Queen of the Neighborhood

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After a long and delightful stretch, Emilia steps onto the grass of her backyard. Wearing only a red bikini, her incredible beauty is plain to see, and her wide smile makes sure that everyone knows how aware of it she is. She slowly lays down on her sunbed, her six foot tall body just barely fitting in it. The sun rays warm up her perfect skin, from head to toe, while her long blonde hair flow down the edge of the bed. She lets her mind relax; no noise in range of her ears except the gentle sound of wind blowing through the trees.

Half an hour later, a distraction arises. Her plump red lips wrinkle for a moment, as her penetrating gray eyes open to explore the environment and find the disturbance. It does not take her long to spot the cause: The new neighbor moving in the house adjacent to hers, with boxes under his arms, and bags swinging from his hands. She sighs, resigned, but keeps an eye out of the corner of her eye on the newcomer. He is quite a cute boy: young, probably mid twenties, tall and skinny, but with beautiful black hair and a toned body that his t-shirt and cargo pants do little to hide. 

Her expression of annoyance transforms into a smile when she notices him stealing glances of her, and even taking the panoramic route to the door just to take a better look at her. Emilia bites her lower lip: Nothing makes her feel more alive than seeing others captivated by her beauty. People are so easy to break for her, and yet doing so never stops feeling so incredibly satisfying. This poor boy will likely be easy prey, she will go easy on him, at first at least. Judging by the equipment he is carrying inside, he must work in tech. He could be a useful new toy.

Without hesitation, she stands up and walks around the fence separating the two houses. She can see the poor man turning tomato red as he spots her getting closer and closer. He drops off the box he was carrying beside the front door and turns around to offer her a shaky smile. “Hello! I’m the new neighbor. A pleasure to meet you, I’m Andy, I’m the new neigh-I already said that, sorry, ahah!” He says, extending his hand towards her. His eyes do their best not to rest on her nearly naked figure, but it is plain to see how his gaze is magnetically attracted to her ample chest.

Not that she can blame him, her bikini bra shows off her generous size, and the perfectly sculpted shape of her perky tits. With a smug smile on her lips, she takes his hands and shakes it. “Nice to meet you, Andy. I am Emilia Edwards” she slowly lets go of his hand. “36D if you are wondering” she adds, her smile widening. “Why don’t we go inside? I would love to get to know you a little more, neighbor.” 

The man freezes for a moment, his cheeks turning an even brighter red. “O-Of course! Good to know…” he says, while he reaches for his keys and opens the door, his hands shaking.

The place is still half empty, but the couch is already in position and Emilia does not hesitate to sit down on it, crossing he legs and spreading her arms, making herself comfortable. She pats the space next to her and the ever more nervous Andy sits down. He is confused, uncertain, and ashamed of having being caught ogling, the perfect mental space for her to act upon.

“So what made you come here to our neighborhood?” She asks, laying back to make her chest even more visible. 

“I… It’s closer to work, and the place is beautiful. Expensive, but worth it” He manages to say, his eyes stealing glances while he tries his hardest to stare at the void before them.

“Interesting” She says, lowering her tone, making her voice honey-like, “And do you know of the special rules of this neighborhood?” She continues. 

A cold bead of sweat goes down Andy’s forehead; he shifts uncomfortably in his seat, while a bulge appears in his shorts. “N-No, nothing that I was made aware of, at least” He says, feeling an immense pressure building up on his shoulders, her penetrating eyes are drilling into his skull, he can barely sustain her gaze for a moment.

“That is all right, honey. You see, I have a special relationship with my neighbors, we all help each other out, doing favors and such. I help… overseeing the process, shall we say. We are a close community, and I really want you to be part of it. You do want it, right?” She says. 

She studies his body language, but she barely has to apply her vast experience on him: He is practically vibrating with emotions. “Y-Yeah! I’d gladly help you with anything” he says, stumbling upon his words, his voice to eager to leave his mouth.

Emilia’s right hand reaches his cheek, gently caressing it until she takes his chin in between her thumb and index finger. “That’s a good boy. Keep that attitude up and you will be part of my kingdom too” she says. Her hand goes down, and a finger hooks up his shirt, pulling him closer and closer, slowly, until their lips are almost touching, each other’s breath flowing down their skin. “And I could use a hand right now, in fact. Bostancı Escort I could not help but notice you appreciated my girls before, and they got a little… excited, shall we say” His eyes open wide, his body freezes in place, “why don’t you give them something back? Make them feel good, like they did for you? It is only fair.”

