, anywhere. She sighed as J.D. sank her finger back between the lips of her sex and began to explore her entrance. Diana opened her thighs as much as she could, giving J.D. access to all of her. J.D. took the hint and begin to sink a finger inside while moaning around Diana’s ravaged nipple. Diana was so sensitive that as soon as J.D. had sunk her finger as far as she could inside of her, Diana pushed J.D.’s head against her chest and began to thrust her hips. Diana cried out as the orgasm shot through her with such unexpected intensity that her whole body shuddered uncontrollably.

J.D. let out a groan as Diana gushed around her hand and shuddered bodily. She let the amazing woman catch her breath as she slid her head down to where her hand remained buried. She looked up and met Diana’s half-lidded eyes. Diana looked back at her in confusion for a moment.

“What have you done to me?” She whispered. “Say something, please.” J.D. simply smiled and brought her lips down to Diana’s now throbbing clit. She wrapped her mouth around it and began to hum. Diana’s reaction was instant. She howled and her whole body tightened up. J.D. sunk two fingers into her and began to stroke them in and out. Diana’s breathing became ragged.

“Yes, yes!” Diana purred, moving her hips in time to J.D.’s fingers. It didn’t take long before Diana was hyperventilating, her hips rocking at an increasing pace. J.D. timed it perfectly and sucked on Diana’s clit, using her teeth ever so lightly. This time the orgasm came in waves.

“Oh. My. God,” Diana moaned in ecstasy, one word for every ragged breath. “That. Feels. Incredible.” J.D. sucked and licked lightly as the waves continued to wash over Diana. ‘This woman is absolutely amazing,’ J.D. thought to herself. She had never been able to give a woman multiple orgasms so quickly. J.D. removed her hand and gently kissed Diana’s sex before sliding up to lie on top of her. She suckled Diana’s earlobe as her breathing slowed and her arms came around to hold J.D. tightly.

“Absolutely amazing,” Diana said, unknowingly echoing J.D.’s own thoughts. J.D. shifted to lie on her side with one knee propped up and Diana mirrored her and looked into her eyes. Diana felt comfortable, which wasn’t a common thing when naked. She was completely relaxed, happily drowning in a sea of cobalt. J.D. took Diana’s right hand and pushed it into jeans that had been unbuttoned and unzipped somewhere along the way. Diana’s eyes went wide and she hesitated for just a moment, but as J.D. began to look at her strangely, she nervously rushed in. Her fingers swept over perfect smoothly shaven skin. She kept sliding her hand down, completely in awe at the wetness that her fingers encountered as she sunk between J.D.’s lips. She slowly searched for her opening, obviously fumbling around. J.D. grabbed Diana’s hand and positioned it over her clit and started rubbing it in a circular motion. Diana caught on and took over while J.D. tucked her head into Diana’s neck and started groaning. ‘Wow,’ Diana thought. ‘Just wow.’ She was so caught up in her first ever time touching a woman that she failed to notice the sounds of frustration coming from J.D.

With a loud groan, J.D. sat up and stripped off her shoes and jeans. She took one arm, put it around Diana’s waist and quickly laid her so that she was on her back again and scooted her down some on the seat. J.D. opened Diana’s legs and laid down on top of her so that their clits were kissing. She bent down and opened Diana’s mouth with her own and began to grind her hips slowly. Diana’s hands found her hair once more and began to rake and tug as they kissed deeply, slowly. Diana could feel the passion rising in herself once again and was once more amazed at the effect that J.D. had on her. J.D. disengaged the kiss, picked up her rhythm, and stared into Diana’s eyes and licked her own lips. The effect of J.D.’s eyes seeming to bore into her soul and seeing that tongue that had just brought her to ecstasy slide across those perfect lips made Diana grab J.D.’s hips and push into her. She began to set her own rhythm and wanted nothing more than to push J.D. over the edge. J.D. pulled Diana’s bottom lip into her mouth and groaned loudly, impatiently. Suddenly J.D. went rigid and shuddered, and then began to pump against Diana quickly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Diana yelled out. “You’re making me come again!” She pushed against J.D. and launched herself over the edge of an abyss of ecstasy, listening and feeling J.D. come with her. J.D.’s moans and whimpers slowed to a stop and she finally collapsed on top of Diana, breathing hard and shaking slightly. Diana caught her own breath and stroked J.D.’s back with her fingertips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32