Perfect Bliss With My Daughter Anna

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Perfect bliss with my daughter Anna

When my daughter Anna and I fuck and my sperm shoots into her, it feels even more perfect and blissful than either of us expected beforehand…

The context

A fictional story often starts immediately with the most fantastic actions.

Because this is a true diary-account about how my daughter and I became blissful lovers, I need to explain a little bit first.
Many fathers and daughters have fantasies about each other. Only seldom are they played out. Even though many instinctively expect – justly – that the coupling of a father and his daughter is the most perfect and blissful possible, physically as well as emotionally. The other side of that coin are social tensions and a slightly higher possibility of genetic defects, when a child would be conceived. And of course minor girls should be legally protected.

So, to prevent people experiencing such a perfect union, the taboo on incest is the strongest there is. Banning all sexual interaction between family members. And when it’s between a father and his daughter it’s often also associated with child molest. If a father takes the first step he can scare his daughter away – or he burden her psychologically. When the daughter is the initiator not many fathers will refuse after their first surprise. What man can refuse a willing girl that he already loves and thinks to be beautiful? So, it’s really up to the daughter.

Times have changed; we have more knowledge and birth control now. So, when a daughter becomes adult … are there really still objective arguments against her initiating incest with her father any more?

What happened the past 10 years?

This is a true story about what happened between my daughter Anna and me.

I’m a middle-aged man living in Europe, with a liberal mind-set, married, alas with a suffering sex-life. My sex-drive has always been much higher than my wife’s, whom I still love and cherish as a living partner. To cope I’ve had a number of affairs the past decades, but few have been satisfactory.

Then my daughter Anna blossomed into a young woman … and I fell in love with her. Which I – of course – didn’t act upon.

After her 18th birthday my till then platonic love gradually turned into deep sexual desire. No other women interested me any more. At first my feelings shocked me. The incest taboo was strong.

But when I discussed my feelings with myself and read up about them on the internet, I gradually became convinced that, if you can overcome the negative effects, there really is no better partnership possible; emotionally and physically. Explaining the strength of the incest taboo.

When she was 21, Anna moved in with her boyfriend and was happy with him. This was no hindrance for me. I have no intention of living with my daughter. I want her to be happy and live a life of her own, with the partner she loves. But my desire for her stayed, always, just below the surface.

Over time I knew stronger and stronger that I really desired her sexually. That for a father there is no better ‘fit’ than his daughter, because she shares his genes. That Anna would be my perfect sexual partner. That I want to stay her father, and her lover, that I want to become a father-with-benefits.
When Anna confided in me that she had a few affairs of her own, that the love for her boyfriend wasn’t enough to quell her sexual thirst, it became obvious to me that Anna had inherited my sex-drive. Who better to satisfy her, than her own father? It’s in my own interest to preserve her relationship. So I told myself.

I’ve desired my adult daughter Anna for a number of years now.

A few months after she told me about her affairs, I told her about my desire for her. Even though we had gradually been getting closer and cuddlier, me caressing the insides of her thighs, it shocked her when I told her about my real sexual desire for her. Tears flowed and I had to do my best to keep her close. But luckily we overcame that phase in a few months and stayed a loving father and daughter. That’s one and a half years ago now.
Even though our relationship stayed platonic, sexual attraction had been added to it. Even though we didn’t act differently, we of course never forgot. We approached and retreated and approached again. Sexual attraction between us was obvious, but hesitation to act on that was equally obvious. So no sexual act happened for another year and a half. Roaming hands at the outside of clothes and lingering kisses at the most. Till a short time ago that is.

August 11. Finally … Anna … Bliss!

I’m so happy! (Even though my balls are aching…)

We were staying the night at a festival, in a tent with two separate sleeping cabins. Her boyfriend and my wife both had to work the next day and would join us the next evening, but we were doing some volunteer work. So Anna and I were alone together that night, in our segregated tent. We had a nice evening with some booze and decided to sleep.

Nothing gaziantep olgun escort was indicating the turn our lives would take that night. And the bliss we were about to experience.

