Opening Up Jaime Ch. 02

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It had been several weeks since I’d “taught” Jaime how to have sex, but because of her school schedule and my work schedule we hadn’t had the chance to get together since that first encounter. Oh, there had been the stolen kiss in the break room and the occasional grope in my office, but nothing more than that in almost a month.

I didn’t know what was happening to me. Ever since I had made love to Jaime, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Before, she had been like a little sister to me. She came to me for advice and I enjoyed helping her out, but now something was different. If I simply smelled her perfume, my heart began to beat faster and my pulse raced. All I wanted to do was to spend more time with her.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was in my office working on a motion that was due the following Monday when I felt her soft hands rubbing my shoulders as I typed at my computer. I could smell her perfume and the clean scent of her shampoo as she nuzzled her head into my neck.

“Everyone’s gone home for the weekend” she whispered softly. “We’re here all by ourselves, at last” she breathed, as she kneaded the stiff muscles of my trapezius.

She kissed my neck and moved her hands across my chest, as she began undoing the buttons of my shirt. Was I dreaming? Was this really happening? Did Jaime want me as much as I wanted her? I was kidding myself. I was too old for this girl, and even if we had a physical connection I knew it couldn’t last very for very long. I told myself I should just go with the flow, and enjoy the time I did get to spend with her.

I spun my chair around and pulled her onto my lap. I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply, our tongues entwined in their own dance. I could taste the sour apple candy she had been sucking on earlier as my tongue probed her mouth and our lips locked in long wet kisses. She could feel my manhood stirring, and she wriggled her ass on my lap, causing my member to grow ever larger.

She broke from our kiss and declared “I’ve been waiting so long for this, my pussy has been on fire all day”.

I slid my hand under her skirt, found that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and also discovered that her pussy was already dripping wet, as I slid first one then two fingers into her slit. After just a few strokes, she clamped her thighs against my hand and I could feel her cum all over my fingers and hand. When her orgasm subsided, I lifted her off my lap and placed her onto the top of my desk.

I sat back down in my chair, spread her legs and wheeled myself into position. With her skirt up around her waist, I went to work licking her pussy as she lay back across my big oak desk.

At first I just licked her outer lips with long slow strokes of my tongue, while my hands stroked her thighs and hips. I then moved my tongue across her inner lips, occasionally flicking at her clit or rubbing it with the tip of my nose. Next I place my Kadıköy Escort hands on her thighs and forced her legs backward as I licked from her clit down across her pussy to the puckered balloon knot of her asshole.

As my tongue slathered her ass with my saliva, Jaime’s body jumped and quivered as she let out a loud gasp. It seemed that she enjoyed the sensation, so I continued my ministrations as her body continued to wriggle and spasm with each lick from my tongue. I slowly lowered her legs back down and she let than rest across my broad shoulders as I stuck my tongue deep into her snatch.

After several minutes of long deep strokes from my tongue, I slid two fingers into her pussy and began massaging the ridges at the top and front of her hole. At the same time I pulled back the hood from her clit and sucked it directly between my lips and began flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Jaime’s hips were bucking wildly and her moans were getting louder and louder. I thought for sure the people in the office across the hall would hear her, but at this point there was no turning back. Within seconds my face was bathed in her juices as she came hard, drenching my goatee with her tangy flavor.

The taste and smell of this lovely young piece of ass sent all the blood my body had to spare right to my cock. It was throbbing so hard it hurt to have it restrained in my pants, so I stood up between her legs, dropped my pants and slid my hard cock right into her dripping wet snatch. Jaime gasped at the sensation, then wrapped her long legs around the small of my back and pulled me deeper inside of her.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard” she cried as she reached for me and grasped my hair in her hands and pulled herself up so that my face was pressed against her chest.

I grabbed her blouse and pulled it open, buttons flying, unsnapped her bra to reveal her tiny titties with those long, sensitive nipples.

“Suck my tits” she screamed.

I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her closer and drew her nipple into my mouth as I continued to slide my cock in and out of her nearly virginal pussy. She began screaming incoherently as I fucked her harder and harder. I thought the police would be called any minute, so I took my hand and covered her mouth and pushed her back onto the desk.

I spread her legs out wide and began pounding her pussy harder and harder as she screamed against my hand. I could feel my balls tighten as I was about to cum, and as my first load hit the back of her vagina she bit my hand and she came in a trashing, bucking, arm-flailing orgasm that scattered papers all across my office floor.

I pulled my hand free from her teeth, and sat back on my chair, pants around my ankles, staring at her lovely pussy as my cum dripped out and down onto the blotter on my desk. Jaime stood up, turned around, and sat down on top of me so that my semi-hard cock rested between Ataşehir Escort her legs.

“That was great!” she exclaimed. “Can we do it again?” she asked.

“Give me a few minutes, and I’m sure I can rise to the occasion” I told her.

