Papa and Megan: Summer of Fun

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Days turned into weeks, then months, then years before we were able to be alone like that again. It was very hard to carry on the charade of a loving gramdpa and granddaughter. Oh, it wasn’t that we didn’t see each other. There were Christmases, middle school graduation, summer breaks, both up in Chicago and at our home. But there was never any time for intimacy between the two of us. Whenever we were alone, it was always under the threat of someone coming in or back or soon. We did go out for a walk twice, but we were in public and it just wasn’t right.

I wasn’t there to watch her develop into a young lady, both physically and emotionally, that is as much emotionally as a teenager can be. But from afar, I noticed her development instantly each time I got a chance to see her. She was still flighty and fun loving; in fact, she was still my sweet little Megan, just a little older. Her physical development was more obvious, to me anyway. Not only did she gain a little height and weight, about 4’8” and 85 lbs., she was still a runt, really, but she was developing in her breasts, her shapeliness and contours. Her breasts were now not merely pumps under her shirts and blouses but had grown into more defined mammary mounds. Although they were still by no means big, they stuck out nicely and let the viewer know that there was something there. And, she really didn’t mind you looking at them, or at least, she didn’t mind my occasional glance. In fact after seeing my glance as she bent down to retrieve something once, she smiled and moved her shoulders forward and allowed the blouse to expose them just a little more.

Her hips had spread a little also and she was starting to develop a nice ass on her. This, too, she didn’t mind showing off discretely, especially while wearing her shorts. She would stick that cute little rear end out for my approval whenever she got a chance. Boy, did I admire it. Although I can’t confirm this, but I’m sure she developed more hair to cover her pussy mound and I fantasized it was still as blond as it used to be. Her legs were more shapely than the young girl’s legs, also. The color of the skin on them was even toned, tanner I think. The young girl’s legs were skinnier and you could see the veins in them. Her’s were meatier, just more shapely. Let’s face it, she was filling out nicely, but we still could not seem to be alone.

Then, the news came, after two and half years living so far away from them, Danny was taking Shelly on a month long vacation and wanted the kids to stay with us. I don’t know who was most excited, Marty or myself, but we answered, almost in unison “YES”. They were to arrive at the end of school on May 20th, and were to stay a whole month. My heart sang with joy and my cock twitched with anticipation. Finally, we would have the time to be alone again.

“Why sure you can,” agreed Marty. “Of course we have room. How long will she stay with us?” she asked.

I was dumbfounded by this conversation, confused and frustrated. Who was she talking to and about whom? I couldn’t remain silent any longer and ask Marty, “Who are you talking to?”

“Your Granddaughter,” she mouthed.

I almost panicked. What is she doing? Who is she talking about? WHAT’S GOING ON!

As Marty hung up the phone, she announced, “Megan is being a friend with her. You remember Tanisha don’t you, that cute little black girl, well, Megan asked if she could come with her and Bobby for a week this summer. I said of course, we would love to have her. She such a nice girl. You remember, her father is the pastor at their church. It just so happens that her parents are going to a convention in Washington D.C. the week of the 23rd so Megan wanted to bring her along for the trip.”

I felt betrayed. I felt stabbed I the back. What was she trying to tell me? Was it off? What was “it” anyway? I felt so hurt, but I tried not to show it to Marty.

I had met Tanisha on two different occasions while we were up in Chicago. She had been over for dinner once and had stopped by to see Megan the other time. I really didn’t remember much about her other than she was polite and friendly. She and Megan had become close friends since Megan had moved in up there. I found out that they had become almost like sisters this last year. Now they were coming to MY house and spoiling MY time with Megan. I was so disgusted.

As the 20th arrived, we scurried to the airport to meet them. I don’t know who was more excited to see the grandkids, Marty or me. But I was wondering why had Megan invited her girlfriend to spend a week out of our month together. Was she trying to tell me something? Had she outgrown her “Papa”.

“There they are,” Marty shrieked as she ran them. With her arms wide open, she gave Bobby a hug, then Megan, then Tanisha. “Oh, let me look at you ,” she said. “Why Bobby, you’re getting so big, come give Grandma another big hug.” Taking him into her arms once again, she planted a big kiss on his lips. He looked embarrassed and kind of sheepish, then he glanced my direction. But I was too busy giving Megan and hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was her idea that she turned her cheek to me at the last minute. I also noticed that the hug was definitely not what I expected. It was a bend as the waste, “don’t put your crotch or breasts on him” type hug. I knew right then that it was over. I politely greeted Tanisha with an arm around the shoulder hug.

“I’m so glad you allowed me to come to visit you and Mrs. Adams,” she said graciously. “It was so nice of you to open your house up to me like that.”

Regardless of what I was thinking, I replied, “Well it such a pleasure to have you here and from now on, it’s “Papa George” to you.” Looking down at Bobby, I said “Come here Boy,” and realized that I wasn’t looking down so much at him any longer. He was growing up too. He was getting tall and putting on a little weight. I guessed he would be starting to change here in the next few months. Oh gosh, they grow up so fast.

Megan and Tanisha stood over by themselves while we were waiting for their luggage to arrive. They were whispering, giggling and acting like schoolgirls again. They were growing, but they were still girls. Marty and I watched them include Bobby in their world as we stood arm in arm. The three of them were having so much fun teasing and taunting, I almost forgot that I was angry over the situation of having our month interrupted or ruined by the presence of Tanisha. She was attractive, though. She was just a little taller than Megan, and just a little heavier. They had similar builds, both maturing young ladies. Her breasts were maybe just a little fuller than Megan’s and her figure was a little more pronounced. Yes, I guess she was a little bit further developed than Megan. In fact, she started looking pretty good. I caught my wandering eyes start to undress her when Marty said, “Look at how much Bobby has grown. Why he’s turning into a man before my very eyes.” Then sheepishly she added, “Both kids are.” She turned to walk towards them and I wondered, “Is she attracted to, Bobby?” “Nooo, its my imagination.”

After the grandkids had unpacked and settled into their rooms, Bobby in one and the girls in another, they came out of their rooms ready to take a dip into the pool before getting ready for bed. We heated our pool, so even though it was early in the season for swimming, it was a perfect 88 degrees. Marty and I decided to join them in a swim, so all of us met out by the pool in our swimsuits. Megan wore a two-piece that covered about everything properly, as did Tanisha. Bobby and I wore trunks, however Marty, wore a somewhat revealing two piece bikini that made my eyes do a double take. She was a stunning woman. Nice figure, firm breasts and butt and a relatively flat tummy. Her 125 lbs. were compacted into that bikini which barely covered the essentials. I looked approvingly at her and she replied, “What?”

After dunking all three of the kids several times, I got out and messed around with the pool equipment, setting the automatic filter and timer. When I looked back at the gang, they were all gone. As I started to step around the corner, Megan met me and pushed me back around the corner, out of sight. She then came up to me and gave me a full embrace from breast to crotch. She caught me off guard at first, but as soon as I realized that it was her, my arms embraced her body and my mouth opened up to her passionate kiss and my tongue searched out it’s mate. After a moment, I broke off the kiss and asked what was she thinking of. Wasn’t she afraid we would be caught and why had she invited her friend to join us for two weeks. And oh yea, she still wanted me! She said she would explain later and, yes she had to go take her shower now that Tanisha had finished her’s. With that, she ran to her room to shower and change.

I put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt after coming out of the shower. I was the last to clean up and the last one out to the family room. I could smell the popcorn cooking so I fixed Marty and I a drink and offered something to the grandkids. They were all in their pjs, sitting around on the floor playing some board game. As I walked up to them, I saw Bobby looking down the top of Megan’s, trying to see her titties. I muffled a laugh and said to Bobby, ““Here ya go Champ.” It startled him and he looked up with embarrassment and started to blush. I gave him a wry smile and mouthed, “That’s Ok.” He grinned sheepishly and took his soda. I then turned to the girls and noticed what had had his attention. There was Megan, sitting cross-legged, her chin on her elbow and the front of her tank top was open for the world to see. My eyes caught her breasts, her nipples and her belly button and I almost dropped the sodas on the girls. Suddenly Megan looked up, saw my eyes on her bare chest, grinned and sat up. She looked at me knowingly and said, “Not much to see, is there?” I was dumbfounded and embarrassed. Had Tanisha heard that and how about Bobby? No one reacted, so I think it slipped by, but, my God, she really set me back on my rear. I gathered myself and offered Tanisha the remaining soda and left the kids with their game.

After going back to the kitchen to join Marty, I ran my hand over her rear end and gave it a little squeeze. She faked indignity but responded with a grab at my crotch that I managed to block and she gave that warning look that meant, not here. We joined the board game and sat across from them on the floor, our backs up against the sofa. Sitting there opposite the three, I noticed I had a pretty good shot of the two girl’s crotches. Sitting there cross-legged, the girls were wearing the pj shorts and tank tops. I did notice that Tanisha wasn’t wearing a bra and, of course, neither was Megan. I started imagining the curve of her breast and tried to pick out if the nipple was protruding or if my imagination was running away with me. She never looked up but shifted her weight from one cheek to the other and there it was. At the leg opening of her black pj shorts, about one inch of lacy white fabric showing like a light against the darkness of her skin and the blackness of her shorts. I saw the white elastic band around the leg and wondered if I saw her pubic hairs sticking through the lacy panties. I was mesmerized for a brief moment then I caught Megan’s movement with my eye. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees. The legs of her pjs were riding up her crotch and she shifted to one side and I almost gasped audibly. There before me was a half inch of light brown pubic hair staring back at me. She must have sensed my gaze, because her eyes came to greet mine and, as she smiled demurely, she spread her legs for an instant, then she shifted her legs back down in front of her, bending her knees up under her like a lady should sit. Tanisha was concentrating on the game and hadn’t noticed the exchange between Megan and I. I looked down at my crotch. I was starting to get an erection. Megan must have seen me look. She smiled again with “that proud of herself” smile.

