Prelude to a Shower Scene

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“Hey, this bum still breathin’?”

“Uhn… yeah.”

“Fucker’s tougher than he looks. Heavier too.”

“You doin’ anythin’ tonight?”

“Nah. Once this is over, I’m goin’ home’n knock over a few brews.”

“The old lady’s makin’ a roast. Usually enough for a week. Come over.”


“Shit yeah! With you there, there won’t be so many leftovers. I love my wife’s cookin’, but a week of that roast’s a bit much. Who is this guy anyway?”

“I don’t know. Shows up every once in a while. Boss has a love/hate relationship wit’ him. Loves him when he pays, hates him when he owes money.”

“Ha! See you around eight?”



I listened to their dinner plans as I enjoyed the soothing comfort of a face half buried in mud. The goop tasted the way it always did – like 5 day-old shit – so I knew I was resting quietly in the woodsy side of the municipal dump. I just hoped the rats weren’t going to nibble at my balls the way they did last time I was dumped here. Oh… there goes my consciousness again.


I finally got my act together a while later. Something was licking my face, and the tongue was way to smooth to be Jeannie’s. So when I opened my eye, surprise: Rusty the raccoon was slobbering all over me. I reacted instantly by jumping to my feet and letting out a whoop that effectively scared the critter off.

But right after that, my body remembered being smacked senseless a few hours ago. Taking the direct route back to the ground, I ended up staring breathlessly at a star filled sky. Brain and body were out of service again. But this time, it took only a few minutes for me to gather the strength to get back to my feet. Counting the number of creaks and rattles I made as I stood up, I felt around my chest while taking a deep breath to locate any broken ribs. The inhalation was rough, with some tenderness and pain in my left side: probably a couple of internal bruises. I began to march slowly back to the road, contemplating the thought of hitchhiking back to the city while I softly touched my face. The jaw still worked; the eyes were okay; cheeks were sensitive; all my teeth were there; no cut lips; breathing was still a bit hard. Looked like the boys mostly worked my upper body. They took it easy on me. But I wonder why they spared my face? Oh, well – thugs have their reasons.

I ended up walking back to town; the way my face was caked in dried mud curtailed any chances I might have had of getting picked up. The walk would also help clear my head of the mixed haze of body shots and shots to the body. Stopping for a moment to take another deep breath, wincing as my chest expanded, I padded down my pockets to make sure my wallet was there. It was… as well as a ring topped by a beautiful, and fake, diamond.

Walking more quickly now, I remembered a bit more about the preceding night: a stripper named Candy; a 60 ounce bottle of tequila; borrowing 500 dollars to buy an engagement ring at a pawn shop; Candy laughing in my face when I asked her to marry me; explaining to Franky Molloy that the cash he lent me helped buy a cheap knock-off of a diamond ring; Franky collecting his cash out of my hide. But I also told him where I got the ring, too. Some poor fence was going to get a visit … poor bastard.

When I got to within 2 miles of the city, I tossed the ring over my shoulder and remembered what I missed the most about last night: tequila, my old friend and nemesis.


I looked up at the moon and the 3 story building that housed my office and my apartment; I actually owned the place. The top story was mine: a loft where I had all my stuff. To get in, I had to use a service elevator behind the building. The second story had a few renters; they didn’t always pay on time, but they always paid. They came with the place when I bought it. The street level housed my office and Madame Malena’s school of dance and transcendental art, whatever the hell that means.

My office door said “Sam Archer Investigations Inc.”

There was a bowl of fruit in front of my office door. I picked it up and went around back to the service elevator. Apparently, an old kind of temple was located where my office is now; some of the faithful still brought offerings. I was happy to see someone was looking out for their god’s need in vitamins and minerals.

When I finally got the old elevator working and shuddering, I pulled up the mesh gate that opened onto my apartment – I’ve got the get an inner staircase connecting my loft to the rest of the building.

“Honey,” I shouted. “I’m home.”

“Meow,” Jeannie responded. She walked up to me and then plopped down on her hind legs and curled her front paws beneath her. She looked up at me disapprovingly and twitched her whiskers. She yawned.

“Yeah, I know I look like something you dragged in,” I muttered while I walked over her and went to the bathroom. An I-don’t-know-how old Siamese cat, Jeannie had the run of the loft when I bought the türk adult forum building. I tried to scoot her away for the first few weeks, but in the end, I let her stay. She had this habit of always coming back anyway, so I just gave up.

