Penny in the Movies

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All characters depicted herein are eighteen years of age or older. I have not intended to imply, nor should it be inferred that any character is engaged in illegal sex with a minor.


I had only gone into the pub for lunch after noticing the blackboard menu item of curried scallops and rice, finding myself drooling at the thought. I’d been walking and, after eating, felt quite relaxed and allowed myself a third chardonnay because I didn’t have to drive again that day. The eatery was crowded and when three young ladies sat at my table, I wasn’t surprised or put out. None of the trio looked old enough to be on licensed premises, but they had no trouble being served wine and, I then discovered from listening in to their chat, that they were college students.

They were talking in conspiratorial tones about the making of a movie and their hoping to get parts; intriguing me no end. I’d acted in a number of high-school productions and enjoyed being told how creditable my performances were, but had remained a frustrated thespian since those days.

“Are you here to meet Amanda too?” asked the large-busted, blonde girl on noticing my interest.

I have no idea why, but I nodded and they all smiled at me, asking what I knew about the project. I said I was also in the dark about details and it was probably a security thing with the producers. They agreed that it was a probability.

“I’m Penny,” I introduced myself and the trio; Michelle, Lucy and Jasmin, followed suit.

We were soon joined by a dark-haired, young woman in her mid-twenties who introduced herself as Laine and said that she was there for Amanda. After checking the girls student ID cards for proof of age she led us outside to a Coaster bus where we met two other youthful looking girls, Abigail and Suzy, who seemed somewhat apprehensive, but relaxed noticeably when we all boarded the vehicle.

Our destination was an older style brick house in a light industrial area. It had been entirely gutted of its interior walls and was then an open plan room with hospital type screens around several alcoves furnished as bed and living rooms, a kitchen, a gym, a bathroom and a games room. I should have woken up then, but my naiveté still blinded me as to what I’d stumbled into.

A shower was optional, but took one to freshen up and when I returned to the main room where there were about twenty young males and we nine females. Several of the men, Laine and someone I took to be Amanda were busy setting up cameras on trolleys and lights on a bedroom set with a huge waterbed.

‘Oh Christ!’ I thought as the penny dropped, it was a porno movie. I had watched a few with my husband Don and he’d tried to interest me in joining an amateur group to ‘act’ in and film erotic movies, but I’d consistently refused to be in it, although I’d allowed him to photograph me naked and to video-tape me using a large vibrating dildo. However, there was no way that I was ready to flaunt my, to me, matronly figure to strangers in making a movie so it was time I left, but sat a little longer just to see what happened.

“Okay folks,” called Manda through her little bullhorn. “Screen test time. Are we ready?”

A few of the girls shivered and giggled uncertainly while the boys tried to be macho with shouts of ‘yeah, ready’ and suchlike.

“Right, Laine and David will demonstrate before you all emulate them as I nominate you to take over from whoever’s performing.”

Laine and David stood a metre apart gazing lovingly into the other’s eyes as they slowly undressed to reveal two fit and fully tanned bodies. He perched on the edge of the bed and she knelt to lick and suck his dick before standing and turning to sit in his lap, sighing luxuriously as his long, plump cock slid delightfully between her stretching vulvar labia and wholly within her eager vagina.

“Oooooh,” she breathed agreeably, to which he responded, “mmmmmmm.”

By that time I was in a real state of trepidation as my only options were either to go through with what I could see lay ahead for me or to make such a fuss as to force them to let me out of there. I’d seen Laine locking the doors, so I knew that one of them would have to unlock for me to leave and there would be a degree of embarrassment involved. I’d always gone to great lengths to avoid unpleasantness or drawing undue attention to myself, so I returned to my procrastination despite knowing I’d soon have to make a move.

“Craig,” called Amanda and a young guy stepped forward and extremely self-consciously undressed himself. He appeared to be in his mid-teens, as were most of the boys present, except for David and Jamie and one or two of the others who appeared to be in their early twenties. However, like the girls they were all university students chosen for their youthful appearance for reasons which weren’t immediately apparent to me, but became clear later in proceedings.

He had a partial erection which Laine took between her lips and sucked to full engorgement, her whole body moving sinuously escort mecidiyeköy as she slid her pussy on one cock and her mouth on another, then had Craig sit on the bed before she took his tool into her unctuous cunt and sucked on David’s. He quickly came and she gobbled down a good quantity of semen.