Meanwhile, Marty, oblivious to all of my sightings and reactions, had her eyes glued on Bobby and his movements. He was wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt. He sat cross-legged also, but his sweats were baggy and allowed no chance of Marty see anything, but she was staring at his crotch anyway. She’s turned on to him. I’m sure of it. I’ll be damned. My sweet wife has the hots for her grandson. She would die if I even suspected it, but I’m sure of the way she looks at him. And now that I think of it, she is alone with Bobby a lot, while I’m alone with Megan. That Friday night I stayed at Megan’s house and we were so intimate, Marty and Bobby were alone at this house also. It started to make sense to me now, every
time Megan and I are alone, so are Marty and Bobby. I’ll bet she doing him. I’ll have to see if my hunch is correct.

As everyone was ready to turn in, the kids came to us to say good night. First Marty then myself, each got a hug from them. A manly, one armed hug from Bobby, a sweet, gentle hug from Tanisha and a bigger hug from Megan, followed by a kiss to the cheek and a quick whisper, “Pleasant dreams, Lover Boy.” With that, off they went to their respective bedrooms. Marty and I retired to our own bedroom and as I stripped and crawled in beside her, she was all over me with her passion. She kissed me deeply and slid her hand down to my cock. She had me on my back instantly and was working my cock with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. She let my cock go for an instant and removed her pjs, throwing the covers off of my naked body. Then, she dove on my cock once again, except this time with her mouth. It felt so good having someone work it over from its aroused condition earlier that evening, that before long, I was an equal participant. Moving her left leg to the other side of my head, I had her staddling me, with her cunt merely inches from my eager month. I began licking and sucking her pussy and immediately, she started grinding and moaning all over my face. She drove her passion down on my cock, taking it all the way in and all the way out, sucking feverishly. As I started feeling it grow inside of me, I pushed her off of me onto her back as I switched positions and jumped between her widespread legs. I lifted her legs from the knees and rammed it home, dead square into her love hole. She let out muffled scream then started to hump me with all she was worth. All I could think of was her and Bobby. Was she doing this with him, too? I drove it in again and again, deeper and harder until I burst into an unbelievable orgasm. Spewing cum deep into her, I felt her climax build and grow then release itself upon my cock with avenges. I could feel her releasing her juices on me as she drenched the sheets under her ass. I got up on my knees as she stuffed my withering cock into her mouth and sucked and sucked. I stayed there for several moments, enjoying the comedown. Then I said, “Wow, that was great. What got you so turned on?”
“Just your big cock,” she said. I knew it was a lie.

When we awoke in the morning, Marty stretched and yawned, gave me a warm kiss and swung her legs out of the covers and went into the bathroom to shower. I soon followed and both showered, got dressed and when out to the kitchen. The kids had not risen yet and Marty prepared to go to work. I would do my work from home, as usual, and also “baby sit” the kids. After a light breakfast, Marty gave me a kiss and started out the door. She turned and announced to me that she was going to take some of her vacation time while the kids are here. Maybe we can all go somewhere. I said I didn’t know if I could get away but we would see. Off she went, leaving me at home with the three kids.

After awhile, out they came, first Bobby, asking where Grandma was. After hearing that she went to work, he frowned and went to the frig to check it out. Then came Megan. She arrived in the kitchen sleepy, as if she had just awakened from a hard night. She came over to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a quick “Good Morning” kiss on the cheek and sat in a chair and spaced out. Her long blonde hair was a mess, her pjs were knotted up around her crotch and as she stretched her arms high over her head, her tank top rose up to just below her breasts and her nipples stood at attention. She looked at me and saw my stare, lowered her arms, smiled and yawned. About this time, Tanisha came stumbling out to join us. She also looked as if she had been ridden hard and put to stable wet. Her wavy black hair was matted to her head at the side. Her eyes were swollen and her pjs were balled up also. Her nipples where very pronounced and erect. Neither of the girls realized that I was staring at their tits but they both seemed uncomfortable with the way their breasts were reacting. Marty bent over at the waste while the Tanisha pulled the top away from her skin, both in an effort to ease the contact of the fabric of the tank top and their sensitive nipples.

“Well look at the sleepy heads this morning,” I said. “Want some breakfast?”

They agreed that cold cereal sounded good so I put out the boxes, bowls, spoons and milk for their choice.

“I’ll be staying home with you kids today but what do you want to do?”

They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and replied, “I don’t know.”

I thought, “This will be fun,” then added, “Well, after you figure it out come get me in my office and let me know.”

With that I excused myself and went to my office to start that project for work.

After about 30 minutes or so, Megan came into my office, followed shortly by Tanisha and Bobby. All three had changed into their swimsuits, brushed their hair and basically cleaned themselves up. They looked awake and ready to take on the day of playing in the pool and relaxing. I said I’d be here if they needed me and off they went and I heard them splash into the pool. After awhile of working, I got up and went to the kitchen for a refill of coffee. From our kitchen, you can see the entire pool area and after pouring another cup from the pot, I just watched the kids playing in the water. My mind wandered as I observed their play. I wondered about whether Marty was messing around with Bobby and how was I going to find out. Then I thoughts turned to Megan, her developing body and her awareness of my glances last night, and her receptive responses. Then, I wondered about Tanisha and how she fit into this vacation. She was a pretty girl, African-American for sure, but without all of the physical traits on that race. Her lips were not excessively big; her nose was straight and narrow, not large and flat. She showed no signs of developing a big butt, yet, anyway. Her skin tones led me to believe that she had several white ancestors in her background. She was really a beautiful young girl with a sexy little body. As she came up from being dunked once, the top of her suit slipped up and her breast became fully exposed. The three of us that observed this suit malfunction, looked for a reaction from Tanisha. She just made the adjustment and moved on with her play, as if nothing had happened. So did her playmates. I was the only one affected by the accident. It caused me to focus my attention more on the suit she was wearing. It was a bright yellow, two-piece suit that mostly covered her lower parts, but the top was a little too big for her. It was a halter type top, not your typical bikini top. It was just a broad piece of fabric going around her chest area with two straps holding it up. It was not, nor was it intended to be revealing in any way, but just the thought that it rode up on her once to expose that brown little breast in all its glory, was enough to make it very sexy.

I watched them a few more moments, and then I had a brain explosion. I hurried into my room, put on my trunks and went out to join them.

I made my entrance with a huge “cannon ball”, splashing everyone with a face full of water. My greeting from the kids was shrieks and laughter. I came up splashing all three of them and they retaliated by ganging up on me and pushing my head under the water. I grabbed bodies and flung them in all direction, causing them to come back for more. We wrestled and fought like this for a few moments until I started feeling an erection growing in my groin. While throwing the kids, I was grabbing anything I could get my hands on and sometimes I felt my hands in inappropriate places. With each contact, my cock would tingle, so I stopped when I felt the pressure start to built. Megan was the first to suggest, “Let’s play the “Flipper” game!” I stole a glance at her and I saw the eagerness and joy in her eyes. I waited to see what everyone else would say. After explaining the game to all the players, they all agreed that it would be fun. So, Megan volunteered it demonstrate the game. I assumed the position, crouched down to the water line, hands and palms up on my knees, and waited for her to mount my hands. She steadied herself by placing her hand on my head, and as I bounced up and down on the count of three, I raised my hands and arms out of the water flipping her into a back flip towards the deeper end of the pool. The execution was nearly perfect and was met with claps and acclaims from the observers. “I’m next,” proclaimed Bobby. He mounted my hands as he observed his sister do but he was a little heavier and when I raised up with my hands, one of his feet slipped off my hand resulting in a reverse belly flop. “My bad,” I exclaimed. “Your foot slipped out of my grip. We’ll get it right next time.” Then it was Tanisha’s turn. She put her hand on my head and placed her foot on my hand. She lost her balance and tried to correct it by putting her other foot up on the other hand. This only caused her to go over my head and down she came on top of me. I fell back to cushion the blow but went under the water with Tanisha’s crotch in my face. We struggled to gain our balance, but came up to sheiks of laughter and howling remarks.

“Are you alright?” I asked her grabbing her arm to steady her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said, looking very foolish and embarrassed. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, let’s try that again,” I insisted.

She looked doubtful, but started to assume the position once again, but this time she took her time. Just before, or as, she started to put her hand on my head, our eyes met as if sharing the fact that we had made contact below the water in an awkward way. I was trying to determine her reaction to the acknowledgement, when I noticed a brief smile come across her lips. This time we perform the trick flawlessly and she came up beaming.

With each turn, Megan leaned closer to my face with her crotch, almost tempting me to stick my nose in her pussy. Each time, I would resist. But Tanisha, on her turns, was following Megan’s lead. She would place her little mound inches from my face, teasingly close, then giving me that little smile as she arose from the water. Her cute little breasts bounced as she jumped back to her feet and she would sometimes rearrange her suit. I was starting to get aroused by this point and it was obvious Sex hikayeleri that each one of us were, also. Even Bobby, watching the interplay between the girls and I, was starting to become suspiciously aroused. When he declined his turn, from the embarrassment of showing his bulge, I knew that we had to stop.