It was a clear sky and a very cold night. Almost freezing. When, already in our separate beds, I asked if she was cold, she said se was so very cold and asked me to warm her. So I moved into her cabin. Bringing my own sleeping bag. I spooned behind her in my own bag and wrapped my arms around my daughter. I sighed contently and would have been happy to just sleep with her in my arms. That was already more than we had ever done.

But my cock reared. Evidently. Embracing moved to cuddling. I pushed myself against her delicious ass. Even with sleeping bags between us, my desire was obvious. She sighed and rubbed back. Caressing and kisses expressed our affection. Then mutual playing. My hand found her soft warm belly, full breasts with hard nipples. Tweaking them. Sliding down as she rubbed against my crotch. My fingers found her bush and then her slit, already very wet for me. Her legs and lips opened for me. Hot creamy wetness inside. A hard nub under my palm.

Then she whispered, almost in a rush, something like: “I’ve known you wanted me for years dad and I wanted you too, but was afraid what it would do to us. To our relationship. To my relationship with mum and with Jack. I now know we will be good. You’ll stay dad and be my lover at the same time. Separately, both. Please make love to me tonight dad! Sick your cock into me. I want you inside me!”

Anna’s hand then reached back and pulled my cock out of my boxer short. I was so hard and leaking for her! No time for foreplay. I slid my legs into her sleeping bag. Pulled her panties down. My shaft rubbed a few times between her ass cheeks. Then Anna pointed my cock at her wet slit. A synchronous move and I finally entered my beloved daughter!!!!
We fucked desperately. She came on my cock and fingers. I spurted into her after a few minutes. Deep, hard and fast! It still was bliss!!!

And laying panting together afterwards, my cock still inside my daughter’s cum filled cunt, slowly realising what we’d done. Kissing, was heavenly. Maybe the best.

That night we made love three more times. Needing to be quiet because of the other campers all around us. But what a joy to make your daughter orgasm! How delicious to eat her out! Her warm mouth eagerly resurrecting my shaft. To roll carefree into a 69. The bliss to spurt deep inside her! Filling her with the seed that created her 25 years ago.
The last time we fucked was in the bleak of dawn. Anna waking me, sucking my cock to morning wood, delicious, till I almost spurted. But she quickly straddled me and lowered herself over me. The rising sun caused the tent to glow behind her.
I will never forget her wide radiant smile, her shining eyes and happy face as my cock soon pulsed, filling her once again with my fatherly sperm.

She collapsed on top of me, we kissed intensely and fell into a slumber till we had to get up. But not before we made a promise to stay lovers, secretly, while at the same time continuing our respective relationships and staying father and daughter too.

The day after was very busy, doing volunteer work.
Not many words were said between us, we just exchanged happy smiles a few times.
Her boyfriend Jack joined us after work and all seemed normal.
That night was not as cold, when I listened to their rustling, her sighs and his satisfied groan. I visualised his cock pulsing inside my daughter. My cock stood hard in my sliding hand, juice soon soaking my handkerchief. I was just happy for her. No need to be jealous. I knew that Anna and I would make love again and again, whenever possible.
Anna and Jack should have a good sex life too. I’m glad that he is good for her. Even though he doesn’t satisfy her often enough.
I will.

Since then there has been no doubt that making love to my daughter gives me the best sex ever.
I still can almost feel her hot sheath fitting so perfectly around my cock, squeezing, milking my shaft, her cervix pulsing against my cockhead. Her warm body with those beautiful soft tits on top of me.
To see her full breasts with hard nipples, her broad happy smile, long blond hair radiant with the light of the rising sun, eyes locked onto mine as Anna whispers: “Cum, dad! Cum inside me Fred! Now!”.
How can a father resist such a sweet desire? I spurted as if on command, making my daughter cum also. She does, every time my seed spurts against her womb.
I’m so happy!

August 24. Anna’s sweet mouth and cunty.

Anna today found time for a quickie with me. She told me she needed me once more, before going away on holiday. She called me and of course I came over immediately.
She first sucked me hard and then I fucked her, bent over her dinner table. Sadly I had to pull myself out of my sweet daughter’s sperm filled gaziantep oral yapan escort cunt because her boyfriend was about to come home. Still, it has been a nice new step in our incestuous relationship.

