Parlour Games

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Milly the maid found herself bent over the low parlour coffee table, hands bound behind her back by her own stripped leggings and her tush in the air.

“Now, Milly,” her young mistress, Hannah, chided. She paced a slow circle around the table, her lovely face haughty and annoyed. She wore her blond hair long and tied with red ribbon in a ponytail that bounced against her back as she walked. “You are paid to do but one thing in my parents’ home—keep things clean. Is that not right?”

“Yes, of course, my lady.”

“Then how do you explain this?” Hannah thrust a pair of panties against Milly’s nose. “This a pair if my underwear. A pair that I had intended to wear today. But look at this—they’re still stained! You were told to wash them, and yet they are clearly still filthy.”

“I’m so sorry, my lady. I tried my best!”

Milly implored Hannah with desperate, gray eyes. A wisp of dark hair had dislodged itself from the modest brass pins that held the rest in place; with her arms tied, she could do nothing to move the hair from its ticklish spot against her nose.

“I’m sure you did, but it wasn’t good enough. I now have to endure the humiliation of spending the entire day wearing nothing beneath my dress. If my parents were to find out I would be shamed! Thankfully, they are gone for the day, and I will therefore take this time to punish you.”

“Yes my lady, of course. I deserve it.”

“You do. But of course, if you are to tell my parents of this punishment I will deny it to the last, and you will likely be fired. So you will not tell, will you?”

“No, of course not. Never.”

“Alright then. Now, please refrain from crying. This is your punishment, so I don’t punish me with guilt.”

With that Hannah flipped up Milly’s frilled navy and white skirts and tugged down her plain white panties. Milly whimpered at the cold air caressing her exposed bottom. With no warning Hannah slapped Milly’s heiny hard with her open palm. Milly yelped. Hannah slapped again, then again. It hurt badly, yet Milly made no complaint, only little yelps. Hannah began hitting harder, and Milly’s white bottom quickly pinked. She began spanking the maid more rapidly, then quicker still, until her hand was a blur against the supple flesh. Milly yelped and moaned with every breath, until at last Hannah stopped.

“*pant pant* Well, now you’ve gone and gotten me all huffed and *pant* sweaty! I will need to change my clothes after this, and soil yet another dress with my lack of under things. Oh, you need to be punished indeed!”

On the coffee table was a small, ornate crystal bowl of walnuts. Hannah took the bowl and sat down on the floor behind Milly

“What are you going to do, my lady?”

“Quiet. I am going take these rather large walnuts and put them in your body. Can you guess where? Answer me.”

“My mouth?”

“No, don’t be silly! That would strangle you, and I wish you no real harm. Guess again.”

“My, um, womanhood?”

“‘Womanhood’! How quaint. Close, but no. You would get too much pleasure from that, and you are meant to be punished. Guess again—and if you do not get it right this time, I shall beat you.”

“My…my bottom?” Milly seemed astounded and afraid.

“Oh yes!”

Hannah knelt behind the maid and spread the taut cheeks of her derriere wide with her hands. Milly began to tremble at the touch. Hannah exposed Milly’s tiny, dark anus and fingered it a bit, causing Milly to shudder and sigh.

“Now please understand Milly, what I am about to do is not for your delight, though you may enjoy it. It is entirely necessary to save you from harm.”

Hannah bent in and began to lap at Milly’s small hole. The maid convulsed and whimpered at the touch. Hannah thoroughly licked along the outside, her own cheeks blushing with pleasure, before inserting her tongue all the way into Milly. Milly choked back a scream, and Hannah could feel the girl’s rectum clamp around her tongue. Yet Hannah could also feel Milly on her chin as the maid’s loins begin to moisten.

Hannah slid her tongue out and lapped vigorously again along the rim of Milly’s rear. She at last pulled away, her mouth and chin slick with her own saliva, but not before spitting between Milly’s spread cheeks. Hannah picked up the maid’s discarded panties and used them to wipe her face.

Finally Hannah took a walnut from the bowl and, after wetting it in her mouth, pushed this first nut into Milly’s primed and puckered hole. Milly moaned, whether in discomfort or enjoyment Hannah couldn’t tell. The young woman slid the next nut inside; it clacked against the first and pushed it further into the tight recesses of Milly’s anus, prompting a startled gasp.

“This one has a fairly vicious little ridge,” Hannah said, popping the slicked walnut from her mouth. She leaned over to wiggle the nut before Milly’s face and inspired a cringe from the maid. She worked the nut halfway into Milly’s hole, then slowly twisted it the rest of the way in. Milly shook with a rapid escort bayan barrage of pained gasps.

