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There is always one in every class. Sometimes more but at least, always one. I was being as still as I could, sweating a little under the bright lights of the classroom. My naked body was on full display as I stood there, hands on my hips, left legs bent at the knee. The students were all around me, walking, studying, sketching or painting my picture on their canvasses. It never failed to turn me on. I studied them as much as they did me. Looking for the most likely candidate. The little one who was too shy to talk to anybody, hiding her body in baggy shirts and loose clothes. The one who blushed furiously at seeing my nude body, hands trembling a little as she unpacked her art kit. The one who would be most receptive to my advances.

Sometimes, I was wrong. Most of the time, I was right. I had seduced many a young woman, introducing them into the pleasures of Sapphic love. The art director, Melanie, knew of my proclivities. She and I had been lovers on and off again for many years and it was she who had convinced me to pose for her classes. “Come on Tammy! You have a model’s body and it would mean so much to me.” Melanie could be very persuasive when she wanted to be. The first time I posed, I was so nervous. But, it turned out, being nude in front of all of these students as they walked around me, studying me, was one of the most thrilling experiences I had ever had. So, whenever Mel needed a model, she turned to me.

Brigit was the first girl that I had seduced. A tiny, mousy young woman, barely standing over five feet, it took some time for me to coax her out of her shell. But, when I did, her personality blossomed. She became much more assertive and confident in her life. We still kept in touch, meeting up whenever her busy schedule allowed some free time. She had even recently dedicated an entire exhibit to her Muse. All of the art world had wondered who this mystery woman was. I just smiled and called her up, thanking her for the wonderful gesture. She laughed and said it was her way of thanking me.

There were others Keçiören Escort after Brigit, of course. I grew adept at spotting the one most likely receptive to my advances. I didn’t like the aggressive ones. The women who came on to me, demanding of my time and energy. I would always politely but firmly refuse. They didn’t need my help nor did they deserve my attention.

I spotted her right away. I was standing on the dais, nude under my robe, talking to Melanie about Brigit’s art exhibit when our attention turned to the students filing into the classroom. It was the first day of Art III and Mel had already told me about Ashlyn. She was a gifted artist, able to create some truly magnificent pieces but hardly ever came out of her shell. She never interacted with the other students, even when Melanie had paired them up. I watched her as she entered the room. Shoulders hunched over as she walked, wearing a grey, long sleeve shirt with the schools logo on it. The baggy cargo style pants and old sneakers that she wore completed her ensemble. But that was it. No makeup. No jewelry. Nothing that would make anyone notice her. It was like Ashlyn had purposefully selected clothes that would make her as inconspicuous as possible.

As Mel gave her “new class” speech, I watched Ashlyn’s face. I could see her eyes darting around the room, looking at each of the other students. Then she turned her gaze to me. Our eyes me for the briefest of seconds. I gave her a little smile and winked as she quickly broke eye contact and blushed a little. Still studying her, I could see the faintest wisp of a smile appear on her face as her eyes kept darting back to me.

Melanie cleared her throat and gave me the signal. I shrugged my robe off and posed in the way she had wanted me to. The students began circling me with their pads, quickly sketching my form. I kept my eye out for Ashlyn but she hadn’t moved closer, waiting for the others to finish. Finally, as the crowd thinned a bit, she approached Etimesgut Escort me and began to draw. Having so many eyes upon me had once again caused my pussy to get wet and I heard a small gasp from the girl as she watched a small drop of my cum drip from my vagina and run down my leg. The smell of my arousal must have hit her nose by now as she quickly pulled back. I could see her blushing again as our gaze locked and, once again, I gave her a wink. She hurried back to her easel and began to create her masterpiece.


It took several weeks for Ashlyn to say even a complete sentence to me about anything other than her piece that she was working on. After every class, I would walk around the classroom with Melanie, helping her critique the art that they were working on. I loved looking at what others had been inspired to paint, never failing to turn me on with the images that they had created. Mel was right, though. Ashlyn was good! We would save her for last, always coming to her easel after the other students had left. It amazed me how she had captured my image, the perspective as if the painter was on their knees, looking up at me lording over them, await the command to issue from my lips. A small shudder went through me at the thought of this delectable woman, nude and kneeling before me, ready to serve. The tingling went right to my pussy as I closed my eyes and my body shivered in a mini orgasm.

Melanie couldn’t help herself as a small giggle escaped her lips at my expression. She knew what this painting was doing to my libido. “As I said, Tammy, she is very good. What do you think?” It took Ashlyn a few moments to realize the affect her painting had on me and she blushed furiously in embarrassment.

“Oh, yes Melanie. Absolutely correct! You, my dear girl, had done a wonderful job at capturing just the right mood.” I said to Ashlyn, who mumbled a thank you and started packing to leave. I noticed an art magazine poking out from under her books Demetevler Escort featuring Brigit’s work. “Oh, you like Brigit’s work?”

“Yes Miss. She is my favorite artist. I would do anything just to go see her exhibit but there is no way that I could go. It’s almost sold out and I can’t afford the ticket anyway.” I shot a glance at Mel, who smiled at me and gave a quick nod.

“Well, what would you do if I told you that there is not only a way to go to the exhibition but also be able to meet the artist. Would you be interested?” I had to stifle a laugh at the expression of excitement that appeared on the girls face. But, just as quickly as it appeared, it was replaced with crestfallen disappointment.

“That would be so great but there is still no way I could go, Miss. It’s a formal affair and I don’t have anything to wear.”

“I’ll tell you what, Ashlyn.” I said as I reached into my purse, pulling out a business card. “You come to this address at ten AM on Saturday, okay?” She nodded and took the card, too shocked to speak. “Do you have a portfolio of your work? Good.” I said as she again nodded in affirmation. “And please, call me Tammy.”

“Yes Miss, er, Tammy! Thank you!” Ashlyn practically skipped out of the room in elation. I watched her leave, then turned back to Mel.

“Do you really think that you can introduce her to Brigit?” Mel asked as she undid the tie to my robe.

“Sure I can.” I replied as I let my purse drop to floor along with the clothing covering my nudity. “Brigit invited me to her place after the show. I began to unbutton Melanie’s shirt, exposing her bra. I undid the clasp holding her undergarment in place. She removed her shirt and bra from her body and we came together in an embrace. I kissed her, gently at first, but then with more urgency as I felt her hands rub my back and ass. My body started tingling again as I broke the embrace. We both went to the dais in the center of the room. I knelt in front of her, undoing her jeans as she kicked off her shoes. I leaned in when she had finished removing her jeans and bit the waistband of her panties. I pulled them down her legs slowly as my hands caressed her long, muscular legs. I looked up at Melanie’s face and our eyes made contact. Another shiver went through me as I spread her legs gently and, still kneeling, began to feast on this beautiful creature’s most intimate treasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32