Over the Waterfall

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– – – 6 Months Ago – – –

“Mr. Adams… Mr. Adams?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Mr. Adams, we just need your signature right here.”

Done. Signed. Sealed. Divorced.

Well, there went 22 years. My wife and I waited until the kids finished college, at least. Very amicable. We just split right down the middle. Of course she also got the guy from Newport Beach with Ferraris and a massive house. I got a little apartment in San Jose. Whatever.

– – – 5 Months Ago – – –

“Mr. Adams.”

“Yes?” Oh God. It was what’s-her-face from Internal Audit. Ming Nguyen. She raked me over the coals last audit. The next audit is months away, what’s she doing here? She’s not my favorite person. Actually, she’s nobody’s favorite person.

She closed my office door. Great. It’s so bad we can’t let anyone else hear.

“Mr. Adams,” her ugly mouth said again. She’s not a pretty woman. “I understand you are divorced.”

Uh… what the hell? “Right, about a month or so.”

“And you don’t have a new girlfriend yet.”

How the hell does she know? And… why would she ask me that? “Uh… no… been kinda busy.” Hey, I’m never too busy to get laid, just am in a bit of a rut.

“You need to have sex.”

“Well now, wait a second! What the hell are you talking…”

“Mr. Adams, I don’t have a husband, or a boyfriend. I don’t want one.” Well, that’s great to know, I guess. She continued on, “What I do need, Mr. Adams, is sex, from you, with the utmost discretion.”

Right… You know how some Asian women are just cute as a button? Or even if they aren’t that cute their little bodies just look like they need sex? Yeah, well, Ming isn’t one of those. She’s short, kinda wide but not fat, just wide, no visible tits, ass is… well it rates about a 4 and that’s her best feature.

“You need sex, from me.”

“Yes. I am very good in bed. We won’t kiss. We won’t cuddle. You will just fuck me and do whatever else you want. You won’t call me the next day. We won’t have a relationship. We will just fuck.”

“…uh…” Well, I am in a bit of a dry spell…

“No repercussions if you say no. No repercussions if we do this and you want to stop. But you can fuck me any way you like and I will eat all your cum.”

“I don’t know…” But she’s pretty ugly…

“You will put on whatever porn. I don’t care. You will just fuck me for at least 10 minutes.”

I looked out the window. I don’t even know what to think, really. This is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.

“I need an answer, Mr. Adams. 60 seconds.”

I rubbed my chin.

“Anything I want?”

“I already said that.”

“No strings?”

“None. 30 seconds.”


“What the hell. My place. Thursday. 10 pm.”

“You will have a glass of good, chilled chardonnay ready for me.”

– – –

I thought about that for the next two days. So fucking weird. And she’s so ugly. So come Thursday, I started drinking beers sometime after nine. I thought maybe I could drink her pretty.

Right at the stroke of ten, there’s a knock on my door. I open it, and immediately thought, I shoulda had more beers. She isn’t pretty yet.

Ming charges into my apartment. No greeting, no nothing. She’s wearing an overcoat and slat shoes.

“I don’t see my wine.”

“I wasn’t sure if you were really coming or not.” No response. No small talk. No smile.

I pour a glass of cold Kendall-Jackson.

“I didn’t know you were so cheap.”

“This is $12 a bottle! It’s good stuff!” It was my normal wine. I normally drink beer or vodka, but this was good too.

“That’s a chintzy pour.” Christ, what a bitch! I poured more.

She lifted the glass and swigged all 8 ounces of the white wine. Jesus, I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

Then she took off her overcoat and, to my surprise and somewhat to my disdain… she had nothing on under it. Not a stitch. She did have some rather ugly birthmarks on her right side, and her anti-tits had these knobby nipples. I call them anti-tits because they were everything a tit isn’t. Like, there’s no flesh. None.

At least her pussy was shaved.

She dropped her overcoat on the kitchen floor at my knees. Then she knelt down, and unzipped my jeans. Rather expertly, she found her way through my underwear and pulled out my extremely flaccid cock.

She put the whole thing in her mouth. Now, I’m kind of a “grower, not a show-er”. Meaning, my cock is pretty small when it’s not erect. But when the blood flows, it gets to 7 inches and is nice and thick. But at this point, it was about 3 inches, maybe…

She pulled back and said “Your cock tastes terrible.” And she sucked it back into her mouth and worked it with her tongue.

Stunned, I was like what the fuck, bitch? But… ya know… a warm mouth on your cock can do things. And things started happening, a little bit.

“It’s about time. Put on some porn and get it harder.”

