Public Places with Mom

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Indian Cuck

Like most summer trips, Natalie was in for a memorable experience. Only this time, she’d be fucking & sucking her son in public places.

It all started during a work-retreat in Thailand. Mr. Brandson was the eccentric billionaire boss and they had just signed a major hotel development deal there. He brought his inner-circle with him and encouraged them to bring their families along.

While the families enjoyed the beach, all the employees sat nearby at a cafe on a hot morning. Instead of their normal business suits, they were all dressed in casual tshirts and shorts.

The boss seemed more eccentric than usual. He stood and gave an impassioned speech about how life was short and how people should live their dreams.

“Today, I’m extremely excited,” Mr. Brandson proclaimed. “We all have a chance to become our better selves.”

Everyone listened attentively as he spoke. He spoke words of wisdom and the importance of achieving desires.

The small audience applauded.

Mr. Brandson added, “Which is why I’d like each of you to jot down a bucket list of things you’ve all wanted to do in life, but never had the chance. Something simple. Something realistic which can be achieved here in Thailand.”

Blank pieces of paper and pens were handed out to everyone. People began writing down their dreams in earnest.

Natalie thought it was a cute exercise. She smiled. Despite her high-powered job, she was a plain woman at heart. She didn’t really have a bucket list of things to do. But the assignment was the assignment and she had to fill something out.

Off the top of her head, she wrote down:

1) Tasting as much local cuisine as possible. I love Thai food.

2) Working on my tan lines.

3) Sex? In public places? It’s a silly fantasy of mine. : )

Even though she preferred her adult relationships to be tame, the idea of doing sexual favors for someone in public had always gotten her incredibly hot. It was truly her secret fantasy, one that she never told anyone about. Why risk something like that?

She knew the boss would get a real laugh out of it because he loved sex jokes. Especially coming from her, since she was known for her professionalism and no-nonsense approach to work.

“I see pens coming down,” Mr. Brandson said. “Good. You’re all done. Hand them in, then go out and explore this amazing city. The next meeting is tomorrow morning at 9 am.”

The group seemed eager to have a brief vacation with their families and soak up the sun. Then the boss dropped a major bombshell.

Mr. Brandson added, with the most deviant of smiles, “Oh, and by the way, whatever you wrote down on your list, I expect you to do it today.”

There were looks of shock on everyone’s faces.

“That’s right,” he grinned. “Have a dream of skydiving? The airfield is only a few blocks away. Scuba diving? It’s just down the shore. Anything on your list which is doable here, get it done. And I want picture proof too! Come on people, life is short, live a little!”

People laughed at the crazy things they were now expected to do. Surely they’d be in for a great time and Mr. Brandson seemed eager for his trusted employees to come out of their shells.

As a female assistant came around to collect the papers, Natalie stood dumbfounded for a moment.

“Can I have a second, please?” Natalie asked, bidding time. “I just need to fix a minor mistake.”

The assistant understood. “Oh, okay.”

Natalie put her pen on the paper and attempted to scribble over the last point she wrote. She only succeeded halfway.

“Natalie, what are you doing?” Mr. Brandson asked, like he caught someone with a hand in the cookie jar.

She looked up at the leering boss. “Small mistake, sir. It’ll only be a second.”

The boss shook his head in a ‘tsk, tsk, tsk,’ kind of way. He slowly walked over to her. He wasn’t mad. He was never mad. But he was an intense guy with all his energy, and that could be quite intimidating.

“Hand me the paper, Natalie,” he said with a fake evil grin.

Natalie handed him the paper and laughed, like the content was a joke, and she expected him to laugh back.

“Interesting choices,” he said, reading the list. “The last one is surprising. I look forward to seeing the pictures of that.”

She forced another laugh. “Right, how about with a stranger?”

“That could work,” he joked back. “But everyone came with family or a date. You came with someone too, if I recall. Might be fun, but don’t get caught, of course. Safety is always important with these sorts of things.”

Although there was a big smile on Mr. Brandson’s face, it was clear he meant what he said. Failure was never an option with him. He was crazy enough to fire anyone who didn’t follow through, even if it meant having sex in public.

She wanted to retort: ‘But he’s my son!’

“But, sir,” she started. “I actually…”

His phone beeped. “Excuse me, Natalie. I have an important call with the Mayor of this city. Enjoy your day.”

