Pam’s Adventures Ch. 03 – Pam and Monica

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This is the third story in the series Pam’s Adventures. The first is Pam’s Seduction followed by Pam and Jill. I recommend that you read them first.

John Likes To Watch

John wants to fuck all weekend, always while watching the videos of Jill and me. Even when I wake him on Sunday morning, he wants to have the videos on so he can watch. I am happy that he approves, but I do start to wonder if he still wants me for myself, without the excitement of seeing me with another woman.

After lunch, he wants more, but I need to grade some papers, so he goes back to bed while I’m at the kitchen table working. I hear the video playing and John moaning. Over the three hours I work, he grunts loudly like he’s cumming at least three times. Part of me is glad that he appreciates my action with Jill, but I start thinking that he doesn’t need me anymore.

When I finish grading, I pack up the papers and I consider joining him, but my pussy is rather fucked out and sore, so I open my Secure Folder and gaze at Jill’s face and boobs, lazily reaching down and rubbing my pussy gently.

John seems silent after I hear the video end, so I walk to the bedroom and see him asleep, his hand holding his limp cock with drops of cum dripping down. He’s not likely to be of any service to me, so I close the door quietly and lie down on the sofa in the lounge room.

I reach up under my tracksuit top and down under my bottoms and rub my nipple and pussy. I think of Jill for a while, then Monica’s face drifts in front of me. I think about how casual she was about seeing Jill’s boob photo, helping me hide it on my phone. She sent it to herself, so she must be looking at it this weekend.

I imagine Monica in her bed, naked, touching herself while dreaming of being with Jill. Then I imagine caressing her tiny firm boobs, making her nipples stand up before sucking them in turn. “Oh, Monica,” I hear myself call out, “I want to make you feel so good.”

I am rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple as I imagine kissing down to Monica’s pussy and licking it. Normally, I would stretch out the excitement, but my body feels urgent, so I rub hard and fast and cry out softly as I cum.

I doze with my hands resting on my pussy and boob. When I wake, it’s dark. I think about food but I don’t want too much, so I pop in a microwave meal and eat it without much thought.

I wander into the bedroom and see John as he was. I go to the bathroom and clean up and change into my nightie. He rouses and says, “Hey, sexy, let’s watch again and fuck.”

I say, “Oh, John, really, haven’t you seen it enough times? If I’m not enough for you, let’s forget it for tonight.”

He pouts, but says, “Okay, Pam.”

I get into bed and turn away from him and drift off to sleep.

Monica’s Revelation

Monday morning I get up early and make excuses that I have to be at school early for a meeting with Sandra, the principal. John wants to fuck, but I’m a little put off by his obsession with the videos rather than attending to me in person. So I leave him with them if that’s what he wants.

For once, my day is pretty normal, without the constant interruptions by the memories of my recent experiences with Mary, Liz and Jill. But in my last class, Monica is constantly smiling at me, and it’s hard to deflect last night’s fantasy of her.

She stays behind after everyone else leaves. She stands and closes the door, then sits in the front row. “Ms. Stevens, can we talk?”

“Of course, Monica, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, I want to talk about my feelings. Is that okay? You are my favourite teacher, and you seem to care a lot about your students.”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Well, this weekend, I spent a lot of time looking at Jill’s photos. I’ve always been attracted to her, but I’ve never done anything with a girl except a few silly kisses once at a party, so I’ve never said anything to her.”

“I can understand, Monica. She’s lovely, isn’t she?”

“Very. I had to touch myself while looking at her.” She pauses, then asks, “You’ve been with her, haven’t you?”

I blush and say, “If I tell you, it’s a secret, right?”

“Oh, yes, Ms. Stevens. I promise never to tell anyone else. But I want to know.”

I hesitate, then say, “Yes, Monica, I have.”

“Oh, wow. What was it like?”

“Well I won’t go into detail, but it was fantastic! I have to admit I feel so lucky.”

“I imagined that, but I think she’s the luckier one.”

“What do you mean, Monica?”

“Oh, Ms. Stevens, surely you know that I’ve been yearning for you for a while. I’ve been on a few dates with guys, but they just want to paw me and they don’t seem to care how I feel. I’m pretty naïve about sex, but I feel like you would be so wonderful.”

“Oh, Monica, you mean, um, oh gosh,” I splutter. “You think about me that way? No, I had no idea.”

