Opposites are Best Lovers Pt. 01

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Big Tits

My name is Kelly. I’m pretty much a loner. Lifting weights is my primary interest and I’ve built up a massive physique. Guys at the gym, who are fucking huge by any bodybuilding standard, refer to me as “freaky big.” All my heavy muscle tapers down to a little 32 inch waist, and its quite a proportional contrast that emphasizes my unbelievable muscular development. All the immence body builders stare at me all the time, not sexually, but in respect for the sheer amount of muscle mass I’ve packed on. They’re also amazed and impressed with how much weight I’m lifting.

The thing is, I’m also very shy, which seems inconsistent with having such an ultra-muscular body. At well over six foot tall and 290 pounds of heavily layered muscle, I can be physically imposing and intimidating. I don’t mean to be like that, but it does keep people away so I don’t have to interact with them. I generally don’t like to show off my muscles unless it’s for assessing my development, or for comparing myself to other super big guys in the gym for perspective and affirmation that I’m a lot bigger than they are.

I’m also extremely well endowed, over a foot long with a beer can girth. I’m not inclined to show that off either. For example, I never shower at the gym to avoid being ogled. I feel uncomfortable with getting a lot of attention, and figure everyone would make giant cock jokes about me. I know that these feelings might seem counterintuitive for a guy like me. Part of me actually does want to be a show off. However, something physiological interferes with me doing so. I guess I’ve learned to accept my shyness.

I’ve only had a few girlfriends. After all, who wants to hang out with a giant muscleman who doesn’t have an outgoing bone in his body, and just lifts weights all the time? Not only that, when I did screw them I tore them up, and then they had excuses after that. At first they seemed to really get off on my body, and on sucking such a massive cock, at least for a while. However, constantly struggling with the size and weight of my cock took it’s toll and they only hesitatingly engaged in sexual activities with me.

One girlfriend was even diagnosed with TMJ after several weeks of struggling to suck my monster cock. Not only that, but they had to deal with my unnaturally large loads, which they thought were gross. Actually, I never believed that these girls were really that attracted to me anyway, and not really into sex with me either. I yearned for someone who fully appreciated everything about me, but sadly assumed it would never happen.

My apartment is my sanctuary. I rarely go out except to the gym. The other day the neighbor from across the hall was leaving his apartment at the same time I was returning from the gym. He was small, thin, attractive, and had short blond hair. It looked like he was a little over five feet tall and at most 100 pounds. His facial features were soft, feminine, and alluring. I guessed he was 18 or 19 years old. It looked like he probably had a hairdresser given how nice his hair was styled.

I noticed that he glanced at my body several times, but didn’t over do it like most people. His voice and his slightly angular features were the only thing that gave away his gender, but it certainly wasn’t that obvious. My guess is most people think he’s a girl or tomboy, and a very cute one at that. I didn’t feel put off or uncomfortable around him, and he introduced himself…

“Hi, I’m Terry and its so nice to finally meet you Kelly.” He explained that he got my mail once by mistake and learned my name that way.

“I’m glad to meet you Terry. Neighbors should be friends. If you need anything please let me know.”

“Thank you Kelly. It looks like you’ve been lifting weights.”

“Yeah, I just got done with my workout.”

“You look amazing Kelly, you really must work out very hard. I mean, you’re so big and muscular.”

I liked how he acknowledged my body so positively. He seemed like a sincere and caring guy. It was refreshing interacting with him, and I didn’t have those anxious sensations I normally get when interacting with other people. I responded, “Well, thanks for the complement, I feel bigger after my workout, and I probably stink.”

“Oh no, I don’t think you stink Kelly. It’s just a strong masculine scent from working out your giant muscles all the time. It’s to be expected from someone as big, strong, and active as you.”

Terry seemed to blush a little when he said that, as though he thought he may have been too forward. At that point I was encouraged to take a closer look at him. He was wearing tight baby blue pants with a tight and thin mauve-colored short-sleeve shirt that had a scooped neckline. He also wore a delicate gold necklace and a small gold bracelet with brightly colored stones. I was attracted to him but had no idea if I should pursue a friendship. It struck me that he accepted what I looked like and actually appreciated it. Terry certainly didn’t make me feel like a giant freak.