“Jasmin and Stanton,” called Amanda and that blushing duo stepped forward to divest their seemingly pubescent bodies of garments.

Stanton sat on the bed and Jasmin in his lap to engulf his prick; gently undulating her slim hips to slide it in and out of her willing quim as they kissed deeply. Laine arose from Craig’s stubby, thick penis and guided it, wet with her love-juices, to Jasmin’s mouth. The younger girl didn’t hesitate, but took it deeply and drank down his semen when he came shortly afterwards.

Buxom Michelle and a youth named Barry were next up and I started feeling panicky, resolving to just say ‘no’ when my name was called. They couldn’t make me do something I didn’t want to do. Lucy and Tyrone were next to go, Abigail and Ric, Suzy and Paul, then Hilary and Dan. I held my breath, then expecting my name to be called next and Amanda beckoned me, with Byron. I went forward, smiling shyly at him as I undid the buttons of my dress, dropped it over a chair and stepped out of my shoes before discarding my red bra and panties. Having seen Michelle nude I felt a lot better about my body which was quite an improvement on hers, even after my two children. Naked and blushing all over I bent with my back to him, held his stiff, pink, circumcised prick up vertically against my moist snatch and sat back into his lap. I gasped and thrilled as his swollen knob parted my vulvar lips and his full length slid into my fur-fringed love sheath under my weight, sitting there momentarily with a silly grin on my face, my thighs open wide to display my juicy pussy stretched adulterously around a total stranger’s hard penis. Worse still, I seemed no longer subject to the norms of polite society in that my previous embarrassment had all but evaporated and I felt practically no guilt at my situation while I luxuriated in the deliciously wicked sensation of showing off my coupled part so flagrantly as I enjoyed the pleasure of penetration.

Amanda directed my actions with very explicit hand and body signals so as not to be heard on the audio tracks; when to stop or just slow for close-up shots, how to move my hips, head, smile, grimmace or arch my back and when to raise or lower the volume of my gasps, sighs and other sounds to denote the thrills of pleasure I felt.

I rolled and rotated my hips as the others had done while he fondled and titillated my breasts and nipples until Dan’s knob pressed against my lips. I let him in and tasted another girl’s pussy for the first time in my life, holding his loose scrotum as I nodded my head and sucked his penis until I felt the tension in his trembling form as he stiffened in climax with a hot squirt of semen inside my mouth. Byron came with a disappointed groan, his warm gush in my womb failing to do much for me, moving his hips until he’d finished jerking in his pleasure.

Of course this left me feeling considerably less than satisfied, so when the rather Eurasian looking Jamie, who’d just been relieved on a camera by David, took off his clothes and pulled me on the bed beside him, I couldn’t protest openly although I thought him somewhat presumptuous.

He told me to get on top so I knelt astride his narrow hips and took his dark, uncircumcised dick and positioned it under my drooling passion portal, lowering my hips to take it all into my fully stretching vagina. I relaxed for just a moment to see how it felt inside me as he pulled me hard against him and kissed me deeply with his long tongue, my soft boobs flattening on his hard, sparsely hirsute chest. Someone was interfering with my posterior region, rubbing something in my bum cleft before pressing his warm knob to my anus. It held for a while, but eventually, with probing and plenty of warm KY, my puckered, pink rosebud yielded and the big knob popped into the entrance before he worked it right inside me with short careful thrusts and withdrawals. With a little more effort he was thrusting in and out smoothly and Jamie released his grip to slide his penis in my wet pussy in time with Phil in my anus.

I was being shagged with some enthusiasm and vigour by the guys within my nether openings and almost out of control. I just couldn’t restrain myself from vocalizing my real and intense pleasure, almost too much, with two fit and strong, young blokes fondling and squeezing and kissing and licking and nibbling my straining body as they thrust hard into me. So then, as if that wasn’t enough, another male introduced his penis to my mouth for a sucking. I then had some idea of my friend Janice’s oft-repeated phrase about being ‘shagged-to-a-standstill’ in referring to her own very secret, triple-tri-guy fuck on a weekend netball excursion as chaperone. That’s three-on-one, three times, for those who haven’t mecidiyeköy escort bayan had the experience: enabling the three men to sample each of one’s love-portals in turn.