“Now, Milly,” Hannah said. “Though I’m sure you are able, I don’t want to see a single nut being expelled from its rightful place. Any that emerge from your ass without my consent will go directly into your mouth. Am I clear?”

“Yes, my lady! I’ll be obedient, I swear it!”

Hannah repeated the procedure with the walnuts until the entire bowl was empty and no less than ten nuts had been swallowed into Milly’s rectum.

“How is that? Those final two were a tight squeeze indeed! Still, I think I could fit a few more.”

Milly squirmed. “Ooh, I don’t like it, my lady…”

“No? Why?”

“It hurts! And makes me feel strange inside!”

“Yes, I know. And it is humiliating, is it not?”

“Oh yes, my lady! I feel utterly degraded!”

“Hmm… Then what is that dripping from your groin onto my parent’s marble floors?”

Milly didn’t answer, and Hannah could see her face burning bright red. She was thrilled by the domination, and yet her heart fluttered with sympathy and affection. She felt a moment of weakness, and in that moment decided to reveal herself before she lapsed into cruelty again.

“Milly, please don’t think me a monster because of my…tastes.” Hannah caressed her thigh and kissed Milly’s hip. “I like you, Milly, truly. I’ve liked you from the very first day you came to work for my parents. I watch you, and see your joy and passion in life, your kindness, your desire to please everyone regardless of your own comfort. Milly, I…oh dear…”

“…My lady?”

Hannah paused, and felt embarrassment at her confession. As quickly as it had allowed itself to be repressed, her desire to dominate returned, and she decided to indulge herself.

“I’ll tell you what; I’ll give you a chance to have our nutty little friends removed immediately, but under one condition. It is sort of a game, really. Will you play?”

“Oh yes, of course my lady! Anything to be free from this distress!”

“Good. Now, as your incompetence has ensured that there is no boundary between this terribly expensive dress that my father had imported from Austria and my–shall we say–secretions, it is your least duty to personally see to my cleanliness, yes?”

“Yes, of course, my lady.”

“Good. Then our game shall work like this; you will use that obedient little tongue of yours to render me pristine with all due vigor. You will have but a matter of a few minutes to do this, and if you are skilled enough to grant your lady satisfaction in this time then I shall release your rear of its discomfort. You realize what I mean by satisfaction, of course?”

“Yes, my lady. I have-“

Milly cut her confession short and scrunched her head against her shoulder in coy embarrassment, but Hannah sprang instantly on the implications of the maid’s reticence.

“You have what, Milly? Touched yourself?”

Milly nodded.

“Is such abuse a habit? Do you enjoy it?”

Nod, nod.

Hannah backhanded the back of Milly’s stooped head.

“You will answer my questions when they are asked!”

“Yes! I’m very sorry, my lady! Yes, I enjoy it, my lady!”

Hannah sneered at her while tracing circles with her fingernail around the dimple that divided Milly’s back from the crack of her backside.

“You enjoy what, precisely? Louder this time.” Hannah said.

“I enjoy touching myself, my lady!” Milly nearly shouted. “I touch myself nearly every day!”

“Oh ho! Well, you’re wanton little wretch, aren’t you?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Then let’s see what lessons in satisfaction you have taught yourself. We should both hope that your busy fingers have shared knowledge of their stimulations with your mouth.”

Hannah gripped the bound maid by her shoulder and heaved her over so that she lay on her back on the table. She regarded Milly from the front for a moment, her eyes hooded and her lips curved by cruelty. Milly’s eyes were wide but her face bore a determined and dedicated air. She lay with her legs bent over the edge of the table, the toes of her bare feet curling into the carpet below. Hannah nudged her legs wide to better expose the maid’s nethers. The lips of her exquisite, young vagina were slightly parted by her position in an intoxicating tease of sopping pink.

“So lewd!” Hannah said, and gently smacked the inside of Milly’s thigh. “You truly have no shame, Milly, none at all.”

Hannah climbed atop the table herself and straddled Milly at the chest, sitting with her full weight on the young woman’s breasts. Milly hissed through her teeth and screwed her eyes closed. Her arms were still bound behind her, pinned now between her back the table. Hannah was certain that it was plenty painful without the extra torture of sitting on her. She laughed.

“Your pathetic little tits make for a meager chair indeed, Milly.”

“I’m sorry, my lady,” Milly groaned.

“No matter. I won’t punish bursa vip escort you for such as that. Not today, and perhaps never if I’m impressed by your performance in our game.”

