Product Tester Required Ch. 03-05

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Chapter 3

Darren erupted through the door and was about to burst into a tirade of demands when Yvonne from HR glanced up from the table. Completely deflated he rapidly adjusted his approach.

“These unexpected results” Darren said with more than hint of awkwardness, his entire body going limp.

“Yes Darren, it’s more than likely that the incorrect motors are responsible, don’t you think?” responded Joanne kindly trying to massage his ego.

“Well, quite possibly, to get lateral displacements like that the motors would have to be industrial.” conceded Darren his posture more upright and bold as his confidence returned.

“Actually” murmured Jane “compact digital motors used in drones have been getting magnitudes more powerful in the last two years,” her contribution was neutral, she had never met Darren and was alarmed at his entrance but trusted Joanne’s diplomacy.

“A miniature motor small enough to fit in that dildo could be up to 30 watts each.” She finished, petering off. Joanne was impressed.

“Darren, do you know what they fitted?” Asked Joanne, her delicious smile intended to disarm him.

“They’re 32 watts, I got an email while I was on the phone.” he confessed.

“Can I see the test you did?” Darren inquired feigning indifference badly.

Joanne nodded to Jane and said, “Sure, we have a video capture on the computer.”

Jane crossed to the computer, located the correct file and played it.

Darren laughed quietly when he saw the weight lift.

Jane stated “that much vibration increases the effective girth by an inch.”

“Say that again”, said Darren.

“It increases the eff…,” began Jane.

“I heard you,” interrupted Darren. “This could be a way around the maximum girth limit on dildos,” blurted Darren. “The standards don’t include any allowance for lateral vibration displacement and the market has been crying out for bigger toys for years.”

“How would that work?” asked Yvonne.

“It, well it can push things away from its sides by about 4mm so that it makes an 8mm bigger opening when it’s pushed in. 8mm extra diameter means the extra girth will be about an inch,” Darren explained awkwardly to Yvonne.

“If we are able to sell a vibrating dildo which is effectively bigger than anyone else’s then it will give the company dominance in the huge dildo market,” continued Darren.

“OK, Darren going forward, putting safety to one side, that’s a passage the company may seek to get into, but we need to resolve this dildo’s issues first,” stressed Joanne pointing to phallus in front of them.

“The issue with that thing is it needs smaller motors,” Darren said as if stating the obvious.

The three women looked at each other in a conspiratorial hush. Yvonne was pursing her lips as if considering contributing. Jane was looking quite disappointed. Joanne was concentrating but obviously not in agreement. Something was going on that Darren didn’t know about but he had the feeling he was about to find out.

“How much less powerful do you think we should make the motors?” asked Joanne in an offhand way which did not match these women’s body language.

Darren had seen enough to be nearly certain “You’ve all used it!” He stated flatly staring around the group.

“Now listen here Darren, you have no proof, so if you go blabbing I’ll make it my mission to make your career here short,” warned Yvonne.

“Message received and understood, what was it like as a vibrator? It must have been… Intense,” he stumbled looking for the right word.

“I think he has a right to know, however now that you’ve told us that it’s ten times more powerful than its design rating, any mention of our names is off limits.”

Darren looked quizzical about this.

“You know why Darren, ladies don’t want the wrong reputation.” Jane spoke softly with a rather sexy edge.

“This is the report so far, it has three unnamed appraisals in it from human test subjects. I think we’ll nip up to the canteen for a coffee while you read the findings so far.” Yvonne intoned, looking desperate to get out of there.

Returning from coffee, they found Darren sat back in his chair smiling. The report open in front of him.

“Well fuck me” he exclaimed after they’d seated themselves.

“Dangerous statement in here,” Joanne warned.

“You all loved it,” Darren ploughed on.

“It was… You’re not having it back, put it that way,” Joanne told him, “if what I think we’re all thinking but not saying is that given more testing and a very thorough safety approval, it should go to market pretty much as it.”

They looked at each other in absolute silence, digesting the implications of what Joanne had suggested.

“Battery power will need improving.” Darren concluded as he rose with Yvonne and left Joanne and Jane to their thoughts.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. It was Raymond the Managing Director, he had spoken to Darren. Raymond was delighted by Joanne’s and Jane’s efficiency and resourcefulness getting the preliminary test results done so quickly.

He had pushed görükle escort the project back to design to resolve the battery issues and ensure power distribution processors were rated correctly for the higher powered motors. They had got away with the short periods of usage it had seen, but best to take the batteries out and not use it again.

Joanne almost wanted to cry when he said this.