Jesus, but yeah, let’s get this fucker warmed up because I want to jam it down her throat.

I turned and escort bayan walked to my bedroom and switched on the big flatscreen. It’s hooked up to my laptop. I went to one of my favorite free video sights, and searched for ‘cum on big tits compilation’. I picked the first one and set it to play.

It’s one I’ve seen before, but always gets me going. It’s basically short scenes edited together, guys are either tit-fucking or just jerking themselves and shooting cum onto large breasted girls. Nothing wrong with that, right? Plus, these were mostly American girls with nice bodies and pretty or at least tolerable faces, unlike my little Asian gem I’ve got.

I stripped and sat on the edge of the bed. Ming the Merciless (she has pictures of him in her office, really) sucked my cock with much more vigor. My beers kicked in, I relaxed watching chicks getting cumshots on their nice tits, and my little friend down there grew into my big friend.

When it got fully hard, I stood up. Ming started to get up too, but I grabbed her by her ugly head and put her mouth back on my cock. Then I started to face-fuck the bitch.

To her credit, Ming took it full force. My balls slapped her ugly chin and she took all of it. Tickling her throat, I pinched her nose. Finally, she had to withdraw for air. She took two deep breaths and dove back on my cock. Well holy shit. She’ a fucking trooper!

“Get on the bed, all fours, facing the TV.”

“Fuck you, dumbass.” But she got right in that position, quickly, I might add.

With no courtesy, I got behind her, grabbed my slimy cock and shoved it up her cunt. Full length up her Chinese twat. Ming let out this weird grunt, then starting grunting in rhythm as she rocked back and forth with my hard strokes.

You know, all women make different noises when they make love. But there’s a certain similarity to them also. There’s moaners, screamers, the “oh yes” girls, the “fuck fuck fuck” girls, you know what I’m saying. But I discovered a new type of girl that night. Pig girl. She fucking grunted like a pig. I don’t mean ‘oink oink’, but she grunted and snorted and I didn’t know what else to call it. Her. Whatever.

I grab her by her ugly thighs and pull for more penetration. Her fucking cunt is tight enough for Jesus, though, and sopping wet. I almost want to eat her out. Then I look in the wall mirror and see her face, and I quickly dismiss the idea. Shuddering, I quickly looked back at the big screen just in time to see Gianna Michaels take a cum shot to her tit with her mouth right there. The guy shot across her nipple into her mouth. She sqallowed that down, then sucked the cum off her nipple. Jesus, why didn’t SHE come to my office a couple days ago? Instead I got this ugly fucker.

“You fuck like an old man,” pronounced Ming the Mercilessly Ugly.

Jesus, you know, all she’s done since she got here is insult me. I reached around to grab her tits and then remembered she didn’t have any. I pulled on her knobby nipples, though, hard. That got a different grunt out of her. But… I didn’t know if it was a pleasure grunt, a pain grunt, or I might take a shit grunt.

“You have tits like an old man,” I replied. She rocked back and forth harder into my thighs, plunging my raging cock deeper into her vagina.

I started to sweat pretty good at this point. Maybe I need to work out more. Maybe I need to fuck more. I slapped her ass a few times. Got some hard grunts for that. I slapped her knobby nips some more and got even louder grunts. Girl cream ran down her legs onto my sheets.

I pulled out of her and told her to suck it. She did with lightning speed. I let her lick and suck me clean of all her pig-cunt juices, then face-fucked her again. I don’t know how she held up, my cock was just a blur going in and out of her mouth. I pulled her by her hair and fucked her mouth harder.

Her tongue formed a cool groove for me, and I felt my orgasm approach. It came on quickly and I didn’t give her any warning. Just BOOM! and my cock exploded into her mouth, down her throat. I held her head close so none of it would spill and I emptied it all down her throat.

I fell back onto the bed, covered in sweat.

“Your cum tastes like shit. And you owe me two more minutes of fucking. I said ten minutes.”

Now, there have been times where I’ve cum several times in one session. But that was with my wife when we were seriously hot and heavy. My wife was beautiful with a great body. We would fuck for hours.

I looked at Ming the Pig Grunter. “That’s all I’ve got. Finish your self if you want to.”

She lay back on the bed and proceeded to finger fuck herself furiously, all the while saying “fucking asshole… dickhead… American pig…” just insulting everything about me. After about a minute, she arched up, and Squirted straight up into the air! Jesus I had only seen that in movies. She shot three or four squirts straight up, which fell back onto her puss, chest, even her face. Some sprinkles came my way. Smelled kind of like pee.