His thin little body had a feminine look Maltepe Escort and also seemed pretty toned up, so I asked “You must exercise a lot yourself….you’re obviously in great shape.”

“Wow, thank you so much for saying that. I do yoga all the time and it keeps me thin and my little muscles get firm and toned.”

“I can see that Terry. You look good.”

“Me? You should talk Kelly! I can’t believe your super-muscular body, it’s so overpowering.”

I was wearing my long sleeve navy blue warm up suit and it looked really filled out and almost bursting, especially around my chest, arms, shoulders, and thighs. Terry kept looking at my body, and instead of being nervous about his ogling, I actually enjoyed it. Then Terry said, “I’m sure we will see each other a lot, after all we live right across the hall from each other!”

“I’d like that Terry.”

“See you soon Kelly.”

“Good bye Terry.”

I found myself thinking about Terry a lot that night. In fact, I kicked myself for not being more bold and asking him out. But what would people think if they saw us together? What if my gym mates saw me with him? I also considered that most people would think Terry is a girl anyway because he’s so cute and feminine looking. Even his clothing is feminine and sexy.

Later that night in bed I had a flashback about our chance meeting in the hallway and realized he fixed his gaze many times on the big crotch bulge protruding distinctly from my warm up pants. My package is so immense that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid showing a massive bulge no matter what I’m wearing. When I wear Levi’s it’s ridiculously obvious and very extreme, so I rarely do so.

Terry did several double takes at the massive rounded bulge. I’m used to that from people. However, I liked how he tried to disguise his attraction, how his face got flushed, and how he couldn’t help himself from returning to it over and over again with quick probing glances. As I continued to think about it I got very big and hard. I started to fantasize about showing him how big my cock is and how much sperm explodes out of it. All this resulted in self-adoration and a very intense orgasm, more intense than I can remember. Thick ropes of wad shot out all over the place. Terry was already getting to me, big time.

I got up the next day and consistent with my normal schedule, left for the gym about 10:30 in the morning. After I locked the door and turned to leave I heard Terry’s door open part way, enough for him to stick his head out and say good morning. It was unexpected and gave me a good feeling. I could see he was only wearing a white silk bathrobe that he held to keep from opening up too much, and most of his smooth legs were exposed because it was pretty short, just enough to cover his little butt. His legs looked shapely and feminine. The robe was open enough at the top so I could see some of his exposed upper body. His skin was creamy soft white. It was apparent that he was hairless. My body is shaved smooth to better show muscle, but his body was super smooth. His blond hair looked a little scruffy, like he just got out of bed. He looked so delicate and so cute…

“I just want to say that I hope you have a great workout today Kelly.”

“That’s so thoughtful of you Terry. I feel strong today, so it should be real


“Well, you look stronger than anyone I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ll see you when you’re done.” I was wearing my typical warm ups, and at one point he looked at my bulge, but this time his look was more of a fixed stare. I turned to face him directly and give him a better look. I heard him slightly moan at the sight of it. I could tell he was trying unsuccessfully to suppress his moan, but it was like an uncontrollable sexual reflex. He bit the side of his lower lip, in awe of what he clearly saw and tried to comprehend.

While at the gym I had time to think about my feelings as I worked out. I was starting to get very enamored with Terry. Thoughts of him powered my lifting. I did more sets and more reps than ever before. I was getting a massive pump. I even fantasized about showing him how big and pumped up I was. Then doubt started to enter my mind…

I don’t even know if he’s seriously interested!

Maybe he’s just a very friendly type?

Perhaps he will ultimately get grossed out like my previous girlfriends?

More importantly, could I actually accept being with another guy?

After three hours I was finally wrapping up my training. I couldn’t believe how strong I was, even for my standards. It is amazing how Terry motivated me to have such a great workout. I was so pumped up that even other big bodybuilders in the gym couldn’t believe it. I rushed home, hoping I would see Terry and show him.

When I arrived at my front door I had hoped Terry would greet my like before, but he didn’t. At that point I thought it was time to show some proactive, friendly steps to communicate my interest in getting to know him better. Mustering my confidence, Cevizli Escort I turned and knocked on Terry’s door. Five seconds later he opened it, almost like he was waiting for me to knock. He looked great and even seemed to have a subtle amount of makeup on….”Hi Kelly! So glad to see you again. What a treat! Would you like to come in?”