Anyway, their next product to test would be arriving after lunch.

Beverly had finished telling Jane and Joanne all about her boyfriend’s latest shitty exploits. The stories were entertaining but you had to feel sorry for Beverley. Anthony, Beverly’s boyfriend seemed to be the most selfish, self-adsorbed cock she could imagine.

They wandered into their office to find a new package waiting. Joanne went to the kettle and started to brew up, “do you want tea instead?” she asked.

“Yes, I prefer tea. Too much coffee makes me feel a bit anxious” replied Jane “Shall I get this package open and see what we’ve got?”

“Please, lay it out on the bench, find the instructions if it has any and we’ll make sure that they’re fit for purpose first.”

Chapter 4.

Adjustable reinforced latex full body suspension harness / suit.

They sat together reading through the A5 folder booklet. As they came across any issues no matter how small they were circled in red pen. Pretty soon they had drank their tea and read the booklet through twice.

“We use the instructions to fit the harness?” asked Jane.

“That seems logical. Do you want to go first?” asked Joanne.

“OK” said Jane, “Can we do it in the human test room, in case anyone comes in?”

“Oh god, yes of course, we can lock the door as well,” added Joanne, hoping to enjoy some more intimate time with Jane.

Jane smiled knowingly and approached Joanne until their bodies were intimately pressed together, “I’ll only put that on if you admit it.”

“Admit what?” Joanne whispered hoarsely, knowing exactly what Jane was wanted to hear, but frightened to death of declaring her love so soon and in her place of work.

“You know what Joanne” purred Jane, “but I want to hear it.”

Joanne had no more reason to hesitate, “Jane”, she said, looking straight in her eyes without worry or regret, “I love you, I know we’ve not known each other long, but I truly love you.”

They kissed gently and sensuously, their lips brushing together. Lost in each other’s gaze and holding each other’s backs in a tender embrace.

“I love you too, Joanne, you’re my first girlfriend,” Jane replied tracing her lips across Joanne’s cheek to gently nibble her ear.

“I’ll love you even more when you’re helplessly suspended,” Joanne purred as Jane’s lips traced down her neck.

They gathered the harness and instructions and walked hand in hand into the human testing room and locked the door.

Joanne unclasped her own skirt and let it slide to the floor, “Let me undress you,” she said stepping away from her discarded skirt towards Jane, “let me do everything for you.”

Joanne sensuously ran her hands down Jane’s curves until she reached the buckles on her shoes. Keeping her legs straight as she bent down Joanne unclasped the buckles and lifted first one then the other foot to remove her sensible work shoes.

Jane’s hands rested on Joanne’s delicious hips for balance. Her white blouse had ridden up over the waist band of her cream silky boy short panties. Her smooth round buttocks protruded from the material which was pulled tightly up the crack of her bottom. Her pubic mound clearly on display under the stretched material.

Joanne peeked over her shoulder, into the gorgeous face of Jane who stroked the entirety of the proffered bottom. Running her slender fingers between Joanne’s legs and across her dampening mound, finally tracing a line deeply into the crack of Joanne’s arse and lingering on her puckered hole.”

“Umm. That’s very naughty, but so nice,” Joanne mumbled beginning to straighten up, running her hands up Jane’s still fully clothed body.

Joanne walked seductively round the back of Jane, her fingers running around the inside of Jane’s skirt until she found the button and zip at the back. Her right hand went up to Jane’s enormous right breast, grasping and lifting its bulk she pulled her back until her buttock pressed firmly against her pubic mound.

Joanne’s left hand made short work of the button and zip and then worked the skirt off her hips till it tumbled to the floor.

Their mouths met in a passionate clash, Jane’s head inclined backwards. Joanne’s hands running up the front of Jane’s blouse, unpicking buttons as they went. As soon as she was able Joanne pulled the blouse off Jane’s shoulders and down to her wrists.

Taking Jane by the shoulders, she spun her round and backed her to the chaise lounge. Jane was carefully seated and inclined backwards until she was lying with her arms trapped by the blouse still around her wrists.

Joanne climbed onto the chaise lounge straddling Jane’s hips and lay on top of her semi naked curves. eskort bayan Her left arm went behind Jane’s shoulder and neck for support. Her right hand grasped a hand full of Jane’s hair and guided her mouth to Joanne’s eager lips.

Joanne kissed Jane’s soft lips lovingly and gently, occasionally sticking out her tongue to flick her upper or lower lip, mocking her. Joanne’s tongue proceeded to imitate the act of oral sex around Jane’s lips. The suggestion was not lost on Jane who gasped and protruded her tongue imitating her clitoris.