“Let’s get something to drink,” I exclaimed. “Girls, go on in the frig and get some sodas for us,’ I commanded.

Out of the pool they scrambled, digging the suits out of their cracks and adjusting the tops of their suits. Megan turned her head after she had accomplished her task and smiled broadly at me. Bobby and I tried to take this opportunity to calm our emotions and to get control over our crotches. When he came up from swimming under the water, I commented to him, “That was fun.”

“Yeah.” He said then looked at me to determine the meaning of that statement. I just smiled back at him.

After relaxing and joking around for about a half-hour or so, the conversation started to drag when Megan piped up, “Lets play “Bombs Away!” A shocked look came over my face, I am sure. I immediately looked at Megan with this “What the Hell?” expression on my face. What was she thinking? My gosh, if I called off the “Flipper” game because I could detect the sexual tension in the pool, what would “Bombs Away” create?

I said, “I don’t know if I can do “Bombs Away”. I think I pulled something in my back playing “Flipper,” I lied.

“Oh, Papa, pleaseee?” she begged. She came up to me, put her arms around my neck and repeated “Pleassseee?”

I relented, but I did not knowing how I was going to handle this one.

She explained how this game was played and the positioning of the individuals. She said that “Papa”, the launcher, was squatting down in the shallow end with his hands together in front of him. The person who was the bomb would back into the launcher, draw their legs up to their chest and sit there on his hands. At the count of three, he would raise his hands, come up out of the water and launch them up and out and they would crash down like a bomb into the water. This was met with just a little skepticism, but they all agreed to try it. Megan was the first, to demonstrate how it was done. I was a little irritated at her insistence on playing the game, knowing what effect it could have to the “bombs” and the “launcher”, so as she back on to my hands, my right hand went right under her suit and up her crotch. She did not jerk away or scream or anything to bring attention to the fact that I had my hand in her crack. But she did spread her butt a little as my finger found her hole. “One, two, three,” I said as I pulled out of the bottoms just before I launched her into the air. She squealed as she came splashing down into the water. She came up sputtering and looked me right I the eye and said, “Good one.”

I knew that Bobby was next. I had never launched a boy before, the game having been invented just so I could feel Megan’s pussy two years ago. So, with some nagging dread, I lowered myself into the water in a launch position and he came to sit on my hands. This time, I kept the probing down to the accidental pressure point but still felt the his balls and cock as I lifted him in the air. He came up sheepishly and said that it was fun, but looked down at the water instead of catching my glance. Next came Tanisha. I lowered myself into position and Tanisha moved back onto my hands, bringing her knees up to her chest.
My fingers made contact with her pussy but I did my best not to probe. But on “three”, as I launched her into the air, my fingers buried themselves into her cloth covered pussy and I thought I heard her let out a little squeal. She came up not knowing what to think. She was blushing and unable to talk. She just smiled a “What just happened” type of nervous smile and walked over to the edge of the pool to collect herself. Megan was looking intently into Tanisha’s eyes to detect if she felt the effect of what she knew just happened. I didn’t know quite what to do so I said, “That’s it, I’ve hurt my back again. I’ve got to quit.” Everyone, except Megan, seemed a little relieved not having to go through that again. I got out of the pool and, while drying myself off and rotating my “sore” back, I walked back into the house to shower and change.

Marty found me hard at work in my office when she got home from work. I did go to check on the kids periodically, but for the most part, I remained out of sight. They had come in, showered and changed, and were taking a nap. I had almost finished my project and putting the finishing touches on it when Marty came in and gave me a kiss and hug. We chatted briefly when she announced that she had taken the rest of the week off and that she had signed Bobby up for a baseball camp this afternoon. She would be taking him, every day over to the neighboring town in the morning and she would stay with him all day. She said it so matter-of-factly that it was almost an afterthought. I wondered if she knew how obvious she was being. I didn’t say anything accept, “Oh that’s nice. Did he bring his glove?” She said yea and dismissed it like it was nothing. I wondered where the ball diamond was, at which motel? This was really starting to irritate the hell out of me, but at the same time, that would leave me more time alone with the sweethearts. All-in-all, it could be a pretty good trade off.

That night we spent watching a little tv, playing board games and just relaxing. When the girls went in to change into their pajamas, Bobby and Marty went into his room to have a chat, presumably to talk about the “camp” the next day. When they came out, Bobby was a little flushed and I detected a slight bulge in his pants. Marty went right to our bedroom, to do who knows what. Probably, she needed to masturbate or something. I finally decided that I was enjoying this little charade of hers and I tried thinking of ways I could put a little monkey wrench into her plans. No, that would be too cruel. Besides, I wanted to be alone with the girls.

Going to bed that night, all I could do was lie there and think of the day’s activities. I thought of the play in the pool, how I had touched Megan’s pussy and hole. What it felt like to probe Bobby’s crotch and of course, I wondered what Tanisha thought having Megan’s grandpa feel her up. Then, I though about Marty and Bobby’s little tryst the next day. I was thinking about Marty with another man. Man? Hell, boy. Then I had to get up. Marty was sound asleep, so I eased himself out of bed, pulled on some gym shorts and when to my office.

Our house was really a four bedroom house but we converted one bedroom into my office, since I did so much work out of the house. The three bedrooms were on the opposite end of the house from the master bedroom. So, as I walked to my office, I heard some muffled conversations coming out of the girls bedroom. I got to the door to tell them to go to sleep, when I heard Tanisha’s voice telling Megan her reaction to my fingers probing her pussy this afternoon. I stopped my approach and listened intently through the partially opened door.

“It felt really strange,” she was saying. “You know, the whole thing about me losing my balance and falling on his head was one thing. That was an accident, but I am sure he tried to feel me up down there just like we do to each other at home. I’m sure of it! He put his hand down there on purpose.”

“Well, did you like it? How did it feel?” Megan asked.

“Well, like I said, it felt really strange,” replied Tanisha.

“Good strange or bad strange?”

“Well, I think it was good. It was so quick. I don’t know, good I think.”

“What do you mean, so quick?” inquired Megan.

“Well, it was just that he put his fingers up my slit and before I knew it, I was in the air. I mean, I didn’t have time to decide if I liked it or not. I wish he wouldn’t have hurt his back because I think I would have like to try it again. I don’t know,” she explained.

“Show me where he put his fingers,” asked Megan.

“Well, it was right about there, right where your finger is, no a little higher,” said Tanisha.

“Right there?” asked Megan.

“Oh yeah,’” she said with moan to her voice.

“Did it make you feel like this?”

“Kind of. But you make me feel warmer than your Grandpa. But you are rubbing it longer than he did.”

“Why don’t you take these off,” Megan instructed. “Why don’t you take everything off.”

There was a rustle of covers, then Megan’s voice said, “Lay down on your back and let me touch you.”

Now there was just the sound of my granddaughter, taking charge and giving instructions.

“You have such beautiful breasts, Tanisha, can I put them in my mouth?”

“Uh huh. Oh, that feels so good,’” she purred.

“How about this?” after a moment.

“OH, yes that feels great,” Tanisha said rather loudly.

“Shush,” admonished Megan. “Do you want to wake the house up?”

“No, but it feels so good when you put your finger up my hole like that. I wonder what it feels like when a boy puts his thing up there.”

“How about this?” asked Megan.

“Oh, my gosh,” she spat. “How do you know where to touch? Oh, keep it up. I’m getting a funny feeling all over me. Oh, Megan, you got to stop, I’ve got to pee.”

“No you don’t, you are close to cumming.”

“What do you mean, cumming?” asked Tanisha.

“It is when you get so excited that your juices run out of down there and you feel all tingly.”

“Well, it felt like I was about to pee.”

“Will you do me now?” asked Megan.

“Well, I can try to do what you told me to do last time. Take off your pjs.”

By this time, I had an erection so hard I had to go and relieve myself. So I tiptoed back down the hall to our room. Marty was still asleep as I walked into the bathroom.

The next morning, Marty woke me up early to tell me good bye and that she and Bobby were leaving early to go to baseball camp. They were going to stop on the way for breakfast and be at camp by 9 AM. She kissed me and slipped out of the room and I heard her greet Bobby and the garage door opened. They had not hardly left and the garage door started it descent, when I was up, shorts on and quietly walking down the hall to the girls room. The door was just as I left it, partly open when I arrived. I silently slipped in and as I turned the corner, my breath caught in my throat and I froze in my tracks. Lying there asleep, were the two girls, completely naked, outside of the covers. Tanisha was laying on her back while Megan was curled up on her side, facing me with her arm draped over Tanisha’s tummy. I could see that below her outstretched arm, the black pubic hair that covered Tanisha’s pussy. Above the arm where the delicate mounds with two pearls adorning them. Megan, in that position, covered up so I could only see the top part of the hair that covered her pussy mound. They looked so angelic lying there, the beautiful blond hair of Megan flowing over the soft brown body of Tanisha. What a sight. As I stared, Megan started to move and then opened her eyes. She saw my gaze, smiled at me, then she looked over at Tanisha. Making sure not to wake the girl, Megan carefully removed her arm and gently rolled out of bed. Grabbing her shorts and top, she followed me out of the room.