Hannah sat up a bit and–still straddling Milly’s body–scooted along until she was able to pin the maid’s head on either side between her knees. She took the hem of her own skirts into her hands and lifted the front. She indeed wore no underwear, and Mill found her nose only inches from Hannah’s naked, neatly trimmed sex.

“My lady?” she asked in a timid chirp. “Um, how are we to know when the time has elapsed? The parlor clock has not been wound today.”

Hannah flicked Milly’s forehead. “Oh, Milly! Pathetic, useless Milly. Who’s job is it to maintain this household’s timepieces?”

Milly gulped and murmured, “Mine, my lady.”

“Indeed! And so because you have once again failed in your responsibilities, it is you who will mark time for us. You shall sing to me while you service my perfect cunt. À la Claire Fontaine–you know it, certainly?”

“I do, my lady. I think.”

“You will sing it perfectly, and loudly, and with joy. When you have run out of verses, the game will be over and we shall see if you’ve earned your relief. That’s very kind, isn’t it? I should fill you with two score more walnuts for ignoring Mother’s clock. It’s an heirloom, you know.”

“I’m so sorry, my lady! You’re incredibly gracious to spare me such agony when I do so deserve it.”

“Yes. Now shut up and begin your song, unless you’ve grown fond of the gaggle in that crowded colon of yours.”

Hannah tossed her skirts over Milly’s head, leaving the maid to do her work out of sight in a dark, velvet tent.

From between her legs Hannah heard the loud, soprano lilt of, “À la claire fontaine,

M’en allant promener! J’ai trouvé l’eau si belle, Que je m’y suis baigné!”

The refrain was muffled and distorted as Hannah felt Milly’s mouth close over her vagina and offer several tentative, probing licks. Hannah’s eyes rolled nearly to the whites while she arched her head back and allowed herself a deep but silent sigh.

“Il y a l-longtemps…” Milly sang. “*shlurp* que je t’aime *squerch*…Jamais…*smack* je n-ne t’oublierai!”

Hannah laughed at Milly’s humiliating performance and gripped her own hair in ecstasy. Heat was mounting in her face and belly and sweat began to bead around her nose. Milly’s tongue and lips labored in earnest around the French melody, sliding about every secret, tingling fold of Hannah’s sex and occasionally making squishy, unsure penetrations into the quivering and eager vagina itself. It was wonderful, but the maid’s inexperience was obnoxiously apparent; though she sought her lady’s satisfaction with endearing determination–singing all the while–Milly’s technique was proving inadequate to secure the maid’s triumph in this game. And it was a game that Hannah very much wanted her to win.

She could coach her, Hannah supposed. At the very least she could command her to stop her sloppy wandering and focus on her clitoris, which would be the fastest way for them each to reach their goal. But no. That would be much too kind.

Instead Hannah found Milly’s bobbing head and grabbed her ears through the fabric of her dress. She repositioned her knees slightly to gain leverage and mashed Milly’s face into her groin. She then began to grind hard at Milly’s mouth, holding her head still while she ravaged her face with escalating force and aggression. Milly, ever diligent, did her best to continued to lap, prod, and suckle the raging cunt that now smothered her. And, to Hannah’s infinite delight, she never stopped singing, though the words were now quavering, erratic, and increasingly desperate through Milly’s breathless sputtering and swallows.

“Je v-vou…voudrais *cough* que lar…la rrrrrrose!” she sang, nearing the end of the song. “*grp* Fût encore! *grrrp* Au rosier! Et que…*cough* ma douce a-amie! Fût en…encore à *ack*…*ulp*…m’aimer…”

Hannah giggled with glee as she rode Milly’s face. She wished very much that it was a possible to have a sketch made of this moment; Milly, bound on a table, her lower half naked, violated, and shamelessly exposed, as the glorious Hannah d’Ivry straddles and abuses her. Such a portrait they made together!

As Milly began the final refrain, Hannah clapped her hand over her mouth and let a small yelp slip as a gasp between her fingers. Her body wanted to tremble, but she wouldn’t allow it. With one final, firm thrust at Milly’s face she released the maid’s head and lifted her skirts just as the music stopped. Milly drew a huge gasp of air.

She was truly a sight. Her entire face was smeared with Hannah’s nectars, her lashes clumped together with it and her lips slathered. Her hair, normally so neat and primped, was splayed in wild, sweaty spikes around her head. One thin lock was plastered flat to her forehead in matted mass of tiny black swirls. Her bursa elit escort mouth was still open, sucking at air. As Hannah watched, a bead of drool trickled from the corner of Milly’s mouth and rolled down her jaw; with her hands bound, there was nothing the maid could do about it.

