Practical Insanity Ch. 03

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Susan Helmand pulled into her own driveway and, just as she expected, saw Jim’s car. She smiled, a little. What the hell was going on here exactly? What sort of game were they playing. She knew. What she also knew, after thinking about it on her way home was that Jim had grown into the sort of man his father had not been. Jim was a hard-charging student, about to finish an MBA after completing a difficult double major. He had executive written all over him, inside where it really counted and outside where people thought it counted. He also had the desire to please a woman, inherited from his father, ingrained in him. It wasn’t that he’d noticed the way his father served her as much as he just assumed that’s how it should be. The way he was last night was an example of it. When she suggested he go handle the food delivery, he hopped up and took care of it without question or hesitation. And when she got back from the bathroom, he’d had the food already laid out by the water’s edge. It wasn’t a conscious effort for him to serve, it was natural and easy.

She must be losing her mind. “Practical insanity indeed,” she thought. She was driving up to the house with thoughts of seducing her own son and using him as a slave. “Gee Susan, what could possibly go wrong with that idea? Surely a reasonable person couldn’t find fault with it,” she said sarcastically to herself. If she followed through with this idiotic idea, she’d be as bad – no, worse – than many of her patients. That book she was considering about practical insanity, might turn into an autobiography.

“Ok, enough of this nonsense. I’m going in there to have a nice dinner with my son and that’s it. We’re going to use last night and tonight to start developing a healthy mother/son relationship like we should have had all along if I hadn’t been so damned preoccupied with being successful.”

He had left the front door unlocked for her. She smiled. The neighborhood was safe enough and he was home. It was a nice touch.

“Hey mom. I finished my studying.” That wasn’t a lie exactly, since he had finished it – a couple of days ago. He had been careful to leave a few books on the coffee table though, to keep up appearances. “I made us a couple of drinks. I figured since we had beer last night, something mixed might be a nice change this evening.”

“Oh, what did you make for us?”

“Jack and Ginger. I remember you used to like those occasionally.”

She raised an eyebrow. He remembered right. And it seemed like he was going to adopt the “Liquor is Quicker” strategy. In spite of her better judgment, she was curious. Would he really try to seduce her? What would it be like? She chased the thoughts from her mind and decided that a good stiff drink was just the thing she needed to unwind from the long slow day she’d just endured.

“Thank you, honey. That was very thoughtful. Bring it to me out by the pool.” Damn. Had she just done that? Yes, she’d just given him an order, not a request. Had she done it intentionally or was her subconscious pushing her into this?

They sat out on the patio and made small talk about the day and how it had gone. For Jim this was key to his seks hikayeleri plan. The plan was a simple one. He was going to get a couple of drinks in her and then see if he could get her to wear the new swimsuit he’d gotten for her earlier today. After that, the plan was a little vague, consisting mostly of “play it by ear.” So far, so good. She was enjoying the drinks and the conversation and didn’t seem to suspect a thing.

“What would you like to eat this evening, Jim?”

“I’m not really starving or anything. I was thinking maybe just snacks. I saw a couple of avocados in the fridge, so I made some guacamole. I was thinking drinks, chips, drinks, dessert, something like that. Do you need a more substantial dinner?”

“Sounds perfect sweetheart.” She was starting to feel the drinks and he’d just mixed up the third round. Better slow this down a notch or two.

But Jim had other ideas. “Mom, how about a dip in the pool? The water was so nice last night. Would you like to?

The water had been divine last night. “Yes. That would be a nice way to spend the evening. How much time do you have?” She wasn’t surprised in the least when he said he had nowhere to be and could stay as long as she wanted. She was surprised when he said, “Mom, I did a little shopping for you today. You seemed to think I was less than thrilled about your bathing suit last night, so I went out and got one I think will look much better on you.”

“How thoughtful,” she said, but did not mean. She did her best to keep suspicion off her face and to seem genuinely pleased. She wasn’t ready to let him know she was aware of the game, still wanting to see how far he would push. She wasn’t good at lying and her ruse might have failed under normal conditions. But Jim wasn’t immune to the effects of alcohol either and he missed the edge in her voice. “Nothing normal about these conditions,” she said to herself as she walked down the hall to her bedroom. The package was on the bed, just as he said it would be. She decided to strip out of her work clothes before looking at it.

“Holy shit! Would you look at this thing? He wants to see his mother in this?” It was a two-piece, technically a bikini, but this thing had so little fabric it surely must have its own specific term. “Mini-kini maybe?” The top was nothing but a couple of small triangles held together with string. They would cover her nipples and not much else. The bottom was just one triangle with a string in back. What the hell was he thinking? This must be a joke, a dare. What a little asshole!

And then the reflection in the mirror caught her eye. She wasn’t perfect, hell she was fifty eight. But she wasn’t bad either. She had an all-over tan from sunning nude on the weekends. That helped a lot. Imperfections look a lot better in golden tan than in pasty white. The legs looked fine. Ass was a little bigger than she’d like. There was a dimple here and there, but they were few and far between compared to most women. Waist was small and tight. Tits, well they were lower than she wanted, but they were big, full and had a certain ripeness to them. Fine. gaziantep şişman escort If that little asshole wanted to test her, she’d pass the test and not even flinch. She’d return serve and see what he did once the ball was back in his court.