I have fucked my daughter in her own home!

Septembre 4. Anna’s promise.

Anna was here tonight after her holiday.

Because her mother was home also and her boyfriend was with her, there was no chance for sex between us. It was great to hold her delicious body in my arms though, and caress her buttocks, when we greeted in our usual fond way. Feel her lovely body press against mine.

A moment alone she secretly squeezed my cock and whispered that we should meet soon. That she had missed me inside her……

September 8. Our unbelievable fusing together.

Had an unbelievable afternoon with Anna today!
How incredible it is to fuse your body with that of the girl you co-created! To fit so very snug inside her. That delicious mixed wetness of us both. Our bodies centred around our coupled sexual organs. Skin on skin. Our minds both oriented at us joined together. Our happiness centred around us being in bed together. My cock filling her cunt, exactly right.
We fucked and kissed and caressed and talked a lot. So happy together! My cock now is kind of sore though…

If you’re in doubt: Do it! Fuck your family member! And daughters; seduce your father and make both of you unbelievably happy! Sex with a family member is more than love. It’s devotion…

You thrive on the basis of family love that’s already there. And you already know each other, know and like each other’s smell. Know that you can trust each other.

And the coupling of a father and daughter is the best of them all.

Because she has been created in his image.

The sex and love with Anna is the ultimate expression of our intense feelings for each other. I have never experienced better, sexually and relation wise.

Which I already expected for a couple of years and was confirmed by my mentor LouiseB.

Anna didn’t come to her decision on the spur of the moment either. We talked extensively during our first night together. She had been thinking about it on and off, ever since I told her about my desire for her, 1,5 years ago. She finally had decided that she wanted me too. That there was no reason for us not to experience our love and be happy and close, as long as we wouldn’t hurt our partners.

When Anna gave herself to me, she was very – very – willing! (And has been since, she’s completely devoted to my cock. And I to her.) We consciously started an affair, both knowing and agreeing it probably will last till I die.

So we have to incorporate her boyfriend as soon as possible. It will be inevitable that he finds out at some moment.

I worry less about my wife. She has never found out about my previous affairs. And Anna and I have always been close and done things together.

Not that she will have any choice when she finds out. I will never let go of Anna any more now.

September 14. In hindsight it gets even better.

It’s so fantastic to see my daughter’s nude body after we have made love. To know that her belly is still filled with my sperm. And know that we are so perfect together, both as lovers and as ‘normal’ father and daughter.

I do love and want her again so much that it almost hurts!

“Dad, you’re the only man who ever knew how to fuck me this good.” It’s incredible to hear that from Anna’s lips. It makes me horny immediately again.

When Anna and I made love last Thursday, being deep inside her, filling her perfectly, was the only thing that mattered. She is even more greedy than I am…

When we lay cuddled together afterwards, my spent cock still inside her, Anna told me that her boyfriend is a very attentive lover, always fingering her or eating her out to make her cum first, but that he doesn’t fill her completely and that his sex drive isn’t big enough for her. Whereas I fill her completely. And that she always cums when my sperm shoots into her.

The way her cunt fits my shaft like a glove and the way my daughter wraps her arms and legs around me and milks sperm out of me, is incredible and inspiring. My youthful stamina has returned these past weeks! And it’s so much fun to be with her too. We joke and smile all the time, often without reason.

After creating her, making love to Anna is the best thing I’ve done in my whole life!

Looking forward to next Thursday!

September 22. Almost normal but really PERFECT.

Strange as it may sound, the relationship with Anna is becoming almost normal already. Not that we’re bored, not by a long shot, but it’s just as perfect as we both (!) have expected it to be.

Yes, both, Anna had the same expectations as me, that making love to me would be better than with any other boy. Her boyfriend included.

No surprise there…? Yes, that’s gaziantep otele gelen escort not good but perfect. And it IS perfect. Oh my god, IT IS SO PERFECT to make love to my daughter!
God, I’m really in love with her now!

