Our Private Little Cove Ch. 07

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Note: This is just a fun little snippet of life in the cove after the battle of the UNKNOWING Labyrinth. Just a sexy time. Going a little light this chapter on the use of the powers. I know the last chapter was almost 5 times as long. I wanted to go long on the last chapter but decided to leave some of the UNKNOWING as a mystery. It was a LONG and hard write to get the story to where I wanted it. Too many distractions known as LIFE. I might someday go back and rework this story totally, a few things I want to change, and I want to make the sex scenes a little more graphic or maybe delete a lot of that and make this into a mainstream novel (yes I have high hopes). I’m thinking about a foursome sometime, just not sure about it.

A Day in Our Cove – day??

Not long after moving into our beachfront house very near our cove, Yes we stayed near the cove, it’s power as a Portal was used up. Anyway, our house overlooked the spot where years ago we first saw our skinny dipping “Show” for the lack of a better phrase that started our whole adventure. The beach was beautiful, powdery white sands and a few palm trees scattered behind the dunes and sea oats. A commercial developer would just have loved bought the beach but with out powers we kept them at bay. If we walked about a mile down the beach we would come upon our half-siblings, Steve and Jeannie’s home.

This morning was beautiful, we awoke to the sun rising over the ocean, my beautiful Wife/Sister was laying on her side and the warm yellow light of the sunrise kissed her naked body giving her the look of perfection. I ran my hand along the curve of her hip causing her to turn onto her back and then facing me. I ran my hands over the swell of her baby bump to her beautiful big breasts upwards to her glowing face. I could have been the lighting but I thought to myself how beautiful she was, her blue eyes seemed to go radiate love back to me. I smiled, pulling her body close to mine, the warmth felt good as the A/C had our bedroom chilled. We kissed for a while, our hands wandered. Her grip on my cock felt amazing, as I lay kissing and fondling her breast, The big beautiful brown nipples of pregnancy was something to behold. A promise of our baby, and milk to come. Our firstborn daughter was breastfed, and I must tell you I did from time to time enjoy a warm drink right from the source.

She whispered in my ear, “Enough of this, I NEED…” I took the hint and worked down her body, kissing her swelling stomach on my way down. I soon found my target and took to licking her pussy, teasing her a little, tasting her but just around the edges or her blood-engorged lips.

Thinking how lucky I was, I reached up and cupped her belly in my hands and said, “I love you so much.” I finally went in for my true target. I took her clit into karataş escort my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue, Feeling the nerve ending of just her sex with my power. I sucked and licked her clit, my tongue wondering lower from time to time to taste the juices springing out of her. With my hands still on her belly, I went to town licking her clit, in no time I felt the first spasms of or orgasm starting. Her hips bucked up into my mouth and back down to almost losing contact, on her final upstroke I felt her juices flowing out of her, no squirting out of her like a garden hose. I consumed the nectar, slid up her body, kissed her on the lips, giving her the taste of her own womanhood that I KNOW she loves. Gently as to not squash the baby, I entered my sister as we kissed. The heat and wetness of her pussy were too much to bear and within a minute or two I was shooting my cum into her waiting body.

I slid off her leaving a trail of my cum across her leg, we snuggled and watch as the sunrise turned into morning. We connected through the KNOWING and slept for a while longer until we heard a small knock on the bedroom door. Seemed a certain little person woke up and wanted to watch cartoons and was hungry. Chole got up, slipped a robe on to take care of our daughter, I was moving slow and headed toward the shower, turned the water on, and got under a very hot stream. Washing the morning’s activities off as I was covered in my sister’s juices. Midway I heard the door open and was joined by Chole.

“She’s feed and watching her Dora”, she said. Scooting me out of the stream of water with her still shapely ass. “Oh, that feels good.”

As I took the soap in my hand and started soaping her body I said, “This morning felt good. And this feels GREAT! I LOVE it when you touch me.” I started to get a little hard and knowing me as she does, “Let’s get out before we start something that we will never get time to finish.”

I replied, “Maybe at nap time, later”

See chuckled a shy little laugh, “Yeah, maybe if you are good.”

I pleaded, “But, I’m best when I’m bad!”

We got out, got dressed, spend the morning with our daughter down at the beach taking turns playing in the surf, building a sandcastle, and chasing gulls. By the time we were done I was carrying a sleeping cute little red-headed spitfire, laid her in her room, but on the baby monitor and joined my sister/wife in the shower. This time we simply washed the sand off of each other, dressed in the most unsexy attire we both owned. An Old knee-length T-Shirt for Chole and a very old pair of net shorts for me. We went out to the enclosed patio and lay on an oversized chaise lounger next to one another and we too drifted off to dreamland.