“My my, just look at you, Milly!” Hannah said, settling down to again sit on Milly’s chest. “An utter disgrace! And your French is atrocious. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“No, my lady!” Milly said.

“No? NO? What, was my taste not to your liking?”

“No, it was, my lady! You tasted wonderful! I’m sorry, of course I enjoyed it!”

“That’s right.” Hannah slipped her hand beneath her skirt and grazed two fingers along her wet and sensitive sex. She held the glistening fingers towards Milly’s lips. When the maid didn’t respond, Hannah gave her a light smack on the cheek. The young woman protruded her tongue and Hannah ran her fingers over it. “Tell me, do I taste clean?”

“Yes, my lady. And delicious. Thank you.”

“Yes, I concede that you performed your cleaning duties thoroughly. But, oh Milly! Poor degraded Milly, you have failed the game. I must leave the objects inside you.”

Actually, Hannah had indeed managed to orgasm–a bit– from Milly’s ministrations, but the maid didn’t need to know that.

“Oh please, my lady! I’m sorry, I tried so very hard! Please have mercy! My bottom is in a terrible state!”

“I’m sorry Milly, but you’re going to have to wait.” Hannah dismounted Milly and again flipped her on her stomach. “But I am merciful, and I will distract you from the distress in your ass. True pain is a powerful distraction, you see.”

Milly sighed a small afraid sigh as Hannah stood and walked momentarily from the parlour. She soon returned with a long, thin wooden dowel, which she swished through the air as she walked. Milly cried out at the sound, realizing the rod’s painful potential on her skin before it ever touched her.

“Do you like it?” Hannah said. “I was going to find a switch on the grounds, but I stumbled upon this in the workshop first.”

Milly watched the swishing of the dowel in horror, but it was too late to protest. Without warning Hannah slapped the rod against the soft flesh of Milly’s thigh. Milly yelled, and screwed her eyes shut against the stinging pain. Hannah struck again, harder, across Milly’s stuffed butt. Milly kept herself under control, only moaning slightly against this strike. Hannah changed that with successive whacks of her rod, hitting harder and quicker against Milly’s sensitive rear. Milly cried out with each strike as the pain mounted, wriggling under the blows and curling her toes. It was just as tears were threatening to form in the maid’s eyes that Hannah stopped.

“There. That’s enough. You did very well. I can’t imagine how badly that must have hurt. Few things could be worse without causing actual harm, could they?”

“No my lady,” Milly replied with a wavering voice. “That was more intense pain than I have ever endured. I…am not hurt, am I? Bleeding?”

Hannah felt herself swell with sympathy and protective affection. She quickly kneeled and lovingly embraced the maid’s much abused bottom.

“No, no, no, sweet Milly. Of course not! There are welts, and you will be bruised, but you are not truly hurt. It may be a matter of days before you can comfortably sit again, but you are fine. I would never hurt you, you silly dolt! Not for any reason.”

Hannah squeezed Milly’s firm behind, and kissed several of its stinging welts.

“Thank you, my lady…”

Hannah buried her face into the soft warm flesh of one of the cheeks. “Listen Milly… I’d like for you to come to my room this evening, after all the others have retired. You do not have to, though. This is not an order. I only wish to talk, but I will understand if you do not come. If you do, though, I… I want you to come only because you want to. Because you feel something…more.” Hannah fussed with a small sapphire broach at her throat and fixed her eyes in the room’s corner. “Like I do.”

She stood, instantly seeming to reembody the cold, cruel confidence that so confused and excited Milly. Hannah picked up the soiled panties that had begun the whole affair. “In the meantime though, I wish for you to clean this mess. You may use these, as they are already filthy enough.”

“Forgive me, my lady, but what mess?”

Hannah walked around the table and once more tugged her skirts to her waist. She positioned herself above the still-bound Milly and bore an enormous, evil grin.

“This mess.”

With that Hannah peed on Milly’s head. It splashed through her hair and down her face, dripping off her chin and onto the tiled marble below. Milly sputtered as the liquid attempted entry into her mouth; Hannah giggled. At last she stopped and wriggled her skirts back into place after brushing the last few drops from between her legs. Milly’s head was completely soaked, and her face was red with shame.

“Now get to cleaning. I want this floor and table dry and spotless by the time my parents return home.”

“But, my lady, my hands…? And the, um, plug…?”

Hannah merely grinned and stuffed the panties into Milly’s mouth and patted her urine soaked cheek, then stood back to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32