He answered the call, gave her a suggestive wink, gaziantep ucuz escort and walked away. Natalie wondered if this really just happened. Knowing her boss, this was absolutely real. A year ago, Mr. Brandson made an employee go skydiving 10 times in a single month because that employee expressed a fear of heights.

So of course this man was serious. He was a free-thinker and the rules of traditional society didn’t apply to him. And that was the key to his success. Everything was about experiencing life to the fullest.

This left Natalie in a serious bind. At this point, she had two options. 1) She could admit failure to her boss, which would mean disaster for her career. Or 2) She could actually go through with it.

By her own estimation, there were some recent retirements and she could be due for a big promotion. A week earlier, she had a private meeting with the boss where they also discussed a potential pay raise as well. She was a hard worker and her boss recognized that fact.


She met with her son Zack down the beach. Although he was laying back on a lounge chair underneath a beach umbrella, Natalie could tell that his eyes were checking out all the local Thai women and scantily clad tourists as discreetly as possible. Typical for a 19 year old, or any man, she thought.

“You look busy,” she said playfully, standing over him.

“I’m trying. I’m clearly not as busy as you.”

She laid across an available lounge chair right next to him.

“You have no idea,” she sighed, closing her eyes to relax a moment so she could try to enjoy the rest of her morning.

“Oh? Anything going on?”

“Nothing, except for a big misunderstanding. One day I’ll look back on this and laugh.”

“How about today?” he asked, showing some concern. “You seem stressed.”

She rolled over to face him. “Maybe you’ll think this is hilarious, or maybe you’ll be mortified like I am.”

“Just tell me already.”

“You know what kind of guy Mr. Brandson is, right?”

He nodded and smiled. “Yep, he’s a billionaire, he knows how to party, and he’s always surrounded by hot chicks. He’s living every guy’s dream.”

“And you also know his work ethic and his philosophy on life, right?”

“Based on what you’ve told me and what I’ve read in the news, I think so. Why? Has he gone off the rails this time?”

“In my opinion, yes. He had us write down things we really want to do, like a bucket list. I don’t really have a bucket list, so I wrote down ‘public sex’ as a joke. Don’t ask me why. Anyway…”

Zack’s eyes widened and he cut her off. “He wants you to actually do it?”

“I knew you were familiar with my boss’s style. Yes, that’s exactly what he wants.”

“Was he joking? I mean, the guy is a jokester.”

Natalie shook her head. “He’s a jokester when he’s telling jokes, not when he gives orders. When he tells you to do something, it better get done, or else his wrath will be felt. How else do you think he became a billionaire?”

“Just pretend you did it. Life will go on.”

“I wish it was that easy. He wants picture evidence. That’s another reason he’s so successful. He verifies everything.”

They both paused for a moment, thinking to themselves about how to handle this situation.

“Well, you’re in luck,” he said finally.

She raised an eyebrow. “How so?”

“As a college student, I know how to fake doing important assignments. Trust me, he’ll think you did it.”

“Zack, have you lost your mind?”

“Not yet. Come on, mom, we suddenly have a busy morning.”

He got up and Natalie had no choice but to follow along.


They went to the area of the beach where there was a small dock for boat rides and other water sports. At that hour, most of the tour boats had already left.

While Natalie wondered what was going on, Zack kept on scanning the area for God knows what.

“Mind telling me what’s going on?” she asked, amused by her son’s antics.

“We’re going to complete the task.”

She smiled, “And how exactly are we going to do that?”

“My college education that you’re paying for has tremendous benefits. Thanks to college, I know all about exchanging naked selfies and pictures with hot chicks.”

“I’m not even going to ask about that.”

“That’s fine. The point is, I know how to stage a picture to make it look like you’re… you know… doing stuff in public.”

She crossed her arms and thought about it. “I’m listening.”

“There’s an open shower area over there, which has dividers for some privacy. It’s technically public, but it’s private enough that we won’t be seen.”

“Go on.”

“We can simulate physical acts, some touching, and with the right angles, it’ll look real. You’ll have to pull some of your clothes down a little.”

“Is that so?” she asked playfully.

“Mom, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to have to do this properly.”

The offer seemed genuine enough. She knew her son was a ladies man who was getting gaziantep ukraynalı escort plenty of action in college. He was also talented at taking pictures. If anyone could pull this off, it was him. And they both knew that her boss never accepted failure.

