Percy , Bea Pt. 02

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Months had passed since Percy and Bea started to date. Both girls had discovered a kind of happiness that they weren’t aware existed. Not only still best friends but now also lovers. Six months together full of love, compassion, and lust called for a special evening. Little did Percy know, Bea had a very special new toy just for the occasion. The lovers were going to the fanciest restaurant in town. Bea had gone out to the sex shop in town to look for a new toy special for her new pet. While looking she came across something she had never seen before. The box showed a picture of what looked like panties. At the base of the panties though there was a dildo about 6″ long and 3″ thick. Towards the front was a strange round plastic egg looking thing. The model in the corner wearing it showed that the cock is inserted into the girl and the egg rests tightly against her clit. The panties cause it all to stay put while still looking sexy and discreet enough to wear clothes over. The last photo on the box was a remote control with two dials. One dial was to make the dildo begin to pump and thrust. Once Bea looked closer she noticed that about 4″ up the ripples and grooves actually was crumpled up because there was a machine inside that caused the cock to thrust up an extra two inches. The other dial was to control the vibrations of the egg, next to it was a small button to control the pattern of the vibrations.

Bea bought it right away, excited to try it out tonight at dinner. Bea quickly headed home in order to get ready. She curled her long pink hair and did her flawless makeup. She wore a small white dress that flowed out at about mid-thigh, the top was tight and corseted in the back giving the dress a fairytale look. The sweetheart neckline had two straps helping the dress hold up her large breasts. Bea slipped on a pair of white stilettos and a white diamond drop necklace. She grabbed her present to her darling girlfriend and grabbed her keys.

She quickly got to Percy’s apartment and walked up to the door. Percy heard the car pull up and was already by the door, answering as soon as she heard Bea approach. Bea smiled at Percy, her blue eyes sparkling. Percy was in a long dark grey dress. It was tight and if it weren’t for escort the different color and lack of glitter, Bea would say it was the same dress as Jessica Rabbit wears. Percy had on black ankle boot heels, a long necklace with a heart charm that buries into her cleavage, and her hair fell lightly against her cheek.

“You look so gorgeous…” Percy stared at Bea longingly, her heart filling with so much admiration it ached.

“Thank you, but you’re the real beauty tonight, my dear.” Bea took Percy’s hand in her own and brought it up to her lips, kissing it softly before gently placing the hand back down. “I brought you a surprise, why don’t we go inside and open it before we leave?”

“Okay,” Percy blushed, “come on in.”

Percy let Bea in and right away Bea pushed Percy up against the wall, grabbing Percy’s delicate wrists and pushing them up above her head. Bea kissed Percy deeply, her tongue adventuring into the other girls mouth. Percy let out a surprised gasp and hungrily fought back with her own tongue. Faster than it had happened, Bea released Percy and smirked.

“Drop your panties. Now” Bea’s voice changed, she sounded more stern. It was a voice that no one would want to disobey. Percy happily obliged and soon she could feel the soft breeze on her pussy, making her start to get excited. “Now, time for your new ones. Be a good girl and maybe I’ll let you cum at dessert.” Bea winked and slid the special panties up Percy’s smooth, pale legs. She helped guide the hard rubber cock into her pets dripping pussy. Percy gasped and squirmed and Bea got the panties all the way up, the dildo now full inside Percy and the vibrating egg pressed hard against her clit.

Bea still hadn’t told Percy about the remote and kept that hidden away for the time being. She decided she would tease Percy’s clit on the way over but leave the thrusting cock until dinner. Bea smiled as she thought about Percy’s tight pussy dripping around the dildo inside of her and the surprised gasp she would make when Bea finally turned the dial on, causing an extra two inches to pump against Percy’s special spot. Bea walked out of the apartment before Percy and smiled as she watched Percy try to get used to the new panties.

Percy bursa eve gelen escort was whimpering as she locked her door, closing her eyes and trying not to move the dildo too much. With every move she made the dildo would fuck her slightly and the hard egg would press on her clit. As she turned around though she needed to grab onto the door to stay up. Her legs buckled and she struggled to hold herself up. She let out a long moan and looked over at her Mistress. A strong vibration had begun pounding onto her clit, going slow and weak before getting faster and stronger. Percy shuddered and gasped, trying to grind against something. She heard Bea giggle and the vibration stopped. Percy pouted and then walked the rest of the way to the car.

On the ride over to the restaurant Percy learned that sitting down causes the dildo to go even deeper, feeling as though she was riding a nice hard cock. She had to do her best to avoid bouncing up and down, not that it would give her what she needed. The waiter came by and took Bea and Percy’s order soon after they were seated. As Percy began to order a soft vibration tickled her clit.

“W-water” Percy managed to choke out as Bea turned up the vibration strength. Percy squirmed in her seat, trying to get away from the powerful vibe on her sensitive button. Percy wiggled around desperately. She crossed her legs trying to make it feel less powerful but only caused the egg to feel even nicer on her clit. She crumpled her napkin in her hand, crossing her legs tighter and beginning to breath heavier. She struggled to control her breathing and was about to cum causing her to be desperate for the feeling to continue. The waiter had left, Bea had ordered for Percy. Bea stopped the vibration suddenly and Percy looked over at her sadly.

“I already told you Kitten, no cumming until desert, but I do have another surprise.” Bea pressed the magic button and Percy bit her lip, trying her best to stifle a moan as she felt the cock penetrating her begin to move. It was going slowly enough that Percy was able to control herself. She had lost the feeling of ecstasy that cumming brings. She looked up and noticed that the waited had brought görükle escort her food.

Bea ate her food slowly, teasing Percy throughout dinner by trying all kinds of different settings. Bea finally decided on a vibration setting that slowly picks up speed of vibration over a minute. Starting out slow and building up staying on the highest setting for 30 seconds before stopping and then starting over. She chose a thrusting setting that did something similar and she set it so that when the vibration was highest the thrusting was the lowest. Percy was going crazy and Bea could tell. She decided that since Percy was being such a good girl, she deserved a reward.

Once both girls finished eating, Bea turned the vibration on high and then turned the thrusting on high. She could tell that Percy wasn’t expecting it as her eyes widened and her mouth opened, ready to let out a loud moan. Percy didn’t make a sound though, keeping the secret between the two girls. Bea dropped the remote in her purse so that Percy could see this intense fucking was going to be happening for a while. Percy bit her lip and shuddered as she felt her first orgasm approaching. She tightened her grip on the table cloth squeezed her legs shut. Her body tightened as she tried so hard not to squirm, tears forming in her eyes from the immense pleasure and not being able to move. Percy felt herself let go and she bucked her hips once as she came. She could feel cum dripping out the sides of her panties and down onto her legs. The vibrator still stayed on causing powerful jolts of electric pleasure to go through Percy. She couldn’t help but want more. As the powerful orgasm continued she felt herself getting desperate for the egg to be harder on her clit, she wanted her pussy to be stuffed full as she was being fucked. She needed to cum again and again.

Bea smiled at the mess in front of her. She could see Percy trying to hard to control her twitching body, unable to stop the aggressive orgasm. Bea finally decided Percy had had enough halfway through dessert. Bea turned everything off and let Percy collect herself before she paid for the check and got up, walking over to Percy. She put her hand out for Percy to grab and she pulled Percy onto her feet. Bea slid her arm around Percy’s waist and pulled her close, whispering seductively into her ear, “When we get home I’ll have to clean up all that cum.”

Percy nodded, pleased by what she heard and excited to get home and finally celebrate the way that both the lovers really wanted to.

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