We seem to instinctively know what the other wants. There is no clumsiness, no distance, no hesitation, she smells and tastes perfect. There is no limitation to what we want to do to make the other feel good. Anna suckles my limp cock to make it hard again, she deep-throats my hard and fat cock with pleasure – though not with ease – she doesn’t mind me cumming quickly because she knows there will be a second much longer fuck, she giggles when I lick her asshole and moans deeply as I lick, suck and nibble her cunt-lips and clit.

But the most perfect interaction is when we look into each other’s eyes while we fuck!

It’s incredible! To see the love and devotion in my daughter’s eyes while she slides up and down my cock! To see the utter delight and her eyes roll back when she feels my cock harden, to hear her beg me to cum inside her, to fill her with my seed, to hear her gurgle and press herself hard against me as I cry out as my cock starts spewing my fatherly sperm against her trembling cervix, to feel her cum every time when I spurt into her!
To experience that beautiful sensation of my cock slowly softening inside my daughter, while we look tenderly and satisfied into each other’s eyes. To hear her gasp with disappointment as I slither out of her cunt. Followed by the dripping and cooling of our mixed juices.
Her warm tongue licking our mixed juices from my cock, while I lick them out of her cunt.

It’s even more perfect since we know there is no hurry, because we will never stop making love. Ever!

That we will do everything to make it work. Not seeing each other may feel bad, but that is just a momentary emptiness, which is filled as soon as we are together again. And meeting with other – still ignorant – family members is no problem either, since we know we will fuck someday soon again. A stolen caress and a secret smile is enough. Being together is always good and fucking is perfect!

So, what happened this afternoon?

Anna greeted me in a housecoat, naked underneath. I fell into her arms and we kissed hungrily. My hands roamed her warm body and my clothes fell away somehow. We tumbled onto their bed, she spread arms and legs wide for me and my cock plunged into my daughter! No time for foreplay! But she was as horny and wet as I was hard and eager. Those loving eyes fixed onto mine as I pumped on top of my girl! Her strong legs tightly around my hips, her heels pushing me hard into her. Really unforgettable! Just minutes later hard jets of sperm shot out of me, filling my daughter, while she cried out in orgasm.

After that first frantic need to fill her / get filled with a first load of my seed, both Anna and I like it nice and slow. I hardly know what we did the rest of the afternoon today. Of course we kissed, licked, sucked, squirted, caressed, squeezed and fucked again. But we also played, teased, talked, laughed, made jokes, napped, talked again, and told each other how much we love each other.

Oh, and we had some tea, juice and fruit in her bed. How we laughed when that strawberry disappeared into her sheath… So I added a piece of banana and some kiwi. And then I had to use my blender of course. After which her juices were deliciously sweet… I hope we rinsed all the seeds out under the shower…

Actually we both think our time together so precious, that we prolong our bedtime as long as possible. And yes, we changed the sheets and started the washing machine afterwards…
It was hard to leave, but I felt so happy at the same time…

When it’s your daughter it feels so incredibly perfect! So much better than with any other woman!
Anna tells me it’s the same for her. That she goes out of her mind when I slide in and later spurt into her. That it excites her immensely to be filled with the seed that created her.

On the other hand just being together can be satisfying also. She realised that it is so good an easy together that it feels almost normal.

And then we suddenly realise once more that we’re father and daughter, that we are having a secret affair! That it’s not normal at all! But that it is PERFECT! So we fuck again…

Even though my cock is soft and tender after having been heavily used this afternoon, I’m stroking it while I write this down.

Anna, I really can’t tell you how much I love you! Even though you are the centre of my life, I want you to be happy with Jack! It makes me happy to think about the two of you together. And I get hard when I think about his fingers and mouth making you cum, and his cock filling you and sperming inside you Anna! I know you will be happy together. And that makes me happy too.

Just like I know that the two of us will keep making love as often as we can. Till my dying day.

October 2. Father and daughter … and lovers.

This Sunday I saw Anna again. Sadly we weren’t alone, but in the company of my wife and her Jack. In a group of hundreds of people who all were at the festival where it all started between us.
I had hoped that I maybe could caress her soft skin, even slip a finger into her wet crotch, while we were in a quiet corner. But there was no opportunity for any hanky-panky.

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