Our First Full Swap Pt. 01

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Big Cock

My hot wife, Maggie, and I have had many erotic adventures and are totally open and honest with each other after 15 years of marriage. Even though she is now 60 Maggie is incredibly sexy at 5 feet, 4 inches tall and about 118 pounds. Her skin seems to stay tan year round due to her insatiable sun worship and Native American roots. Her dark hair and dark eyes seem to indicate that she is gifted with a high degree of melanin in her skin and she can sit in the sun for hours, sometimes topless and occasionally nude. She hates tan lines.

Her legs are slender but beautifully shaped. Her chest measures an impressive 39 DD and on her petite frame, her tits look huge. She never wears a bra and in a silk blouse or sweater it is always apparent when her “high beams” are on. She also loves sex and has a high libido. She is the closest thing to a nympho that I have ever known and she can climax over and over and never seems to tire.

Over the years we have had many adventures, some of which have been chronicled here on Literotica. However, one thing we had never done until recently is a full swap with another couple. We mostly had threesomes with another male and recently we were talking about sex and I raised the issue of a full swap with her. Maggie at first seemed reluctant to discuss this topic for reasons that were not immediately clear.

After some prodding and a couple of drinks I finally got Maggie to tell me why she seemed reluctant to talk about a full swap. She told me that first of all, she was afraid I might find another woman more attractive and desirable. I told Maggie that we were married for life and she was not only my wife but my best friend and I would never, no matter how good someone else was in bed, forsake our very special relationship for another woman. Period!!

Maggie finally admitted that she was a bit insecure about this but we talked it through and she said she might be okay with a full swap if we could find the right couple. That raises the next issue…finding a couple where there was mutual attraction and chemistry between all involved. The guys would have to like each other and not be insecure. The women would have to get along and not be jealous of each other. And finally the non-married couples would have to be physically attracted to each other. All in all, this was a difficult situation to overcome without a lot of research and willingness to explore the possibilities and it was not likely to happen by accident or coincidence.

After a lot of discussion Maggie agreed to let me do some research on some of the swinger sites and develop some options for us. She did not commit to actually getting together but she did agree to explore it further. Guess that is some progress.

So I went to work on finding “the perfect couple” for us to finally have the full swap experience. It was not easy. I simply wanted to see what was out there at first not knowing what kind of man Maggie might like and what kind of wife he would have. Would Maggie be attracted to the husband while the wife was not a good fit for me?

After a good deal of research I finally identified 4 couples that I thought had possibilities. We reviewed photos and personal profiles in an effort to “qualify” the couple. To Maggie’s credit, she got in to it and we had a lot of fun going through the selection process. Maggie found herself being aroused by photos of the couples including the women. We wanted to find a couple that lived nearby so that became part of the process as well.

The next step was to email the couples and ask some questions that were important to us. Were they in “the lifestyle?” How long had they been swinging? Had they ever had any bad experiences? What were they looking for in another couple?

We had a fairly good idea of what we would or would not accept with a couple. We wanted a couple that had not had a lot of experience. We wanted a couple that was near us in age. We wanted a couple that was nearby but far enough away that we would not run into them in the supermarket.

After swapping emails and information it was time for a phone conversation. We had reduced the candidates to two couples, both with a 30 minute driving distance of us. We scheduled a phone chat starting with the husbands talking to each other. Once the initial “chemistry” test was done we would include the wives in a conference call. If that went well we would schedule a Face Time chat so we could see each other “live.”

To make a long story short (so we can get to the real story) we finally settled on Rob and Anita. They lived about 30 minutes north of Atlanta in a lovely suburban neighborhood. We agreed to meet for coffee on a Friday afternoon and get to know each other before there was any pressure to perform. We met a 24 hour diner and there was immediate chemistry. They were both attractive, polite, well-educated and well dressed. Yet the question loomed. Would they like us and find both of us attractive? Within minutes we were talking about kids, schools, Atlanta Betturkey traffic and our careers. After 30 minutes or so we got to the subject of why we were all there. Sex.