Terry was wearing light brown knee high tights and a thin cream-colored sleeveless yoga top. His body looked somewhat more feminine than I realized, probably because his outfit was a little more revealing. I was very attracted to him.

I said, “Sure, I’d love that Terry,” and I entered his apartment. The first thing I noticed was how clean and tidy it looked.

Terry stopped in his tracks and said, “Kelly…. My God, you look even more muscular than before.”

“Well, I had an incredible workout and got even more pumped up than normal.”

“That’s an understatement, and you smell like you really exerted yourself.”

“I’m sorry about that Terry, I didn’t shower last night so I’m probably way too ripe at this point. I better go get cleaned up…. Don’t want to stink up your apartment.”

“No… No Kelly, that’s not what I meant. I don’t mind it at all. It’s such an intriguing strong musky scent.”

What a contrast to all the girls I dated who always insisted I shower after the gym. I felt sexier knowing he liked my strong manly smell.

“Well…. Thank you Terry. I guess it comes with the territory if your gonna spend time with a gym rat.”

“I would love to spend time with a big muscular gym rat.”

“You’re so sweet Terry.”

Unlike everyone who stared at me, I loved his probing looks. It was more of an adoring type of look, and somewhat sexy. This time he glanced at my bulge more obviously, basically fixing he’s eyes right on it. I got the feeling he wanted me to know he was impressed and even inescapably drawn to it….

“You’ve got a lot of different kinds of very big bulges Kelly.” He looked up into my eyes and smiled mischievously as he said that.

At that point he showed me around his apartment. It was very well decorated. When he showed me his bedroom I noticed a poster of a big muscleman on the wall. That was sure informative! Then, I saw what looked like a big cock-shaped dildo on the nightstand. Terry saw it too, and panicked….

“Oh no, I feel so embarrassed!”

He put his hands over his face in shame. Things got awkward, and I responded, “Terry, it’s OK, really. Don’t feel bad. Please…”

I was feeling more and more protective of Terry and instinctively hugged him. He was emotional and started crying. I didn’t say anything and just kept holding him and rubbing his back. He felt so small in my arms. I went with my feelings and kissed his forehead tenderly. He was melting in my arms and calming down. I looked back over at the dildo as I continued to hug him, and could see it was a very large one. Maybe that’s why he seemed so infatuated with my giant bulge?

Terry kept his head on my chest. He obviously didn’t mind my smelly body and I loved how his little hands lightly caressed my big muscles. He was vulnerable and said he wanted to tell me something….


“Yes Terry, what is it?”

He wiped tears from his eyes and said, “I really like you and need to be honest and forthcoming….I love being feminine, so much so that I’m taking hormones that are changing my body. I even had electrolysis hair removal and I’m totally hairless from the neck down. The hormones even stopped my facial hair. I feel like a girl now and I’m even growing tiny breasts. As you can see I also tend to get very emotional.”

I put both my big strong hands on either side of Terry’s face and held it, looking into his eyes, and said, “I think that’s sexy as hell. I fully understand because I’m also on hormones. Only my hormones are to help build giant muscles. How do you think I got so fucking massive?”

Terry put his face into my chest again and hugged me tenderly, and wouldn’t let go. I didn’t want him to let go. He was breathing in deeply through his little turned up nose and rubbing it ever so delicately on my thick muscled chest. We stayed like that for a long while. He felt wonderful.

Terry was now feeling better about what happened and went over to his nightstand and put the big dildo in the drawer. In doing so he made sure I got a good look at just how big it was. My guess was that it was ten inches long and very thick. He grabbed the middle of it and as he did so each end sagged heavily and bounced around when he moved it. Then he looked back at me and said, “So, I guess my secrets out….I’m a super-size queen!”

I laughed and said, “Yep, no way around that Terry.”

“Seriously Kelly, I just love massive cock.”

It was apparent that unlike the girls I’ve dated, he would really appreciate my monster, especially because it was substantially larger than his massive dildo. I was hoping I’d get a chance to show it to him some day.

He returned to me and said, Atalar Escort “Why don’t you display the results of your hard workout for me?”

I was thrilled he asked, and replied, “Sure, should I take off my warm up top?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been curious what you’d look like shirtless ever since I first saw you!”

