Out in the Garden

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Callum finished his morning shower, turned off the jets and stepped out, reaching for a towel. He dried himself down and then turned to admire himself in the long wall mirror fixed to the bathroom wall. As always, he was pleased with what he saw. His naked body was lithe and supple as a twenty year old’s should be and he was proud of his cock that was standing to attention as it always did in the mornings, Callum having forgotten the last time he had woken up without a raging hard-on.

Callum gave his cock a little tug as he turned back from the mirror and went back to his bedroom. The window was wide open on account of the hot summer they were enjoying and through it he could hear the muffled voices of his father Jim and his grandfather Clem coming up from the garden.

Callum hurried over to the window and peered out. His father Jim and Jim’s father Clem were lying side by side, their sun lounges pushed up close to each other, and like Callum they were both naked.

“Hi dad, hi pops,” Callum called down to them, “where’s mum and gran?”

“Gone into town,” said Jim.

Callum licked his lips at the bewitching sight of Jim and Clem stroking their hard-ons.

“You two are up early this morning,” Callum said, giggling.

“Why don’t you get that tight butt of yours down those stairs,” said Clem, looking up to the window and smiling at the sight of his naked grandson with his cock in his hand, “and join us? Your dad and I are feeling really horny.”

Callum hurried down the stairs, pleased that his father and grandfather had waited for him to join them before gettung down to business. The absent ladies, Callum knew, wouldn’t mind in the least and would, of course, join in the fun as soon as they got back from the weekly round of Saturday morning shopping.

As Callum emerged onto the patio, his hard cock leading the way, Jim and Clem turned their heads and smiled at the young man enjoying his nudity and who had certainly inherited the family’s love of hot taboo sex.

“Bloody hell, son,” said Jim, “that hard-on of yours is magnificent, ain’t it, dad?”

“You never spoke a truer word, son,” said Clem, licking his lips as Callum came up to his father and grandfather and stood in front of them, proudly displaying his cock and balls to his relatives without an iota of shame nor embarrassment.

“Thanks dad, thanks pops,” said Callum, “but it ain’t as if you’re seeing it for the first time. It’s still the same cock it was when we sucked and fucked with mum and gran last night.”

“We’re paying you a compliment, son,” said Jim, “so take it in the spirit it is meant.”

“I take everything in the spirit it is meant,” laughed Callum, never happier than when he and his folks were about to embark on another of their daily sessions of hot taboo sex.

Clem shifted his now old but still athletic-looking body from the sun lounge to get a closer look as Jim opened his mouth and took Callum inside. Clem’s mouth watered and he let out a low whistle mixed with pride and admiration as he watched his son sucking his grandson while Callum rocked back and forth on his legs, pumping his fat rod in and out of his father’s mouth. Callum’s balls, freshly-showered and bright and pink, were slamming rather than slapping against the underside of Jim’s chin, Jim making little gagging noises as he sucked his son like a thing possessed.

“Yeah,” breathed Clem, like the rest of his family a sex addict of the highest order whose life was ruled by the pleasures of the flesh, “that looks fucking fabulous. Suck your boy’s cock hard, son.”

Clem held his hard cock in his hand and leaned in to kiss Callum on the lips. Callum eagerly returned his grandfather’s snog and, without breaking the blowjob, Jim raised his eyes and smiled, delighted to see his father and his son locked in a passionate embrace.

“Fuck,” Jim thought to himself, “pity mum and Jean are missing this,” he went on musing as images of his mother Lena and wife Jean, Callum’s mother, came into his mind’s eye.

“Well, this looks like a lot of fun,” came a male voice from the garden gate and breaking into Jim’s reverie.

“Sure fucking does,” a female voice rejoined.

Clem turned his head and smiled at the sight of his eldest son Jed rubbing his hard-on through his shorts and Jed’s daughter Livvie who had blossomed into a beautiful young lady, having turned eighteen a few months earlier and thus now eligible to participate in the family gangbangs. Livvie was attired, also in a pair of shorts but unlike her father who was wearing a singlet that enhanced his chest and shoulders, Livvie was wearing a top so tight, her firm breasts looked like they would burst through at any moment.

“Hi, you two’s,” said Clem, kurtköy escort “what brings you here on a fine Saturday morning?”