With a sliding penis in each major orifice, I found myself moaning loudly and abandonedly as an intense orgasm gripped my sweating body in momentary, ecstatic paralysis, followed by repeated convulsions of pure pleasure until I’d lost all my senses and simply lay in a warm, fuzzy semi-coma as each of my erstwhile partners splashed my body with several squirts of warm semen. I was just aware of those watching, clapping and cheering at my performance before I groggily arose and headed for the bathroom on rubbery legs.

“I’ve been talking to Mandy and Hilary and none of us remember having met you before today,” Laine told me with a worried frown. “Who are you?”

“I’m just a blow-in,” I grinned. “I was intrigued earlier by the girls’ conversation and merely tagged along when you assumed that I was with their group. When I realized what was on I wanted to leave, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself and stayed to perform. It wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined.”

“Well, so much for our security arrangements,” she sighed. “But how about you? Would you like to be in a porno movie? You have the talent, judging by your recent performance, for a part we’ve being trying to cast for a while. You’re perfect for it; figure, age and colouring, just what we had in mind for Miss Prudence Primm, a teacher at an exclusive academy for young ladies who are a lot less than ladies when it comes to members of the opposite sex.”

“Oh, I don’t really think so,” I demurred lamely. “I’m a wife and mother with a local cosmetic round to see to. Pretty boring when I mention it like that. If anyone should jump into this it’s me.”

“Yes,” smiled Laine sympathetically, “I can see why you wouldn’t want to spend a couple of weekends and a few evenings being repeatedly prodded and poked by a variety of young and fairly amateurish lovers.”

“You really can’t imagine how much I’d like to try doing that,” I blurted uncomfortably. “Having crossed the line now, I think I might come to enjoy this more than is seemly, but the problem is fitting it in with everything else in my life.”

“Okay, Penny,” she said. “Here’s our card. Give us a bell if you can get away for the weekend after next. It’s our first big ‘on-location’ weekend away for our new movie project. If you do decide to take it up we’ll need you for a few essential scenes, maybe as many as five days in all.”

I took the card and put it into my purse as I was still as stark naked as everybody else in the place, then joined the relaxed and happy crowd being marshalled for some new activity by Amanda. All of the blokes were now in a non-erect state so we ladies were going to be tested on our ability to make ‘love’ with other girls in the unrestrained manner that guys like to see in porn videos.

Suzy and Abigail lay beside each other on the bed and embraced, according to direction, then kissed deeply without embarrassment as they fondled each other’s firm breasts. It was impossible to tell whether or not they’d done it before as they seemed quite comfortable with their mutual intimacy. Then Suzy was told to get on all fours over Abigail while they engaged in mutual tit sucking before moving slightly to undertake a full, unrestrained sixty-nine until each came with a happy cry of bliss.

Laine took over the direction and got the other teen trio on the bed, all blushing profoundly as Jasmin and Lucy lay half on Michelle while all three alternatively kissed and sucked at each-others’ boobs; Michelle fingering a snatch with each hand as her pals had a finger each in her moist quim. They sighed and gasped and blushed with their shared pleasure as the panning and receding cameras recorded their unwonted experiences as lovers to their old friends. Laine got them into a triangular formation, matching mouths to cunts, encouraging them to a full-on sexual bout with each other girl.

I was told to join Jasmin in a sixty-nine position, me above, holding her puffy, reddened vulva open to suck and lick and nibble her swollen clitoris, alternating with deep, rolling tongue-thrusts into her wet vagina. With her doing similar things to my pussy I was enjoying it all immensely, despite a sense of intrusiveness with the cameras in such close proximity.

We were told to join Abigail and Suzy, each of us taking a turn at breast sucking and pussy eating with each other, until we all joined in the finale with the other three in a seven-woman, oral daisy chain of flushed, panting females coming dramatically, in almost sequential order.

By then, of course, all the males were horny from watching us after their showering and having Amanda do a quick make-up job on their faces. While we went off to shower, Amanda was organizing them for another shoot and when I returned, found them being videoed individually as they walked forward with their erect penises swaying before them, mecidiyeköy eskort stopping to pose in a macho manner and saying their screen pseudonyms into the lens.