More gasps from Jane as the act of kissing became an act of mock oral sex, Joanne swirling her tongue around and plunging deep into Jane’s mouth. Lingering kisses as she flicked and teased Jane’s tongue with hers.

Joanne pushed herself to a sitting position and then she was up pulling Jane’s knickers down her full smooth curvy legs. Joanne wanted Jane’s sex in and around her mouth, to taste her juices and drink from her. Jane shuffled to the side of the Chaise Lounge, one leg hung off on the floor, the other leg raised and inclined away leaving her sex fully exposed. Her arms still bound in the sleeves of her blouse by her sides.

Joanne approached Jane’s soaking pussy slowly, gently nibbling her way up her inner thighs.

Jane was breathing in and out noisily, rapidly almost gasping in anticipation. When Joanne’s tongue finally dipped into the very bottom of Jane’s slit and ran slowly and gently to the front. Jane voiced her passion, “Ohhhh goddd, Uuhhmm, that’s wonderful.”

Joanne had a lot to learn about giving oral sex to Jane, but fuck she was determined to put the hours in to learn.

Joanne stroked her tongue between Jane’s lips. Each stroke getting deeper as she lapped her woman juice and ran her hands across her gorgeously smooth hips and belly.

Very shortly Jane’s hips were grinding in an attempt to increase the pressure of her tongue. Joanne obliged and within hardly anytime Jane was Cumming.

Joanne gently maintained shallow licks through Jane’s slit, making her squirm and gasp, “Too much, Ohhhh, Uugghh, stop, please stop, Uuurrghh, please don’t stop, Uugghh,” she gasped and moaned unable to decide whether she was still enjoying herself.

Within a couple of minutes Jane’s mind had changed as she felt herself building to another orgasm, “yes, Ohhhh Yes, please lick my clit, yes yes, harder,” she implored as waves of another orgasm threaten to burst the damn of her climax.

Joanne had her face deeply buried in her slit, making long firm strokes from just inside her vagina to the front of her cunt, lingering on her clitoris. When Jane came Joanne held on firmly by gripping her arse and rode Jane’s orgasm till the final waves subsided.

Jane had been anything but quiet, but was cooing quietly as Joanne slid up from between her legs, along Jane’s sweaty body spreading her cunt juice down her tits and stomach. She lay on top of her restrained lover and kissed her lazily as she bathed in her afterglow. Nature had flooded Jane’s body with extra chemical reward for Cumming extra hard.

Jane smiled tiredly as her lips were softly kissed, “That’s another first for me, no one’s ever gone down on me before, I’m glad it was you,” she said sleepily, floating on her hormone high.

I can’t believe no one has wanted to lick your delicious cunt before,” replied Joanne dreamily, “I’ll do you anytime you want, important meetings excluded.”

“Will you stay at mine again tonight? Jane asked very sleepily now.

“I’d like that” answered Joanne unsure Jane had heard because she was breathing softly, her eyes shut, sound asleep. “I’d really, really like that,” she whispered.

“I love y…,” Jane said between breaths, in her sleep.

Joanne did not want to wake Jane so she lay quietly on her soft, warm, sweaty, slippery body and shut her own eyes. She was comfortable and had never felt so secure. Her head rested on Jane’s shoulder and she dozed for a while.

They were woken when the outer door bumped shut. Then footsteps and the door to their backroom rattled. Yvonne called through the door, “I need to have a chat with you both,” she implored.

Within seconds the door was unlocked by Joanne and Yvonne timidly came in, “Hi Yvonne,” said a semi naked, dishevelled looking Joanne. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smeared. This alone would not have been unforgivable. The sticky damp stain down her blouse had pubic hairs stuck to it.

“Hi Yvonne,” called Jane from the chaise lounge, raising her head, her arms were still pinned to her sides her make up all over her face and sex wide open.

“Have I caught you at a bad time?” Yvonne asked unable to keep from smiling at the stupidity of her own question. “I’ll be back in 15 minutes with coffee, I’d like you two dressed, we need to talk,” she stated more flatly.

When Joanne and Jane came into the office, showered and smartened up 20 minutes later, both wearing clean clothes, Yvonne was sat in their office looking a bit peeved.

“What can we do for you, Yvonne,” asked Joanne as if nothing altıparmak escort unusual had happened.

“I need you both to work every Saturday morning overtime from now on”, said Yvonne, “I’ll clear it, and you’ll get time and a half.”