She reached down between her legs and started playing with my cock and balls as I reached around to tweak her nipples as we slowly rocked back in forth in my chair. In no time at all, the blood returned to my cock and it was standing at full attention. Jaime lifted herself, moved forward slightly, and lowered herself onto my cock. She leaned forward and began riding slowly up and down my shaft as my hands massaged her flanks.

“Mmmm”, she purred, “this feels sooo good”.

She turned to head to look at me, and a wicked smile flashed across her face. “I want to try something new” she said.

“Anything for you” I replied.

“Do you think you could put it in my butt?” she asked.

I was stunned. Less than a month ago, this girl was a virgin and here she was letting me fuck her on my desk, and now she was asking if I would fuck her in the ass. That other-worldly feeling ran through my body again as if I were dreaming.

“Well” she said, “will you do it?”

“Um, of course, if you’re sure that’s what you want”.

“I want to at least try it” she said.

“Okay, but we’ll have to go slow”. I told her.

“I know, I trust you” she said with a wink.

“Lean forward a little” I told her. I stuck my finger in my mouth to get some moisture and ran it across her asshole. “Breath easy and try to relax, this may hurt a little” I told Jaime as I worked my index finger a little way into her tight asshole. She tensed up and I couldn’t get it in any further than the first knuckle.

“It’s not gonna work without some kind of lubrication” I told her.

Jaime looked at me with a look of disappointment, then all of a sudden it seemed like a light went on and her eyes went wide open.

“I know” she said as she hopped up and ran out of my office. I could hear her opening drawers at her receptionist desk and in a few seconds she returned with a bottle in her hand.

“Hand lotion” she said. “I keep a bottle at my desk all the time”. “Do you think this will work?” she asked.

“Let’s give it a try” I said.

Jaime walked back over to me and squeezed some of the lotion in to hand and began lathering it onto my cock, stroking it up and down until the entire shaft was covered.

“Give me the bottle and turn around” I told her.

She leaned over the desk as I helped to spread her legs apart. I squired some of the lotion onto my hand and began rubbing it around her asshole, getting it good and lubed up. My finger was coated in the lotion, and I pressed it up against her ass and it slipped right in, up to the second knuckle this time. Jaime caught her breath and then relaxed again and I was able to Maltepe Escort slide my finger all the way into her dark hole.

“That makes me feel soo tingly” she squealed as I slid my finger in and out a few times.

I then pressed my middle finger against her ass hole and it slipped in as well. Jaime tensed up again, but then remembered to breath deeply and slowly and so I was sliding both fingers in and out with little resistance.

“Okay” I said, “I’m going to stick it in this time, remember to relax and breath”.

I pulled my two fingers out of her butt and before the hole could close up completely I pressed the mushroom head of my cock up against her ass, and it popped right in. I could hear Jaime grinding her teeth against the pain, but soon it seemed that she was breathing evenly again.

“Put it in the rest of the way” she said, and I slowly obliged, feeding my cock in one inch at a time until the full 7 inches were buried in her tiny, tight asshole.

I held it in place for a little while before sliding it back until only the head remained buried in her nether regions. I then began sliding forward again, very slowly at first, but then began to pick up the pace as Jaime’s moans turned from groans of pain to moans of pleasure. Once I had a nice rhythm built up, I reached under and began stroking Jaime’s clit with my left hand as I continued stroking my cock in and out of her ass.

Before long, Jaime was moving in conjunction with me, slamming her ass back to meet each of my thrusts as her breathing became shorter and more ragged. As we built up momentum, I slapped her ass check with my right hand and she shrieked in surprise, but turned to look at me with that impish grin, so I slapped her again and she cried out and smiled in pleasure. Our movements were getting faster and more intense.

Jaime screamed out “Fuck me, fuck my ass” as I drove my cock home again and again.

“Oooohhhh, I’m cumming” she shouted as my nuts began to tighten.

Her body spasmsd and her legs gave out as she came hard and fast. I pressed her body against my desk as my own climax approached. I pulled my cock from her ass with a pronounced “plop” and shot my load all over her back and ass. I wiped my cock against her ass cheeks, working the cum into her skin as she breathed heavily, splayed across the top of my desk.

I sat back down onto my chair, and pulled her limp body onto my lap and kissed her on the cheek. “Is that what you expected?” I asked.

“Even better” was her response as she curled up in my arms and rested her head on my chest.

“When can we do this again” she asked as she closed her eyes and her breathing steadied.

“Soon, very soon” was my reply.

As Jaime slept softly in my arms, my mind was racing, trying to understand my feelings. Could I be in love with this girl, or was it simply a case of hormones running rampant. As many times as I ran it over in my head, I couldn’t make a decision. All I knew is that it felt wonderful to have her in my arms, and it felt incredible to have been the one to take her virginity.

(There is more to this story, if the responses I get warrant the next few chapters)

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