Pomp and Circumstance Ch. 01

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I was very much bored with this date, yet another one that a friend had talked me into, though admittedly I had never met the young lady in question. She seemed nice enough, granted, but I could tell that she was eager for a more serious commitment than was sensible by my thinking, plus women like that were likely prudes. I didn’t have time to waste on a “nice girl,” as Mom used to call them.

That was when she appeared, taking over from another girl who abruptly took the huff for whatever reason and left. She had platinum blonde hair, a very light tan, baby blue eyes, and two of the longest legs seen on womankind. She almost instantly focused on me and began to charm the pants off me. My companion for the dinner date immediately caught on, and she was not amused. The extremely tight and short miniskirt, which hid precious little of her luscious thighs and buns, basically mooned us whenever she bent over for any reason, which she came to do whenever she could.

“Must you stare at her? Really? And why does she have to keep doing that? That skirt is way too short to be decent! She has no panties on, you know? She’s completely flashing us her butt! This is an outrage! I’m going to complain! It’s completely obscene to bare her bottom like that, especially bending over that way! I shouldn’t have to see her naked ass! It’s just sick! It’s wrong!” my date ranted as she caught me staring repeatedly at the waitress.

“Oh, fuck you! Seriously! You have a problem with her bending over and mooning us? Well, I don’t! I love her style, her skirt, her flirting, all of it, missy, so get over it, okay? And how the fuck do you even notice that she’s not wearing panties unless you were staring, too? Well, were you?” I demanded to know, throwing my date off-guard.

“Well … I didn’t mean to stare. It was just like a train-wreck, that’s all. Fascinatingly wrong!” the girl blushed as she basically admitted to ogling another woman.

“Oh, no, you don’t! You don’t get to be all preachy and judgmental, while you’re lusting after a woman that you just condemned! That’s hypocrisy! So, tell the truth and shame the Devil! What’s really going on here? Be upfront with me now! If you want to least have a friendship or something with me, if you want me not to think of you as complete hypocrite and prude, be honest here!” I confronted her now as she reddened in the face again.

“Alright, alright, I’m … attracted to her! Okay? Happy? There, I admitted it! That’s my secret! I find girls, pretty ones like her especially, very attractive. Look, please don’t tell my friends that I’m gay, okay? I’ve been trying to get over it, to date men, to find Mr. Right and hope that I could ‘straighten up, ‘ if you will. That’s why I didn’t want to put out until I was in a committed relationship. I figured that if I was with someone who truly cared about me, I could stop liking ladies and focus on men instead.

“Only, she … and this is what bothers me a lot, she’s not helping with it by showing off! You’re not helping, either! You’re just like the others … you haven’t kept me from lusting after girls. I thought that it was a problem with you, but now … I really am gay, aren’t I? I’m a lesbian?” my date choked back tears now.

“That depends. Just being attracted to women doesn’t make you gay. You could be bi instead,” I noted, softening as I saw the tears and heard her sob, “Look, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I was just angry at your judgmental side and what I perceived as hypocrisy, that’s all.”

“Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. I was a real cunt about it, and I know that’s a strong word coming from me. You haven’t seen my best side. I’m not generally as prissy as I seem, Jason. Can we start fresh? Hi, I’m Mary and I’ve basically admitted that I’m confused about my sexuality. I try not to be such a prude, but I guess that I’ve been under a lot of pressure, and watching all of my friends get attention and lose their virginity … well, that hasn’t helped. I’m 28 years old and I’m already feeling the tick tocks of my biological clock. Yeah, I’m a virgin in my late twenties, and not entirely by choice! Do you have any idea what teasing I get as a virgin with my name?” Mary blushed a bit now as she vented at last.

“See, there, doesn’t that help? You’re not a prude. You’re envious! That’s okay to admit! So, now, let’s see if we can figure out perhaps if you’re really gay or bi. Clearly, you’re not exactly straight and you find our waitress attractive. Maybe she can help out,” I turned to the waitress, who had briefly introduced herself, though I had been distracted and had to confirm her name through her tag again, “By the way, I’m Jason Basileos, I’m Greek, and I’m bisexual myself.”

“So, Sabrina, right? I know that you and I have been flirting, but evidently my date finds you attractive as well. Look, she and I are starting afresh, after the blind date that my friend Tabitha arranged didn’t turn out so well. I still wonder about that one, but whatever. Anyway, what are your thoughts and first impressions of Mary. That’s my date’s name, in case you missed it,” I asked the blonde who continued şanlıurfa escort to tease me the whole time that I spoke, between playing with her hair and squirming a bit in front of me.