“Yes, Ms. Stevens. It was a mild attraction until recently, but I knew you were married so I figured you were straight. Lately, kazak escort though, I can’t get you out of my mind. Then after seeing Jill’s photos that she shared with you I got the idea that you might like women too. So I’ve been dreaming about you ever since.”

“Oh, Monica, wow. Let me take this in,” I say, desperately stalling for time to collect my thoughts and feelings. I can hardly believe that the young student I had a fantasy about last night has just expressed her desire for me.

“Monica, I have a confession. Since your kiss the other day, I have been having feelings for you. But you are my student, and even though I know you are eighteen and legal, it wouldn’t be right.”

She drops her head a little and asks almost pleadingly, “But you do feel something for me?”

“Yes, I do, but I can’t risk my job, even for some lovely pleasure.”

“But Ms. Stevens, graduation is coming up very soon.”


“Well, I won’t be your student after that. So would there be a problem then?”

It dawns on me. “No, I guess there wouldn’t be.”

“Then would you want me?”

The question makes my body light up with passion. Of course, I want her. “Oh, Monica, I think so, but I’m actually pretty new at being with women. You’ve taken me by surprise today.”

“Well I’ve thought about this and I know I want you.”

“What about Jill?”

“Oh, she’s attractive too, but you’re the one that makes me hot.”

“Monica, give me time to think.”

“Okay, Ms. Stevens.” She starts to pack up. “By the way, I have something else to ask of you.”


“My mum died several years ago, and I’m not sure I want my dad at my graduation. He’s an alcoholic and I would be mortified if he showed up drunk. Would you stand in for my mum and take me?”

“Monica, I’d be proud to do that for you. You have been an outstanding student.”

“Oh thank you, Ms. Stevens. It will mean a lot to me.”

“Count on it, then.” She smiles broadly at me and packs up to leave. I watch her walk out the door, admiring her tight, athletic bum. I ponder her expression of feelings for me as my pussy says to me, “Are you fucking kidding, Pam? You know you want her.”

Make-Up Sex

Driving home is a challenge. This beautiful nubile virgin has told me that she desires me! A few weeks ago, I was merely curious about women. Since then I’ve experienced three hot women and now Monica wants me, and I want her.

I work hard to pay attention to the traffic and I just manage to get home safely. I pull into the car park and sit, letting my mind spin down. I walk into our unit, half-wondering if I’ll find John in bed wanking to the videos.

Instead, I see the USB sitting on the kitchen table. John comes up and gives me a soft kiss. He says, “I’m sorry I got stuck into these yesterday and ignored you. Please take the USB and we can only watch it when you want to. I love you, my sexy wife.”

I smile and say, “Apology accepted, my dear husband.”

“Shall we order in pizza and then spend an evening in bed? I’ll pay my full attention to you.” We do, we do and he does. After two rounds, I get ready to sleep. I take my phone into the bathroom and check emails, deleting most of the new ones.

I hear my phone click. I look, and Monica has sent me a face photo. I melt, dreaming of her. I find the face photo that I had sent to Jill and send it to her.

She returns a text, “I love your pretty smile. I want to kiss you.”

I melt even more and type, “I want your kisses, all over me.” I look at it and decide that the last bit is too much, so I just send her, “I want your kisses.”

I have a restful sleep.

Talking With Jill

Tuesday morning I walk past the office and see Jill through the window, waving as I walk by. Then I decide that I can’t resist going in to whisper, “Good morning, sexy.”

“Hi, gorgeous,” she replies. “I loved having you over.”

“Oh my, Jill, I loved it too. Let’s have a chat over lunch. Can we get out of the building where we won’t be heard?”

“I’m sure we can find a place.”

“Great. See you at 11:45?”

“Yep, I can do that. Let’s meet at entrance C, by the sports fields.”

“It’s a date.”

I walk to class, thinking of the things I want to tell Jill. I manage to keep my libido mostly under control in class, only occasionally slipping and having one of the sexy women recently in my life drop into my awareness. At 11:35, my class ends and I get my lunch from the staff fridge and go to entrance C.

Jill is waiting outside, and we walk silently until we are out of earshot, heading toward a bench under some trees.

“Pam, you are so hot. I can’t believe you are so new to women.”

“I guess I’m a quick learner, Jill. Mary and Liz at the conference taught me a lot.”

“So when are you coming over again?”

“Mmm, I want to. You are so incredible. Maybe this Saturday again? I’ll check with John.”

“He still doesn’t mind?”

“Oh istanbul bayan escort my God, Pam, he couldn’t stop watching the two videos that we made. I got jealous.”