We found that they had had a couple of experiences, both of them when they were on out of town vacation trips, one in Jamaica and one in Florida. They were very open with each other and with us and we were totally on the same page. They asked us about our experiences and it appeared that Maggie had more experience than Anita but it did not seem to matter. We agreed to meet at a nice hotel with a trendy bar on Saturday afternoon. We agreed to get adjoining rooms so we could have privacy if and when needed but enough space for the four of us to get together. One room had a king sized bed, the other had two queens. We met in the bar and the women had wine while Rob and I had a single malt scotch. We limited ourselves to one drink each in an effort to insure that we could all be tuned in to our senses when we went upstairs. We agreed before leaving the bar that we would each have 30 minutes with each other’s spouse before joining as a foursome. Anita and I went to our room with the king sized bed and Maggie and Rob went into the room with two beds. Having some time alone with our respective spouses took the pressure off of all of us and allowed for time to get to know our new lovers without the inhibitions or interference of our spouses.

The four of us went upstairs holding hands with our spouses. Maggie and I kissed while Rob and Anita exchanged kisses outside our respective rooms. Maggie and Rob went in to their room while Anita and I entered ours. There was plenty of sexual tension in the air and it is safe to say that we were all eager for this new experience.

We also agreed to leave the adjoining door unlocked and slightly ajar so we could hear the sounds from the other room. Once inside we opened those doors and agreed to get together in 30 minutes.

I returned to the bed where Anita was standing waiting for me. As I approached her she moved to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and we kissed deeply. We started slowly but were soon engaged in a make out session that rivaled any I had ever had. She was a fabulous kisser and soon we were groping each other and doing our best to take each other’s close off without breaking the kiss.

Anita had a lovely body. At 5 feet, 7 inches with long legs and shoulder length brown hair she looked like a model in a shampoo commercial. Her breasts were large and lovely and her deep blue eyes could melt your heart. Her full lips were perfect for kissing and her teeth were bright white and straight like you might see in toothpaste commercial.

After getting out of our shirts, skirt and trousers we were both standing there in our underwear admiring each other’s bodies. She was lovely in her black lacy bra and matching thong panties. Her skin was smooth and creamy and the shape of her legs indicated that she was no stranger to the gym. As we came together for yet another kiss we were aware of moaning sounds from next door. We looked at each other and smiled knowing what was likely happening a few feet away.

I looked at her and said, “Should we have a moaning contest?”

She smiled and said that she would win because she was very vocal. Before we kissed again I told her I could not wait to experience those sounds.

Once Anita’s bra came off we fell on the bed. I quickly found her beautiful pink nipples with pencil erasers sticking out over a half inch. They were extremely sensitive and she was soon moaning and grabbing the back of my head urging me on. While my lips were working overtime on her lovely breasts my hand found its way into her thong where she had a full crop of lovely hair the same shade as her head. I love a hairy pussy and her natural bush was a perfect complement to the rest of her body. God, she was lovely.

As the moans continued from the adjoining room I stripped the thong from Anita’s body and soon her naked and gorgeous body was trembling from my ministrations on her breasts and her prominent clitoris. Within seconds she had a moaning orgasm and her body shuddered and went rigid for several seconds. We had already determined that both women were multi-orgasmic, something both Rob and I found extremely stimulating.

As Anita came down from her trembling climax we heard both Rob and Maggie moaning and groaning loudly. Not sure what was happening but it sounded like they were getting along as well as I was with Anita. I moved between Anita’s legs and told her that it appeared that Rob and Maggie were winning the moaning contest. She laughed and told me she was just getting started.

I soon found her overly sensitive clitoris and started nibbling it lightly while inserting my middle finger into her dripping wet vagina. She was on fire and within seconds started moaning in earnest on her way to a very noisy and wet climax.

She grabbed my head and said, “Don’t stop. I love to Betturkey Giriş have my pussy eaten. Please don’t stop.” I was more than happy to oblige and continued eating her beautiful pussy without even thinking about how much time we had been together. The sounds of sex continued from the adjoining room spurring us on to more wet, steamy climaxes.

