Out in the Field Ch. 02

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We awoke to the dawn chorus, a mixture of birds and monkeys, with Elli hugging me from behind, all snuggled up in a mess of bedding.

“Hello princess,” Elli said as I turned to face her, our mouths meeting in a slow sweet kiss, “ready to greet the day and explore those ruins?”

“I’m ready for anything Elli,” I sighed happily, “as long as it’s with you.”

I turned in her arms and for the next half hour or so we made love, slow and gentle, using our fingers to good effect as we kissed and cuddled – what a great way to start the day! We took it in turns to shower, the bath not being very big, and it was with a little reluctance that we got dressed ready to start work.

Around the table over breakfast we got one or two knowing smiles from the guys, and I couldn’t help but wonder about Clive and Kenny – they had the same glow we had, that happiness you get after an incredible night. Watching them for a bit confirmed my suspicions, and I wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in their tent – I’d had little experience of gay men and I was struggling to picture the two of them together.

That morning we started in earnest on the ruins, directing the gangs of local labour in clearing the site as we investigated what was being uncovered. It went by in a bit of a blur to be honest as I my head was still spinning from last night, and every time I looked at the professor I kept having such sexy thoughts.

Lunch was brought up from camp and eaten on the fly, and at one point the two of us slipped into the jungle to go pee. Safely away from prying eyes we came together and kissed long and hard, the prof clearly as randy as I had been all morning.

“Right now I want to tear your clothes of and ravish you right here!” she hissed as we felt each other up, “but that will have to wait until tonight, so instead I’ll watch you pee!”

I undid my shorts and tugged them and my thong down to my knees before squatting down, Elli moaning as she watched me pee onto the leaf-covered ground. When I was done I watched her do the same and I found it a very erotic experience, watching another woman pee. We sorted ourselves out and kissed again, copping a good feel of each other and promising each other good times back at camp.

The afternoon passed much like the morning, in a bit of a haze; although we all worked very hard and were excited at what was being uncovered, we were all relieved when we could finally head back down to camp. My head was buzzing with it all, wanting to get all of our work written up and recorded but also lusting for the professor – knowing I was going to have to be a bit more patient wasn’t helping.

It took three agonizing hours, with dinner in there somewhere, to collate and sort through everything we had produced during the day, and I knew from the looks she was giving me that the prof was in the same frame of mind as me – horny!

“Guys, it’s been a long day, so we take our leave and say goodnight,” Elle said, standing up and stretching, “come on Sam, let’s go.”

We all said our goodnights and the two of us scurried off to our tent. As soon as we were inside I was in the professor’s arms and we were kissing hotly as we stripped each other, eager to feel our naked bodies pressed together. We were both hot and sweaty but that just added to the sensation as our bodies rubbed against each other, hands roaming, playing, exploring.

We ended up on the floor, on our bedding, locked in a 69 on our sides, heads buried between quivering thighs as we feasted on each other’s juicy genitals like thirsty desert travellers, licking and sucking creamy cunts and throbbing clits. It didn’t take long for both of us to climax but we kept on going, the pent-up horniness of the day too strong for just one orgasm to satisfy.

It was still quiet warm and humid which meant that we were sweating a lot, but that only turned us on even more; the sweat acted as a lubricant between our writhing and heaving bodies so that we slid sexily together as our faces were covered in each other’s secretions. Without thinking about it I realised I had pulled Elli’s smooth buttocks wide open and was forcing my tongue into her little pink bum hole, something I had never done before.

It felt wonderfully dirty to be doing such an intimate act, to be licking the tangy tight anus of another person, but it seemed quite a natural thing to do – I hadn’t thought about it, just let my tongue explore. Anyway, I was enjoying it and from the way the professor was reacting she loved it too, moaning with pleasure into my slippery gash. I burrowed as deep as I could into her crinkled little opening, trying to fuck it with my tongue like I had her cunt, but it was too tight so I contented myself with licking and lapping it.

Both of us were getting close to cumming again so I went back to licking and sucking Elli’s wet and creamy pussy, slurping up her musky juices as I fed her mine. I came first this time, bucking and grinding against the professor’s face as bursa escort bayan I muffled my cries with her pussy, feeling her sucking the cum out of my convulsing twat.