Having to relieve herself, she opted for the bathroom that was right next to the room we were vacating. As she closed the door, I snuck back into the room for one more, quick peek. Peering around the corner, I saw Tanisha was still sound asleep. The only movement from her was the steady rising and falling of her breasts as they coordinated with every breath. They were pretty much flattened out, with just her dark little nipples rising like sentinels above the gentle upward roll of the breasts themselves. Her flat little tummy and sloping abdomen led my eyes down to her parted legs and where they met. It was covered by a curly growth of dark black pubic hairs covering just her lips on her pussy but starting to advance over the mound, up onto the flat of her abdomen. My eyes traced back up the contours of her body to her beautiful, sleeping face, when I heard the muffled sound of the toilet flushing. I retraced my exit and was closing the door silently when Megan appeared, coming out the door to the bathroom. She noticed that I had just come out of the bedroom, so she asked, “Don’t you think she is pretty?”

“Yeah, she’s a beautiful girl, but not as beautiful as you,” I replied giving her a little hug.

She hugged me back and swung along side of me as we started down to the hall towards the kitchen, her arms still around my waist. She had once again pulled on her pajamas and my right arm went down and caressed her side while my hand found the hem of her top. Slowly and softly rubbing the skin of her side and when we passed my office, I pushed her into the room and turned to close the door.

She entered my office a few more steps and turned to greet me and wait for my lead. She just stood there, looking a little shy and innocent. Her nipples were sticking out through the cotton fabric of her pajama top and she kind of shrugged her shoulders, as if saying, “Oh well, shit happens.” My eyes moved from there to her crotch as she sheepishly watched and waited my inspection. As if signaling my approval, I raised my arms to her and she seemed to leap into them. I picked her up into a passionate embrace as our mouths devoured each other’s. Our tongues met for the first time in forever, it seemed, as we ravished our openings with a continuous movement of lips and tongues. As she wrapped her young legs around my waste, I found her bottom and the leg opening with my right hand. Going straight to her divide, my fingers began to message and probe her pussy.

“That ..was…so cruel,” she gasped between kisses, “what you did …..yesterday…in the pool.” Again filling my mouth with her tongue. I gasp back at her, “You liked…that…huh?”
“God, it ….turned…me on, I wanted….to….Oh, God , that….feels …so….” she never finished her thought.

My fingers had found her holes in her crotch and they were entering them with my fore and middle fingers. She let out a muffled cry, and then raising up on my hand, she caught the hem of her top and exposed her bouncing breasts right to my waiting mouth. I gladly accommodated her by covering them, one by one, with my sucking orifice and I licked and sucked them hard and feverishly. All the while, my fingers were driving into her cavities with abandonment. She started to stiffen and then let out a scream of release. My free hand went up to her mouth to cover up and muffle her cry of orgasm as she sat ridged on my fingers for a moment. She stayed that way for what seemed a long time of not be breathing, then she started to come down as she lowered her head to my shoulder and jerked and shook as I exited her holes. She remained with her legs wrapped around my waist for awhile, then slowly; she slid down my front, dragging her pussy over my erect cock. She continued down to her knees until her face was at my crotch. With both hands, she pulled down my shorts and freed my raging hard-on and started fondling it. I gratefully submitted to the warm embrace of her soft lips as they surrounded the head of my staff. She kissed the throbbing end and put her tongue into its hole, trying to penetrate it. With wide abandonment, she took it all the way into her mouth and down to her throat. Her gag reflexes caused her to withdraw and she cleared her throat and looked up, with tears in her eyes, and said, “Have you grown in to last couple of years?” While not waiting for an answer, she plunged her mouth back down on me but took only as much as her fist would allow and started sucking and rotating her hand and face as she continued her in and out action. She had learned to give head expertly and was bring me to a quick and forceful climax. Within a few more thrusts of her devouring mouth, I exploded into her willing receptacle as she did her best to shallow the spewing volcano of cum that I released. Again and again, I squirted gallons of my juices into her willing mouth. And again and again, she was sucking me dry. As I came down from the ecstasy of my climax, she stood up and we embraced passionately. I kissed her open mouth with mine and could taste the residual of my cum in her mouth. It was an unbelievable experience that I will remember always. With that, I handed her my shorts and told her to clean up the spillage, then we settled down on the couch to cuddle. We fondled each other for a few before we heard a knock at the door and a soft voice inquire “Megan? Are you in there?”

Grabbing back my shorts and scurrying around my desk, I took a seat as Megan replied, “Good morning Sleepyhead, come on in.”

The door slowly open and Tanisha’s head came through the door, looked around to find out who was in the room, and she slowly came in, wearing her pink pajamas, and said, “Good morning, I was looking for you.”
“I was just telling Megan that I had to go into the office today to take care of this project that I have been working on and wondered if there was anything you two needed from the city.” I was adlibbing as I went and, the look on Tanisha’s face made me wonder, if she was buying it. Megan looked over at Tanisha and said, “I think we are good, how long are you going to be gone?” she inquired.

“I don’t know, maybe all day, but I could be back, at the earliest, by mid-afternoon,” I said. “You two will be alright by yourselves won’t you?”

The look of disgust came from Megan and she proclaimed, “We are fourteen, Papa.”

After showering and cleaning up, I got dressed and went out to the kitchen to have breakfast. I shouted my good byes to the girls and started off on the fifteen-minute trip to the office. When I arrived, I was informed that the boss was called out of town and that the meeting had been rescheduled for next week. I stood around for awhile, shooting the shit with some of the secretaries, then decided to go on back home. It was 9:30 AM when I arrived back at the house so I pulled up to the garage and started to push the opener, then stopped. I don’t know why, but I decided to not open the garage door but go in personally through the side door, into the garage which opened to the kitchen. I was unconsciously walking softly, almost sneaking into my own home. I suppose, after hearing the girls last night playing with each other, I was hoping to discover them in some erotic pleasure situation. When I got in the kitchen and spotted them out by the pool, my heart sank because they were just playing, having fun. And, they were both wearing their swimsuits. Damn! As I watched them covertly from the kitchen, they were oblivious to my presence. I observed them for a few minutes, then retreated to my office to start to work.

After about fifteen minutes, I emerged from my office to the kitchen, I saw Tanisha’s back and there was Megan with her back towards me also. Tanisha’s arms were around Megan’s waste and her hands where lost around her hips. Megan’s head was arched backward and she was spreading her legs. I instantly stopped dead in my tracks. They were playing around with each other! I knew it! I slowly walked to the window to get a better look when Tanisha’s fingers untied Megan’s bottoms and they fell between her legs to the pool deck. Tanisha immediately placed her right hand on Megan’s pussy and as she started to stroke her, Megan’s responded vocally. Through the window, I heard Megan’s sharp cry as she grasped the hand that brought her pleasure. Tanisha drop to her knees and Megan opened up to her fingers as they probed towards her critoris. Megan turned around to take it from the front as Tanisha proceeded with her exploration. I slowly moved back away from my vantage point and decided to re-enter the house, this time normally. I went to the garage and pushed to control for the garage door opener and it noisily sprang to life. I then enter the kitchen, making as much noise as I could without being too obvious. When I looked, the girls had entered the pool and where standing at the near edge, Megan putting on her bottoms. As I went out to greet them, they looked flushed but greeted me with smiles and an inquiry as to my sudden return. My answer seemed to satisfy them and they resumed their trumped up play.

After about a half-hour of casual observation, where they were mainly cuddled in a corner of the pool talking, I stuck my head out and asked them if they wanted a drink or something. They looked at each other then Megan asked, “Could we ask you something, Papa?”

“Sure,” I responded, “Shoot.”

“Well,” she said hesitantly, “could you come on out and sit down?”

I wondered what this was all about, but complied with the request. After taking a patio chaise, I asked, “What’s up?”

“Well, me and Tanisha wanted to ask you something. It’s kind of personal and kind of embarrassing.” Looking to her friend for moral support, she just blurted out, “Would you teach us about sex? I mean, we know all about where babies come from and all that stuff. But we want to know how you have sex and what it feels like, you know, that kind of stuff.”

I took a deep breath, wondering how to respond. After all, I was the one who taught Megan everything she knows about making love just two years ago. Was she asking for more information or was she covering up her knowledge for Tanisha’s sake?

“Well, I’m flattered that you would ask me these questions, but shouldn’t you be asking your parents? I mean, I could answer any questions you might have about the act of love making, but as far as how it feels, the only thing that I could do is to demonstrate and that could get me thrown in jail.”

Tanisha responded, “My parents wouldn’t teach me anything about sex. “Wait until you’re married” is their response,” she said. “My gosh, how are we suppose to know what to do on our wedding night?”

“Yeah,” Megan chimed in, “how are we supposed to know if our husband knows what to do? Would you teach us Papa, please” With that, she came over to where I was sitting, crawled up on my lap and gave me a big hug around the neck. “Please,” she repeated.

“Please, Papa George,” pleaded Tanisha. Then she too, approached the other knee, sat down and placed her forehead on my neck.

“Well, ok but I have some ground rules,” I said.

They greeted my response with clapping and cheers. You would’ve though that I had agreed to take them out for ice cream or something.

“Rule one: if I go along with this, no one can know a thing about it. It is our secret. We all could get into a lot of trouble if it ever got out. Rule two: I will not hurt either of you in any way. This is a lesson in receiving and giving pleasure, not causing anyone any pain. Rule three: I will not have intercourse with you. I will not risk pregnancy nor harming you girls in any way. Is that understood?”

They both nodded their agreement.

“Now, both of you go into your room, take a shower, put on some clean panties, a skirt and tank top, then come to my office when you are through.”