“Cool, maybe we can record every session. I guess I don’t mind him watching as long as he’s not with us when we fuck.”

“He won’t argue.”

We pause to eat. After I’m done, I ask, “Jill, do you know Monica Wilson?”

“I don’t really know her, but I know her by sight, and oh wow, what a sight. I lust after her yummy firm body.”

I hesitate before saying, “Well, she’s in my class. We were talking after class, and it seems that she is interested in women, but hasn’t done anything.”


“Yes, and it seems that she likes me a lot.”

“Wow, lucky you.”

“And she confessed that she thinks you are hot, too.” I don’t tell her that she has seen Jill’s boob photo.


“Yes. She knows that you and I have been together, and she thinks that’s amazing.”

“Oh wow, really.”

“But she’s very discreet, and she promised to keep it a secret. She’s pretty much said that she wants me to be her first lover.”

“Aw, that’s sweet.”

“I told her that I couldn’t do anything with a student, but she reminded me that she graduates this term.”

“Perfect! I’m jealous.”

“I’ve been thinking about how we could, but I don’t want her at my place, with John there.”

“Borrow my place, Pam. I’ll make myself scarce.”

“Oh wow, Jill, that’s a lot to ask.”

“Anything for you, Pam, no worries. I’ll have hot thoughts about you two. Besides, if she likes me too, then maybe the three of us can get together another time if she’s okay with that.”

“Wow, that’s a hot idea. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

“Me too,” she giggles. “Feel free to use anything in my pleasure chest, but anything you use should be left out so I know to clean it.”

“Sure. We should get back inside.”

“Yep. Confirm Saturday, okay? We can make more videos, and watch the first ones we made while we’re between rounds.”

“Mmmm, Jill, I like how you think.”

Monica’s Audacity

As we are walking back to the building, I hear my phone click. I fall behind Jill, letting us separate before we go in. I look at it, and oh my, Monica has sent me a selfie of her perfect little boobs. I stop and stare at them. They are so firm, with big nipples that stand up proudly.

I have trouble concentrating in my penultimate class, knowing that I will be seeing Monica at the end of the day. I am so tempted to pull my phone from my handbag and look at her boobs, but I dare not.

When my last class files in, Monica sits directly in front of me. My gaze drops to her firm boobs and for a moment I imagine them naked. Fortunately, she doesn’t deliberately provoke me as I struggle to keep my focus on the class topic, but I can’t help glancing at her during the hour and thinking about the photo she sent.

She waits after class again until everyone else has gone and closes the door before returning to her seat. She smiles at me silently and I return the smile. She then whispers, “Would you like to see what you can have after I graduate?”

She hikes her skirt up slowly, displaying more and more of her firm shapely legs. She spreads her legs widely and I see her beautifully trimmed bush with juicy full lips poking through. I gasp and she smiles broadly. She takes her hands and spreads her lips, her bright pink pussy winking at me.

“Oh, God, Monica, you are driving me wild,” I exclaim a little too loudly.

“I want you, Ms. Stevens.”

“Oh, I want you too, Monica. I can’t wait for Saturday week.”

“Me either. I hope you can take me home after the graduation ceremony.”

“Uh, not home, but I think I can arrange a place.”

“Wonderful,” she says as she closes her legs and primly lowers her skirt.

Getting through this week is a real struggle. The thought of seeing Jill on the weekend and Monica’s subtle teasing in class has my body flushed and shaking half the time. I have to resort to using both tampons and pads in my panties to avoid leaking all over.

I tell John about Monica, and he kids me, “Robbing the cradle now?”

“Oh, John, she’s 18, so she’s legal. And she’s been coming on to me, so she wants it.”

“Yum, I’d love to see her with you.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I’ll have to ask her.”

“Please do.”

“Monica’s graduation is the weekend after this one, Saturday afternoon. She’s asked me to take her, and I’ve arranged with Jill to take Monica to her place afterwards while Jill is out. Is that okay?”

“Hell, yes, I want you to have all the pussy you want. It makes you so hot when you come back to me, so go for it.”

Second Time With Jill

On Saturday my body is raging with passion. John wants to fuck, and I do too, but Jill has asked me not to cum, so I find the USB and let John watch Jill and me on TV as I suck him off. I stay dressed to avoid azeri escort temptation.

On my way out, I tell John, “I’ll let you wank all you want to the videos while I’m out. Don’t drain yourself too dry.”

“I probably will,” he replies with a grin.