“Sabrina’s my name, yes. You are … Jason, right? And you are … Mary? Anyway, I am bisexual and I do find both of you attractive, though I’m mostly drawn to Jason at the moment, due to my mood. Which, is to be frank, a ‘fuck me hard from behind and take me to the moon’ mood. Though, to be honest, I’m a married woman. I won’t lie about that. I want you, Jason, but I must confess that if you fucked me, it would be adultery! Then again, I’d be open to a threesome, too. With Mary, if she wanted to join in and see if she likes it. Entirely optional. I’m open to a lot, but the point is that I’m horny, I’m naughty, and I’m eager to cheat on my husband. Are you game?” Sabrina bluntly propositioned both of us.

“So, this would just be cheating. Plain old infidelity. No cuckold stuff or whatever. How refreshingly simple!” I confessed, “I suppose that ethically, I should be opposed, but that really depends on which morals one values most. I won’t ask what brought this about, because I gather that you’ll tell me if you wish, but I’m certainly in a mood to go for it, and if Mary wants to join us, well, that’s up to her. I won’t force myself on anyone. Just know that I won’t be able to judge you for this, since I’ll be your partner in this affair. We’ll already know a very intimate secret about each other, whatever one thinks of it.”

“Yes, when I saw you, my first reaction was, ‘yes, this is the man that I want to fuck tonight.’ And no, this isn’t my first time screwing around, either. I’ve slept with other men, and sometimes women, more than a few times since I got married to Dean. I won’t try to explain or excuse myself. You can fuck me or not. But I won’t try to lawyer my way into it. Fuck rules, that’s all I gotta say. Damn those rules to hell! So, are you two up for it? Threesome?” Sabrina encouraged us, now openly flirting with Mary as well as me.

“So, this is all about rule-breaking? Did you ever cheat on Dean before you two got married?” I naturally inquired.

“Hell, yes! I did it with Dean’s stripper the morning after his bachelor party, after paying her extra to fuck him good. I wanted to lick her pussy clean of his cum and I did. Yeah, I paid her to do him bareback, just so I could lick his cum out. By the way, no, I don’t deny him sex. He gets it whenever he wants, bareback, often sloppy seconds, though he hasn’t seemed to suspect. Hell, the day after he proposed and I accepted it, I slept with his best friend. His married best friend. Why? Because it’s a rule not to do that, actually more than one rule, and I love breaking rules. Speaking of which, mind if I take your date to the ladies’ room and eat her out? How about it, Mary?” Sabrina asked us.

“Go for it, ladies. I’ll stick around and call Tabitha up,” I urged the two girls, as Sabrina took Mary’s hand and led her to the ladies room for some serious oral pleasure.

Meanwhile, I dialed Tabitha’s number and she answered, albeit a bit sauced as she did so, slurring her words a little, “Hey, babe. It’s me. How was your date?”

“Started out God awful, but it’s getting better. Seems that Mary’s a little confused about her sexuality. Hopefully, tonight’s threesome will help,” I teased her.

“Oh, a threesome? I thought that you’d never offer me! I’d love to go down on Mary while you fucked me and then sit on your face while she fucked you!” Tabitha blurted before realizing it, “Oops … that was supposed to be in my head. Not taking it back, though. I’ve wanted to be more than just friends for a while. As for Mary, I was hoping that you’d be able to get to the bottom of her, in more ways than one. I could always get her to do things, and I got the impression that you’d be able to do that, too. She’s not as prim and proper as she seems, as you must have guessed by now. As for you, well, I figured that I would seduce you once you got home. I was just getting up my courage to separate you from your boxers.”

“Well, this is with a waitress, but if you want to join in, I have a feeling that she would go for a foursome, too. She’s married, but if that doesn’t bug you… ,” I chuckled.

“Bother me? Hell, no! Everyone should cheat at least once in a relationship, see what it’s like. Be reminded that staying with someone is a choice and you always have a choice. Then you can go back to your partner more satisfied, knowing that you got a little boost in your self-esteem and you’re not settling when you stay with that person. Besides, rules suck ass! And I would enjoy tasting a pussy besides hers for a change. Oh, she didn’t tell you about that. Well, she’s dined at the Y plenty of times, though she hasn’t fucked a man yet,” Tabitha told me now, “To tell you the truth, she’s actually my girlfriend.”

“Woah, what the fuck, Tabby? You set me up with your own girlfriend? Since when is she that?” I asked her now.