I undressed on the way to the bathroom, letting my clothing fall wherever it may, determined to let my body shrivel under a boiling stream of water. Jeannie was by my side, sometimes sliding between my legs. Each time I almost fell, she purred. Punishment for having come in late, I guessed.

When I finally got the water to a near scolding temperature, I hoisted myself into the lion-pawed tub and let my head fall forward as the water struck and soothed the aching muscles of my neck. All the aches in my body became apparent as the water relaxed me and drained any adrenaline that may have lingered in my limbs. When I caught a flicker of a silhouette, adrenaline kicked in again; the shadow was to large to be the cat’s.

“Malena!” I hollered after I pulled the shower curtain aside and her figure emerged through the steam.

“Hello Samuel,” she said in her damn sexy accent.

We faced each other for a second, both taking in the fact that the other was naked. If you’re wondering … I may have forgotten to mention Malena and I sleep together sometimes.

It was good to see her. Malena wasn’t my typical woman: she was taller than me by two inches at six-feet tall. Her brown hair was long, past her shoulders, and made frizzy by the humidity. Her limbs were long and finely muscled — almost masculine in their development because of her dancing, but the swell of her small breasts capped by inch long nipples were irrefutable evidence of her femininity.

I stepped back to give her some room as she gracefully tossed one long leg, then the other, over the side of the tub to join me under the water. I was mesmerized by how the water glistened off her statuesque features – especially her engrossing brown eyes. I followed droplets of water as they slid down her slightly broad nose to pool temporarily atop her upper lip. I fought the urge to lick the water away, unsure as to why she was here… as if I didn’t know.

“How’d you get in?” I asked uselessly as she started to pinch my nipples and press her bush against my cock. Her apartment was right under mine and they were linked by a trapdoor that opened from her side. But a look of concern overcame Malena — I winced as she let her hands slide down my sides to rest on my hips.

“You in a fight?”

“I got beat up actually,” I corrected as her fingernails grazed my ribs.

“Oh,” she whispered as I felt her teeth gently nibble my nipples. “I kiss. Make better. Yes?”

I could only moan as she kissed her way from my right nipple, down my stomach, and back up to my left nipple. My cock throbbed against her tits when I felt her tongue and lips cover the welts the beating had left. Malena seemed to get a special pleasure from licking the area that hurt the most, like an animal licking a wound. I leaned against the wall and ran my fingers through her hair, unsure if I enjoyed the treatment she gave my side or not. But the tightness in my balls made absolutely clear how I really felt.

Malena stopped licking my chest to look up at me. Her eyes squinted as the water struck her face and then she giggled; my knees had buckled a bit when she rubbed the tip of my dick on her nipples. Maybe is was a distortion from the steam, but they seemed to grow even longer! And I did slide down the wall when the moist warmth of the shower was replaced by the moist warmth of Malena’s mouth. My breathing became ragged while the slurping noises she made as she sucked my dick wildly filled my senses. Every time I blinked, Malena’s head was at a different angle and her hair was flailing wildly while she worked my cock over. I suddenly tightened my grip on the sides of the tub when I felt what seemed like her tongue literally closing in on my cock from every side.

Just as my balls were about to explode, she let go and grabbed the base of the shaft, pinching it tightly. It pulsed a few times, then softened a bit.

“You better?” she asked.

I stared at her incredulously. I shook my head. She just smiled and reached around me to close the faucets a bit. “Save water, yes?” she said sweetly.

I wiped some of the sweat from my forehead, expecting her to rise from the tub and leave me there, half-cocked. Instead, she turned her back to me and braced her arms on the opposite side of the tub. I rose to my knees when she looked over her shoulder and wiggled her slim waist and heart-shaped ass. Hypnotized, I massaged her muscled bottom until I reached her engorged pussy.

“Ahhh…” she moaned when I traced the crease of her cunt with my forefinger; starting from her clit, I gently parted her lips and made small circular motions with the tip of my finger until I reached her asshole.

Malena arched her back a bit when the tip of my cock touched her clit. “Just me,” porno forum she said when she reached between her legs and grabbed my shaft. I got instantly hard again.

