Preparing for Halloween Pt. 02

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I was so excited about sleeping in pantyhose and the nightie I didn’t fall asleep till very late. Then I was awoken by Sue’s big ass on my face! She was rubbing my cock and balls through the pantyhose and her ass and pussy all over my face. I spread her ass cheeks and started to lick and suck her asshole. She suddenly turned and pushed her cunt into my face, telling me to eat her. I did as I was told and she ground herself hard and came on my face. This time was different as I could feel and taste her juices squirt. It was like she was pissing in my mouth but not a large amount and just a little taste.

She then slid down my body and put her tits in my face, telling me to suck on her large nipples. Her cunt was now rubbing my cock and balls through the pantyhose and I came. She didn’t stop, grinding and rubbing till she came again! At this point I realized that Eileen was watching and laughing, calling Sue a slut. But she was naked and rubbing her own clit. They were so different with Sue being huge breasted (40dd), short (5′ 3″) and a big ass (48) and Eileen tall and lean at 5’10”, 32aa breasts, and tight 34″ ass.

But while Sue laughed and enjoyed playing, Eileen had a vicious streak in her. She came over and pushed Sue off of me and slapped my balls very hard. She then stuck her hand into the pantyhose and covered her hand in my cum. She wiped it on her pussy and sat on my face making me lick her clean and eat her slimy cunt. When she knelt on my face she squeezed my balls to make me eat her. When she came she squeezed my head and my balls, then forced some piss down my throat as she laughed.

She then told me to shower and come to her room. She also told me to clean myself out. I took Bostancı Escort 2 enemas and went to her. She had me put on a pair of pantyhose that she had cut out a patch by my ass. Then panties, a small padded bra, a nice blouse and a very short skirt. Also 3 inch heels that she had me walk around till I looked like I was ok in them. She then explained that since the party I was going to I would be expected to both suck cock and be fucked, I needed to be broken in.

Her and Sue finished making me up, painting my lips red, as well as putting on fake finger nails. They did my hair in a shag like Eileen and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself! I looked like a cute, but slutty, girl. Then she informed Vinny, her boyfriend, and a few of his friends would be over. I was not to talk, just do as I was told. She then had me serve her and Sue drinks and she had me do 3 shots of vodka to calm me down. Since I had not eaten since yesterday afternoon they went straight to my head.

A few minutes later Vinny and 2 of his friends arrived. I was introduced as Eileens cousin from Italy and told them that I didn’t understand much English. Again I served drinks and had a few more shots. At this point I could see a huge bulge in Vinny’s pants…Eileen now had her top open and Vinny was sucking on her breasts. Sue was sitting between his two friends and as they sucked her big tits she was rubbing their cocks through their pants.

Eileen now called me “Gina, help me with Vinny…” I knelt and undid his pants and could not believe the size of his cock. No wonder Eileen laughed at me. His cock was at least 9 inches long and as thick as a beer can! Eileen held it and told me to lick Anadolu Yakası Escort and suck it. As I did she told me to worship it.

My mouth drooled as I worked it in. I could get just a little more then the head in my mouth when I felt hands on my ass. Then I realized that one of the other guys had pulled my skirt up and was using Vaseline in my ass. Eileen just said to fuck the slut. His cock was normal but it still hurt like hell but Eileen held me on Vinny’s cock. As he fucked me he mentioned how tight I was. Eileen also told them that I was having my period so my ass was it! It felt like it was burning but he came quickly and then his friend took his place. He was about the same size and with the Vaseline and cum as lube he slipped right in.

He lasted a little longer and as he did Vinny came in my mouth. It was huge load and I was choking on it but I figured since he came my ass was safe. Once his friend pulled out he sat where Vinny was and had me lick clean his slime and Vaseline covered cock. Then I felt it! Vinny was still hard! He was forcing the huge head of his cock in my ass. It wasn’t happening but he just held it there when Eileen opened a brown bottle and shoved it under my nose, telling me to inhale. I did as I was told and all of a sudden Vinny was in me all the way to his balls! I tried to scream in pain but his friends cock was down my throat.

Vinny started fucking me brutally hard, saying it was the tightest ass he ever had and tighter then Eileen’s cunt. He was fucking men long and hard and it hurt like hell. He was slam fucking me, pulling on my hair and smacking my ass. Finally he stopped and pulled out but he just rolled me on my back. Ataşehir Escort At this point Eileen sat on my face and held my legs back and Vinny continued is brutal assault on my ass. Since my cock was covered by the front of the pantyhose and panties he could not see my tiny cock.

Eileen started to smack my cock and balls, telling me to eat her. I did as I was told, crying from the pain when all of a sudden she put a washcloth over my nose. It was drenched with poppers from the brown bottle! After a few minutes his cock finally started to feel good. She was back on my face and this time as she came Vinny harshly squeezed her little nipples. She also pissed down my throat but this time I didn’t care. Finally Vinny bottomed out and shot a huge load in me. He then switched places with Eileen and had me lick his cock clean. As he did this Eileen caught the cum dripping from my ass and fed it to me.

Finally they were done and Sue helped me to my feet and to the couch. She had me kneel and suck the friends cocks again as Eileen took a belt and beat my ass. Vinny laughed and then he spanked Eileen’s ass. The guys were now double teaming Sue, one being sucked as the other fucked her. Eileen now pulled me to the floor and kneeled over my face. Vinny started to fuck her, pulling out for me to lick his cock and balls. I also was licking Eileen’s pussy as she came multiple times, squirting piss in my face. Finally Vinny pulled out and crawled around, putting my legs on his shoulders and fucking my ass again as I ate her cunt. He was biting her nipples and telling her how tight I was when he came again. But before pulling out he bent over and shoved his tongue down my throat, thanking me!

He pulled out and I licked his cock clean as he hugged Eileen, thanking her for her cousin…and Sue just laid there as she licked his 2 friends cocks clean. Finally They left and Eileen had me clean up. She then told me my training had just begun. While my ass was sore this was a lot of fun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32