Our Private Little Cove Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

Coming out

This chapter is going a little different. This one might not have as much sex in it as one might hope for. However, it is leading up to something big. Yes, I thought about the tablet being security footage and keeping this storyline simple. I actually had it written but deleted it. The story developed a life of its own as I typed. I’m not one that is happy with writing simple erotic literature. Still, no zombies and it’s looking like there will not be any. Yes, I ran thought this quickly (about 8 hours into this chapter), just a mild proof so sorry for any mistakes ahead of time.

Coming out

Mom took the tablet from Dad’s hands, she was nervous and Chole and I thought we were in trouble as images of the home security cameras came to mind. But the look on Dad’s face was of excitement.

Mom started out simple, “Oh.. I know what you think is on this tablet and I want you two to know your father and I would never spy on you. However, there is something you should know about your father and I although you might have trouble believing this, I know we did.”

Turning slight red, knowing somehow, we were busted, I asked, “What are you talking about?”

Chole said, “Morgan, they know we fell in love, I can feel it, that’s why they left, to give us time to fall in love. Somehow they knew about the Cove.”

Mom said, “You are mostly right Chole. But we didn’t spy or even see anything that let us know.”

Chole said, “They can read our minds.”

With that a thought came to me, it appeared to be my thought but I had no way of knowing what I knew, “They are Cousins, and there is something else, I can feel something.” Then an erotic thought came to mind and I could see, maybe even feel, but that’s not right either. I saw our parents as kids our age together with family, and their love growing. Finally, in a place like our private little cove, but not ours, I saw my mother shimmy out of a tube top and a pair of short shorts, revealing parts of mom I should never see. She was with our father (her cousin) She tugged the shy boy’s shorts down and hugged his naked body against hers. It was like I could feel that embrace. Then I felt their love grow and that moment when they fell in love and Dad entered his cousin, our Mom, there was another feeling. I could feel a power growing and could tell their love was complete.

Dad spoke, “That was a little personal of a memory Morgan, but I let it continue to play out for you because it really does have a point here. You felt something grow at the end.”

I looked at chole, and it was as if the memory just transferred to her. “Yes dad I did, and you are cousin’s and there is something I can’t grasp.”

Dad said, “Don’t worry about it, just know that you two are very special. We didn’t know if you would ever fall in love, I mean we felt it might happen, but we could not see that. When you were at that cove though, we felt it starting so we decided to just give you two some private time to see where it went. I can feel that it went well. Don’t worry we didn’t spy and we didn’t read into your memories like the one you just saw of ours.”

I said, “I know, but how?”

Mom spoke up, “Your dad and I have some power, nothing like the two of you will develop. We know things mostly, where you two can actually watch a person’s memories. I’m not sure what else you might develop as you two are still bonding in true love with a double dose of the bloodlines you might be able to do a lot of things.”

Taking the tablet back from Mom our father said, “Here take this tablet, on it is all the notes, genealogy, history and instructions passed down over the ages. Our bloodline is very special as will see. The power is only activated when sexual fluids are exchanged but related individuals, and they must be in a state of true love. No force is more powerful than true love and true love between a brother and sister in our bloodline is a force of nature, like combining two halves to make a whole.”

Dad handed Chole and I the tablet, mom blushed some and said, “You two need to go to your room and ah… Read that notes in the tablet after you know.. oh…”

Chole got the mental images and I could see it too, and then be both got an image or our parent’s needs at that moment, and we looked at one another and went to our room with the tablet. Mom and dad went to their own room soon after we got settled down to reading, we felt a slight orgasmic energy flowing out of our parents.

I said, “We have to learn to tune that out, that’s got me horny as hell.”

Chole said, “We gotta take care of this because I can’t think of anything else.”

