Opening Night

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This is not the first time you’ve seen her like this: Lips red and swollen, legs apart, nipples pointing skyward, laying back on the bed and waiting for your entrance.

You admire her and pick up on her tension. You know she wants the long slow fuck you are planning, but she has no idea how long it will take you this time. You’ve stopped by the store and picked your tools carefully for tonight. The purchase calculated to bring her closer to ecstasy.

To begin, you stroke the hair by her face, sweetly. She opens her eyes and smiles at you and you gently kiss her lips, barely able to keep your tongue away from hers. You take the little finger of your right hand and trace her lips as she laps a playful tongue at your hand. You let her touch it, but then withdraw and leave her openmouthed and panting. You trace a lazy finger along her nipples and tweak them for fun, smiling at the way they grow. You slip the satin sleepmask past her dark, thick bangs and onto her eyes, blocking all vision, keeping her from knowing where you are or what awaits.

You walk away from the bed and she moans slightly to call you back. This is exactly what you wanted, so different from the previous times you took her wildly. This is all about control. Your cock is semi-hard, just enjoying her desire, her exquisite suffering emptiness. Your need is not uncontrollable now. Not like it usually is, the hardness coloring everything you do.

You open a mahogany case lined with red velvet. In a gleaming, graduated line lay golden phalluses. The left side showcases the smallest dildo, only about three inches long and as slender as a pencil. You hold it in your hands and warm it. Feeling the pressure of your return to the bed, she moans again. She has been whimpering like a puppy the whole 10 seconds this has taken you and you know you have her ready. With your left hand, you stroke the outer lips, swollen and slick already. Perhaps you should have started larger, you think, but with your right, you slip you little finger into her, the small dildo awaiting its turn. She thrusts against your hand anxiously and you rotate the finger inside of her. Then, you quickly withdraw and shove the little gold object into her box. She knows something is different, but not what you have done. She relaxes again and you continue to push the little dick in and out, just to relax her.

You stroke her thighs and Escort Başakşehir kiss her belly before you return to the table. A purist might replace each one in turn, you think, but this is not your aim. This woman will be wide open for you in minutes. But you will set the pace.

You skip a size and move up to one that curves Slightly upward and is about six inches long, but still thin, about the circumference of a marker. You watch as she thrusts against the air with the little golden edge peeking out past her lips and hair and you admire the view, but not for long. You think you will ask her to finger herself while you watch, but later.

Swiftly, you exchange the first for the second one and she resists a little, feeling her lips stretched and her hole enlarged. You kiss her pussy to keep her wet and relaxed as you stroke her clit reassuringly. She cries out a little as you move the golden cock inside of her, all the way out, eventually, so that only the head is in, then all the way in, slowly, gently. You picture your own stiff cock sliding in those engorged lips. You imagine how hard you will have to push to get yourself fully in, and how that cunt will hold you like a hand as you try to withdraw. The image makes your cock jump and twitch, but you remind it to wait as you continue stuffing gold into this wet woman. In and out it goes and you love the sounds and the smells of this woman. Your devotion to making her yours is almost beyond your capacity to understand.

A few more thrusts and you are ready to test her. For some women you know, this next one is the ideal. For her, it will be a formidable challenge. It is only 8 1/2 inches long and as wide as your own sweet piece. You have been generous enough to give yourself a few strokes and you hold this one next to yourself. Yes, you think. We must get her past this for me. She will have to open up more for me.

You return to the bed where she has turned belly down and has been squirming against the dildo. “Up,” you say, but in a hoarse and tender whisper. She obeys, ass in the air, she turns her sightless eyes toward you, glancing, if she could, over her shoulder and sighs while you move the new dildo in and out of her again, this time with a sideways motion that opens her even more. You fondle her ass, running your hand over the alabaster skin. On a whim, you give her a Bayrampaşa escort hard, loving smack and see your hand appear red and bright on her ass. This turns you on, your mark upon her, and while she is distracted by this pain, you exchange the cocks inside of her. Underneath the mask, her eyes try to fly open as you slowly work the dick into her, but she doesn’t make a sound. A tear trickles down her cheek from underneath the lace of her mask, but she thrusts back against it and you know she is ready to take it all the way as she moans gratefully. You notice her clean little asshole and think about running your tongue over it, but first things, first. That may be her reward later. She reaches for your hardening cock and you let her hold it for a minute, but then move so you can press this dildo into her more expertly.

In and out with a more regular rhythm now. She is feeling better and better and you can tell because she is matching you thrust for thrust. You are amazed a this woman, who seemed to be impenetrable, now groaning like a whore. You reach under her and stroke the hood of her clit and she increases her pace. Now, you think, take it out and plunge in. But you catch yourself and hold off entering her for one last toy.

This is a dildo that would make most women blanche. 11 inches. As thick as a tennis ball. Hard and unyielding. This is the one, you think. This will make her cry out for you in relief.

Slipping out the wet dildo, you exchange it for three of your fingers. This drives her into ecstatic cries and your dick responds accordingly, fluid leaking from the head and balls tingling. You bring her to orgasm and then thrust your fingers into her mouth. She moans while she tastes herself on you. You move to thrust your dick into her mouth, but just for a few seconds. Leave her wanting more. . .

You return to the business at hand and mouth. The largest one in your hand, warmed by your breath and skin, begins its journey home. You have to start it almost sideways, pressing gently, but persistently into her, you love to see the gold disappear inside her dark hole. You get the glans all the way in and think she will not take any more. She is wider open than any woman you have seen and this from a woman who has objected to anything larger than your tongue. She arches her back against your thrusting hand now and you Beşiktaş escort bayan are pushing more forcefully than before. Only now do you see the inch markers on the shaft. The ability to measure her depth almost makes you faint. You have no idea how much she can really handle, but now you will be able to measure. It is already at six inches, more than she thinks she can handle and while you turn her over onto her back, you press against it and manage the seventh inch. She is panting now, more of the dildo in her than out and you know she would faint if she knew how much was in her.

You begin to sense she might be ready for you now. Open wide, yet still not plumbed to the ultimate depth. That is an honor and pleasure all yours alone.

You move to kiss her thighs and begin slowly removing the golden cock. She whimpers a little as she feels it recede, but your tongue her clit and lips to keep her quiet and she moans this time instead. You move the phallus out, slowly and steadily, never letting go of her clit with your lips. The juices cover your chin and you know that thrusting all the way into her will not be a problem. She will feel something bigger and warmer and better than an army of golden dildos. She will get the one true treasure. Yours. Big and Rock Hard and Ready all the time.

In one swift movement, you remove the last few inches of the dick and she gasps to feel so empty, but you fix that. Without waiting, you plunge every single centimeter of yourself into her and she cries out your name and God’s. You have never had a woman so hungry for your cock in her cunt and are amazed at the heat of it and the wetness of it and have to remind yourself not to come so quickly. She is wild now, almost out of control. She wraps her legs around your back and pulls you into her again and again. You kiss her full dark mouth and she slips her tongue into yours and comes against you, shuddering. You know in her state, one will never be enough, so you continue on. Five more hard deep sweeps and she emits one long and satisfied sigh after shivering. Now you know you can let go. You begin a light, fast stroke that gets you at your hardest. As the sperm fills your balls, you take a long deep breath and relax into the waves of orgasm that rock your body. The hair on your arms stands at attention and your skin burns before you too fall against your lover and feel the softness of her against your hardness.

Scattered around the bed, you see the shine and flash of the toys you have used on her. Your fellow lovers and helpers. She will put them away, in a line of graduating size, in their mahogany case, once you allow her to. Next time, she will bring them to you. Her pleasure, yours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32