With those instructions, they left for their room. My mind was ready Sikiş hikayeleri to explode with excitement. How did Megan get Tanisha to agree to this? Maybe it was Tanisha’s plan and Megan had to cover herself with the charade of ignorance to safe her dignity? Anyway, I was about the have two fourteen year-old, horny girls, wanting me to teach and show them what it feels like to be fondled and caressed. I could do anything to them short of penetration and they are going to love it. God, how lucky can one guy get?

I slipped into my room to change into some gym shorts and tee shirt. I thought of taking off my underwear but I decided not to. I would probably need the jockeys to restrain my erection. After all, I needed to remain somewhat above the excitement of it all.

I entered my office to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom down the hall. I was starting to get an erection just thinking about what was to come. I had to settle down if I was going to pull this off. “Settle down. Take deep breaths.” Then the shower went silent. My heart started to race again. After what seemed like hours, sitting there waiting, a slight knock at the door proceeded a small voice asking, “Papa?”

As they entered wearing the clothes I had instructed them to wear, they looked a little shy yet eager. Megan walked over to the loveseat and sat down with her knees locked together. Tanisha came in with her arms covering her breasts and looking to me for encouragement. They sat there, fully compliant with my instructions, waiting for me to start.

“Well,” I began, “have either of you ever been kissed by a boy?”

Megan said she had and Tanisha nodded her agreement.

“Then you know that the act of kissing a boy can, initially, be the most arousing act that you can do,” I said. “The oral stimulus of kissing can cause sensations throughout your body. Let me demonstrate. Who’s first?” I asked. They looked at each other, but no one made the first move. “You asked for this, now come on, do you want me to teach you or not?” Again they looked at each other, and then Tanisha raised her hand. “Stand up here, then. Now I am going to kiss you softly on the lips. Think of your favorite hunk that you wanted to kiss for a long time. Now close your eyes,” and with that I bent down and gave her a gentle kiss. At first, she did not kiss me back. But after I parted my lips and applied just a little pressure, she began to return my gentle kiss with pressure of her own. I increased my arm pressure on her back drawing her towards me and opened my lips just a little more. Then, I slowly released her and our lips were the last to break the contact, mine closing at the separation.

“How was that?” I asked.

Opening her eyes slowly, she said, “Wow, that was a little better than the other times.”

“Did you feel anything over the rest of your body?” I inquired.

“Uh, Yeah,” she replied.


“Well, in my tummy…and lower,” she admitted.

“Do you want to try it again?”

She didn’t even respond orally, just put her arms around my neck and placed her lips upon mine. They separated as she applied just the right amount of pressure. My arms were around her back and they started roaming around her back, messaging with my fingers. As I increased the force of my hands and my lips, my mouth opened a little more as my tongue started to intrude in her mouth. She was not ready for this, and she broke off the kiss and gave me an inquisitive look.

“That is the next step in kissing. By putting your tongue into the partners mouth, you are saying, “I want to be part of you.” By excepting one’s tongue into your mouth, you are agreeing. You are saying, “Yes I want to explore you and be explored by you.” Now, you can always set the tone of that exploration later,”
I explained. “Let’s try it again.”

I placed my lips on hers and she opened her mouth to my tongue as I explored the far reaches of her orifice. I, once again, pressed my arms on her back and started moving them around. I found the small of her back and with my right hand, I gently pressed her into me. Her thighs rubbed against mine and her excited nipples pressed against my chest. She moaned a little, but did not take her lips away from mine. She stuck out her tongue a little more and kissed me even harder. I broke the kiss again, but she refused to break the junction. She was kissing me passionately, so my right hand went down from the small of her back to her ass and grabbed her left cheek. I knew that this action would shake her back down to earth and it did. She looked up into my eyes for instructions and I said, “Easy now. We have all the time we need.” Then with a little peck on the nose and a squeeze of her left cheek; I released her back to her place on the loveseat. Sitting besides a very turned on Megan, she giggled and gave her a little hug.

“Megan, with your approval, why don’t we proceed with Tanisha’s instruction and then it will be your turn,” I said, hoping she would allow me to continue.

“Whatever,” she said, “I’m enjoying watching and learning.”

“Alright then,” I gathered myself, then continued. “Now you can kiss and touch and fool around like this for as long as you want and never take it any further. You have to decide before you start how far you want to go. Never go beyond where you set your limits. Like I set my limits when I said “No intercourse.” Then when or if I reach that point where I have to make a decision, it will be already made. You just have to stop. Understand?” I concluded.

With a nod yes, I proceeded. “Now if you decide that you like this person and you would like to continue, get up and come here,” I instructed, “you can agree through compliance to explore the next step.” I positioned her in front and facing me. I took her into my arms once again and started kissing her, softly at first, then more passionately. After a brief time, I could tell she was receptive to the next phase of her instruction. My hand went back down to her butt cheek again, this time she did not stop me. Pressing my mouth against hers and probing her mouth with my tongue, the grip of my hand began to knead her butt like a pile of dough. She responded with steady pressure from her hips into my thighs. Then with one movement, I switched my hands, bring the hem of the skirt up to her back with my right and putting my left on her panties of the other cheek. She gasped, but only intensified the movement of her mouth. Now my left hand was massaging her right cheek and the circles were getting bigger and bigger, glancing over, then caressing the bare skin around her panties. Then, breaking the kiss, I took her by the shoulder and turned her around with her back towards me.

My left hand moved to her hip but stayed in contact with her panties. She laid back her head on my chest and only gasped for breath. I slowly moved my right hand, hem and all, up her tummy to her breast line. Releasing her skirt to fall back over my other hand, I took the back of my fingers and lightly brushed her nipples. She shuttered and grasped for air. The sensation sent a shock wave throughout her body. As I brushed it again, she let out a small little moan and pressed forward with her chest but backward with her butt. I moved my other hand up to join the party and gently, using my fore fingers and thumbs began pinching and fondling each erect little nipple. This caused her to react in an almost violent way. She grabbed my hands with hers and squeezed them hard on her breasts. I broke one free and lifted her top up and exposed both breasts. Feeling the flesh on flesh of her mounds, we both gasped with the sensual sensation. Again and again I squeezed and kneaded the small mounds of flesh. With one movement again, I attempted to remove her top and she complied by raising her arms over her head. As the top cleared her hands, they came to rest on my cheek and neck. I twirled her nipples around and pinched and pulled until they were rock hard. Removing my right hand, it proceeded to make the journey down to her crotch. Tanisha stopped breathing. Going down to the hem of her skirt just between her legs, it started to retrace it steps back up her legs, maintaining contact with them, until they met their point of junction. Finally, Tanisha let out a rush of air and she started to scream with delight and anticipation.

“OH, MY GOSH!” was all she could say.

As my hand found the front of her crotch, its fingers started their probing endeavor. The first and third went down either side of pussy lips with the middle finger free to explore the center crack. Each time it went down, the middle would curl up into the hole. The hole was becoming very wet and the three fingers were increasing their pace and pressure. My other hand went down to assist with the removal of the panties and as they came down to the floor, Tanisha stepped out of them. With my right hand on the right thigh, I spread open her wet crotch to my other hand and I now had access to her bare pussy. My fingers glided down their assigned channels and the middle finger probed the hairy crack, over the clit, into the waiting hole. She started thrusting her hips in sync with my fingers her hands dropped from my neck to her breasts. As her emotions built into a sure release, she pulled out on her nipples, arch her back into her own hands, pressing hard on my fingers and let out a gut wrenching, unworldly scream of ecstasy. She stayed it that solid state of ridged pleasure for what seemed like an eternity, then started jerking and convulsing uncontrollably. As she regained her senses, all she could say was, “Oh my gosh.”

I picked her up and took her over to Megan, who, I just noticed, had removed her panties and had pleased herself through masturbation and, too, was a mess.

At around noon, the girls came out dressed in their swimsuits. Megan and Tanisha sought me out and each came up to me, gave me a big, tender hug and said thank you for the lesson. I responded with an embarrassed, “Your welcome” and went about my business. I thought for a moment, how special they were to thank me when I should be thanking them for the opportunity. I soon heard them splashing and playing in the pool and decided to join them.

When I came out of the house donning my swim trunks, I noticed that the girls had found the air mattresses and were leisurely floating around, Megan on her tummy and Tanisha on her back. I stopped for a moment to admire the beauty of the scene. I have known these two beauties in the most intimate way and their innocence and youth was mesmerizing to me now as I watched them relax and enjoy the pool. I slipped into the water and swam to the pair. Standing between them I slowly gave Tanisha a hug and a gentle kiss as she lay there on the mattress. She responded to my advance by returning my kiss and placing her hand on my arm. I caressed it with my cheek and gave her a warm, loving smile. Megan’s eyes were closed so when I brushed her bare back with my hand, she jumped a little, opened her eyes and grinned at me warmly. She nestled her back to my touch so I expanded my brushing all over her back, from her neck down to the small of her back. As I continued to tenderly caress the skin, my fingers started messaging the muscles along her spine

“Oh, that feels good, Papa,” she cooed, and relaxed even more into my touch.