My cock was about to burst and I finally moved between Anita’s legs. She urged me on by pulling me to her and reaching for my cock. She quickly inserted it into her hot love box and I pushed all 7.5 inches deep into or pussy. She wrapped her legs around me digging her heels into my butt.

She urged me on saying, “Fuck me hard. Come on, Jack, fuck me please. Make me cum again.”

We were like teenagers fucking fast and furiously pounding into each other as Anita began to moan loudly. Soon she was grunting and whispering into my ears to fuck her harder. I did. By now I was so horny I told her I could not hold it and she urged me to cum inside her.

“Give it to me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. I want it. Fill me up, Jack. Fuck me.”

We were both sweating now fully into the act of orgasm and making each other climax. We were oblivious to anything but the pure carnal pleasure of each other. Soon Anita screamed so loud I thought it might bring her husband into the room. She yelped out, “Oh my God…I’m cumming. Oh yes, Jack. Oh God…yessssss!!”

Soon I grunted loudly and came like I was twenty years old again. My climax seemed to last for several minutes as I spurted into Anita over and over while she moaned and pulled me deep into her with her arms and legs. It was a magnificent climax and in that moment confirmed why swapping spouses provides an experience like none other, especially after years of marriage. Hot, steamy, sexy and so satisfying we held each other for a few moments before I rolled off to the side and kissed Anita as if she was my wife, tenderly and sweetly.

There were no sounds coming from the other room so I assumed they were taking a break and enjoying the sounds of sex Anita and I were making. I whispered to her that perhaps it might be time to check on our spouses and she told me didn’t think her legs would work. We laughed and struggled out of the bed. My legs weren’t working too well either.

We stumbled naked into the adjoining room to find Maggie snuggled up against Rob under the sheets. He had his arm around Maggie’s shoulders as they smiled back at us with the freshly fucked look that can only be seen after a satisfying and thorough fucking.

Maggie, always the smart ass and quick with a quip said, “We were just about to call security to see if there had been a mugging in the next room.” We all laughed and Anita quickly added, “There was…but no need for security.”

Maggie raised her head and announced that she had an idea. We were all eager to hear it. She suggested that I come clean her up while Rob cleaned up his wife in the other bed. We all agreed that was a great idea. Rob slipped out of the bed and quickly pulled the sheets back on the other queen sized bed while I moved in to the position he had just vacated. Anita jumped into the bed with her husband and snuggled under the sheets.

As I pulled Maggie closer to me I reached between her legs. Her pussy was hot and dripping wet. I covered her dark, hairy pussy with my entire hand and felt the heat rising from her loins. It was incredibly sexy. As I moved lower in the bed and between her legs, I could hear Anita moaning in the other bed so I assumed that Rob had found her sensitive vagina and was already working towards another climax.

Once I had my head between Maggie’s legs I loved the scent of her freshly fucked pussy. It was hot and steamy and I quickly put my mouth on her overly sensitive clitoris. It was protruding out like a small penis and she literally jumped when I put my lips on her. Soon my tongue found its way to her labia and I parted her lips and began lapping at her sex. She grabbed my head exactly the way Anita had done minutes earlier and pulled my tongue deep into her juicy love box. Soon I discovered the slightly salty taste of Rob’s deposit and found that it only added to the sexiness of the moment. I am not a big cream pie fan but somehow in this moment with the sounds of sex coming from the other bed and my beautiful wife fast approaching another climax, all seemed right with the world and nothing existed outside that hotel room.

Within minutes Maggie moaned loudly telling us that she was cumming again. She is not normally a squirter but she spurted her orgasmic juices all over my face and lips. It surprised me but I did not stop what I was doing. Once Maggie’s orgasm subsided I moved up to kiss her and we had a wet, sloppy kiss. She loves to taste herself and she lapped all of those love juices off my lips and face and we held each other tightly as we reveled in the moment. The other bed was quiet too and no one spoke as we held on to our spouses in loving embraces.

After several minutes of quiet Anita spoke up. “Is anyone getting hungry…or thirsty?”

We all laughed and agreed it was time to order room service. We had no intention of leaving that room and had long ago decided to spend the night there. And it was not even dark outside.