“Goddamn, you’re so tight!” I exclaimed while Malena slid my tool into her canal. Her muscle control was incredible – she was jerking me off while we fucked! I held on to the sides of the tub for dear life while she pumped furiously away at my sensitive member.

Malena hoisted her right leg over the side of the tub so that she could better move her hips up and down as well as back and forth. It also gave me room to find her clit and caress it while she fucked me.

“Ohhh… Ahhh…Yessss!” Malena hissed when the walls of her cunt tightened around me. I grunted as she came to the rhythm of my index finger on her nub; then I snarled, grabbing her hips and pulling her completely back into the tub. From then on, the fucking would be mine.

“Wheee!” she cheered to the sound of my balls and hips slapping against her ass. The beast inside me rose as I thrust more and more violently, trying to reach as deeply inside her as I could. With her hair flailing madly, Malena drank the wild look that invaded my eyes and answered my howls and growls with some of her own.

I suddenly hugged her waist and the beast in me howled while I gushed my orgasm deep in Malena’s waiting cunt. Satiated, the beast went back to sleep and I slumped directly underneath the gentle drip of the shower head.

Malena pulled herself off my softening cock. She twisted around and sat facing me. She pushed the hair from her face back.

“Better?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Ahhh… I’ll tell you once I remember my name,” I chuckled. She sat opposite of me, her knees against her chest as she rested in the curved slope of the tub. I looked down my body — my eyes ended up focusing on her musky snatch.

“I ask…” she whispered as she came and rested her body on mine. “Many times, you come. Smile, but you hurt. Why?”

I kissed her cheek. “My lady Malena, I didn’t know you cared.”

‘Tell me,” she whispered, pressing her nipples against mine. “Then… I maybe tell you!”

“Well, I doubt my story’s as interesting as yours, oh mistress of the transcendental arts. What the hell does that mean anyway?”

“I tell you secrets later. You!”

“All right,” I conceded. “But before I do, you have to assume the position.” Even before I finished the sentence, Malena’s face had already lit up. She slid of my body, handed me the flexible shower head, and switched the water on. After she set a slow stream of warm water, I sat in a cross-legged position while she lowered herself onto her back. She handed me the shower head and she placed her feet on each side of my thighs. In that position, her pussy was within arms reach — I let the water fall gently on her delta of Venus.

“So,” I started as the water flowed down her pubic hair and across her trembling flesh. “You want to know why I am where I am… It’s because I failed.”

Malena lifted her head to cast me a worried look, but it faded quickly as I pressed my fingers into her thick and dark pubic hair. Her eyes rolled back into her head as water trickled across her pussy. “Y’see, I didn’t fail, really…

“Well, it all started after my mother – a dog – met my dad. He was a butterfly. They sold me to Satan in exchange of some magic refried beans. Imagine the Devil’s surprise when I replaced the fires of Hell with Vodka and lime.”

Malena sighed as I kneaded her calf muscles – they were loosening up quite nicely under the water. My ministrations drew ooohhhs and aaahhhs from her while my fingers lingered on the sensitive skin behind her knees.

“After that incident I was sent to a boarding school on Mars. That’s where I met and married a giant sand flea named Ruth A. Baaga.”

Malena was oblivious to my story as the water flowed freely across her cunt, some of it slipping into her moist canal. I parted her cunt-lips and slipped my middle finger inside her. Her breath became raspy and she bit her lower lip while I made a small back-and-forth motion in her pussy – every contact between my digit and her cunt triggered spasms of pleasure that racked her sensitive body. My cock was springing back to life. Yum!

“The marriage didn’t last long, though. We were married six minutes and then I came back to Earth where I found a job spit-shining the hubcaps on model planes. After that, I worked as a singer for a circus of the dead. Then I found my mom and gave her a soup bone…”

Between moans, Malena was alert enough reach down and play with my cock and cast me a disbelieving glance. I had no choice but to divert her attention by hoisting her up by her ankles until her knees were at the height of my shoulders. I braced her ass in my hands and I placed her knees directly on my shoulders. Her pussy was only inches away from my mouth.

“We’ll be back to this harrowing story after this big O break…” I said before planting my tongue on her clit.

“EEEE!!!” adult forum Malena shouted as I signed my name with my tongue across her pussy. The S-A-M was easy enough to do, but by the time I was spelling Archer, she’d wrapped her dancer’s legs so tightly around my head that I felt my face go numb. Again I say: Yum!