“Since I asked her to move in with me and started regularly gaziantep sarışın escort eating her twat, babe. Not that I’ve been faithful to her any more than she has to me. I got her licking my pussy and had her do the same for a couple of girls, mostly by daring her. She’ll do almost anything if you dare her to do that. Should have told you that before. She comes off preachy at times, but that’s a bit of envy because she hasn’t had any dick, plus she doesn’t want to let men know that she eats cunt and loves the taste. She’s afraid that if she admits it, she’ll be labeled ‘gay’ and never get to ride a man’s rod. She’s also afraid that eating twat too much will make her gay, though I keep telling her no. That girl’s got issues. Catholic guilt and all that jazz. Dare her to have a foursome and see what happens,” Tabby now told me even more than I imagined about Mary.

“I see. So she’s been holding out on me, acting new to the whole lezzie experience, when she’s only a virgin with men. Maybe she didn’t want to seem slutty, too, but now she’s letting our waitress go down on her, for the record,” I informed Tabby.

“Mmmmm … delicious! Lucky waitress! I hope that she returns the favor, too, and that you take both of them back to my place and … Bet that you didn’t know that she wasn’t just crashing the night at my place when you picked her up, did you? Anyway, take them both to my place and we’ll have an orgy like wild, honey. Oh, and by the way, I want to marry you. I’ll explain to you why I should be your wife soon enough. With any luck, we can keep Sabrina and Mary on the side, too,” Tabby told me.

I stopped in my tracks. I hadn’t told Tabby the waitress’s name, so how did she know it? Was this a set-up?

“Okay, what gives? I didn’t tell you Sabrina’s name, did I? So how did you know it? Is Sabrina an actress? Is her husband real?” I confronted Tabby, “What about Mary? Was this all a prank on me?”

“Yes, Sabrina’s an actress … and a waitress. So is Mary, but I shouldn’t given the game away until you’d slept with all four of us. Oh, and Dean is real, but he’s not her husband. He’s her boss. He’s the owner of the cafe. I wanted to see just how wild and kinky you could be, and boy, you didn’t let me down! She is intimate with him now and then, as am I, but Mary really hasn’t been with anyone but me, and yes, she is my girlfriend. The other girls were an entertaining story. Oh, and she’s not really 28. That’s the age that we agreed to tell you. She’s actually 24. Still, pretty good-looking, even if not that much younger in appearance for her age,” Tabby teased me.

“That explains why she looked abnormally young for her supposed age, true. Look, this elaborate ruse has been fun and all, but was it really necessary in order to get me into bed?” I asked her directly.

“Well, maybe not, but it’s been fun, as you say, and I wanted to really see what you could and would do. Now that I know, I really want to take you balls deep in my holes. All three of them. What do you say, stud? Take the girls home and fuck me with them? Oh, and Sabrina has been crashing with me, too, since last Thursday, when her boyfriend kicked her out for screwing Dean. What a laugh! Anyway, hopefully, we can maybe lure Dean in on the action at some point, though not sure when.

“Dean’s a cool guy. Recently divorced from his wife for screwing around on her, but we’ve been helping console him, Sabrina and I. Admittedly, we were the ones that he cheated with, but he hasn’t blamed us for that. He blames his wife for being such a judgmental priss!” Tabby told me, her liquor still causing her to be blunt, right as Sabrina and Mary emerged and the look on my face told them that they were caught.

“Oops…? Tabby told you everything, didn’t she? Don’t get mad, babe. I really do want to lose my straight virginity to you tonight, if possible, and Sabrina here wants a share of your cock, too. So does Tabby, as you can see,” Mary blushed, even as Sabrina grabbed my hand and my phone.

“Excuse me, Tabby, but I have a date with your future husband in the men’s room. He’s going to fuck me hard and fast, and then put an American baby in my South African womb! Yeah, I’m fertile as crazy, Jason! Do me good and hard!” Sabrina announced, which explained a slight accent to her voice that I hadn’t been able to place, “The accent’s weak because I’ve lived in the States since I was ten, buster.”

The next thing that I knew, I was buried deep inside Sabrina’s twat from behind, her skirt raised as she welcomed my cock into her cunt. It was shaved, of course, but the stubble was distinctly blonde, indicating that she wasn’t a peroxide type. All I knew was that Sabrina was eager to have me take her and good. Sure enough, I was balls deep inside her pussy, and my hands spread her cheeks as I began fingering her asshole. Instead of getting angry and trying to make me stop, as previous lovers had done, Sabrina moaned and cursed in Afrikaans, her native tongue surprisingly still familiar enough to her despite regularly speaking English these days.