Tanisha was following my every move with her eyes as she now was lying on her side. She had her head propped up on her elbow and was totally fascinated by the response my touch was having on Megan. As I increased the pressure of the massage, my hands went to the ties of her swim top and slowly untied first the one at the neck holding it up and then the one around the back. I slowly released the ties and laid them out so they floated in the water. I again started massaging the now bare back, unobstructed. As I got to her neck, I squeezed and massaged the muscles strongly and then bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on her exposed cheek. She smiled and nestled back to the touch of my lips. I worked my way back down her slender back, from her shoulders to small of the back and then I pulled the mattress through the water until I was standing next to her legs. Slowly my touch centered on her leg muscles, first her hamstrings then her calves. With an expert’s pressure, I continued kneading those muscles and rubbing hard along their length, first one then the other. I worked up the sides of her legs to her hip joints, then down to her knees. I would then bring my hands from the hips, around her buttocks to her inner hamstring muscles and, applying pressure with my thumbs, trace down her legs back down to her knees.

On the third rotation of the massage cycle, when I was pressuring with my thumbs, I moved her legs wider and exposed her cloth- covered crotch. Standing at her feet now, I would rest my torso on her legs as I made the cycle up the outside and down the inside of her legs. With each turn of the cycle, my hands would start a little higher up between her legs and, finally, as my hands made contact with her crotch, she wiggles and arched her back, giving out a little moan. Hearing that signal, my hands stopped in the cycle long enough at the hips to untie the threads that secured the bottoms then continued the rounds down the legs.

I glanced up at Tanisha and she was visibly excited. Her breaths were quickened and were taken through her open mouth. Her eyes were darting back and forth across Megan’s body and my eyes. When she caught my glance, she just smiled nervously and looked back at the now, almost bare body of my granddaughter.

As I made one more cycle of the massage, my hand went under the hip a little and gaining the leverage I needed to lift her just a little, I raised her up with one hand. As her hips rose my other one removed the bottom half of her suit by sliding it out from under her. Now I was looking at her bare ass with all of its treasures. On the next cycle, my thumbs stopped at her pussy and, instead of moving down in the manner I had accustomed her to, I reversed the direction and my thumbs went right up to her slit and started their massage at a different destination.

With the contact of my thumbs with her pussy, Megan let out a gasp and then a moan as she wiggled her hips to meet the pressure. I then turned my hand around and slid it up cover the entire pubic area. I maneuvered myself towards her hips until I could slide my hand with its exploring fingers up along her slit.
Using the method that Tanisha had earlier enjoyed, I began stroking her lips with my fingers while inserting the middle finger up between the folds and caressing the clit. With each contact, Megan would jerk and moan. I was bringing her close to orgasm and I had other plans for her.

With one swift movement, I grabbed her legs, flipped her over as I swung her around and ducked down to find myself facing her pussy. With her legs on either side of my head, I started to raise her legs for a better view, when her head went under the water. Tanisha quickly jumped off of her mattress, put her hands under Megan’s head and neck and she supported her there as I went back to the mission at hand. The look on Tanisha’s face was priceless. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were wild with anticipation. I took one look at Tanisha and another look at Megan’s wide open pussy and buried my face in the wet waiting folds of the womanhood.

I don’t remember who the cry came from, Megan in sure pleasure or Tanisha in pure shock, maybe it was both of them, but that sound only intensified the urgency as I started licking, sucking and probing with my lips and tongue. As I raised her legs up and out, her little cunt opened up to me, along with her other hole. As my tongue went into the vagina, my finger found her anus and with a little pressure, it started its insertion to the first knuckle. With the return of my tongue to her clit and my finger implanted in her ass, Megan’s orgasm was imminent. With a few more flicks of the tongue and a final suck of the lips, Megan exploded into a climactic spasm that traveled throughout her entire body. Her senses were completely shutdown for a moment as she squeezed out the last drop of the glorious juices from her pussy and then she settled back down into a dreamy afterglow period. Only then did I realize that the observer was, in fact, a participant because during the orgasmic buildup, Tanisha had removed her own bottoms and had gotten off with self manipulation and was now coming down from her own ecstasy.

As the girls regained their composure, I gave each a warm embrace.

“Oh, Papa, That was the best ever. How do you know how to make me cum like that?”

“The best ever?” inquired Tanisha. “You mean you’ve done this before?”

“Well, yeah,” admitted Megan. “A couple years ago Papa, agreed to teach me about sex. Just like he did this week with us. I knew a little bit but he taught me so much more. Its wonderful.”

“So when I came here with you, you got me involved with your grandpa for what reason?”

“Because I knew you were curious and needed his instruction,” explained Megan.

“Well, I‘m sure glad you did because it has been wonderful,” exclaimed Tanisha.

With that I started to get out of the pool when Megan said, “Papa, I know you’re about to pop. Don’t you want some relief?” I looked back at her and Tanisha’s blank stare on her face. Grinning, I turned around and said, “Lesson three.”

With that, I took Megan’s bare body into my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waste as Tanisha moved out of the way and took up a good vantagepoint. As we embraced each other, kissing passionately, my hands started roaming freely over her body. First to her little mounds of flesh, then to her pert little nipples, my fingers were exploring her body. The next stop was her rear end, where her legs joined, to her soft hairy slit and her hole. As my fingers started to probe, she slid down to the ground pushing me back to the shallow end until the crotch of my trunks was exposed. She expertly untied the restraining string and with one movement, exposed my rock hard cock as it sprang out at attention. Tanisha, following us to the shallow end, gave out a gasp, as I suppose this was her first time seeing a full-grown erection of a man. Looking up and smiling, Megan fondled my erect cock with both hands, alternating her caresses between my shaft and balls. I had forgotten how good Megan had taken to stimulating my cock. She was gentle in the places where she should be gentle, yet firm and hard in the places that called for that sensation. When her hand went between my legs, I shifted my weight to separate my legs a little, thus exposing my vulnerable scrotum and anus to her probing little fingers. With her probe came a little insertion and I let out a “Oh, yes baby, that feels so great.” With those words of encouragement, Megan slipped her mouth around the head of my cock as I exclaimed, “Oh yeah.”

Tanisha was experiencing a whole new chapter in her newly found curiosity about sex. I could tell from her gasps, that she was taking this act by Megan with disbelief and questions. As she continued to be mesmerized by the sight of her friend taking the erect penis of her grandfather into her mouth and sucking on it, I couldn’t help but wonder what she would do when she saw the ending of this act.

Megan had lubricated the shaft with saliva and was sliding it in to the hand around the shaft and out to the end with a little slurp of the lips as it came free. Over and over, each time she would twist her wrist around the shaft as her lips touched her restraining hand. With each stroke, the urgency started to rise and then it was apparent that I was leading up to an explosion. I tried to time it just right and as the lips came off the head, I blew my load directly onto Megan‘s closed mouth. She opened up quickly and took it back in but I wanted Tanisha to realize what was happening, what Megan was enjoying taking down her throat. I squirted and squirted in spasmodic release all of the cum that had built up within me over the course of the last couple of hours. Most of it was consumed by Megan, but just a little oozed out past her lips. Tanisha looked on in disgust. I would give about anything to know what she was thinking. But I had to come down from my own high before I could think about that. As I slumped back to the steps of the pool, Megan swam up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big, wet kiss. Tasting my own cum, I smacked my lips and said, “Not bad.”

She said, “Not bad at all.” then proceeded to give me a very passionate kiss. Turning to Tanisha, she said, “Want a turn?”

“No thanks, I think I’ll pass on this one,” she said in disgust.

After a few moments of relaxation, some petting and playful touches, I looked at my watch and announced that it was time for me to get out of the pool, get dressed and make my self proper for the return of Marty and Bobby. I suggested that the girls do the same and we all three went in to shower and clean up. As I came out to the kitchen, the garage door began its assent and I knew they had returned from camp. I just wonder who got to first base and prepared myself for some more fun.

As they came into the kitchen, Bobby wearing very dirty baseball pants and jersey, carrying his new glove that hadn’t yet been broken in because they didn’t have a ball, and Marty carrying a bag of groceries.

“How’s your day? I inquired cheerfully.

“Oh, alright, I guess. I’m really tired,” inserted Marty.

“I bet you are,” I thought, but said nothing. Then I inquired, “How was baseball camp?”

“Oh fine,” she answered.

“What did they do?” I couldn’t resist the inquisition.

“Ah, played baseball and stuff,” she mumbled.

“What position did they have Bobby playing?” I probed.

“I don’t know, first base, I guess.”

“Oh, that’s good, since he’s left handed and all,” I again probed, knowing that Bobby was really right handed. “Did he get a chance to hit?”

“Yeah, I think so, yea he had to slide once and he got all dirty,” she added, confidently.

“Yeah, I noticed he was pretty dirty when he came in, I think I’ll go talk to him.” I whirled around and left the room before Marty could stop me. As I approached Bobby’s room, a big smile came over my face. This was so much fun.

As I knocked at the door, I said, “Hey, Champ, can I come in.”

“Sure,” was the reply.

“Well, tell me how it went, today.”

“Oh, you know, just that baseball camp stuff.”

“Well, what position did they have you at.”

“Oh, you know, lots of positions.”

“Which one did you like the most?”

“Uh, I think fielder, yea, I liked playing fielder.”

“Which fielder.”

“Oh, uh, I liked all fielder positions.”

“Oh, I see. Did you get a chance to bat?”

“Yeah, and I had to slide, too. Want to see my dirty pants?”

“Sure, lets see those pants.”

As he stood up, he displayed the dirt-covered marks on the thighs of his pants. I looked at his jersey and saw no such marks on the front of it. I knew that he or she had smeared the front of his pants with dirt to simulate the dirt stain you would Erotik hikaye get if you slid in head first, but there was no such stain on the jersey and it was impossible to have one without the other. All I said was that it sounded like he had a great time and maybe we’d have to go out and play some catch some time this trip. He said that that would be great and I truly believe he was glad to see me go. I went back to the kitchen but Marty had disappeared and I heard the shower running in our bedroom. I guess my fun filled interrogation was over.