Her hand takes his wrist and brings his hand onto her tit. “Come on, honey. I don’t have all day. I want you to show me you can be a good neighbor. Make them feel good for me, ok?”

He hesitates for a moment still, gulping down, incredulous, but his pent-up arousal is too much to contain. His hands grab her tits and start kneading the soft flesh. A shiver of pleasure goes down Emilia’s spine, as she relaxes and lets her new puppy please her. “That’s a decent start, boy, but I want more. Don’t I deserve more?” She says, and the response is immediate: He moves the bikini out of the way, revealing her hard nipple, and brings down his mouth to it. His tongue circles around her areola, until his lips close around her nipple. He continues to circle with his tongue, while he gently sucks and bites. 

Emilia let a moan escape her lips, and puts one of her hands against the back of his head, forcing his face to bury itself deeper into her boob. She takes her time, enjoying the electric sensation, while her groin grows warmer and warmer. She sneaks down her other hand, teasing her folds over the fabric of her bikini bottom.

“That feels nice. Good boy. Now the other” She orders, without hesitation. And without hesitation he obeys. Another one of her low moans fill the air, as she feels him move to the other. There is nothing that drives her wilder than to turn a good, well adjusted man or woman into a slobbering slave that begs to please her. She will own him completely within the week. 

“That’s good enough” She says, pulling him away from her tits. She smiles, seeing his vacuous eyes and the slobbering mess that is his mouth. “Your Miss now requires something more. Can you do that, my little pup?” He barely manages to nod. Without wasting time, she pushes him away, almost making him fall off the couch. “Get on your knees and eat me” she states, her tone warm and sweet, but her demeanor leaves no room for dissent.

Andy finds himself unable to disobey, or even just to question her. He slides off the couch and kneels in between her legs, his pants painfully stretched over his erection. She moves her soaked bottom out of the way, while he brings his face against her sex, breathing in her scent. His tongue quickly gets to work, lapping at her folds, while little moans and grunts escape his lips. Emilia’s body shivers in pleasure, while she once again leans back and enjoys his service, caressing his hair to encourage him. “That’s it, keep going” She says.

He reaches her clit, engorged and hungry for attention. His tongue circles and twists around it, until he closes his lips over it and starts working on it properly. “Oh fuck, this is not the first time you eat a cunt, is it? You little slut” Emilia says, gripping his hair and pushing him deeper against her sex, her fluids covering his face The fire in her crotch grows and grows, pressure builds up as moans escape her lungs more and more frequently. “Keep going, keep going” She says, gyrating her hips.

And then her orgasm comes, sparks of pure pleasure run through her entire body, her lungs stop working for a moment as her body shakes in bliss, while her hand keeps Andy firmly pressed against her quivering sex and pulsing clit. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” She shouts, filling the air with her powerful voice. 

When it finally starts to calm down, she loosens her grip and lets the poor man breathe more easily. “Good job” she says, admiring his reddened skin, shaking lips, and her cum sloshing down his cheeks. “You will be an excellent addition to my collection. And since you have been such a good boy, I will give you an extra reward today. Your first and greatest reward was allowing you to please me of course, that is a privilege few deserve, but I am feeling generous.” 

She runs her fingers over his face, collecting her own cum, then she teases his lips and finally forces her way inside, pushing her index and middle finger in until she hits the roof of his mouth. His instinctual reaction is exactly what she was hoping for: Sucking her fingers, while moaning like a cat in heat.”I will allow you to jerk off and cum, pup. My taste will surely make things easier for you” she says, as she fucks his mouth with her digits.

The man does not wait for long. He drops down his pants and starts to furiously jerking off. His cock is so painfully erect that he does not take long to finish: He shoots long, thick ropes of cum on his own couch, right in between Emilia’s legs. “Good boy, well done” She says standing up and fixing her bikini to cover her properly. “I hope I can rely on you again, if the need arises. Am I right, my little pup?” she adds, Ümraniye Escort patting his head while he recovers from his orgasm. 