I şehitkamil escort was about as far inside Sabrina as I could go when I felt my own cheeks spreading, a cold liquid pressed to my backdoor, and a large cock inch its way inside me. I was bi, so that wasn’t too much of an issue, though I usually topped instead of bottoming with men. I looked into the mirror, away from her body that had my attention for so long, and I noticed that Sabrina was grinning widely as she took me further into her body. I also saw that the man buggering me was black. I was too far gone to complain that I was a Top, so I just focused on claiming Sabrina’s cunt for myself. We kept fucking for several more minutes before we stopped, the stranger’s cum shot up my ass, and I then spilled my seed into Sabrina’s slit.

“Hi, I’m Dean. Pleased to meet you,” the man told me, “Like my bistro? Don’t worry. You won’t get thrown out. I know the owner very well.”

“Meaning that you are the owner,” I remarked as he planted a kiss on me, after which Sabrina did, and then the two of them made out in front of me.

“You’ve been fucking Sabrina for a while now, huh? Tabby, too,” I said as I started to pull up my pants, but Dean stopped me so that he could suck my cock, while Sabrina joined him to share the load.

“Yep. Yummy. I love the taste of a woman’s cunt or ass on a man’s dick when I suck it! I also like to bottom. In fact, I usually prefer to bottom, but I just had to have that hairy ass of yours. It was hot! Greek, right?” Dean told me, even as Mary walked in on us and started to help out orally.

“Mmmm … my first taste of dick!” Mary told me, winking at me while Sabrina giggled and Dean chuckled.

“By the way, don’t worry about the check. Your money’s no good here, boyfriend,” Dean told me, as his hands wandered over and he started to lick my taint.

“Yeah, I’m Greek. And I’m eager to butt-fuck all four of you!” I commented, while Dean began rimming me.

“Hmmm … sodomy. Sounds like fun!” Mary surprised me with her eagerness to try it.

We all cleaned up shortly afterward, after which Dean left me his phone number, we finished our meal, and Sabrina climbed into the cab of my truck next to Mary. We were greeted at the door by a horny and naked Tabby, who didn’t waste time getting Mary, Sabrina, and me naked, too. Before I realized it, I was in bed with the three of them, screwing the hell out of them in turns. I was about half-sauced with the bourbon that Tabby kept giving me, as I finally slid my cock into Mary, taking her virginity at last. I dozed off some time after 2 am or so, still soaked in Mary’s juices as I slipped out of her cunt.

When I awoke, my cock was deep inside something tight and hot, and I looked up to find Tabby impaled on me, with my prick up her ass. She was in reverse cowgirl, too, letting me see those fine, smooth buns of hers as she bounced on my cock. I felt a tongue on my balls and I assumed that it was one of the girls, until, that was, they stepped out of the shower and walked in on us. They had clearly been having lesbian fun, too, even as whoever sucked my balls kept making it tougher not to spill inside Tabby’s butt.

When I suddenly felt something cold on my asshole again, I knew that I was about to be sodomized, and sure enough, there was a familiar cock buried inside my asshole. Dean started kissing Tabby while he ravaged me and I continued to use her ass. While this took place, Sabrina and Mary both planted themselves on my face and chest to smear their pussy juices all over my skin. When I lost my self-control immediately due to the sensory overload, Dean also exploded in my sphincter, at which point he began to suck my dick straight from Tabby’s tush.

“Don’t worry, Jason. My ass is as clean as they get. Just wait until Dean bends over and you get to bugger him. He’s eager for you to do it, especially since he does prefer to bottom, despite his recent actions. He’s just not a strict bottom, that’s all. He likes to Top now and then for variety’s sake. It’s fascinating. You’re cut, he’s not. What’s that about? Either way, the contrast is hot,” Tabby told me with a wink, as she lay next to me and held Dean’s head down to help me control his oral favors to me.

“Was Dean in on it all long? Tell the truth, Tabby,” I demanded.

“Yep. He was. The four of us all plotted to seduce you into our arms. With any luck, you’ll get so much action now that you’ll be unable to think straight without a steady supply of kinky sex,” Tabby told me.

“I see … and I’m cut because some idiot doctor talked my parents into it. There’s nothing religious about it at all. Still, I’m doing well, albeit without the extra sensation that a foreskin brings. So, why me?” I asked now.

“Because I wanted you for a while now, and I easily sold them on the idea. Dean’s bi and is tired of dealing with Grindr for action. You know, because they don’t see a cutie, just a black man that doesn’t fit their Nazi, Nordic wet dreams. Mary was eager to lose her cherry and now she has. Sabrina wants a baby and so is fucking both you and Dean to get a double whammy of American sperm. And me? I’m actually head over heels in love with you, stud. So, how about it? A permanent, five-way arrangement? The five of us getting it on as much as we please, on a daily basis. I can promise you no fucking dry spells for any of us, ever again,” Tabby encouraged me while the girls all rested their heads on my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32