My heart is pounding on the drive to Jill’s place. I’ve just worn a tracksuit with nothing underneath, so my nipples get excited, feeling the soft fabric rub them whenever I make a turn. When she opens her door I throw myself on her and kiss her passionately, rubbing my body on hers.

I grab her hand and yank her into her bedroom. She says, “Just one second, hot stuff,” as she walks over and turns on the camera on its tripod. I virtually rip off her clothes and throw her onto the bed, lift one of her legs and start scissoring her.

I hump her pussy with mine wildly as I gaze at her lovely boobs. I move my gaze up and for an instant, I visualise Monica’s pretty face. I go mad, imagining my upcoming time with Monica. I scream and cum hard, flooding Jill’s pussy with my juice.

Jill is smiling up at me, hardly having had time to get excited. “Wow, girl, what has gotten you so hot? I know you like me, but that was something else.”

I’m still sliding my pussy over hers, but slower as I recede from my massive orgasm. I collapse beside her, and when I catch my breath, I tell her about Monica’s boob photo and her spreading her legs for me in the classroom.

“Wow, she wants you badly. Lucky you! Let me see her boobs.” I reluctantly find my phone and show them to her. “Amazing! So firm and petite, and those nipples!”

“Yes, she sent the photo on our way back from our talk under the trees. And when she showed me her incredible bushy pussy in the classroom, I just about creamed in my seat.”

“Oh, you must record video when you come over with her. I want to see. Consider it rental.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Tell her it’s the price of admission. I can see that she’s so hot for you, she won’t be able to resist.”

“I’ll see.”

“You’d better. Now I need some pussy licking. Flip around and let’s sixty-nine.” I turn around and lower my pussy onto her mouth. I’m facing the camera, so I smile at it, knowing John will be seeing this later. Then I descend and lap at Jill’s lovely pussy.

I stab my tongue in deeply at first, tasting her juice. Then I look up at the camera again and lick my lips to show off. I slide two fingers into Jill’s pussy as I extend my tongue as far as I can to lick her clit, trying not to obscure the camera’s view of my fingers.

I keep a slow licking and pumping pace, gradually building Jill’s excitement. When I hear her moaning kick into another gear, I pull up and face the camera once more, whispering, “Cum for me,” to John. Then I attack her clit hard and fast as I thrust three fingers into her pussy and fuck her madly.

Jill screams as she cums hard, flooding my hand. I know that John will be cumming as he watches this. I take my hand out and lick her pussy clean, then turn around to kiss her. I haven’t cum from her licking, but that’s fine, I came when I fucked her before, and I’ve been happy to make her cum.

She kisses me passionately, then licks her juice off of my face. I offer my dripping fingers to her, and she cleans those off too. “Damn, girl, you are so fucking good. I can’t believe you’re a newbie.” I smile at her, then get up and approach the camera, blow it a kiss, and turn off the recording.

I return to Jill and I relax in her arms, my head resting on her lovely full boob. After a minute, she says, “So tell me about John watching the videos.”

I relate how I tied him up and used the nipple clamps. “During the video of you fucking me, I was teasing his cock with one finger then two, very lightly. It was throbbing and he was getting desperate to cum.”

“Oo, you are wicked, Pam.”

“I ran the second video while holding his cock, and while I was spanking you, he tried fucking my hand. I gripped it firmly so he couldn’t.”

“Wow, you are nasty.”

“When I was putting on the strap-on in the video, I got some lube and coated his cock. As I was fucking you, I let him fuck my hand. He came when you did, squirting his cum all over his chest. I’ve never seen so much come out of him.”

“Oh, Pam, you are so sexy. You know I’m not into guys, but you obviously love your husband and I appreciate that. Now that you’ve told me that, I wish that I had lent you my camera so I could have seen it.”

“You’d like that?”

“Well, call it an academic interest.”

“I’ll take the camera with me this time.”

“Fantastic! Well, I’m ready to go again.” Jill gets up and finds a double-ended dildo. She turns the camera on again on her way back to bed. We fuck each other this way as we pull and twist each other’s nipples. Having both cum once, we keep the pace slow as our excitement builds again.

Finally, Jill can’t hold back and she pumps hard, pushing the dildo deep into both of us. I watch her cum and then I follow. She collapses and rests in my arms. We wallow in our mutual pleasure and doze off.

Jill stirs and I wake up. She gets up and turns the camera off. “I’ll have to edit out the last part where we’re sleeping.”

“No, don’t do that, I think it will be sweet to watch that part too,” I plead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32