No sooner had I finished climaxing than the professor followed suit, humping my sweat and cum-covered face with her groin, panting and grunting as she fed me her fuck juices. I lapped and licked and sucked at her wet and slippery slit avidly, from her hard clit that had popped from its hood to her drooling opening that was convulsing and contracting. This time I was ready when my professor lost control of her bladder, although it was a trickle more than a stream, but I still happily sucked it up and swallowed it. Elli turned around and we cuddled up, kissing slowly and passionately, murmuring to each other as we rubbed our slick bodies together, enjoying the intimacy.

We both dozed off like that, in each other’s arms, and when we awoke we carried on kissing and caressing each other, listening to the sounds of the jungle outside. Other than the sounds of the local wildlife, and the sounds of men snoring, there was another sound, a quiet unmistakable noise – lovemaking.

“Clive and Kenny are enjoying themselves,” Elli muttered as we listened, “that, if I’m not mistaken, is the sound of Kenny get well and truly buggered!”

As we lay there together listening to the soft muffled moans of our two colleagues enjoying each other I found myself getting really turned on, and I tried to imagine the scene in their tent – Kenny on all fours as Clive fucks him from behind, hands holding his lovers hips as he thrusts his cock into Kenny’s backside. Or maybe Kenny was on his back and was kissing Clive as they fucked?

“Is that turning you on?” the professor asked me as I let out a groan, “listening to them fuck?”

“It is,” I replied, “I want to be fucked too!”

“That can be arranged!” Elli giggled, “I have just the thing for that!”

I watched bemused as she untangled herself from me, sat up and reached over to one of her bags – one I’d never seen the contents of – and rummage inside. When she turned around to show me what she had retrieved I let out a little gasp, as I’d never seen anything like what she held in her hand – it was a strap-on cock!

“You never seen one of these before?” the professor asked me as I stared at the thing.

“No, never,” I replied softly as I noticed it had two ends, “nothing like that.”

Under her guidance Elli got me to help her put it on; with her standing up, legs well spread, she held herself open as I worked the shorter, fatter end inside her pussy, which in itself was immensely arousing. There seemed to be a lot of sturdy leather straps that went under, over and around, but between us we got them in place and tightened up, and the end result was amazing.

Rearing up from Elli’s now leather-covered groin was a bright pink fake cock, made of fairly hard rubber, with a flared bulbous head and smooth shaft. It was about eight inches or so long and about an inch and a half in diameter – thick without being worryingly thick.

As I was knelt directly in front of it, it seemed do natural to take the thing into my mouth, licking and sucking it like it was the real thing. The professor smiled down at me and ran her fingers through my hair as I slid my wet lips up and down ‘her’ cock.

“That’s it Sam, get it wet and slippery,” she crooned as I looked up at her, my saliva coating the sex toy.

Then I was eased onto my back and I spread my legs wide and up into the air as Elli knelt down before me. I moaned softly as she rubbed the head of her strap-on up and down between my pussy lips, teasing me with it and coating it with my juices. Then I groaned as the head of that cock found my opening and slowly penetrated me, stretching me wide open as Elli pushed inside me.

“How does that feel babe?” she asked after about half of it was inside me, “do you want more?”

“It feels fantastic!” I groaned lustily, “I can take it all, please!”

“You got it hun!” she chuckled as she thrust the rest of that dildo inside me, spreading my love tunnel and filling it up as she went deep inside me. I held out my arms as she lowered herself down on top of me and I held onto her as we kissed, our boobs pressing together as I wrapped my legs around her.

“You ready for a good fucking?” Professor Barker mumbled in my ear as she moved inside me.

“Yes, fuck me!” I moaned, “Fuck me hard Professor!”

Elli did just that, demonstrating her experience in using her strap-on cock to great effect. With a swivelling of her hips she thrust her groin back and forth, driving that thick rubber cock in and out of me. It felt wonderful to be fucked by it and the more so because it was the professor on top of me, not some sweaty grunting bloke.

“Oh wow, it feels so good!” I gasped as Elli got into her rhythm, “you can fuck me any time you like!”

“I’ll hold you to that!” she chuckled, kissing me as she humped into me. I could see bursa anal yapan escort that she was getting as much out of it as I was, as her cunt was full with the other dildo and I knew that the harness must be pressing or rubbing against her clit. We were breathing heavily as our mouth smashed together and our tongues danced wildly in our mouths, the professor thrusting into me as I pushed back against her, eager to feel every solid inch of her rubber cock in my soaking wet quivering cunt.