“Why?” asked Jane. Joanne had a damn good idea where this was going.

“Yvonne wants to have sex with us,” explained Joanne to Jane.

“I want to be a test subject,” she pleaded, “you can use me for anything, I’ll do anything.”

Jane felt that Yvonne ought to know about her and Joanne, “just so you know, Joanne and I are an item, I’m already feeling a bit jealous,” she explained.

“I promise I won’t come between the two of you. I just want a bit more of what you gave me before,” she finished almost begging. “When I say I’ll do anything, I mean test the whips on me, anything, I like that sort of thing.” She looked down miserably, clearly ashamed of her admission but desperately needing it.

“Oh Yvonne,” Joanne rose and crossed to her, crouching she wrapped her in her arms and kissed her, “Of course you can have a piece of what we have,” she turned to Jane, “once a week we USE Yvonne, the rest of the time you’ve got me to yourself,” she implored looking Jane straight in the eye.

Jane relented, feeling a little more playful, “OK Yvonne, but I won’t tolerate any tardiness or lateness, and there’s an entire catalogue of whips, paddles and crops to retest.”

“Thank you,” Yvonne almost cried with relief. She was clearly very emotional and stood and left the room to save herself further embarrassment.

“That sounded very kinky of you,” Joanne cooed looking at Jane with fresh eyes all of a sudden.

“I’d quite like to do the whipping, I’m not into being spanked or whipped myself. Anyway Yvonne’s got a cute bottom.”

“I can’t believe this place can get any weirder,” joked Joanne.

“Let’s go home to mine,” Jane replied, “you’ll have to string me up in that harness tomorrow now.”

Joanne was stood at the sink in Jane’s flat in just her knickers, drying the couple of pots they had used for their evening meal.

Jane watched, from the open plan lounge area. The first thing she wanted to do was get rid of all their pubic hair. Jane had quite copious pubes and would prefer a clean shaven pussy. Joanne had less pubes but if she were to go down on Joanne she wanted her to be smooth.

“Joanne, what’s the best way of removing my pubic hair?” Jane asked nervously.

Joanne turned around and leaned back on the sink laughing, “Do you want me to shave you?” she asked, “or would waxing be something you’d consider?”

“They’ve both got serious disadvantages, I was thinking of scissors and emmac cream,” she continued.

“I’ve waxed a couple of times, it’s not so bad. It’s safer than using emmac down there,” she continued. It’ll be good practice when you wax Yvonne. She’d really enjoy it,” said Joanne, trying to coax Jane away from spreading emmac on her pussy.

“If you want us to go smooth we’re best going to a saloon to get it done,” Joanne concluded.

“That seems fair enough, I’ll make an appointment tomorrow,” said Jane slightly worried.

Jane’s flat was directly on top of a beauty parlour that was open late on Thursdays, Joanne and Jane both knew this. Joanne stared at Jane with raised eyebrows. Jane caved in “I’ll go down and see if they can fit us in.”

Twenty minutes later they were sat waiting in the saloon, wearing matching bathrobes, drinking herbal tea. Having customers who wanted to have treatments together was not unusual. It was rare that customers wanted their pubic hair waxing together.

Nether the less they were accommodated and as the friends lay together having their pubic hair pulled out, swearing and grimacing, then laughing through tears as the other got the treatment.

They decided to have their bottoms done as well, which surprisingly they both quite enjoyed. Maybe it was just less painful than the front.

They sat drinking tea recovering in their robes. “That feels so much better” exclaimed Jane as her hand felt her mound under her robe.

“Let’s pay and get back upstairs. It’s going to be a long night, I can’t wait to get at your bald pussy,” whispered Joanne.

Jane blushed, this was where she lived and had grown up. Until recently she had not considered the possibility of having to conceal a gay relationship, let alone the thought of coming out. Things were moving quickly. She nodded and went to get changed.

Back in the flat, both women were naked soon after closing the front door, examining and comparing bald pussies. It was fun, and realizing sex was more than probably not a great idea for a day or two they made cups of tea and got into Jane’s queen sized bed.

They sat up drinking their tea. Both a bit too sore still for lesbian sex, but Joanne wrapped her arm around Jane and lent in, “apart from the things that men do, you know, licking and fingering,” Jane asked, “what else can lesbians do?”

Joanne, being a bit older and more experienced, although she was not very experienced because she did not have a clue. She also had never considered herself gay and had fallen in love with Jane because she was not a man. Being a man was an enigma and very few of them seemed to get it right. It didn’t seem difficult to Joanne but if worthy men existed they were very thinly spread.

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