We kissed softly at first, hugging one another tight as our tongues explored the other’s waiting mouth. We seemed to know that the other wanted, and needed. Using a slight suction, I invited her soft tongue into my mouth, sucking on it as I might her nipples. I could feel her energy building from just this. There is nothing I can describe as softer and sweeter than my lover’s tongue in my mouth. We kaynarca escort took our time, letting our sexual energy peak before we even, I slipped my hands up her clothed body, unfastening the buttons on her shirt, finding the bra fastener in the front, pulling her shorts off without losing contact. Having her almost to the flashpoint of her organism with just kissing and sucking her tongue. I started my journey down the familiar body of my sister finding time to slip out of my shorts, and t-shirt as I went. Her nipples were hard as rocks as I gave each a rightful homage. Kissing down her firm stomach, nibbling on her navel as my hands slipped into place under her firm ass. As I brushed my nose through her lush pubic hair, I stuck out my tongue and lifted her ass up Until my mouth was now drawing in her clit in the same manner as I was just sucking her tongue. The connection with my sister at this point in time was amazing.

It Seemed she was transmitting what she was feeling back to me. I would tell she was getting close, and exactly which way to move my tongue and when to suck. I could taste her power in her musky pussy juice, and I wanted more and more. I thought to myself, “I needed to make her cum.” And I knew I had to suck her clit into my mouth. When I did, I suckled it for all I was worth, like my life was depending on it. The closer she got the more intense I was getting. Finally, she was cumming and my head was filled with her orgasmic powered broadcast causing my own fluids to be blasted out onto the silky sheets of her bed.

We lay there for a long time, her on her back, my head resting on her pussy feeling content. As we recovered Chole burst up off the bed running out the bedroom naked as the day she was born, “We gotta go check on Mom and Dad, NOW!”

I followed as I got her thought. We burst into their room, they were out cold, we could not tell if they were breathing. Jumping up on the bed I put my ear between my mother’s bare breast and listened as Chole did the same. We couldn’t hear anything so we grabbed some cold water from their nightstand and splashed their faces and they woke with a startle.

Dad said, “What the hell was that?”

Mom said, “I – I don’t know I have never felt anything like that before.”

Chole was sobbing, saying, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t contain it. I felt so ..”

Dad pulled her to him, her naked body heaving in sobs on his bare chest. Mom pulled me down to her, my head resting between her large breast, as we all were returning to normal. We lay there as a family for a while, we may have even dozed off. I’m not sure what woke us up but at Dad’s suggestion we all went and showered in our own rooms. It was weird showing alone.

We met up for dinner, dressed, grilling some steaks and fresh corn on the cob. The girls put together a tray with some fresh cantaloupe and we all enjoyed.

Eventually, we all got to talking about the 2-Ton elephant on the patio. Dad saying, he doesn’t think he can handle another surge like that, and we really need to do some reading and practice a little.

Mom said, “We are going to go visit for a couple of weeks some friends back home in Bangor, Maine.”

Chole looked at mom a little funky, and dad said, “Oh we forgot you guys now know things, We have a little relationship for fun with some of our other cousins that we went to school with. We sent through some stuff together that brought us really close. Read some of the notes on the tablet related to Bangor”

Mom said, “Your power should not reach that far, actually it should not reach beyond the (name of waterway omitted to protect our family spot), just try not to do anything like what you did earlier, it was amazing, but an overload that could be bad for us until you learn to control it.”

I asked, “We felt yours earlier I think, but it was more of a tickle that made us want to do what we did.”

Mom said, “If you felt that then you guys are more powerful than we thought.”

IT was getting dark and Dad said, “one more thing before turning in for the evening, thank you two for earlier, we needed the recharge of that nap and the closeness after getting all that RAW energy from you guys. When you learn to control it there might be nothing you can’t do. Can you guys hold off a couple of days on having those powerful organisms as we arrange our trip?”

Mom asked something that was actually on our minds too, “Does anyone have any objections if we go nude around the house? It’s something your father and I like and we know you guys like to be nude too around here.”

We all KNEW it was true because of our powers, and we all just agreed, Mom said, “anyone want to join us in the hot tub??” She already knew the answer and she shed her clothes and climbed in. Soon we were all.

Mom said, “It feels so much nicer that way, doesn’t it?”

Putting my arm around my sister, her naked hip touching mine under the bubble of the water. I said, “It does, I thought it might be weird but really it’s just nice.”

Chole put her leg over my thigh and snuggled orhanlı escort into the crook of my arm, her left hand absently laying on my cock, that quickly rose to the occasion. She starts to say something but she just gave me a playful squeeze.