“Can’t you guess, grandpa?” giggled Livvie. “Now that I’m a fully paid-up member of the club, I want to join in as much as possible.”

“Hi uncle Jed, hi cuz,” Callum said, using the pet name he always did for his cousin, “dad’s giving me a great blowjob.”

“So we can see,” said Jed, looking forward to getting his own cock sucked before much more of the morning had passed.

“Where’s that wife of yours?” said Clem to Jed, as Clem’s eldest son reached inside his shorts and pulled out his aroused prick and started masturbating. Jed’s eyes were stuck like glue to the spectacle of his brother sucking his nephew while Livvie, also watching the intense scene through her beautiful emerald eyes, slipped a hand down her tight shorts and started to finger her pussy.

“Gone to the shops,” said Jed, “but she says she’ll come along later. Don’t tell me mum and my sister-in-law have gone to the same place?”

“Of course they have, son,” said Clem, torn between watching Jed wanking and Jim sucking Callum. The patriarch’s eyes darted back and forth, eager not to miss a thing. “I’d have thought Livvie would have gone with Erin, too.”

“Not me, grandpa,” said Livvie. “I just want to get on with some action.”

“She’s taken to it like a duck to water,” said Jed proudly, a bemused grin on his face.

Livvie licked her lips at the sight of her father pumping his hard cock in his hand and which, only a few hours earlier the previous night, he had fucked his daughter with during another of the threesomes she and her parents had recently started out on, now that Livvie was a consenting adult.

“Get ’em off, then,” said Jim, finally releasing Callum’s cock back into the atmosphere and standing up alongside his father as did Callum and the three men began masturbating together. Jed was out of his clothes in a flash and moved over to join his father, brother and nephew and Livvie gasped at the sight of her horny male relatives with their hard pricks on display and their tongues hanging out as they waited with eager anticipation for Livvie to disrobe.

Livvie quickly removed her clothes and turned to stand naked in front of the men. Clem, Jed, Jim and Callum gawped at Livvie parading her nakedness in front of them, caressing her tits in her hands.

“Oh boy, sweetie,” said Jed, as proud as any father could possibly be as his eyes swept over his daughter and her full frontal nudity before coming to rest on the neat triangle of her very full bush, “you look incredible.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Livvie replied, “and by the look of all those nice suckable rods, I think its about time I gave them some attention.”

“Me first,” said Jed, “I am your father.”

“As if I didn’t know,” grinned Livvie as she dropped to her knees and the men clustered in a semi-circle around her, surrounding her with four rock hard pricks and four sets of sweaty cum-filled balls. Livvie licked her lips as she surveyed the men standing erect and proud in front of her, shivering with excitement and feeling herself start to come out in goose bumps.

Clem took hold of Jed’s cock in his hand and pointed his son towards his grand-daughter.

“Suck it hard, lass,” said the old man, “let’s see how well you’ve progressed since you became a member of our club.”

“Oh, she’s progressed all right, dad,” laughed Jed and was about to say something else but his words were cut off as his daughter reached out and cupped a hand around his balls, twerling them around and examing the head of her father’s cock which was fully exposed through Jed’s retracted foreskin. Jim and Callum were wanking like mad as they watched with growing impatience for the fun to begin.

“You’ve all got such beautiful cocks,” said Livvie, “I’m so lucky to have been born into such a horny family.”

“They’re all for you, lass,” said Clem, reaching out a hand to stroke Jed’s arse as Livvie moved in closer, breathing in the manly scent emanating from Jed’s knobhead. “Suck your daddy hard.”

Livvie opened her mouth and, smiling up at Jed, took him into her mouth. Clem removed his hand from where he had been happily touching up his eldest son’s bum and resumed masturbating alongside his youngest son and grandson. As the head of Jed’s cock hit the back of Livvie’s throat, Jed threw back his head in ecstasy, delighted in the knowledge that all the patient hours his wife, Livvie’s mother Erin, had devoted to educating their daughter in the art of cock-sucking had paid off handsomely.

“Oh yeeeesss, sweetie!” Jed cried as his daughter clamped his cock in her hot wet mouth, “this is the best blowjob aydıntepe escort you’ve given me yet.”

“Sure seems to be a quick learner, son,” said Clem and Jim and Callum nodded their heads in agreement as they waited patiently for their turns to enjoy another of Livvie’s sparkling blowjobs.