“See you soon!” She finally says, with a giggle, as she walks away, leaving him there where he stood, panting and sweating, still knelt down and looking at his own cumshot with a stupefied expression.

The blonde woman does not waste time and leaves his house behind, going back to her own, without a hint of shame or embarrassment for her soaked bikini bottom. This is her turf, her territory, her kingdom. All of her neighbors serve her and adore her. They are addicted to her. And she is addicted to their obedience.

In her house, she goes to the bathroom and takes a relaxing bath. She originally planned to spend more time sunbathing, but the arrival of the new neighbor changed things. Soon, her pretty maid would come, so she has to be ready.

After washing herself and relaxing in the warm water, she dresses up in her light blue summer dress, that makes her perfect womanly silhouette and mouth watering legs look even more beautiful. She goes commando underneath, knowing that her pussy still needs satisfying. She takes a few minutes to fix her hair and goes down the stairs to lay down on the couch, bringing her laptop with her.

And a few minutes later, just as the clock hits the exact time they agreed upon, the doorbell rings and the door opens right after. Her maid is here.

A woman enters the door. She is about her age, shorter by about half a foot, and quite pretty too: A curvy motherly body, curly black hair, lively green eyes, wearing a white blouse and a long blue skirt. Anywhere else, she would have been the milf every boy dream of, but in Emilia’s kingdom she is just another of her servants. Truth be told, she is no maid at all, she is an accountant, and a very competent one too. She has simply agreed to regularly clean Emilia’s house in exchange for some of her attention. 

“Good morning Anne, perfectly punctual as usual. Well done” Emilia says, waving at her from the couch. “Thank you, Miss Edwards” she says, smiling timidly, her body betraying her excitement.

“You can start, please” The blonde beauty says, while opening up her laptop and getting to work.

Emilia may not need a job, but she does like to have a steady income of her own, and she does so by investing her money in various activities and stocks. She takes satisfaction in knowing even her money exists to serve her whims and to work for her, instead of the other way around.

Meanwhile her maid gets started with the various house chores. The air fills up with the noise of her movements and tools she uses, while Emilia does not move an inch.

Once she is done with her half hour of daily work, she spends some idle time on the net, chatting and  reading news, only to transition to erotica and porn. Her ever hungry pussy calls for attention, and her hand slips under her pretty summer dress to attend to it. It starts slow, with some idle rubbing, while she gets engrossed in a particularly spicy story, until her arousal climbs up, her moans overpowering the noises Anne is producing. 

When the woman enters the living room, she is treated to the spectacle of Emilia fingering herself with passion, sitting on the couch, legs spread wide, laptop on the coffee table in front of her, spewing lewd sounds everywhere.

Anne bites her lips, feeling her own arousal surging through her veins. This is no strange occurrence: Her mistress does this often. And she is grateful she does. Seeing her incredibly beautiful body shake in pleasure is easily the most arousing sight Anne ever had or will have the privilege of witnessing. So she keeps doing her job, until a shout from behind startles her. She turns around to see Emilia shiver, as her climax washes over her. Anne gulps, trying to control her urges and keep going.

Of course, Emilia is quite aware of the effect her little game has on Anne. Seeing her shivering near her while she tries to do her job is just delightful, the sheer arousal of exercising her power over her like that is just the icing on the cake. And she is a very nous woman.

“Ahhh, that took the edge off. I am going to take a quick nap, Anne. Wake me up when you are done, all right? I gotta give you your reward” she says, with a little wink. Anne freezes for a moment, then nods, a dumb smile printed on her face. “Of course! Miss, please rest. I’ll take care of everything!” So Emilia lays down again, closing her eyes, the scent of her sex filling the room, driving the poor maid insane with lust.

Her work takes her away, to the washing machine and the dryer that needs tending. Then she needs to finish ironing some clothes, and finally finish dusting and cleaning the first floor. With a big breath, Anne goes back in the zone, clearing out her thoughts and focusing on her duties.

An hour and a half later, she is done. The woman takes a moment to rest, then she makes Anadolu Yakası Escort her way downstairs and back to the living room, where her mistress is sleeping. She fixes her clothes and then kneels down before her. She waits for a bit, not wanting to disturb her. Still Anne knows her mistress has an appointment soon, so she dares to break the rules and speak up: “Miss? I am done, Miss. I hope you had a good nap” She says, at first whispering, then raising her voice.