Dad and mom assumed about the same posture we, although I think(okay I just KNEW) it was dad’s hand on Mom’s pussy that was being playful. We soaked in the hot tub for a while, watching the stars in the sky as we had other thoughts of what we wanted to do.

Dad spoke, and really he didn’t need to say it, it was pretty evident at how the 4 of us were acting that we all wanted, no NEEDED something. “I know you guys got things to learn and I wish I could teach them to you but you have to learn to contain that power you have when you cum, especially you Chole when you two are together it is overwhelming for others like us to be close by.”

Chole said, “I KNOW what you are going to suggest and I’m sorry we are not going to risk it with you two close until we learn more. You and mom feel free to do what you need to do.”

With that, they got out of the hot tub, mom lay down on the floating day bed beside the hot tub, and as if we were not there they started making out. When Dad buried his head between moms legs I swear I could almost feel his tongue on my clit and I don’t even have a clit. The intensity of what she was feeling was thee, but not overwhelming. Dad soon did is job and had her hips bumping and grinding up off the day bed. When she calmed down, dad moved up and drove his huge erection all the way home with one thrust.

They rutted together with amazing power, Chole and I could both feel the energy of their sex. We moved up out of the water which afforded us a better view, although we really didn’t need it as we could almost feel what they were feeling. When they came this time, it was together as one. I don’t know what Chole felt but I felt the orgasms of both. As they lay there in the afterglow of their lovemaking, I felt a small hand encircle my cock, and about 10 pumps later my cum was blasting out with the intent of spraying both of our parents only to land a few feet short. I felt between my sister’s legs with my fingers and found her sopping wet pussy, I rubbed her clit about the same number of strokes and she came, although not as intense as earlier.

Satisfied for the evening the four of us decided to turn in. As they walked into the house I couldn’t help but see Dad’s cum dripping down the back of Mom’s thigh as her shapely ass walked away from us towards their wing of the house.

Chole and I went down to her room arm with her arm around me and my left hand on her ass. We read the info on the tablet for a few hours before deciding we had enough of being awake for one day. We slept knowing this could get interesting. We slept well that night, the need for sex taken care of, mostly. It felt nice just to have my sister in my arms in the morning when I woke up, my cock nestled between the check of her ass. We showered together, being very good for us. Neither of us caused the other to have an orgasm. We didn’t bother dressing after the shower we wandered in toward the kitchen where we smelt the heavenly aroma of coffee and bacon.

Mom and dad were awake and breakfast was ready for us. They had robes on, but upon seeing our state of undress took them off. Dad said, “I guess we should have KNOWN you would be comfortable naked with us, but we are working on blocking you two some as it can be overpowering.”

When Mom’s robe opened revealing her body it came to me how outstandingly radiant she was, I don’t think I ever saw her in this way before. I wasn’t sexually attracted to her but I loved her as a son should love his mother. I hugged her tight and kissed her cheek and said, “Mom, I love you” I pulled dad into the hug as Chole joined us too.

Mom asked, “Wow what brought that on?”

I replied, “Nothing, I just wanted to make sure you guys know how much I love you all, You, Dad, and Chole. And mom, you look so alive this morning almost glowing.”

Nodding her head She replied, “You noticed too, your father said the same thing, I think I just got an overload of good energy yesterday. Speaking of which, you and your father are both poking my in my hips. And yes my son, I know you are excited the same goes for your sister but still!”

Dad pulled mom to him and we watched him hug her tight, his cock slid between her legs where she held him tight. Not to be outdone Chole turned to me attempting to capture my cock between her thighs, however instead it ran the length of her clit causing her to instantly become wet. A maddingly warm wetness that made me want for more. I backed her up onto one of the bar stools, pulled back and buried my cock inside her causing her to squeal in pleasure. On the other side of the room my father took the chance to bury himself into Mom’s waiting pussy. The two women were in heaven, the kitchen was filled with the sounds and smells of raw sex and the two neared their climax.