I unzipped my top and removed it. Terry quickly brought his hands to his mouth and then softly said “Oh my!”

Then I started flexing and he said, “You’ve got to be kidding me! Could all that massive muscle actually be real?”

Encouraged, I kept at it and loved the overwhelmed look of lust in his eyes. I felt so big and manly as I showed off my physique. Terry cautiously approached me and tentatively reached out to touch the massive slabs of heavy muscle. I desperately wanted to feel his touch and said, “Go ahead Terry, I’d love your hands on me.”

Hearing that, he started lustfully worshiping my body in total wonderment as I continued to flex for him. He even leaned his head forward and started sniffing me and moaning. He seemed to be really loosing himself now. My cock was growing and my bulge was expanding….

Then the doorbell rang! Terry cried out, “Oh shit! Oh, fuck! I forgot, it’s the apartment repairman, he’s here to fix my toilet. I have to let him in.” I quickly put my top back on as Terry helped me, and then he answered the door.

As the repairman entered I said, “I better go Terry, we can talk later. Hope he can repair your toilet.” I left and nodded to repairman as I walked past him. He looked at me like, “What the hell is this monster?”

Terry was obviously very disappointed and so was I. After returning to my apartment I closed the door and sighed. I can’t remember ever being so turned on and confident about my considerable sexual assets. It was evident that I’d already bonded with Terry, and I was incredibly excited.

I was so turned on that I removed my cloths and went over to the full-length mirror, looking at myself as if to confirm what Terry observed. I was getting so excited looking at my body and the need for release was overpowering me. I realized that I was much smellier than I thought and my monster cock was starting to ache as if it was getting way too hard. I touched it and reached down to my big balls and lightly massaged them. They felt super plump and heavy in my hand. I wanted to blow a big wad and felt like such a super-stud.

I jacked the full length, all 12 plus beer can thick inches of it. I wished that I could show it to Terry and see his reaction to this vein covered monster. I could smell the strong scent of my big cock and balls now, and wanted Terry to smell it too. I was pumping my enourmous meat and aiming it at the mirror. I was close to blowing up the mirror with multiple shots of super-thick wad, just like I’d done countless times before, and then…

The doorbell rang and snapped me out of my self-love. Shit, should I ignore it? What if it’s Terry? Then I heard Terry’s voice yelling out, “It’s me Kelly, can we talk?” I quickly grabbed my bathrobe, put it on, and answered the door.

“Come in Terry, I was about to jump in the shower.”

“I’m so sorry about the repair guy, that was sure bad timing.”

“It sure was Terry.”

He was looking around my place and said, “So, this is what a big muscleman’s apartment looks like, huh?”

“I guess I’m not a very good house-keeper Terry.”

At that point Terry turned his attention to me, “Let’s start over Kelly. I want you to show me again. Here, let’s take this robe off you so we can really enjoy everything.”

As the robe fell to the floor, he looked at the entirety of my naked body and said, “Oh Kelly, you’re way too much, so very manly, and look at that giant cock….Oh my, those big heavy balls must weigh at least a pound each.”

He saw the full-length mirror behind me and asked if I was looking at myself when he knocked, and I answered truthfully, “How did you know Terry? I guess you made me so horny that I lost control.”

“Well Kelly, my first clue are all the dried splattered stains all over the mirror, and I see the floor in front of the mirror has the same issue.”

i looked over at it and it did have lots of dried cum stains, and said, “Looks like we both embarrassed ourselves today Terry.”

“Mmmmmmm, but that mirror is so hot Kelly. By the looks of it you should be very proud of your ungodly potency.”

He came to me and started kissing and caressing my muscles…

“You are so huge and look at all these big muscle veins popping out. Your sure getting smellier too, and this monster cock keeps hitting up against my little body and it can’t be ignored any longer.”

He went to his knees and delicately started licking on it, smacking his lips, and tasting it, “Mmmmmmmmm, it tastes delicious.”

Terry continued to lap on my giant cock, “Oh my, I better attend to those jumbo balls! I think they’re getting even bigger and heavier, let’s see how they taste.”

He started licking on my big balls lovingly, and then more aggressively as his cravings for their intense manly flavor overwhelmed him. I grabbed his head and holding it with both hands rubbed my big cock and balls all over his face. He loved it…”Oh wow, are you marking me with your super-manly scent?”

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