Open Ch. 01

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He pushed me back onto my bed, I laughed as I fell down and bounced back up a few times before the springs settled. He placed his muscular arms on either side of my petite frame, and he lowered himself on top of me.

His weight wasn’t crushing, since he was able to support himself so well with his arms, the only pressure I felt was the bulge hidden beneath his jeans. I imagined what I’d find down there, but I was quickly cut short.

I felt strong lips collide with mine, slowly sucking and changing positions ever so slightly. The kisses always landed perfectly, my chin never covered in saliva from a miss aim. Then I felt a tongue quickly dart into my mouth, testing the waters. I replied with a light dart back, to give consent. Then his mouth guided mine open and his tongue entered, wresting mine and quickly asserting dominance. Then he moved his lips from mine and nuzzled his face into my neck.

There I felt his lips and tongue at work again, slowly kissing me in a trail down to my collar bone where he stopped escort gaziantep bayan haberleri and paused.

This was my cue.

I grabbed at the buttons of my shirt, fumbling as I tried to undo them. After a moment of awkwardly struggling, I finally managed to get them off, leaving a thin strip of my torso exposed to the chilling air. He grabbed the shirt and delicately removed my small arms out of the sleeves, and then tossed the shirt off the bed.

Now all I had covering my breasts was a lace bra so thin my nipples were visible in the dim lighting. He looked down at the bra hungrily and reached his hands under me. Now more than ever I felt his pressure and being, his warm body against mine as his struggles to unhook my bra.

“Rip it off” I whispered into his ear.

He then shifted around until he was sitting over me, and he took his strong hands and ripped the lace in half. The quick exposure of my breasts to the air caused my nipples escort gaziantep hikayeleri to perk up, cold and vulnerable.

Then the kisses continued, now on the small mound of flesh on my right side that surrounded my pink bud, slowly moving upwards to them. Eventually I felt his lips enclose around it, slowly licking and sucking.

That’s when I began to whimper. My hips started to buck, and my hand darted to my other nipple, and started to roughly twist and pull roughly on it. I needed him now, I couldn’t stop.

I think he realized this too, because he smirked and I felt his raspy laugh against my breast. He then sat up. I desperately grabbed at his top, quickly getting it off of him, his built chest looking back at me. I gently ran my fingers down his chest. I made sure to feel even inch of him, down to the ‘v’ that eventually led downwards. Now it was his turn to squirm.

He grabbed my skirt at the hem and in one swift motion pulled escort gaziantep bayan ilanları it off, now all he had to do was struggle with my panty hoes. Eventually he got them off, revealing that I left home without panties.

“Forget something?” He chuckled as he spread my legs apart, revealing my pink flower.

“Forgetting implies I meant to wear them,” I replied.

With that he undid his jeans, pulled them and his boxers off, and revealed a giant, throbbing mass that clearly longed to enter me.

I sat up with him and moved to his ear, feeling his mass on my leg.

“Cum on my breasts” I begged.

And with that he laid me back down and began.

The first pulse was gentle, and didn’t enter me all the way, none the less I let out a gasp, surprised at how wide he stretched me.

The second was stronger and deeper.

The third filled me.

Then a rhythm was set, quickly in, pause, slowly out. My hips buckled with pleasure, I reached one hand down and slowly circled my clit, my other hand playing with my left breast. His hands were preoccupied, but his lips weren’t, they kissed at my neck slowly.

It didn’t take long for me to cum. My hips jolted and spasmed, and I screamed out his name. It was incredible. He quickly came after me, and as requested, droiped his load all over my breasts. He then rolled onto back to catch his breath.

You could say I have amazing sex.

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