Speaking of which, her phone beeped, notifying her of an incoming email. Right away she knew it was from Mr. Brandson, who was always working, even when he was having fun.

She checked the message on her phone:

Morning Friends,

I’m sure you’re all having a blast. So far I’ve heard back from Richard, who’s already in the process of going scuba diving, and Jessica, who’s renting a motorcycle. Excellent work you two! I see you have what it takes to succeed in life! I love it!!!

Folks, I want to see you push yourselves. Live your dreams and I want proof. Anything that can be done here, do it. I want pics or else you’ll be fired. (Not a joke!!!) If they’re embarrassing pics I’ll delete them. I promise.

I know there are some awkward ones (I’m looking at you, Matt, Deni, and Natalie) but if you dig deep within yourselves, it can be done.


x Brand

As soon as she read it, she showed the phone to her son.

“Now what?” he asked, reading the message.

“As much as I hate this, we’ll do your plan. Just a few pictures and then we’ll go have lunch and forget all this. God, what was I thinking writing that down for my boss?”

“Was it really…” he hesitated. “A fantasy of yours?”

“That’s none of your business. Please don’t ask me that again.”


She rubbed his shoulder. “Like I said, let’s finish this, then have lunch, then we’ll forget this ever happened. There’s a lovely restaurant by the shore and I’d like to try it.”

“I’m getting hungry too. Follow me.”


The spot was on the beach, near the small dock. There were public showers people could use to wash the salt water from their bodies after swimming in the ocean. The dividers were thin and there was no way to have a private conversation, but it was enough to complete the task.

A boat and scuba trip had just started so the shower areas were empty. There were plenty of tourists lounging on the beach, enjoying the hot weather and having a good time, so if Natalie and Zack were sneaky enough, no one would even notice that they entered the stall together.

“First, what’s the plan?” Natalie asked. “We should think about this before we go inside a shower booth together. I don’t want to linger around too long. It should be quick, in and out.”

“You know your boss better than I do. The plan depends on how thorough he wants his proof.”

“If Mr. Brandson says he wants evidence of skydiving, he’ll want pictures of you flying in the air. If he wants evidence of you scuba diving, you better wave to the camera while you’re next to a shark. This is a man who personally goes over his financial documents with his accountants. He’s that intense.”

“Then we’ll go with Plan C,” he said.

“What’s Plan C?”

Zack sighed. “Something you’re probably not going to like.”

“Well, I don’t have much of a choice.”

“I know, that’s why you won’t like it.”

“This will never get done unless you tell me.”

“We go inside a shower stall,” he said. “Casually, so no one will notice. Then you have to pull your shorts down and bend over with your hands against the wall.”

Natalie winced. “And what exactly are you going to be doing? I’m almost afraid to hear this.”

“I’ll pull my shorts down and press my crotch against your butt. I’ll be holding your phone and I’ll take a picture of it. It’ll look exactly like we’re having sex.”

“At least one of us will be having a great time.”

“Hey, you’re the one who wrote down ‘public sex’ as something you wanted to try. This is your fault, not mine.”

“Fair point,” she acknowledged.

“Are we going to do it or not?”

Natalie hesitated for a moment. “What’s Plan A?”

“Plan A is a sloppy selfie shot of our bodies touching, which looks like we’re gyrating. Plan B is a close-up picture of your face, while you look like you’re receiving pleasure, and I’m sort of in the background, which looks like we’re having sex. Based on what you’ve said, neither of those things are realistic enough.”

“You’re right,” she said. “Plan C is the only option that’ll work.”

He nodded. “Let’s go. Walk casually to the last shower stall. We’ll have more privacy over there.”

“Wait a second.”

“Are you having second thoughts?”

“No. But I have a concern, a rather small one, so to speak.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“When we do this, promise me you won’t look at my asshole. I can live with you seeing my butt, but not my asshole though. It’s far too personal, okay?”

Zack’s face was way too stoic. “Mom, trust me, I have to look to some extent. Otherwise I might accidentally shove myself in your asshole. That’s even worse.”

His demeanor broke and he chuckled. Natalie gaziantep üniversiteli escort laughed too at the absurdity of the situation. The idea that her son would be looking at her naked read end made her extremely uncomfortable, but at the minimum, she was glad that her son was being extremely courteous about this.