Emilia stirs awake. She sits up and stretches her long limbs. “Ahhh! I did! Thank you, Anne. You done with everything? Then I guess it’s time for your reward. I can really use it right now” Emilia says, a smug grin and an evil spark in her eyes. She sits more comfortably and lifts her left leg, offering her foot to the kneeling woman before her. But then she retreats. “Assuming you want to. Do you, Anne? Why don’t you tell me how much you want this reward.”

Anne watches as Emilia’s foot comes closer. Her guts twist in a knot of arousal, her cheeks reddening and her breathing becoming more intense. “Please, Miss! I beg you, let me… massage your feet, i-it’s what I dream of every day!” she says, bowing down.

Emilia rolls her eyes, but she cannot hide the wide smile on her lips. She always enjoys hearing her pets beg. “Fine, I will indulge you, as usual. Do remember how lucky you are to have such a generous owner.” She brings her foot back to her.

“Thank you Miss” Anne says, taking her foot in her lap and starting to massage it, from the heel to the ball, and then her toes. “Ahhh, I don’t know how I managed without you, Anne. I’m glad to have such a cute little maid. But I bet my foot slut is even happier to have me, right? What would you do without my paws?” She says, teasing the kneeling woman by poking her cheek with her big toe. 

“Do continue” Emilia then states, before she can answer. Anne smiles, unable to contain her excitement. She lifts the foot in her lap up to her face and starts breathing in her angelic scent. Completely enraptured, she kisses Emilia’s heel, leaving behind a wet spot. The she kisses again, climbing up her sole with religious fervor. Up top, she takes her toes in her mouth, one by one, sucking on them as if they were the most delicious thing in the universe, moaning every few seconds.

And Emilia leans back, smiling, her hand once again on her sex, again starting to wake up and asking to be satisfied. The sensation of her foot being so thoroughly worshiped is simply divine, like a massage mixed with sparks of pleasure. But the psychological satisfaction of having such a beautiful mature woman just begging her to worship the lowest part of her body… well it is even better. Feeling her small hands on her sole and her mouth filled up with her toes, such a subservient and submissive act that it makes Emilia’s blood boil with the need to dominate this lowly creature with every fiber of her being. “Such a good foot-licker” Emilia says.

Her foot is completely covered in her saliva by this point, tingling in bliss. Anne switches to the other, to repeat the process with the same energy and fervor. Emilia bites her lips, her idle rubbing becomes more focused, as her own arousal grows. She loves being this horny, this hungry for pleasure, and to have so many willing toys for her to play with. It makes her feel so primal and powerful, a creature that common people can barely compare to. 

After her other foot is covered too, Emilia’s arousal has reached boiling point. “Stop, my footpet. Mistress needs to get off now” she states. Anne obeys, but before she can understand, Emilia’s foot pushes her down against the floor. The blonde woman stands up and walks forward, towering over Anne like a Goddess judging a mortal, hunger in her eyes. Then Emilia drops to her knees, and Anne’s world darkens, as her mistress’ summer dress flows down around her, her knees locking around her head, and her sex comes down against the submissive woman’s face.

“Now be a good girl and stay still” Emilia says, as she feels the details of Anne’s face rubbing against her clit. Without waiting for an answer, she starts grinding herself against her head, gently at first, but then with more and more strength, until she is riding her face with wild abandon, uncaring of Anne’s discomfort or lack of fresh air. The electric sparks of pleasure exploding in her pussy override any concern for her slave, she needs to cum and she needs it to be good. “Fuck, fuck!” She shouts, as sweat runs down her forehead. Pressure once again builds up inside of her, her limbs shivering in anticipation as arousal builds up and up and up. 

“Ahh!” She finally screams, shaking like a possessed woman as her climax charges through her body and wracks her mind. Her hands grip Anne’s hair tightly, causing a squeal or two to escape her mouth, but Emilia does not care, her brain completely filled with pleasure, her heart beating like a drum in her chest, her body barely in her control. 

It takes a good while for her to come down her high. She finally stands up, leaving a barely breathing Anne on the floor, her face completely covered in her cum, her hair caked in her fluids too, her eyes half closed and her chest rising and falling at a rapid pace. 

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