We ordered room service and a bottle of wine after finding the white terrycloth robes in the closets. Everyone was at ease and relaxed and after ordering, Maggie looked at me and said, “What’s next?” That was just like her. Always ready for an adventure.

Soon we were enjoying a conversation recounting our feelings with each other’s spouses. Everyone was extremely complementary of their respective lovers and we all agreed that we had enjoyed our respective moments. Soon the food and wine was delivered and we continued our good-natured dialog as if we were long lost friends. It was not at all awkward and seemed quite natural considering that we had just fucked each other’s spouses with full knowledge and consent. Maybe we were starting to understand what so many swinging couples have perhaps known for a long time. Swinging was not only fun but it seemed to bring each of us closer to our spouses in a strange way.

Once we finished the light meal and wine we relaxed and talked about sex. We had already agreed to be totally open and honest so the conversation flowed quite smoothly. Maggie asked Anita if she had ever been with another woman, something Maggie had always wanted to try. Anita told us that in one of their encounters she did have sex with a woman and she quite enjoyed it. Maggie asked if she would be willing to show her what to do as that was something she really wanted to experience. Rob and I looked at each other with a grin knowing that we wanted to see the two gorgeous women pleasure each other.

Rob suggested that we order another bottle of wine and we did while Anita disrobed and climbed into bed with Maggie. Soon they were in a full body embrace in the bed under the sheets much to the disappointment of the two husbands. Anita kissed Maggie deeply and Maggie soon responded eagerly. Both women were incredible kissers and soon they were making out and groping each other’s beautiful breasts. Rob reached up and pulled the sheets back so we could see the action and the women were so engrossed in their sexy embrace that the hardly noticed.

After making out and exploring each other’s bodies, Anita moved slowly down Maggie’s body kissing her on both nipples and then her stomach while making her way to Maggie’s dripping sex. Anita moved her beautifully manicured fingers into the love tunnel and Maggie shuddered under her touch. Anita was masterful and Maggie responded lustfully as she always does. Soon Anita was opening the folds of the waiting vagina and Maggie spread her legs wide opening herself totally to her new lover. Anita responded by tonguing Maggie’s clit and forcing a small climax out of Maggie, who always cums quickly.

Rob and I watched the incredibly sexy act before us and we were both hard as a rock. I noticed that his cock was a little larger than mine and I guessed about 9 inches. We were about the same thickness but his circumcised cock was rock hard. We both started stroking ourselves and soon he moved closer to me.

He looked at me and said, “Would you mind if I stroked your cock for you?” I shook my head no and he reached for my cock and started slowly stroking it. I did the same to his. It felt a bit strange as we had established that neither of us was bisexual. However, with the two women engaged in their loving sexual act it felt quite natural. We stroked each other gently as Anita expertly brought Maggie to another earth shattering climax. Maggie legs were in the air, toes curled and both hands gripping the sheets tightly. As she raised her hips to meet Anita’s probing tongue Anita put her hands under each cheek of Maggie’s petite butt. It was a sight to behold and beyond sexy.

Once Maggie started relaxing her body, Anita moved slowly and sexily back to a full body embrace with Maggie. She took her face in her hands and kissed Maggie sweetly and deeply as Maggie lapped her love juices off of Anita’s lovely lips.

After a long kiss, Anita said to Maggie, “Now it is time for you to do the same things to me that I did to you…just like I did.”

Maggie did precisely what Anita had suggested moving down her body stopping to take an erect nipple between her lips and caressing the extended nipples with her tongue. Then Maggie moved slowly down her body kissing her way to Anita’s waiting sex. Anita was writhing on the bed moving her gorgeous ass in little circles while spreading her legs wider.

Rob and I continued to stroke each other and as Maggie went down on Anita, Rob went down on me taking my erect cock in his mouth. He would later tell me that he loved tasting his wife’s juices on my cock and he took me deep into his throat. I watched in awe as Maggie tasted her first pussy. I could tell from Anita that Maggie was doing an outstanding job on the lovely pussy between her lips. Maggie stuck her tongue deep into Anita’s vagina digging deep and enjoying the taste of her juicy offering.

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