A little while later we karkamış escort were woken by something in the KNOWING, nothing bad, Just we felt the energy coming from our siblings. Seems they were out walking the beach on the other side of their house, the side that is not protected by our magic. Seems they ventured onto a couple playing in the Dunes. You got to know them a little earlier, but also know they are into being voyeurs too. First we just saw what they were seeing. It was a cute couple, roughly about 20ish I would guess, they had a mat spread out in the dunes. The guy was tall, strong-looking and had only a tanline where his swing trunks should be. His white ass was as white as the sands of the beach. His cock was rather large compared to mine or Steves and stood straight out from his body. Our vision showed great detail, his cock was circumcised and had several purple veins pulsing with his heartbeat, and yes, the tip was already leaking precum. I could not have seen this with my own eyes and knew it was part of Jeannie’s KNOWING. The girl, a red-headed dream with an all-over tan, was almost supermodel material, she had a few scars, and a birthmark covered a good part of the side of one breast. It wasn’t nasty, just a discolored place that sorta reminded me of a teddy bear. Speaking of her breasts, they were pert with pink nipples that were standing up the size of the tip of my index finger. Her stomach was flat.

I thought to myself, “I bet you could bounce a quarter off that.” And got an elbow in the ribs for it. Her pussy was covered in a light covering of bright red pubic hair. We could see her erect clit, and juices leaking out of her vagina, leaking down to her anus, she was ready for him. She needed his huge cock inside her, her pussy was burning for him.

I blocked the connection for a second, mentally check on our daughter, sound asleep still. I used my power to flip the latch on the door leading out to the patio before allowing the connection again. The girl was doing the best she could to give the guy a blow job but it just wasn’t working, his cock was too big. Soon his face was buried between her legs. We could all feel as if it was us that was getting our pussy ate, and I don’t even have one to be eaten. That’s something I never understood about this power, it’s like we become connected and can feel things we never should be able to feel or enjoy even. We were okay but he as not a good tentative lover, he quite before she came. Moving up her body he kissed her, she found her own taste disgusting and we felt her think, “I can’t wait to get this over! Please cum fast.

We felt what he felt as his cock head touched her pussy, she was warm and wet and ready for it. He pushed into her, her pain shot through us, She kilis escort was very tight around his cock, We felt her vagina as his cock was filling her, and then the tightness of her pussy on his cock. It was so tight he could barely get it in and out of her, but he managed. What he managed was about 10 strokes until he came filling her pussy to the brim, we could feel his cum dripping down between her ass cheeks. He pulled out, they got dressed quickly and made a beeline for their car.

Steve sent it over our connection first, “That was one lame dude, she never even got off.” And with that, we felt Jeannie’s shorts get pulled down and his cock entered here, The fucked until she came, and then he kept going some until he was on the verge. He pulled out of her and she took his cock deep into her mouth a couple of times, and then we felt it. HE cam in our mouth. I was on the wrong side of the connection and felt his cum enter her mouth, the taste was there and then gone, as I switched to his side and felt him filling her mouth. My sister laughed a little when they broke, “What’s wrong Little Bro? Don’t like that feeling or taste? I thought it was great!”

I said, “Not really.. It was different. And I guess on the connection part of things not as bad as it could be.” With that, I rolled over onto her, and broadcast to the group, “Hold on here goes nothing.”

I was pounding into my pregnant sister good, she was bucking back against me with every stroke. Our pubic bones grinding together, I could feel she was getting close, I wasn’t sure I could outlast her to be honest, but I was working on it. Finally, I felt her convulse around my cock, I started to cum and it was amazing, our connection to the other two was so sharp, I could feel their eyes watching us. I could feel how hard my cock was, how on each stroke it was separating the folds of her inner lips. Chole came again as my orgasm was tapering off.

There was a slight noise on our deck as Steve and Jeannie teleported in. Seems they have been reading and practicing their skills. Jeannie came over and hugged the two of us, naked as a jaybird since clothes don’t teleport. Her breast felt warm and inviting as the touched my face, in the hug I got a squirt of breast milk across my face and into my mouth. I moaned a little at the taste a and Jeannie asked, “so you like it too?”

I said, “mmmm… sure do” and was rewarded with another squirt.

Chole said, “Come on you two, I know you won’t but either get a room or stop teasing one another.”

Jeannie said, “Just having fun Sis, like you don’t tease poor Steve some too.”

Chole laughed, “You are right, it’s all just good fun. And wouldn’t mind a squirt too.”

As Jeannie shot a quick squirt into my mouth Steve said, “I’m not sure that’s what she meant dear.”

I just laughed as Chole responded very quickly, “Oh.. Yes it is… Why would I want one from you, I already have access to one just like it.”

Steve joined in laughing at that remark, “Anyway we popped in to see if maybe tonight you two want to join us for some grilling out, and let the girls play for a while.”

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