“I could squirt on you.” Wow. That was the nicest tuzla genç escort thing I think she ever said to me.

“Do that, and I’ll kick you in the face. You already messed up my whole fucking bed.”

She got up and went to the door. She stopped and turned.

“Next Thursday, you fuck me for 12 minutes.”

And so it went.

– – – 4 Months Ago – – –

“Steve? You ok?”

It was my dad on the phone. He just told me Mom had pancreatic cancer. That shit is inoperable. Incurable.

“Yeah, Dad. Just, processing”

Mom and Dad had been together since they were 16. I don’t know if they ever spent a night apart. Their love was something you don’t see every day, especially these days. Hey, they weren’t perfect or anything, Mom could be quite the bitch sometimes. But she also always did her best by us kids.

Dad and I talked and decided we should have a big party for Mom. Not a ‘going away’ but a “Mom Appreciation Party.”

I called my sister, Jesse, and we began making arrangements for the big shindig. We would get everyone we could together for a weekend at their Pompano Beach home for a weekend.

– – – 3.5 Months ago – – –

“Hey, Ming. Wake the fuck up.” I called her about 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night. We were still doing the Thursday thing every week.

“This better be good, asshole.”

“I just fucked Marcia from Payroll. She just left. She soaked my sheets, you should come over and smell them.”

Click. I guess that means yes. Or no. But probably yes. We have a weird non-relationship. I don’t feel good about it at all. But my cock gets sucked and I don’t have to do anything. After 22 years of marriage, it’s nice to not have to work at something. But it would also be nice to have some companionship, which Ming and I absolutely don’t have.

Five minutes later, Ming pounds on my door. I let her in, and she flies past me, dumping her overcoat. She dove on the bed and buried her face in the wet spot and breathed in as much as she could. then she sucked the wet parts of the sheets onto her mouth. She frigged her cunt while she rolled in it.

I handed her a big glass of wine. Two-Buck Chuck, from Trader Joe’s. Only now it’s 2.95. It’s probably the shittiest wine in the country. Only the best for my Ming.

She swigged the whole thing down.

“Cheap Asshole. this really sucks.”

“You suck it, bitch.” And she did.

And so it went.

– – – 3 Months Ago – – –

I met my sister Jesse in the Vegas airport. She came over from San Diego, me from San Jose. From there, we connected on the red-eye to Miami and drove up to Pompano to stay with our folks. They have a cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath place right by the beach.

I won’t go into all the day’s details, but there was lots of crying, hugging, talking, laughing, reminiscing, watching of old family movies.That kind of thing.

Being they are in a different time-zone and they are old, they still managed to stay up to 10 pm, which was 7 pm our time. I said my good nights and retreated to my little guest room.

I was skimming the web on my tablet, looking for restaurants and stuff in the area. We had the big Saturday party all planned, but I didn’t want Mom lifting a finger for us the other times. they kept the house pretty warm, 78, I was in bed but just in shorts and the sheets pulled down.

A knock on the door, “Can I come in?” asked Jesse. She entered without waiting, the doors didn’t lock.

She closed the door, looked at me, and her chin quivered. She had been crying, I could see. Her light brown hair was tousled, her makeup all wiped off, and her face was blotchy.

She still looked good. She always did.

I opened my arms and she jumped on the bed and curled up next to me. I put my arms around her and hugged her as she quietly cried. I shhh’ed her and there there’d her. After awhile, we talked quietly. Although Jess was two years older than me, I was the stronger one. She was very emotional, I was a bit more on the practical side. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel anything, I just don’t show the whole world every emotion that I’m having.

“Steven, I’m just not handling this well at all.”

“I know, I know, it’s alright.”

“But I was talking to Dad… he was saying he can’t live without her. He sounded like, like he was thinking of doing something.”

“I know, I got that feeling too.” Dad said the same to me. I think he was going to do some kind of Kevorkian thing. Can’t blame him at all. Why should he watch his wife suffer needlessly?

“We’ll be… all alone…” Jess was two years divorced. She dated often, but the available pool of men who wanted a 46-year old woman wasn’t so deep.

“No Jess, you’ve got me. You’ll always have me. And since you’re older than me, you’ll die first so you won’t be alone!”

She chuckled at my lame attempt at humor and punched me in the arm. Then she snuggled on me closer.

“Will I, Steve? Will I always have you?”

“Absolutely, I promise you that.”

We talked a little more. Soon she drifted off to sleep, tuzla kendi evi olan escort her head on my chest as I breathed in her scent. She was still in her street clothes but I didn’t want to wake her up to change.