“Ready?” she asked nervously.

“I’m ready. 3… 2… 1… Let’s go.”

Zack led the way as he casually walked inside the shower area like a pro. He was an expert in playing it cool. Natalie followed from behind. They had to be fast about this.

As they walked in the public shower area, Natalie looked around. Everything was normal. People were focused on their leisurely activities under the sun and in the water. But you can never be too careful for something like this.

They both went inside the shower stall at the end, which had the most privacy, and Zack closed the small door.

“You know what to do,” he said. “Proceed with the plan.”

Her eyes gave yet another quick survey of the beach area. Everyone in sight seemed to be minding their own business. Why would anybody look? And if anyone did look this way, it would appear that they were about to fuck, which is why she had to finish this as soon as possible. Especially since a random beachgoer could use the outdoor showers at any moment.

Natalie turned so she faced the wall. She undid her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, along with her panties. She had a bikini tan line down below, where each of her butt cheeks had a perfect triangle shape of her bright white skin, surrounded by her tanned thighs.

When she was completely bottomless and her ass was exposed, she did something she never expected to do; she bent over and presented her sexual parts to her son. She felt the warm Thailand air against her pussy and ass while she was in this position. She wondered if her son was looking at her asshole. Of course he was, she thought. Did he also have a thing for a woman’s tan lines? She wondered.

She heard Zack ‘freeing’ himself and she anticipated the moment that his crotch (and probably his penis) would be touching her somewhere sexual.

“Well?” she asked when a few awkward seconds had passed.

“Uh oh,” he said. “I think we have a hitch in the plan.”

“Big or small?”

He gulped. “A kind of big one, I think.”

Natalie stayed in position and kept her eyes towards the wall.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” she replied. “This was supposed to be smooth and effortless.”

“Mom, I’m erect.”

Words which mothers aren’t supposed to hear, especially when their own body parts were the potential cause of the erection.

“Because of me?” she hissed.

“What else would cause it? Sorry for saying this, but you have a spectacular ass. Hot tan lines too.”

“I’m your mother!” she hissed again.

“Sorry. We need to adapt. It’s time for Plan D.”

“Plan D? I hope that wasn’t a bad pun.”

“No,” he replied. “But it’s ironic since my erection will have to press against your labia. It’s the only option.”

“Just tuck it downwards and avoid my labia.”

“You don’t have a cock. You don’t know what it’s like. It’s impossible for me to tuck it that far downwards when I’m erect. An erection doesn’t bend that way. So we have to go with Plan Dick… err… I mean Plan D.”

She sighed, “Fine. Plan D then. Consider this your lucky day.”

“It’s both of our lucky days, I guess.”

Natalie was mildly disturbed by those words and she felt paralyzed when Zack stood right behind her and flicked his hard cock upwards, so that it pressed against her labia. He wasn’t kidding, the thing was hard. As Natalie remained bent over with her hands on the wall, she wondered what exactly had gotten him so erect in the first place?

Was the ultra-stiff erection because they were on vacation together and Zack didn’t have enough private space to masturbate? Was it the relaxing atmosphere of Thailand? Did he see a beautiful topless woman sunbathing earlier?

Or was it… herself?

She wondered if her naked ass had actually gotten her son so worked up. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind, though she was desperate for the answer.

“I’m taking the first pic,” he said.

The erection remained pressed against her labia and clitoris. The truth was, it felt hot. Cock always felt good against her pussy. She loved cock. This was the first time that an erection was pressed against her labia and clitoris at this angle, and it was such an epic tease.

The fact that it was her son’s cock only messed with her mind. She wasn’t supposed to enjoy this. She wasn’t supposed to get sexual satisfaction from him. Yet it felt so natural.

“Take a look,” he said.

Zack held the phone in front of her face and she looked at the image.

“It’s kind of obvious that it’s fake,” she replied. “If you look closely, you can see that your cock isn’t in.”

“Will your boss look that closely?”

“Believe me, he’ll zoom in.”

“Mom, I’ll have to push deeper.”

She hung her head down and sighed. “Do it, quickly. My lower back is starting to ache from this position.”

“Got it.”

Zack temporarily put the phone in his pocket and he thrust, making Natalie accidentally moan when the cock brushed across her labia and clitoris. Her pussy had become wet and she was certain that her son noticed. The naughty position was held for a moment while he captured the image.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32