Part Time Job with Benefits

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I want to thank friends Deb and Denny for reading my stories and being my editors.

I also want to thank davidwatts, backwoodsman, Kennylong and Rebecca Browning for writing wonderful stories that let me know I am not alone in my interests. I no longer feel like a lonely freak. I welcome your feedback and emails. I will probably answer them with the hope of good discussion on my stories. Please forgive my clumsy efforts, but I wanted to share a few stories that have been buzzing around in my head for years. My thanks to all the good folks at Literotica for providing me with great reading the past year and for the chance to write a story of my own.

I like the way davidwatts puts it in his wonderful stories, if you are offended by stories about beautiful natural women please read no further. This story is the fictional work of an over active imagination with inspiration from a real lady I knew long ago.


John was a twenty year old college student who always wondered where the money was going to come from for his next semester’s tuition. Almost every day he wandered through the student union to scan the bulletin boards for part time jobs. One day he saw an ad that looked promising. A nursery on the edge of town needed someone to work occasionally. There was a promise of good pay and long hours. John started to copy the number and then thought about it and took the note with him. He didn’t want competition.

That afternoon John made the call and soon had an interview scheduled for that evening. He realized when he walked into the office that the interview had been scheduled for closing time. The woman in the office told him that she was the owner of the nursery and asked if he minded doing the interview at a picnic table out under the trees? John agreed and soon they were seated across from each other and she began to ask him questions.

He realized the interview was going well when she smiled after hearing that he had indeed worked with plants and planting many times in the past because his parents owned a farm. As she relaxed, the questions became more friendly and she smiled often and even joked with him when he shared stories about the trials and tribulations of being a farmer’s son.

Finally she sat back and told him the interview was over and he was hired. She told him that his hours would be flexible and would often involve moving plants and trees and cleaning up after the nursery was closed. The pay she offered was better than he had expected and he accepted the job. They shook hands and she introduced herself as Tanya.

Tanya sat back and lit a cigarette and as they visited John looked her over closely for the first time. He guessed she was near his mother’s age and that would be in the mid forties. He noticed Tanya smoked the same long white unfiltered cigarettes as his mother, Pall Malls. Her teeth were very white so he guessed she must brush often or not smoke as much as his mother who had nasty yellow teeth.

John noticed that she waited until he was talking to take her long deep drags. She would then inhale deeply, hold it for a few seconds and then exhale a long thick white stream of smoke into the air off to the side. John had always thought his mother’s smoking habit was disgusting. She would drag and then talk with the smoke coming from her mouth and nose and rarely ever exhale. Tanya made smoking look graceful and elegant.

As they talked John learned that Tanya’s husband had passed away the previous year and she was trying hard to make the nursery successful. John told Tanya about his father passing away and how much he missed him and she leaned across the table to briefly squeeze his hand and tell him how sorry she was. John felt as if electricity had passed between them and felt his cock stir as he looked at his new boss in a new way.

John was shocked that he had a half hard cock and was looking at a woman over twice his age with lust. Maybe it was more than that he admitted to himself. He liked her face and he loved the way her lips moved and looked when she smoked. John squirmed in his seat and glanced down to make sure his boner was not visible.

The conversation switched to the plants around them and John became absorbed in the talk and his hard-on shrank. It had been a very warm and humid spring day but there had been a good breeze blowing when they had sat down for the interview. Now the breeze died completely and in the still air John began to sweat and noticed Tanya had sparkling beads of sweat on her upper lip and forehead. He also noticed the fine sun bleached hairs on her forearms and her upper lip and felt his cock stir to life again.

He told himself to stop it and concentrated on the description she was giving for a new display for fruit trees that she wanted him to work on that week. Just as he thought he was under control she unbuttoned her light blue cotton smock and slipped it off. It was the same smock the other women had been wearing inside and he assumed it was to keep their clothing clean.

Under escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları the smock Tanya had on a light tank top. He could see that she was sweat dampened and could easily see her bra through the unevenly damp material. Again he had to look away at the fruit trees as Tanya talked on and was almost under control again when she lit another cigarette. John could not help his eyes being drawn to her and after she took a deep drag she leaned back onto the fence behind her and rested her arm high on a rail keeping the cigarette near her lips.

John was shocked to see a thick tuft of dark sweaty hair under Tanya’s arm. To John it looked like a pubic hair miniature and he completely lost the battle to keep his cock down and under control. He was grateful that his tented jeans were hidden under the picnic table and kept himself close to the table to stay hidden. He felt a cool spot on his hard cock and realized his always abundant precum had wet his pants.

Tanya seemed oblivious to it all and finished her description of the tree display and asked if John had any questions. John had listened to her as closely as possible and did ask a a couple of questions. As he talked about the trees he felt his cock subside and then began to stutter as she stood to walk to the trees and he knew his wet spot and tented pants would be very visible.

John asked what time she wanted him to work the next day and she told him 7 PM, which was closing time, and John suddenly blurted that he was late for an appointment with a professor and he would see her tomorrow. John looked back at her as he started his car and saw Tanya smiling his way as she exhaled a long plume of white smoke and waved at him, giving him a glimpse of her dark armpit again. He noticed that she had an amused smile on her face.