“Honey, I love it. That was very sweet of you. Go get the snacks and bring them over to the water’s edge. I’m getting in the pool.” She walked past him, head up, tits out, ass swaying, as though all this was the most natural thing in the world. She knew his cock would swell and the knowledge felt good, damn good.

He choked on his drink and sputtered, “Yes Ma’am. Be right there.” That was the last reaction he expected from her. He’d guessed his odds were no better than 50/50 for getting her into that suit at all. He thought a couple of drinks would be the bare minimum opener and after that some cajoling and encouragement would be necessary, maybe even an hour or two worth of it. Even then he’d placed his chances at no better than fifty percent. Not only did she put it on, she looked fantastic in it and she walked like she knew it. He went to the kitchen, his cock already making a tent in his shorts, and gathered the snacks and two fresh drinks on a tray.

Waiting until he saw her push off the pool wall, gliding silently underwater, he made his dash to the edge of the pool, set the tray down, and jumped in before she could see his erection. The cool water would help – he hoped.

She’d ended her glide on the far side of the pool and climbed the ladder to get out. “Jim, this bikini is really small. Are you sure it looks good on me?” she asked as she walked around the pool the short way toward his side. “Yes Ma’am. You look great in it.” He wasn’t lying. It was all he could do to try to keep a calm tone in his voice.

“Are you sure?” she asked, standing directly over him. She knew the small triangle of white cloth had shifted and that one side of her shaved pussy was exposed, but she pretended to be unaware and made no move to correct it. “Y-yes Ma’am,” he stuttered. His mind was racing, but most of all he was wondering where the hell all these “Ma’ams” were coming from. He’d never called her that in his life. She was his mom, not a “Ma’am.” What the hell was going on here?

Now she really felt mischievous. She asked him whether the bottom looked good or whether it made her ass look too big and dimply. As she asked, she turned around, bent from the waist, picked up a chip and dipped it in guacamole.

He was looking directly at her asshole with nothing but a thin string running across it. He was mesmerized. She turned, still bent over, and held the chip out toward his lips, giving him another view, deep into her cleavage. His view didn’t stop there. The carefully chosen white bikini had, as he’d hoped, gone mostly transparent once it got wet. Her large nipples and areola were plain to see under the thin material. “You didn’t answer, Jim. Does this make my ass look too big?”

“No Ma’am. It’s great!” he said with a little too much enthusiasm. She smiled. “You’re not just saying that?”

“No Ma’am. It’s perfect gaziantep sınırsız escort on you. I love it.”

“I believe you,” she said… and she did.

His mind was reeling now. This “plan” had gone so much better than expected that he had didn’t know what to do next. He still kept calling her “Ma’am.” No idea what that was all about, but she didn’t seem to mind it. Obviously it was natural since it was happening on its own without him planning or thinking about it. Whatever. Why fight it? What he did need to fight was the raging erection in his shorts. The cold water wasn’t helping at all. He faced toward the wall of the pool and that didn’t help either. Every time the end of his dick brushed the smooth concrete it felt like a caress and made him twitch and stay hard a little longer.

While he was thinking of all this, she’d entered the pool again and come over next to him. The tray was just out of easy reach, so she lifted herself out a little, extended an arm, and dragged it closer with a fingertip. Slipping her hand back into the water, she made sure to brush the front of his shorts.

“Jim. What is that? You have a fucking erection over your own mother?” She was enjoying the game so far and had decided to up the ante. Inside she was smiling, but her face showed cool anger and her tone cut like a knife.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me. I haven’t had sex in a while. I’ve had a few drinks. That must be it.”

“You were sober enough when you bought this bikini for me. Were you fantasizing about me when you chose it? Does your mother make your dick stiff? How long has this been going on?”

Shit! Things were suddenly off track – way off track. Had he interpreted everything up to this minute completely wrong? She was pissed and he didn’t see any way to fix it.

“Stay right here and think about what a filthy little pervert you are. I’m going inside to get out of this suit. Don’t you dare move.” She turned and walked toward the house. He was so ashamed that he didn’t want to look, but he did anyway. “And keep your hands off your cock while I’m gone. I don’t want you jacking your dick in my pool.”

She looked out the window of her bedroom and saw him still in the pool. He hadn’t moved at all and his head was hanging low in embarrassment. She smiled to herself. She’d already made her decision before letting him see her in the bikini. She would make him her lover on her terms. She let him think he had pulled something, and in a way he had. But his victory stopped the moment she decided to wear it. From that point on, she had been firmly in the driver’s seat and she had every intention of staying there.

She slipped out of the wet suit and into the shower, careful to leave the suit where it lay on the floor. After drying off, she looked in her closet for a wrap and noticed the shine on the leather and shoes she never wore. “That little bastard,” she hissed. “He’s been in here exploring. He thinks he’s in trouble now? He doesn’t have the first fucking clue.”

Changing her mind about the wrap, she decided on the short robe that was hanging in the bathroom. Why not? He had probably seen it already while he was snooping this afternoon. The black silk hugged her curves and felt good on her nipples. She teased her clit lightly with a long manicured fingernail and smiled at the happy coincidence that she’d just had them changed from pink to red.

Stepping out to the edge of the patio she called, “Get in here boy,” then turned and went inside.

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