That evening after dinner, all of us joined out in the family room for games and popcorn, all except Marty. She said she had a bad headache and excused herself to the bedroom for the evening. How convenient, I thought. Too many questions you can’t answer intelligently? Oh well, my fun would just have to wait. The girls and Bobby were busying themselves with a board game as I was cleaning up the dishes and kitchen. Suddenly, I heard it start to rain. Going out to the family room, everyone had stopped to listen to now, steady pitter-patter of the drops on the roof. Groans and complaints met the steady beat of the rain. I knew that there would be no baseball camp tomorrow. I wondered what excuse Marty would come up with to take Bobby to be alone with him. Then I wondered if I could use that same excuse to be alone with the girls. As the night wore on, it was finally time for bed and, giving the kids a hug good night, I wish them well and retreated to my room. Marty was asleep when I entered the room and managed to groan as I gave her a peck on the cheek and said good night.

In the morning, Marty awoke to as steady downpour of rain. She was distraught.

“I think we should go anyway, I don’t want to disappoint Bobby,” she stated.

“Honey, it has been raining all night long. The field is a sea of mud. There will be no baseball camp today,” I flatly stated.

“Well, we could go and see,” she offered.

“Why don’t I give them a call and find out,” I suggested. “Do you know the number?”

“NO, I’ll call them, you know you’re probably right. It is rained out today. Yes, I’m sure of it. We’ll just not go today,” her mind was swirling.

“What are you doing today?” she inquired.

“Well, I guess not much, the boss is at an out-of-town meeting and I can’t start on another project until I get his approval on the last one I completed, so I guess nothing. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh nothing in particular, maybe taking Bobby to a movie or something.”

“Yeah, maybe the girls would like to go along,” I inserted to try and spoil her adlibbed plans.

“Oh, I think that they wouldn’t enjoy this movie. I mean, Bobby is so much younger than the girls, and if they don’t, then you could stay home with them, I mean, since you have no plans for the day.”

With that, I gave up my little game, and conceded the point to the one most desperate.

We waited for the kids to straggle out of their rooms and into the kitchen for breakfast, each one still in their pajamas and still awaking from their night’s sleep, everyone except Megan that is. I got kisses all around, accompanied by a “Good morning”. The Tanisha’s nipples were protruding out the front of her pajama top but Marty didn’t notice because Bobby displayed an early morning erection, that he was totally unaware of, proceeding him into the room. The Tanisha noticed and tried to muffle her giggles. Poor Bobby was oblivious to it all as he took his seat and drank down his orange juice.

“Where’s Megan?” Marty asked.

“Uh, she’s not feeling well. She got cramps and stuff and, well, you know.”

“Oh,” Marty said knowingly, “well, I’ll have to go in and talk with her.”

“Oh no,” I thought to myself, “of all the times she has to start her period. Well, we’ll just have to be flexible. Maybe I’ll just have to go to the office today after all. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Marty went to our bathroom, then to see Megan with a bottle of pills. She came back a few minutes later and marveled at Megan’s preparedness. She knew about when her period should start, had packed the necessities and even brought along her own bottle of Midol. She was impressed by the responsibly of her granddaughter. If she only knew how responsible she was in other matters, she would die. Tanisha sheepishly looked on and listened to our frank conversation. Her family would never be so open about such a private matter. Even Bobby’s comment about “being on the rag”, although disgusting, was tolerated.

The well-laid plans of both Marty and I were washed away by the rainy days that followed. There were three in all, days without letup. They were spent with an inexhaustible number of board games, movies and puzzles. Every time an adult would come up with an excuse to try to get alone with the child of choice, something would prevent its happening. Frustration was starting to set in when, finally the skies cleared and the weatherman forecasted clear weather for the next couple of days. Everyone’s spirits rose, even Megan’s. Although she was just having her period, she felt confined by the occurrence. Tanisha spent most of the three days in talking with Megan or playing with Bobby at the board games. Marty was just plain bitchy, frustrated I guess.

The next morning, Marty could hardly wait the take Bobby to baseball camp, again. Tanisha had to go back to her home in two days and Megan was starting to be her old self, still flowing, but without the cramping and bloating. I was just anxious to see what the girls wanted to learn.

As they left, Marty came into give me a kiss and said that they probably wouldn’t be home until after dark. It was something about the coach’s dinner for the boys or something like that. I wondered how she found out about that with no contact with the coaches. Oh well, I was tired of playing the “gotch ya” game. I just wanted them out for a prolonged period of time.

The garage door finally came down and I wondered into the hall leading to the girl’s bedroom. At the closed door, I stopped and listened. Hearing nothing, I slowly and silently open the door and peered around the corner at the girls. Both were still sleeping. Both were under the covers. Both were wearing their pajamas. I felt a little disappointed, but retreated from the room, back out to the kitchen. I waited about a half-hour, and then first Tanisha, then Megan emerged with their sleepy heads, rubbing their eyes.

“Where’s Gramma?” inquired Megan.

“Gone to baseball camp with Bobby,” I responded. “We’re by ourselves, alone.”

Both girls got this wide grin on their faces, then came to me with a big hug and kiss. “What do you want to do?” they asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll think of something,” I sneered, then laughed. They both giggled and gave me a bigger kiss, right on the mouth.

“What do you want for breakfast.”

“Something fast and easy,” said Megan. Tanisha only giggled.

After we ate, I took them into the family room and sat with them on the couch. I asked, “What else can I teach you about making love?”

They looked at each other, then Megan answered, “Tanisha wanted to know what it fells like when you put your mouth down on my pussy the other day in the pool.”

“Is that right, Tanisha?” I asked.

She looked down kind of sheepishly and said, “Yeah, kind of.”

“Well, that will be our lesson for this morning. Now go in and take a shower. Get dressed wearing, let see, a skirt and blouse or shirt, bra and panties. Ok?”

Without saying a word, both girls sprung up and fairly ran to their room to make preparations. I, in turn, when to our bedroom to shave and shower.

I was waiting for, what seemed like ages, in the family room. The thought of her slim, dark body, partially developed into a young lady was driving me crazy. Her wiliness to allow my teaching and explorations into her sexuality also brought me near the point of orgasm. I was sitting in the over stuffed chair in the family room when they suddenly appeared from their bedroom. Megan led the way with Tanisha following behind, as a sacrificial virgin being led to the cliff. She was dressed in a blue top, cut low in the front so just a glimpse of her cleavage showing over the cut. It had fluted sleeves and hemline and was made of a rayon type fabric. It was clinging gently over her bra-covered breasts. I could make out the shape of her bra that covered those nicely shaped, brown mounds and the flesh that continued up from the “A” cups to the bodice of her top. She caught where my eyes were wondering and she lowered her gaze and blushed slightly. Her hair was freshly washed and brushed out. It hung like coal, jet-black, around her angelic face. She had perfect skin, not a blemish, that shown like a star in the heavens. Her arms that protruded from the top were gracefully shaped extensions of her body. Light brown, slightly muscular, they extended down and around her mid-section. She was wearing a white pleaded mini-skirt, falling to her mid-thighs. It was also made of a rayon type fabric that clung to her legs as they swished along with her stride. Her legs were long and slender, beautifully shaped and also somewhat muscular. She moved with the elegance of a model ready to make her appearance down the runway. I must have shown my appreciation for the effort that it took in this presentation, because Megan said, “Papa, you can close your mouth now.”
I must have complied but I could not take my eyes off this beauty. I just sat there, dumbfounded and shocked. They stood there in front of me for a moment, waiting my instructions, when I finally said, “Megan, you can sit over there on the loveseat.”

I could not take my eyes off of her and I finally said, “Wow, Tanisha, you are a beautiful girl.”

“Thank you,” she replied, blushing from the compliment.

“No, I mean it, you are a beautiful, beautiful girl. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that before? Wow, what a knock out!”

This time her dark skinned face turned crimson.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but, my god, you are a looker.”

She just looked down and she spread her hands over her skirt.

By this time, Megan had found a seat behind Tanisha and slightly to her left, so she could see what was going on. I told Tanisha to turn around and let me see her. After complying, she stood before me with her hands clutching her mid-drift. I signaled her to lower her hands and she did. I rose from the chair, then directed her to step forward and allow me to kiss her. She stepped two steps forward and allowed me to kiss her lips. Then I said, “Now kiss me like you mean it, I’m not going to rape you.”

With that she embraced my neck, turned her head and gave me a genuine kiss. Our lips met and separated slightly, as our tongues gently prodded forward into each other’s. My arms encircled her waste and my hands went up her back so I could feel her bra through the fabric of her top. I could have kissed her forever, but that did not fit into my plans.

I took my seat once again, leaving Tanisha standing there, not knowing what to do. She fiddled with her skirt, nervously and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. I just sat there, admiring the beauty of this special girl.

Finally, I said, “Tanisha, would you run your fingers gently over your arms, please. Use very soft pressure, using the back of your fingers. That’s it, caress, your arms with your gentle touch.” She complied with my command as she slowly followed my lead. “Goose bumps” were forming on her arms where she had touched them. A shiver ran over her skin as she continued to softly caress her own arm. After stimulating her arms, I directed her to place her hands under the hemline of her top and caress her tummy. Her hands went instantly under and to the front of the blue fluted top. I could tell from her expression that her caressing was starting to take its desired effect. Slowly around and over her bare skin, she smoothly touched herself, stimulating the tender skin of the stomach. Then I said, “Higher.” She took a deep breath as her hand moved upward towards her bra line where it stopped. Her hands inadvertently touch her breasts and she let out a slight, vocal response.