Livvie sucked each man in turn and they all agreed that it hadn’t taken her long at all to get into the swing of things, her added presence adding enormously to the joy and lustre of the proceedings. Jed was inordinately proud of Livvie as she treated her grandfather, uncle and cousin with a dose of the same.

“Right,” said Livvie, gasping for air after forty minutes or so of non-stop alternate sucking of the men’s cocks, “I need a good fucking. Who wants to?”

“We all do,” laughed Clem, “but don’t you think your daddy should go first?”

“Heck, dad,” said Jed, “Livvie did me the honour of letting me give her a good hard seeing to last night. It’s been a few weeks since we were together like this so, as the head of the family, I think you ought to go first.”

“Thanks, son,” said Clem, “it will be a privilege.”

Callum looked at his father and raised his eyes at him. “Don’t see why Livvie should be the only one to get fucked,” he said.

“Too right she shouldn’t,” replied Jim. As Livvie positioned herself on her hands and knees on one of the sun lounges, Callum lay back on the other with his beautiful hard cock pointing up to the sky. Clem moved in behind Livvie and deftly inserted his cock in her pussy while, at the same time, Jim climbed over Callum, trembling with excitement, and slowly impaled his arsehole on his son’s cock.

Jed, left to his own devices for a time, was only too happy to wank and watch his family in another round of hot and horny action, better than anything he had ever seen in all the hardcore movies he had in his pornography collection.

Livvie squealed as her grandfather’s cock pumped in and out of her, pulling her trigger and transporting her into a world where nothing else mattered but the joy of hot forbidden sex. Jed’s pride in his daughter, always at a high level, now reached for the sky as he watched Livvie pushing back to meet every forcible pistoning of her pussy by Clem’s sword-like rod.

“Oh yeah, grandpa,” screamed Livvie, drowning out the singing of the birds in the trees, “your cock feels so good in my pussy.”

Livvie’s grunts and groans of pleasure grew louder as if in competition with those of Jim as he rode Callum’s thick rod. Jim sat on his son facing outwards and he spread his legs wide to give his brother Jed the best possible view. Clem was surpassing himself as he concentrated on giving Livvie a good time while watching his grandson and son fucking on the adjacent sun lounge.

“This is so fucking hot,” said Jed, “I ain’t gonna last much longer.”

“Give it to me, dad,” cried Livvie, “shoot it all over me while grandpa fucks me.”

Before Jed could position himself in front of his daughter, Callum let out a low moan and rose upwards as he came in his father’s arse. Jim groaned as he felt the hot reams of his own son’s spunk erupting volcano-like inside him, the pair of them drenched in sweat. Jim and Callum were just in time to turn their heads and see Jed stand in front of Livvie to give one final tug on his cock, then all at once he came with a last great moaning sound, his long ribbons of spunk describing helpless arcs through the unsupporting air, one after the other.

“Oh, sweetie!” Jed cried, his body shuddering with pleasure, “here it is, all for you my darling.”

“Mmmm!” mumbled Livvie as she lifted her face upwards to her father as he spewed out load upon load, the thick ropes of incestuous sperm depositing themselves on the young lady’s face and she opened her mouth, swallowing what she could while Jim stood with his cock poised at the ready as Callum came down from the spectacular heights of his orgasm.

Clem was still pumping in and out of Livvie’s pussy but the sight of Jed’s spunk landing unceremoniously on his grand-daughter’s face was too much for him and he pulled out and immediately let fly with several long hot ribbons of his own until Livvie’s firm and deliciously round arse became as disfigured as her face.

“Yeeeeessss!” screamed Clem as he shot his load and he swayed back and forth on his chunky elderly legs while Jim got ready to blow his load too. “That’s gotta be one of the best fucks I’ve had in ages. Livvie, you really have arrived.”

“Thank you, grandpa,” said Livvie humbly through the congealing wads of Jed’s spunk, “the first fuck of the day is always the best. But I’m sure I shall enjoy dad, uncle Jim and Callum fucking me just as much.”

Jim was tuzla içmeler escort pumping his cock, his arsehole still red raw from the tremendous fuck his son had given him, and his legs bucked as he felt his aching nuts start to bubble up and his spunk begin its journey from source to goal.