For the next few minutes no words were spoken; instead it was a shared and muffled chorus of grunts, groans and sighs as we fucked, our bodies rubbing and sliding together as the professor rammed her fake cock into me, her pace picking up as we both built up to the peak. I clung onto her tightly, pushing back against her and kissing her hard in adoration, thrilling at what she was doing to me.

Soon my gasps were short and sharp as the fire in my pussy grew more intense, spreading out through my body as I started to orgasm, my vagina beginning to convulse and heave around the deeply pounding cock attached to Elli. My entire body was tingling and quivering, my nipples hard as bullets as they rubbed against Elli’s breasts, my breathing ragged.

“Yeah, cum for me sweetie!” the professor grunted as she fucked me harder, faster, “we can cum together!”

I was squealing and gasping as I came, hanging on to Elli as my molten pussy rippled and contracted around that beautiful plunging prick, flooding it with my juices as my body trembled, every nerve seemingly on fire. My eyes were wide open and staring into Elli’s as she smiled at me, watching me cum as I was impaled on her ‘cock’.

“Oh baby!” she cried out as she started to climax as well, out bodies linked together by the fake cocks filling our spasming cunts. Elli wasn’t thrusting into me now – she buried herself in me and was instead grinding her hips, rubbing her clit against the harness of the strap-on, which was in turn rubbing against mine as we were pressed so tightly together.

I pulled her face close to mine so we could kiss as we came together, grinding our groins together, our bodies linked by either prong of the strap-on, the movement of one transmitted to the other. Our bodies, slick with sweat, slid sweetly together and the rubbing of our breasts was one more sweet spot of pleasure.

We lay locked together like that for some time after, both of us enjoying the post-orgasmic glow as we kissed slowly, deeply, passionately, muttering words of love and lust as we remained joined at the groin.

“You can fuck me like that any time you want,” I sighed happily to the professor, “that was amazing!”

“You were amazing too,” the professor smiled as she tenderly stroked my face, “your cum face is something I will never tire of watching.”

Eventually Elli slowly disengaged from me, drawing a low groan from me as she pulled that fat fake cock out of my pussy. We both sat up and I helped her undo it, slowly pulling the other end out of her red and sticky hole. The whole thing was very messy and sticky and I followed Elli’s lead when she turned it around and started licking the end that had been inside me – I started to clean the other end that had been inside her.

With the toy cleaned of our respective fluids we turned to each other, and I found myself lying on top of the professor, head down between her spread legs as she pulled me down onto her face. Her reddened and swollen sex was as messy as the strap-on had been and I avidly licked, lapped and sucked it all up, enjoying the tangy taste of it. Elli was doing the same to me, opening me right up and sucking on my pussy lips, licking my slick flesh.

My sex was still feeling very tender and sensitive so every touch was sending wicked spikes of delight shooting through me, and I struggled to concentrate on pleasuring my boss. I couldn’t keep my mouth glued to her slit so instead I used two fingers to explore her sloppy wet cunt, pulling them out and sucking her juices from them before plunging them back in.

It didn’t take very long for Elli to have me climaxing again, my pussy on fire as I pressed it into her hungry mouth, her tongue thrusting up into my fuck hole. It was a short and sharp cum and as soon as Elli eased back from me I concentrated on her, finger fucking her drooling slit until she came too, soaking my hand and giving me plenty to feast on.

Afterwards we made our way through to our little bathroom tent, both of us feeling soiled and need of a shower, although Elli had ideas on that.

“Honey, I need to pee,” she told me with a smile and a sparkle in her eye, “you up for it?”

“I sure am!” I told her excitedly, knowing exactly what she wanted to do as I climbed into the bath.

I lay back and watched as Elli climbed in too, putting one foot up on the edge of the tub as she squatted down low, spreading her legs as she reached down and pulled herself wide bursa rus escort open. I still couldn’t get over how beautiful the professor’s pussy looked like that, fully open and exposed, glistening, with its many hints and hues of red and pink.

