Pristine Falls Ch. 02

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Author’s note: I recommend reading the original Pristine Falls before this story. The back story will hopefully make this one much more entertaining.


Pleasantly surprised, I awoke the next morning spooning with Amy. I was still naked, and my morning wood was nestled neatly between her panty clad ass cheeks. She was still wearing the wifebeater, and in the morning light she looked incredibly sexy. It was already warmer than it had been the previous day, so fighting my temptation to get myself off with a little (and it wouldn’t have taken much) cock to ass grinding, I decided to let Amy sleep and go have a swim.

I slipped on my trunks, ducked outside the tent, and hopped into the lake. It was going to be a warm day. I forgot to check my watch, but I’m guessing it was only around 9:30, and it was already well over 80. The day before barely reached 75 degrees. I had only been splashing around for a few minutes when Amy followed me out of the tent.

“Morning Scubs,” she said.

Trying to keep my eyes on her face and off of the tiny black bikini she was wearing, I returned her greeting, “How’d you sleep last night?”

“Alright, I think we might have set up the tent over a stick, something was digging into my ass all night,” she looked up at me with a smile and mischief in her eyes at that last comment.

I smiled back, “Well, that often happens when one’s pitching a tent.”

She laughed at this comment. I tried to keep my eyes off of her little breasts as her laughter made them bounce. I was unsuccessful.

“It’s really warm out today,” she said, pretending not to notice my stares.

“Yeah, perfect day for a swim.” I replied.

She spread out a towel and lay down as she said, “Actually, I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to work on my tan. It’d be a shame to let my beautiful California bronze gaziantep zenci escort wear off.”

“Yeah, you know, during our tick check last night, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of tan lines on your back.” (I had also noticed the lack of tan lines on her breast while I was feeling her up the night before, but I didn’t know how cool she’d be with talking about that.)

“Yeah, so?” She knew what I was getting at.

“Well, I just wanted you to know that if you wanted to do that here, I’d be cool with it.”

She raised herself on her elbows, smiled, rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Thanks Scub, that’s so thoughtful of you.”

I watched her silently with a grin on my face, and just when I was beginning to think that the bikini top was staying on, she repeated her eye roll and sat up. She reached up and undid the top of her halter with one quick tug, and before I knew it, the whole top was off. Not saying a word, she laid back and continued her tanning.

After only a couple minutes of tanning, she sat up again. “Shit, I forgot tanning lotion.” She headed back into the tent for a minute and came back out holding a small tube. I stared at her perky little a-cups the whole way back. She noticed, but pretended not to. I watched intently as she spread the lotion first on her legs. Starting on her pretty little feet and working her way up her thighs.

Since I was under water, I reached down the front of my trunks and began to slowly massage my cock as she squirted the cream onto her chest. She looked up at me and smiled as she started rubbing it in. “Scub, can you come up and do my back?”

“Uh, sure,” I knew it’d be no surprise that I had a hard-on, so I made no attempt to hide it as I walked out of the water and approached her. She rolled her eyes at me once gaziantep escort again and turned over on her towel. Not knowing or caring if it was what she had in mind, I straddled her and sat on her legs just below her gorgeous ass. I squirted a generous portion of the lotion onto her back and started rubbing.

The rubbing in of the lotion quickly turned into little more than a back rub, but I had no intentions of ending it until she told me to. I worked my way from her shoulders down to her lower back, even getting up the guts to pull her bikini bottoms down just enough so that I could see the top of her crack. I rubbed the lotion onto the top of her butt and then worked my way back up.

She was really getting into it, and I think I even heard a couple moans slip out. I was getting bold now, so I let my hands slip down to the sides of her waist. I gently massaged my way up until my hands were at the sides of her petite little breasts. I began to work them inward. Just as I was getting to her nipples she stopped me. “Can you do the back of my legs, too?”

I thought this was a pretty interesting request since I had seen her do both the front and backs of her legs already, but I wasn’t about to argue. I squirted some more of the lotion into my hands and backed down to her feet. I took my time rubbing down each one, rubbing the lotion between her toes and then on the tops and bottom of her feet. Slowly, I made my way up to her calves, rubbing one, and then the other from top to bottom.

Hearing no objection, I squirted a line of the lotion from the backs of both knees all the way up to the bottom of her bikini bottoms. My cock throbbed with every one of my racing heart beats. I started first on the backs and outsides of her legs, doing one with each hand. I made my way from the bottom of her thighs to the top. When I got to the top, I took a chance.

I pushed some of the remaining tanning lotion up to the very hem of her bikini bottoms. Getting my finger tips and palms good and wet with the cream, I wriggled them underneath. Amy whimpered quietly as I palmed both of her cheeks, finally grasping the object of my affections. I rubbed and kneaded her cheeks for a couple of minutes, occasionally allowing my thumbs to drop down into her crack. After I had gotten my fill, I pulled my hands out of her bottoms and started at the bottom of her thigh again.

There was still a little bit of the lotion left, so I worked my hand from the back of her leg, down to the inside of the bottom of her thigh. Then I moved my hand up a few inches and repeated until my hand was an inch away from her tightly covered little mound. Holding my breath, I went up that final inch, letting my index finger graze her pussy as I did so. Her breath caught. Not wanting to rush things and have her end it, I moved to her right leg and started again.

When I had made my way up to that final inch of her right thigh, I noticed her legs spread just a little bit wider. That was all the encouragement that I needed. After what had now been about 15 minutes of teasing and rubbing, I let my finger tips rest on her bikini covered mound. Amy let out a sigh and pushed back into my hand. I began massaging her mound just as I had massaged her legs, and she obviously was enjoying it. She was pushing back harder and harder, and had now begun subtly humping into my hand.

I was just getting ready to work my way inside her bottoms when Amy whimpered and began to shudder. She rocked back so that she was on her hands and knees and covered my hand with hers, rubbing me harder against her pussy as she came. After she shook and whimpered for what seemed like minutes, she let go of my hand and slumped back down onto her stomach.

I sat there watching her for a few minutes. Finally she turned onto her back, stood up, and made her way to the water. “Thanks Scub, I needed that.” As she walked down to the water, I was left to wonder when it would be my turn again…

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