After about an hour, I disengaged myself so I could turn the light off.

“Don’t leave me,” she mumbled, half asleep.

“I’m back.”

She turned her back towards me and scooted up on me. I snuggled into the classic spoon position with my sister. I wasn’t sure where to put my arm, so I laid it on her side, going down her leg. She took my arm and held it close to her chest.

Well, I thought. This is different. She’s got my arm resting upon her boob and my crotch on her bum. I tried very very hard not to get a hard-on. I kissed her on her neck and wished her a good night.

“Hey sleepyhead,” said Jess as she shook me awake. “Mom’s up. we gotta get going.”

Jess was on the bed, facing me, leaning on her elbow.

“Yeah… ok…” I mumbled. It’s 4 am, our time.

“Are you happy to see me, or what?”

“Uh, what? Oh shit!” I was laying flat on my back. My cock was in full morning-wood mode. It was stretching the fabric of my boxer-briefs to their maximum. Jesse was just staring at it.

“I’m glad to see you got a nice package, I always wondered”

She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, then patted my cock lightly three times and left the room.

The next night was more of the same. Only this night, Jess had changed into her night clothes. Spaghetti string little T-shirt, and long pants of very thin material. Her breasts swayed as she came to me in the bed. Fuck, I know they were C-cups back in the day. They look bigger now. She snuggled up to me, head on my chest, warm breast on my side, her legs touching mine.

We talked and she cried some more. I comforted her and tried to think about death and other non-sexy things. It sort of worked.

“Do you have anyone back home?” she asked.

“Ha… I have an ugly Vietnamese woman I fuck once a week. But she’s uglier than shit.”

“Really? Well, don’t you go out or anything?”

“No. We just fuck. There’s no relationship; we don’t talk, we just… fuck. Pretty wildly.”

“Oh. I see. And, are you happy?”

I pondered for a moment.

“No. Not at all. I mean, it’s like being in a porno with her. She does crazy shit and stuff, which is interesting, but I feel like I’m falling down a spiral with her.”

“It doesn’t sound healthy.”

“No, it isn’t. But it’s easy. And I’m just, taking a break, I guess. I’ve met some women, but truthfully, they are all desperate or crazy. They want me to be their kid’s daddy or one date and they think we’re getting married. I don’t want to be married again…”

“Yeah, the men aren’t much better. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know… but we’ve got the big party tomorrow. We better get some sleep.”

We both drifted off in each other’s arms.

“There it is again!” Jess said, waking me up. “Christ you could set your watch by this thing!”

“Stop looking at my junk, you slut!”

She flicked my rager with her finger and left to go get ready for the day.

Finally, after a couple more days, it was time to go home. It was a fantastic visit. Old wounds were healed, apologies given and accepted, it was great to have this time with my parents to say eveything that had to be said while they were still here.

Jess and I spent each night together, but as brother and sister. With a little flirting. Just like always. We promised to see each other more often.

We didn’t

– – – 2 Months ago – – –

“Jess,” I said into my cell phone. “I hate her.”

“Ming? The pig lady?”



Heavy sigh…

“She makes me… do things that disgust me. I am… de-basing myself and I am so not proud of that.”

“What happened?”

“She made me… I’m sorry, I can’t do this…”

“No, go ahead, Steven, tell me. It’s ok, trust me.”

“She wanted me to spank her until she cried from it. So I did. then I stopped. She insulted me so much, she was goading me to spank her more! Jesse, her ass was so red and swollen, and she still wanted me to hit her harder! And… And I liked it, somewhere in there… I was disgusted and I liked it, too. I’m a fucking mess.”

“Steven. It’s okay baby. What you need is some human contact, not that fucking chinese ditch-pig. Stop seeing her.”

“I… I can’t. She said no repercussions. But I know there will be. I’ll probably get fired. She’s hinted at something in the upcoming audit.”

Jess promised to come up and see me, but she couldn’t get away.

– – – 1 Week Ago – – –


“You aren’t supposed to call me here at work, dipshit!”

“My parents died. I’m going to Florida for awhile. Maybe a couple weeks to get things straightened out.”

“They probably just wanted to get away from you.”

What a fucking cunt.

“Well, just thought you should know.”

“Fuck you.” Click.

I met Jesse at the Vegas airport again so we could fly together to Florida. After a tearful reunion, we went to our gate, only to find the flight was canceled. Equipment problems, they said. No other flights by anyone to Florida tonight. We could get to New York and maybe fly down in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32