“Want some more, lass?” said Clem, realising that Jim was getting close, and breathing heavily after his recent cumshot.

“Yeah, give it to me, uncle Jim,” breathed Livvie huskily, “I want all the spunk I can get.”

“You’re gonna get it all right,” said Jim, “take the lot, you perfect little slut. Aaaagh!”

Callum applauded loudl as his father screwed up his eyes, saliva dripping from his mouth, and sent a load to rival those of his son, brother and father, the thick creamy wads of Jim’s incestuous sperm landing with aplomb on his niece’s face and joining with the remains of Jed’s spunk, breaking out into several streams as he smothered Livvie until she was completely unrecognisable. “Oh boy,” Livvie enthused as she took the lot, “that was wonderful.”

Livvie fingered her pussy hungrily and gave herself several orgasms and then smiled up at her male relatives. “Pity mum wasn’t here to see this,” she said.

“Yeah, sweetie,” said Jed, “she’d be as proud of you as I am.”

“As we all are,” said Clem.

“Oh we saw all right,” came another female voice from the gate and they all turned to see Jed’s wife Erin, Jim’s wife Jean and Clem’s wife Lena standing there surrounded by shopping bags and with big smiles on their faces.

“Bloody hell, mum,” said Jim to Lena, “how long you been there?”

“Long enough to see all what you were up to,” Jim and Jed’s mother replied.

“Don’t mind if we join you?” asked Erin.

The ladies had bumped into each other at the shops and couldn’t have got back quick enough when Erin told Lena and Jean that Jed and Livvie were at the house. Now, the three older ladies were only too eager to get in on the act.

The shopping was left where it was as Lena, Jean and Erin, without waiting for an answer to Erin’s question, removed their clothes and advanced further into the garden. Jean lay back on one of the sun lounges and Callum knelt in front of her and began to lick his mother’s pussy as he had done countless times in the past two years and Jean groaned happily as her son’s hot tongue once again worked its way along the folds of skin between her soft silky cunt lips and running rings round the hard nubbin of her fully engorged clit. Like the men in her family, Jean could get aroused just as quickly as them.

“Oooh, sweetheart,” she said, as Callum lapped up the juice from Jean’s already sopping cunt, “this beats going shopping, that’s for sure.”

“Sure does,” said Lena who was on her knees in front of her sons Jim and Jed and gazing with awe and wonder at their big magic wands as she always did when they stood naked and hard in front of her. The brothers both had their foreskins retracted and their knobheads were still smeared in a few remains of spunk from their recent orgasms and glowing bright pink in the dappled sunshine.

“Callum gave me a great fuck just now, mum,” said Jim, smiling down at Lena as did Jed.

“Yeah, and I’m looking forward to him fucking me an’ all,” said Jed.

“I’m sure my grandson will be only too happy to fuck his uncle just as hard as he did his father,” said Lena and Callum looked up briefly from licking Jean’s pussy to smile an acknowledgement to his grandmother.

“Yeah,” said Clem, “and we’ll have to treat Callum to a few hard plunderings of his arsehole, too.”

“Oh yeah, grandpa,” said Livvie, “then when Callum’s arsehole is all nice and sore, I can give it a lick and kiss it better.”

Everyone laughed at that as Lena leaned forward and began treating both her sons to a hot series of alternate blowjobs, reaching round with her right hand to grope Jed’s arse while her left cupped Jim’s equally spectacular globe-like bum. Erin placed her daughter on the other sun lounge on her back and Livvie spread her legs wide, allowing her mother a perfect view of her recently fucked cunt. Erin licked her lips, then stuck out her tongue and began to treat Livvie to a long hard maternal lick.

Clem was busily coaxing life back into his cock while Callum was still going to town on Jean’s pussy, his mother’s grunts growing louder with each flick of his tongue while Lena was proudly sucking on her two horny sons’ exquisite cocks and licking their balls as Jim and Jed, turned on by their mother’s expert attention, snaked their tongues into each other’s mouths for a long hot brotherly snog.

“This looks like it’s going to be another really great gangbang,” Clem said, delighted as always to have every member of his horny naked family around him, “and it ain’t even mid-day yet.”

Indeed, it wasn’t and the entire family went on to spend the rest of the day happily sucking and fucking together in their favourite place – out in the garden …

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