Mom was the first to scream tepeören escort out in pleasure as she was pounded hard. Chole was not far behind her, biting my chest as she cam to keep from screaming too loud. When her teeth went into me, I unloaded my first load of the new day! Dad finished last and as he pulled out, his last squirt traveling the short distance across the room landing on Chole’s foot, dad stumbled back into us a little bit, overwhelmed after the energy released into the room.

Chole said, “That was something else!”

Dad said, “Still more than I can block, it was amazing but WOW! I felt so connected to everyone in the room I could feel everything! I must learn to block that or these orgasms are going to kill me.”

We all hung out together for the rest of the day, we went and swim at our cove and had a great time actually getting to know our parents. It wasn’t a sexual thing like you probably think. Sure I caught a glimpse or two of Mom that turned me on, and I know Chole was at least checking Dad out. I got a spread leg view of Mom’s pussy once, and I think the KNEW I was interested in looking because it was just sort presented. I think what I wanted was to see where I came from. It looked a lot like Chole’s pussy, with almost protruding lips and a very erect clit at the top. I think it was a turn on for here to expose herself to me, and I know it was for me too but I didn’t want to admit that.

After a day out enjoying the company of our family we retired to our own room’s (well I joined Chole in her’s) and soon the night overtook us.

During the night I was woken by a dream, not my dream but somehow I was receiving it. It had something to do with a long time ago in Bangor when our parents were younger. There was a lodge in the woods where the cousins that just graduated high school rented for the weekend. It was a party but mostly the cousins and their dates were having fun. I some how KNEW that Mom and Dad came alone to this party. The dream showed some skinny dipping in the crystal clear waters of the lake, I could feel Dad’s eyes on Mom. The dream jumped to the evening where the young adults were playing a game of truth or dare. The game started as a couple of truths were put out as challenges, Simple ones at first, Tell us about your first-time type truths.

Then it came to people taking dares., a Petite girl with fire red with a shy personality was next and she chose a Dare. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t place her right then. Her dare we to get naked and give everyone a hug. She was very hesitant, but her shorts hit the ground revealing her pubic hair that matched perfectly the hair on her head. He top came off revealing creamy white skin with some freckles on her nice sized chest (not huge but not small) Anyway she passed out hugs, Dad and Mom were last in line. The game continued but got old and end with couples wandering off to their rooms before our parents had a turn.

Because they were stag at the party they split a room for the night. They climbed into bed fully dressed intending to sleep, after a few minutes mom said, “This is silly, can we just sleep in our underclothes, I can’t sleep dressed like this.”

So it was agreed, they stripped-down and got in bed, and wound up talking for a while, then mom gave in and shed her bra. Dad was in awe at this, Mom leaned over against him placing her hand on his crotch on the outside of his underwear, and they fell asleep this way for a few hours. At about 3 am Dad woke up to someone’s hand inside his underwear. The sensation was amazing, and he felt the tingle of the good feeling and just rode with it. Her breast felt so soft against his chest as he released his load. She extracted her hand and tasted his wonderful cum. Not to be outdone Dad moved to her breast, suckling them one at a time, working his cousin up to a fever. As he moved down, he took her panties down her sexy long legs, revealing her very hairy and untouched pussy. Dad had never seen a shaved pussy so he was very content with what she found, and has been ever since. His mouth found her sweet spots and he had her convulsing as he licked up one side of her slit and down the other. Her legs locked and his head was caught in a death grip as her orgasm overtook her body.

She released her grip on his head pulling his dripping wet face to hers, kissing him deeply she said, “Steve, I love you.”

With a couple of movements of his hips Dads cock was touching the warmth of her open slit. Looking her in the eyes he said, “I love you so very much.” He cock came into her as she pressed upward to take it in faster. I could actually feel this, from both angles almost if that makes sense, I guess what I felt was the Connections though our power of KNOWING. This was the moment they fell Truly in love. The Dream skipped here, to the next weekend, something Bad had happened, instead of the Knowing this was the “Great UNKNOWING” at this point it was strange, There was skipping around in the dream, A third player came into play, Something else but it was what they thought of as the UNKNOWING. It had something to do wit Bangor and a convergence of lines to form a portal and their love released something. Something that his parents figured out years ago how to put back but that knowledge is now part of the UNKNOWING.

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