On the way back to his dorm room John pulled into the city park and drove to the end of a picnic grove. He parked out of the way under a shade tree and pulled his soaking cock from his pants. He began to stroke it thinking about Tanya and picturing her thick underarm hair and her sweaty face. In his fantasy she was stroking his cock and smoking a long white cigarette. John began to spurt ropes of cum and his orgasm lasted longer and was a deeper pleasure than any orgasm he had ever had.

John used some paper napkins and his handkerchief to clean himself and his car up and then drove back to his dorm. He went inside and found his roommate was out so he got in the shower and again began to jack his hard cock thinking about Tanya. This time John lasted longer and his fantasy started as before with her stroking his wet cock while she smoked and then he began to kiss her and to pull her arm up to feel her underarms. This was too much for him and he began to spray cum across the shower wall. As John finished and caught his breath he wondered how he was going to be able to work for this woman with the fantasies and desires he was having.

The next evening John studied in the library until six and then went to his room to change for work. Finding he was half hard and with a lot of drooling precum again he showered and jacked off twice fantasizing about Tanya. He tried to think about other women but his mind kept going back to Tanya and her sexy lips and furry underarms. John hoped he was drained enough to make it through the evening without embarrassing himself.

When John arrived at the nursery Tanya saw him and waved him over to the end of the counter. She gave him a diagram that was labeled with trees and plants by name and even had different colored arrows to show him where to move them. He assured her that he could handle the job and went outside to work.

It was another hot evening and John worked steadily for over an hour. He was soaked with sweat but was proud of his progress. He continued working for another two hours and was glad several large lights came on after sunset. John did think it a bit strange that Tanya did not come out to check on him. He did not realize that she was working in the office and would take occasional peeks to see what he was doing. She was very pleased at his hard work and the new displays were looking even better than she had hoped.

At 10 PM John heard the office door open and close and Tanya came out with a large bottle of cold water and a huge brownie wrapped in a napkin. “Sit down and cool off before you collapse, ” she said as she handed the items to him and went on to walk around and examine the displays. “I thought you would have to work until midnight to get these done for opening tomorrow but you are almost finished, good job! “

John was very pleased with her praise and her smile and watched as she continued to walk around and make a few minor adjustments on the placement of the plants. He noted how she was arranging them as he drank the entire bottle of water. It felt as if his body were absorbing the water like a sponge.

“You worked too long and escort gaziantep bayan telefonları hard in this heat young man. From now on take a break and come in for some water. You are doing a great job. ” Tanya smiled as she started back for the office.

John thanked her and decided he was grateful for her limited visibility. He thought it would be a lot easier to keep her off his mind and to stay calm if she was not in sight. John went back to work and by 11 PM he was finished. John went to the office and found the door locked and the lights out. He went to his car and drove back to his dorm. A quick shower and he fell exhausted into his bed with no thoughts of Tanya.

The next morning John went to classes and spent the afternoon studying. When he drove back to the nursery for more work he was met with smiles from Tanya and both of the other ladies who worked the counter. Tanya told him that his displays were perfect and she was very pleased. She also told him that he obviously was a good worker and she had left him and gone home to get some rest last night because she knew she could trust him. John was very pleased with himself and listened intently as she gave him his instructions for the night.

Tonight, John was digging up plants from the back property and placing them in pots to be put in the displays for sale. He had to label and tag each plant carefully and then water them well when they were in the displays. John worked steadily again and at about 9 he heard Tanya calling him to the picnic table area. Another large bottle of water and this time a large slice of pizza waited for him. He sat down to gratefully rest and drink deeply and Tanya sat down opposite him.

She began by telling him how pleased she was with his hard work. Tanya actually felt like she was chewing him out for working too hard and warned him to take breaks and drink plenty of water in the heat. John managed to keep his mind on business until she raised her arm to point at a display she wanted him to move and he again saw the thick tuft of dark hair under her arm. He felt his cock fill with blood and was glad his jeans were thick and already soaked with sweat.

He took in her lovely face and noticed the beads of sweat on her upper lip and across her cheeks. Her light blue eyes were perfect for her freckled cheeks and John had to force himself to focus on what she was saying. John listened carefully but was aware of his raging hard-on and was glad the tent in his jeans was under the table.

When Tanya finished she sat back and lit a cigarette and asked him if he liked his job. He hesitated as he watched smile at him and told her he thought it was perfect for him and he hoped he did not run out of work. Tanya assured him that she had a lot of catching up to do that he could do after hours for her. She told him that she hoped he did not mind her going home before he finished, but she had to be up early to open the shop. John assured her it was not a problem.

For several minutes they sat quietly with John sipping the cold water and cooling off and Tanya quietly smoking. John was again fascinated with the movement of her hands and the graceful movements that accompanied everything she did. When she raised her arm at all he sneaked peeks at her underarms and noticed that in the heat the fluffy hair had become wet and matted. He found himself wanting to touch the hair and to touch her lips with his.