“Oh… my clit… bite it bite it bite it!!” I did just that and from the way she squeezed and cracked my neck, I’d never have to go and see the chiropractor ever again.

It took a few moments for Malena to calm down enough and allow me to lower her back down. It took me a few moments to make sure my head was still screwed on straight. While Malena rested, I moved in a way so that the tip of my cock was grazing the opening of her cunt. A content smile emerged on her face.

“But everything in my life went really screwy,” I said as I entered her completely, “after I met this crazy chick.” I was fucking her slowly, pulling out almost completely and then making sure she felt every inch of me as I went back in.

“I wasn’t sure if she was a gypsy, a witch, or maybe just insane.” I was fucking her more quickly now, alternating between 5 quick strokes and one long, languorous stroke. “I just know she makes me feel alive when everything around me says I’m dead inside.” Malena was digging her nails into my chest until I moved her hands aside and rested my body completely on hers.

“Yes! Yes Fuck Me Yes!!” She yelled as she wrapped her legs around me and clawed my back until a bit of blood began to drip. My balls slapped against her pelvis as I gave in to the beast in me – I pulled her hair back hard and bit her neck lightly as I sped up.

“Ragghh!!” I snarled as we bucked wildly against the ceramic of the tub. Somehow, the shower head had fallen to the side and was now spraying a full jet of water across our bodies and the whole bathroom. Between unintelligible grunts, I wondered if the cat had gotten out… That thought quickly dissipated after Malena started to fuck my mouth with her tongue.

“Come!” she demanded while her lips were fighting with mine. I must have roared when my cock heaved and my balls tightened – my body shook violently as I shot spurt after spurt of come in Malena’s bottomless cunt. She was bucking her hips, madly grinding her clit against my pelvic bone until she gasped and moaned, her orgasm coming only a few seconds after mine.

After that, I kissed her eyelids and pinched her nipples while she licked my ear. Our hearts were slowing down…


I listened to Malena sing while she took a shower. I walked over to the window and watched the city.

Beautiful rays of amber sunlight flooded my loft, casting shadows where it hit the columns that supported the roof; I rubbed my eyes and wondered what the rest of the day held in store for me. It was only 11 o’clock on a Sunday morning. Malena and I managed to get almost a full six hours of sleep.

Feeling invigorated from Malena’s treatment from last night – I always felt like that after we fucked – I went over to the table that rested near my training area. I stood there naked while I wrapped my hands in tape. Then, I went over to the hanging 60 pound punching bag and took a tentative swing. The impact of the punch moved the bag a bit; I was more concerned about any pain I might feel. There was a bit of soreness from my sides, but nothing I hadn’t felt in the past.

Facing the bag, I gave it a quick series of alternating jabs. Still a bit of soreness. I rotated my shoulders to loosen up and delivered another series of jabs. Better. Soon, I was alternating between jab/hook combinations and uppercuts. Smiling, I gave the bag a swift whip-like kick, hitting it about halfway up its length with my right shin. That’s when my face twisted as the soreness in my ribs asserted itself. My little fuck play from last night may not have been that helpful after all – but it sure was fun!

I closed my eyes and backed away from the bag. Under the heat from the sunlight, I remembered the old training sessions from a few years back. Breathing deeply, I bent my arms at the elbow, keeping them firmly pressed against my sides, and slowly extended my left leg forward as high as it would go without a warm-up. Once it was back down, I did the same with my right leg. Such slow movements were supposed to help me tame any pain I might suffer. I repeated the excercise for the full range of motion of each leg.

Satisfied, I went back to he bag and delivered the same kick as before. Better. I did it again. Better. Within minutes, I was hitting the bag with combinations of punches and kicks that were as natural to me as breathing was.

“Bravo!” I heard. I stopped mid-motion and almost lost my balance.

“You dance!” Malena said as she brought a tray with two bowls of cereal to the table. “And now, eat!”

I sat down at the table, unwrapped my hands and took a spoonful of corn flakes. They were good.

Before joining me, Malena stood in an open area and did some spectacular kicks and spins and pirouettes of her own. “You dance,” I said. “I just punch and kick things.”

“It is ballet, my dance. You did not tell truth last night…”

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