Professor Barker let out a deep and happy sigh and I squealed as a strong jet of amber urine burst forth from her pretty pussy and splashed down on my chest, washing over my tits and down my belly. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes as Elli adjusted her aim, directing her stream up to my face where it filled and bubbled out of my mouth. I felt wickedly dirty and debased as Elli’s hot piss washed over my face and down my neck, the acrid tang strong in my nose as I revelled in the feel and taste of it.

As the flow dropped off I wiped my eyes clear and sat up, closing my mouth over her dribbling slit to let the last of her fluid fill my mouth before I swallowed it down. Elli smiled down at me as she forced the last few drops out of her bladder and into my mouth, moaning softly as I licked her clean.

“Your turn babe,” she said as she helped me up, “I bet you need to pee too!” She lay down in the bathtub, which was of course wet with her pee, and she smiled up at me.

“Come on, I want to taste yours too!” she beamed at me, so I raised my left foot onto the end of the tub and lowered myself as much as I dared, reaching down and pulling my pussy wide open with both hands. I looked down at the professor and for a moment I couldn’t do it – I couldn’t pee!

“Just relax sweetie, let it go,” Elli told me, smiling reassuringly as she waited for me.

I calmed myself down and a trickle was forthcoming, and then suddenly I was peeing hard all over the professor, much to her delight. My stream splashed all over her neck but I quickly shifted my hips and sent it all over her face and her open mouth, and it was such a turn-on, covering this woman in my piss and seeing how much she enjoyed it.

I’d never seen pissing as a sexual thing before, but watching my pee soaking Elli and bubbling in her mouth was incredibly erotic and I took great delight in covering her with the contents of my bladder. When my stream ebbed Elli sat up and did as I had done, taking the last of my golden fluid and eagerly drinking it as she licked my wet slit.

There wasn’t really enough room for us to shower together but we persevered, our wet bodies sliding together as we got ourselves clean, the lukewarm water refreshing us as we got soapy and slippery. There was much kissing as hands slid and slipped about, and this carried on when we got out and towelled each other down.

Back in our tent we lay down together on our bedding in the middle of the floor, both of us enervated and horny after showering. I told Elli that my pussy was feeling a bit sore and very sensitive after having cum more times than I was used to.

“That’s OK sweetie, you’ll get used to it,” she assured me, “in the meantime, you can lie back while I sit on your pretty face.”

So I did as she said and the professor climbed on top, straddling my head and lowering her beautiful pussy onto my mouth. I liked being under Elli like that, completely submissive to her as I sucked on her reddened pussy lips and enjoyed the taste of her womanhood. It occurred to me that I would be spending a lot of time like this, subservient to the professor and satisfying her, and that realization made me shiver with excitement.

“You like being there don’t you Sam?” Elli asked me, reading my mind as she smiled down at me, “being under me, eating my juicy cunt?”

I nodded and smiled at her; enable to talk as my mouth was full of her succulent sex as she stroked my head.

“Good girl, I knew you were perfect for the real work,” she purred as she wriggled on my face, “and you’re shaping up to be the perfect little pet too; there’s so much I can show and teach you – you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes please!” I gasped as I tore my mouth away from her slit for a moment.

“Oh Sam, you’re just perfect!” Elli moaned happily as she pulled my face back into her groin, “now, make me cum and then I’ll play with your cute little bottom.”

So with mounting excitement and adoration I made love to Elli with my mouth, feeling pride in how I was making this wonderful woman feel as she creamed onto my tongue. Her hands were in my hair, pulling me in tight to her sex as I licked, lapped and sucked on her wet folds and hard little clit, and I ran my hands up her body to grasp and squeeze her titties.

“Oh yes baby, that’s it,” she groaned, “suck on my clit, chew it, and make me cum!”

I obeyed, happily, my professor’s swollen clitoris between my lips as I sucked hard on it, lashing the tip with my tongue in a way she obviously loved. Her slit was drooling with juices which were soaking my chin and I briefly released her love button to lap up the honey oozing from her before swiftly returning to her clit.

“Yes, oh yesss!” Elli hissed as she pulled me even tighter to her, my nose pressed against her smooth skin and leaving me struggling to breathe as she started to cum, grinding her sex against my mouth and coating me in her sticky juices. I diverted my attention from her clit to her slit and I slurped her cum up as she rode my mouth, holding my head firmly as she came all over me.

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