“Mike Manly,” do you believe it? “Roger Ramm”, “Guy Randy.”

Hilary gave me a quick make-over and asked me my shoe size.

“Seven,” I replied.

I was handed a pair of white sandals with six-inch, stilletto heels which had my ankles almost vertically above my toes as I tottered about in trying to practice as the last of the blokes were filmed. My name was called and I strode forward smiling with the cameras recording my naked charms, stopped and posed provocatively as close-ups were videoed, smiled again while they zoomed in on my face and said, “Miss Prudence Primm,” in the huskiest voice I could manage.

Guy and Mike, I could see from their easy demeanour that they’d done porn movies before, joined me as I stood between them, our arms about each other kneading buttocks in anticipation of yet another episode of easy sex. Mandy directed us to stand with feet well apart, legs locked straight, looking to the half right and into the distance as I stroked their hard tools and Guy fingered my juicy snatch. She wanted us to stand as statues which was nigh on impossible with all that titillation in progress.

Roger moved in to lie between my legs and at Amanda’s bidding, I squatted to feel his large, hot penis part my vulvar lips and slide deliciously into my willing love sheath to fill me completely while I sucked and deep-throated Guy and Mike’s hefty tools. I’d never tried it before then, but having seen Laine, thought I’d give it a whirl and found it quite easy. She asked me to raise my hips as Roger withdrew his cock and repositioned the gleaming knob against my sweet, pink anal rosebud and shoved upward to pop the head inside. It still felt to be a tight fit, but I bore down with my hips to engulf it all within my rear portal and felt Guy leaning over me to introduce his long, red zoob to my front entrance as I continued sucking Mike. I gasped with the almost too pleasurable sensation of the double intromission; much more intense and exciting than the first because I was much less nervous about my role as a porn actress. It was so much fun to be accommodating three lusty young guys as they thrust their big tools in and out of my hotly straining, sweating, trembling body, able only to move my head and hips slightly as I leant back with my hands on Roger’s chest, sighing and gasping at the new, deliciously voluptuous sensations I was experiencing. Their strenuous efforts were then accompanied by rhythmic grunting and snorting with the slap and thud of wet flesh on flesh; the air around us redolent with the mixed scents of sweaty bodies, perfumed bathsoap and Old Spice talcum powder. My memory fades into a warm, fuzzy haze of blissful sensations at that point. I vaguely remember coming again and again, feeling faint in rather a nice way, then nothing.

It wasn’t an unpleasant experience by any means, it was just that the sensual load was greater than I’d ever known before. As things transpired, it wasn’t to be a unique experience for me.


My senses had returned before Laine dropped me at home, but my mind was unfocused for several days after as I tried to decide whether or not I’d go on with my budding career in film. Don would approve when I told him about it, I was sure, but I needed to satisfy myself that I could actually carry it off, while the producers were keen for me to participate after seeing me in action and due to my physical appearance, which suited the part.

While I suffered some slight degree of discomfort from all the attention my poor pussy had received from a multitude of male members, it wasn’t any real difficulty to consider myself in that situation again, although I then needed to consider that my body would be seen by any number of viewers when the video was released. The potential for embarrassment was enormous, if I

was recognized, even though I’d be disguised to some extent by both make-upand a wig.

I was truly torn between the desire to try myself as a porn ‘actress’ and my inate need to stand at the rear of the crowd, unsure as to my ability to perform as required in a ‘real’ movie-making situation. However, I rang the number on Laine’s card and was unable to say no in the face of her genuine enthusiasm to have me join them on the following weekend. I explained to my family that Mummy was going away on another sales seminar over that weekend and I’d miss them all terribly. As I attended these things several times in each year the weekend away from home raised no suspicions, particularly in view of the extra income from my home sales efforts.

The meeting place was another nearby hotel and, as the rest of the family were at work and school, I was able to prepare myself before dropping the rugrats at Don’s mater’s and taking a cab to the late afternoon rendezvous. There were several small busses which set off as they filled and we arrived at a large country estate, our destination, on the first which turned about to return for more. The place was really only an hour out of town, secluded by virtue of being set in forty-plus hectares of woods and gardens, looking as if it had once been a boarding school, although its current use was as a seminar venue.

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