“Move your touch slowly around your tummy and where they are and pretend it is my touch that makes you shutter,” I suggested.

After a brief moment, I said, “Now move your hands to your sides and drop them down to your sides. That’s it, all the way down. Gather the hem of your skirt and draw it up to your hips. That’s right. Now move your hands around to the front and put them on your panty line. Slowly, gently, caress your skin. Use just the tips of your fingers. That’s right. Now, very slowly drop your touch down, down over your pussy. Slowly, slowly, caressing softly. That’s it, Tanisha, you’re doing great.”

As she followed my direction, she was stimulating herself with her own soft fingertip touch. When she reach her mound, she gave out a little cry of pleasure and she shook visibly.

“Go ahead and probe with your touch, just a little. Now, move your fingers down your inner thighs and now back up, beautiful. Now remove your top. Slowly, gently, slide it up over your head and lay it on the floor.”

As she started this latest command, her hands crossed over her tummy and they raised the hem of the top and slid it over her bra, then her shoulders and finally her head. She dropped the garment to the floor beside her, then raised her eyes to mine as if to say, “Now what?”

Quickly, I directed her hands to her neck to continue her self-stimulation. I asked her to softly caress her neck, then slowly drop her touch down to her cleavage. As she did this, her eyes closed and her head rocked back. Then her fingers when under her straps and slowly off the shoulders. Her touch was to return to the softness of her cleavage and to delve lower and lower until they touched her nipples. Again, this sent an uncontrollable shiver through her as she vocally responded.

Her bra was seamless, freestanding type that encased the breast of the user. Therefore, when she breathed deeply, it did not give with her chest but stayed ridged. Thus as she was breathing quite heavily at this moment, a gap appeared between the bra and the breast making the insertion of the hand very inviting. I invited her to make this insertion and she immediately responded. I told her to use the palms of her hands to cup and caress the fleshy mounds. Her hands were crossed as she followed my instructions completely. Her mouth opened and she inhaled deeply as her hands engulfed her breasts. As she continued to message them, I noticed Megan for the first time. Her hands where in her own bra and her eyes were closed as she was enjoying the instructive monologue.

“Would you like some help removing your bra?” I asked Tanisha.

“Uh ha,” was all she managed.

“Megan, would you help her out, please,” I inquired.

The shocked look of realizing her name had been called, brought her back to this world, and she hurriedly removed her hand and jumped up to help.

“Slowly,” I instructed. “Slowly, gently and smoothly.” I caught her eye with an understanding twinkle in mine, as she slowly complied. Tenderly she released the fastening of the bra and carefully removed it from Tanisha, laid it next to the blue top and looked for further instructions from me. I just nodded towards the loveseat and she returned to her position.

“Tanisha,” I said, “do you want to touch your breast?”

Without answering verbally, she began touching them with her open palms, gently curving her fingers around them. She continued touching them until I instructed her to take her nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers and pinch and pull on them. She responded immediately and the sensation was almost too much for her. She let out a gasp and her knees seemed to buckle. She was becoming very stimulated and it was too soon for that.

“Tanisha, move your hand away from your breasts to your sides. That’s it, straight across. Now, lower them down your sides, slowly, to the waste line of your skirt. Very good, now move them to the back, find the zipper and unzip your skirt.” I waited until these instructions were completed, then said “Now slide your skirt off, over your hips, down your legs to the floor. Now step out and kick it out of the way.” She was looking right at me and as my eyes diverted their stare to take in the scene of her body, she smiled proudly as she knew that it met my approval.

She was wearing light blue, cotton panties. They were not exactly bikini-type, but they were low cut, just barely above her pubic hair. They were tight and they stretched over her mound and showed just a hint of her crack. There was a little stain between the legs from the moisture that the stimulation was causing.
“Now would you like to continue playing with your breasts?” I asked.

As her hands, once again, cupped her waiting breasts, she took in a big gulp of air through her open mouth. I instructed her to take her middle fingers and touch her thumbs, then flick her nipples as hard as she could. She gasped when they hit their target, but she continued to inflict the little pain that she had with each flick of her fingers.

“Now pinch them, hard,” I commanded. “Pinch them harder and pull them.”

She did as I said, over and over again, until her nipples were ridged and hard as pebbles. Her knees were getting a little wobbly again when I told her to lie down on her back with her feet towards me.

As she complied with my instructions, she sat cross-legged in front of me and I could see her panties were wet from leg to leg. As she lowered herself on her back, she closed her legs together tightly and put her hands to her sides. “Comfortable?” I asked.

“Kind of,” she replied.

“How about a cushion,” I offered.

“No, I’m alright.”

I then directed her to, first, relax, then caress her tummy again and to spread her legs a little and “relax, relax.” I allowed her to caress the tummy for several minutes until she was calm and once again receptive to my instructions. “Gently move your caress up to your breasts,” was my next command. Waiting a few minutes more, until I could see her relaxing to her touch, I suggested, “Why don’t you move your right hand down to your crotch?” While keeping her left hand on her breast, she slowly moved her right hand down her tummy to her abdomen, then to her pussy. A satisfying sigh crossed her lips as she found her mound with her hand. She rubbed over its length and her finger started to dig in a little at the bottom. This brought another sigh to her lips and a closing of the legs. They opened up again as her hand made its way to the top of her mound.

“That’s it, stick your middle finger into your opening. Massage your clit a little. That’s it,” I encouraged.
“Now let me show you how to do that in a special way,” I said, dropping to my knees between her legs. “Spread your legs a little more. Wider, that’s right. Now I’m going to take over and you just play with your tits.”” With that, I replaced her hand with my own two hands. Each one started at the top, with a middle finger applying pressure on the outside of the pussy lips, while the forefingers were massaging the clitoral area. As middle fingers moved down the groove, the thumbs began slowly rotating around the vagina and anus areas. This caused her to jerk to attention as my fingers found their exact targets. She squeezed her legs together then separated them wider as she thrust her hip upward to meet the intrusion. As the gyrations got wider and more forceful, I decided it was time to proceed.

Bending down, I replaced my hands with my mouth. Through her panties, I started biting gently on her pussy until she let out a little scream of pleasure. I was biting, sucking and licking her entire crotch, wet spot and all. I said to her, “Let’s get rid of these,” and with ease, my fingers went to her waste band, jerked them down past the hips, then raising her legs straight up in the air. I removed them up and over her feet. Her legs came back down together but they bent at the knees, so I merely placed my hand behind her knees and moved them to her chest. I stared at that wonderful sight for just a moment, then started licking her exposed ass hole, pussy channel and clit area with one long tongue trust. She literally screamed out with excitement. Again, I licked her from the ass to her clit, stopping momentarily at each hole and sucking on her clit. Each time, she screamed with delight.

Her coarse pubic hair curled around her pussy, almost obstructing the view of skin. It was starting to grow up her abdomen but had not grown around her pink little ass hole. As I tried to insert my tongue once again into the confines of her orifice, her juices were intermingling with my own saliva and the tip of it actually started to enter. “No, she said, “not down there.”

“Doesn’t it feel good,” I slurped.

“Yes, but that is dirty,” she argued.

I ignored her protests and inserted my tongue as far as I could into her hole and she let out a cry of submission.

I quickly grabbed her legs and we, together, changed places, with her riding my chest as I was on my back. Each knee was on either side of my head and my nose was inches away from her wet, twitching pussy. Raising her up with my hands, I set her down squarely upon my face. Instantly, my mouth went to work. I moved my fingers up to include their pressure on her warm, slobbering pussy. Each arm went between her legs and they had full exposure to her holes. As I sucked on her clit, my fingers prodded their designated orifices until each had been inserted up to the second knuckle. This was bringing Tanisha to a built up release of juices and an unbelievable orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt my shorts be pulled down, releasing my engorged cock to the waiting mouth of Megan. She had knelt down between my legs and taking my cock into her mouth, was sucking me feverishly. I could feel it well up inside of me and as I sucked and licked Tanisha’s clit and jammed my fingers up her crotch, we both started our orgasmic dance. She was bucking on my face and hands while I was plunging my cock into Megan’s’ eager mouth. Megan began swallowing the river of cum, exploding out of its hole, just as Tanisha released her juices into my sucking mouth. We each went ridged for a long moment, then one by one, we came down into a exhaustive state. We lay there quite awhile before moving. I then rolled Tanisha off of me, helped Megan crawl up to my embrace and took each under my arms and went fast asleep.

I dozed for about forty-five minutes and when I awoke, there were my two beautiful little girls, curled up in my arms. I cuddled them for a few more moments, then gently woke them and told them that we needed to go clean up. They agreed and jumped up, gave me a hug and kiss, then ran to their bathroom. The rest of the day we played in the pool, cuddled and just enjoyed our time together, the three of us. When Marty and Bobby arrived home, I didn’t even ask them how their day was. I knew it couldn’t be better than mine.

Two days later, Tanisha had to leave and I was sorry to see her go. She cried, gave Megan and I a hug, thanked Marty and Bobby for their hospitality and went up the ramp to her plane. I never saw the dark skinned beauty again.

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