Perfectly Normal and Healthy

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Ch, 1. The Seed Is Planted

Chantelle woke slowly from a dreamy sleep. She didn’t wish to waken, she wanted to keep frolicking with the fluffy bunnies in that soft meadow of pansies and clover.

Slowly however the fog of dream memory settled in and her sky blue eyes fluttered open to streams of morning sunlight that filtered through the lace curtains of her bedroom.

Chantelle threw back the covers then reclined again on the soft down comfort of her mattress, she raised her knees and picked up her mobile phone from the bedside cupboard. “I wonder what Christine has planned today” she mused to herself.

At that moment Chantelle’s father Danial walked past her bedroom, he glanced in as he went past her doorway, did a double take with his head and stopped in the hall. Quickly deciding he needed something in the linen cupboard he turned to the cupboards doors and opened the right hand side.

The cupboard door opened adjacent to Chantelle’s bedroom door and Danial furtively looked through the slats of the door at his daughter laying on her bed.

As he stared he chastised himself mentally for spying on his daughter but could not deny the enjoyment, his arousal stirring as he took in the soft pink split peach of his daughters vulva between her raised legs.

He started suddenly as his wife’s hand encircled his waist. Janice looked past his shoulder through the slats. When her eyes focused she slipped her left hand down below her husbands waist and felt the flesh firming beneath her hand.

Danial froze in place and glanced at his wife whose eyes flashed before she turned and walked away.

Feeling like a pervert Danial quietly closed the cupboard door and kartal escort bayan followed where Janice had gone.

He entered their bedroom and closed the door behind him, Janice was seated on her side of the bed. As he approached her he said “I can explain….!”

Janice not looking at him stood up and in a calm voice said “What’s to explain; you have desires for your daughter, it’s normal for a father to love his daughter!’

She faced him now and quickly closed the distance between them pressing her ample breasts into his lower chest, her left hand again grasped his still semi firm member as she said in a quiet and husky voice “You want to fuck your sweet baby girl!” she emphasised the word ‘fuck’.

Danial groaned as her hand groped his manhood, she continued “Our sweet and innocent Chantelle, three days after her eighteenth birthday and her daddy wants to violate her flesh, whitewash her cervix and paint her supple breasts and angelic face with his seed!”

Danial shuddered in pleasure at the thought, his cock ached under Janice’s ministrations, he uttered “I know its wrong but I can’t help what my body feels and besides, every time you come to me in her school uniform or cheer-leading costume only fuels my urges!”

Janice looked up into her husbands eyes and said “I’m not condemning you babe and who knows, it might yet happen”.

Danial gave a double blink saying “What? you’d allow that?”

Using his daughters nick-name he went on “‘tellie’ is so innocent, she knows nothing of sex and the way she displays her body around the house I’m sure she isn’t even aware of the effects her body can create”.

Janice with her left hand still massaging his yakacık escort aching and now dribbling cock used her right hand behind his neck to pull his face to hers and whispered “Our girl may not be directly aware but I’m sure her body is subconsciously leading her where it wants to go!”

Danial couldn’t believe his ears. Janice’s lips met his and her tongue was in his mouth jousting with his own. Suddenly in a well practiced move she dropped to a crouch pulling the waistband of his boxer shorts and before his steel hard shaft could slap his abdomen she engulfed and swallowed the engorged organ.

Danial could feel her tongue swabbing at his testicles and also the tight confines of her throat around the tumescent head of his cock. He loved his wife for many reasons, not least of which was her oral abilities.

Janice started gurgling around his veiny shaft as saliva began to drool down her chin. Danial took a grip on his wife’s head with both hands and commenced to thrust into her face, stabbing her mouth with all ten inches repeatedly.

Janice fell from her crouch to her knees as her husband took charge and used her mouth for his pleasure. She couldn’t admit to enjoying being throat fucked but she was a dutiful wife who knew that her place was in any manner or position her husband wanted to inflict her to achieve his release. It was, after all, a woman’s job to keep draining her husband’s testicles.

Danial, pent up in his need, now grabbed fistfuls of his wife’s hair and began brutally ravaging Janice’s mouth and throat. He felt her uvula brush along his shaft time and again and the copious spit that drooled from her lips and joined between his groin hürriyet mahallesi escort and her mouth.

He heard her gasping breaths and gargling saliva as he used her like a rag doll, he felt exulted to be able to use his wife this way, ‘abuse her really’ he thought ‘the slut; just a cum rag’.

With the combination of his wife’s facial fuck hole and thoughts of molesting his daughter Danial felt his balls contract and the blissful ache as semen rushed up his shaft and exploded into Janice’s throat. The immensity of the discharge caught her off guard and she pulled back as the creamy volume spurted from her nostrils as her husbands ejaculate filled her mouth.

Danial was on fire with the passion of his orgasm, he grabbed his shaft as Janice fell backward on the floor with cum dribbling from her mouth and nose as she gagged and coughed trying to get her breath back. He pointed the head of his cock at her and continued to unload thick ropes of cum on her face and down her chest soiling her silk nightie.

As the last of his discharge dripped onto Janice’s upper thighs, he took a deep breath and said ” Thanks babe!” he turned heading for the en-suite saying “I’m gonna grab a shower, how about some breakfast.”

Janice lay on the floor laced in her husbands seed looking like a cheap back alley whore. Her cunt was soaked in her arousal at being used in such a degrading way. She thought to herself ‘perhaps I shouldn’t tease my man with Chantelle’s body but it sure gets his blood pumping.

She stood up, removed her night wear and ran her hands over her face coating them in her husbands cream and massaged the viscous fluid into her breasts and abdomen. ‘Keeping my skin firm’ she thought to herself.

She followed her husband to the bathroom, used a wash cloth to clean her face, sprayed some perfume about her neck and put on one of her summer dresses. She didn’t wash the cum from her body, it was put there with intent and she liked how it felt.

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