Tanya finally stood taking one last deep draw on the cigarette and putting it out in an ashcan by the table. She stood and as she slowly exhaled she faced the setting sun and used both hands to raise her hair from her neck and let the breeze cool her. John had a perfect view of her long white exhale and her dark furry underarms and felt close to cumming in his pants. He waited until Tanya went into the office to get up and then as he walked back to where he was working he reached down to tuck his cock into a more comfortable position.

Tanya watched John from the office and smiled. The little devil was turned on by her. She had noticed during the interview that he had begun to squirm when she took off her smock and she realized that he was fascinated with her hairy underarms. She had not shaved since her early twenties. She had always been a bit of a hippy at heart and when her husband had first seen her with her pits grown out he had dragged her to bed and not let her up until they were both exhausted. Tanya saw no need to start shaving now at this stage of her life. Besides, if handsome young hunks were so turned on by her pit hair why should she bother.

The next day when Tanya left work at noon to take care of her banking she intentionally wore a sleeveless blouse and made sure that several men she met saw her hairy underarms. Each and every one of them stared and when she could observe them, each seemed to be developing an erection or felt the need to adjust their pants.

Tanya had not thought about sex escort gaziantep bayan videoları since her husband had become very sick over two years earlier and now a sudden yearning to be desired and to be touched overcame her. She felt a flush over her body as she realized she really wanted to be held and made love to again. Even as she thought it, she thought of John and her nipples became hard and she felt her pussy tingle.

Tanya also wondered if John was studying her face so closely to keep from looking at her underarms or if he was watching her mouth when she smoked. Her husbands brother had always stared at her when she smoked and her husband told her that he had a smoking fetish. All three of his ex-wives had been smokers and any woman in the family that smoked always had his full attention. Tanya wondered if John also appreciated women who smoked. He was less than half her age, she told herself and she should forget about him. Still, she had to admit that he was a handsome young man and she enjoyed the attention.

That evening she had particularly hard and dirty work for John. He was hauling compost with a wheelbarrow and she went out often to take him water and to make him rest. She kept telling herself that she was just trying to keep him from killing himself in the heat, but she knew that part of it was the feeling she got when his eyes were on her. Right before sunset she called John to the table again and had a paper diagram for him again of where the mulch should go after she left.

As he drank his water Tanya began to talk with her hands and then raised one arm to rub the back of her neck for a full minute. John tried to hide it and was embarrassed but she caught his eyes on her underarm hair and she saw him turn to keep his lap under the table. Tanya felt herself flush and grow warm and she realized she loved the attention and making this young man hard for her.

A few minutes later Tanya had kept her arms down and had focused his attention of work to be done and then she lit a cigarette. She took a deep first drag and then slowly exhaled the smoke almost in Johns direction. She again saw him squirm and knew he was turned on by this also. Before she went back in she held the cigarette in her lips as she stood and faced the setting sun again and raised her arms to hold her hair away from her neck. She looked to the west but knew John was staring at her and knew he was very much turned on. She took a deep drag and then grabbed his hand and told him to come with her she had to show him something.

John was fully hard and his cock was tenting his jeans. When Tanya raised her arms and he saw the thick damp hair and then the cigarette in her mouth he became even harder. When Tanya suddenly took a deep drag and grabbed his hand he had no choice but to follow her. She exhaled to the side and he had to talk through the cloud of smoke as she led him by the hand to a display and told him the idea to change it she suddenly had.

Tanya had actually planned this for hours and did it just to see John’s reaction. She saw his very hard cock and the size of the tent in his pants. His face was red and flushed and as she talked about the display she continued to smoke and exhale in his direction. She noticed he did not back up or move at all. Tanya told John to make the changes right away and she would look at them before she left. John watched her walk to and then into the office and it took him several minutes to get his raging hard-on under control. He had to reach down to adjust it and thought he did it secretly but Tanya was looking out the office window and smiled as she saw him touch himself.

Tanya watched out the window until John was finished with the display and started to go back out. She paused at the door and then stepping back she removed the light sleeveless blouse she had worn and then unhooked her bra and removed it. He bust was a 34B and in spite of her age were firm and perky. She rarely went without a bra because her areolas were huge and her nipples had a mind of their own and were often erect. Her husband had talked her into a bikini when they first got married but when she tried it on she found her areolas were larger than the cups could cover and she only wore it around the house to please her husband.

Tanya left the top two buttons open and then lit a cigarette before she stepped outside. She knew she was teasing John but the thought of him so excited made feel hot and young again. Tanya stepped out the door and walked quickly to where John was working.

John saw her coming and as she walked to him he noticed her very large and dark areolas and hard nipples and knew she had removed her bra. When she stopped before him she took a deep drag on her cigarette and told him how much she loved how the new arrangement looked. John noticed her eyes never left his and she stepped closer as she exhaled off to the side with her face only a foot from his.

Tanya looked down at his crotch and again saw the bulge of his cock getting hard. John saw her looking and became very red and embarrassed. He began to apologize, “I am so sorry, I can’t help it, you are so… so…..”

“So what, John?” she asked as she took another deep drag. Tanya could feel her own heart pounding and her panties getting very wet. She exhaled closer to his face and reached out to touch his arm with the hand holding the cigarette. “So what, John? Please tell me what I am. Disgusting, old?”

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