Oops! Ch. 02

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If you read ‘Oops!’ You’ll know that I had a secret – well, shall we say, ‘experience’ with Danielle’s sister Carly – so secret that not even Carly knew about it.

“How?” I hear you ask.

Let’s just say there was alcohol involved and one thing led to another, which led to me cumming all over Carly’s hot little butt. But if you want the whole story, then read the story.

You may remember the four sisters from ‘Oops!’ or you may not. They are four of the most gorgeous women ever, but then maybe I’m biased as the eldest is my wife.

All four of these women had bodies to die for, at least last time I saw them they did. That was just over two years ago. If they were anything like my wife, Danielle, then they had managed to maintain their incredible figures and healthy, natural good looks through a steady regime of doing bugger all and eating whatever they wanted. Lucky bastards!

It’s amazing what genetics can do for you. Both of their parents remained slim throughout their lives and did nothing to deserve it. However there is one side to their genetic makeup that they had to be wary of. They all had very addictive natures.

As a result of his addictions, their father was also a very violent man who regularly beat his wife and daughters for the slightest of infractions. So there was no mourning when he left, in fact it was more like a family-wide sigh of relief, followed by a massive party. What occurred at this party will stay in my erotic fantasies forever.

Both of their parents were severe alcoholics and in the past year their father had passed away from indulging in too much of a good time. He had left his family just over two years ago, much to the relief of all concerned, and met up with a woman who was quite a bit younger than him.

She also had addictions but hers were of a far more hard-core variety. It turned out she got him hooked on heroin and several varieties of party drugs. Being the man he was, he couldn’t turn down the ‘opportunity’ and it eventually got the better of him.

When news of his death filtered through to his wife and daughters, it was only after his will had been executed and he had already been buried. My wife was left a little lost for a while after this. She felt a bit awkward that she didn’t feel bad about his death or miss him at all. Personally, I think she felt at a loss because there seemed to be no finality about it – no funeral to say goodbye or good riddance as the case might be.

We hadn’t managed to get to see any of Danielle’s family last year, although we normally travel there every year to see them. Last year we just couldn’t get there as Danielle had returned to university and was in the middle of exams. She was a bit pissed off that none of them had bothered to come and visit us and I can’t say that I blame her. It always seems to me that we are the ones making the effort for them. Danielle, being the oldest sister, always felt a bit protective of her younger sisters so she couldn’t stay angry at them for long and made up all kinds of excuses for them.

When the opportunity arose to travel up there this year, she jumped at it. I must say that I was a lot more interested this year as well. Remembering that fantastic party and the amazingly erotic night it produced certainly raised my interest and my cock. In fact I spent most of the two thousand mile drive with a hard-on.

Danielle seemed to be really getting into the swing of things too. She was normally very reserved sexually, and when we went north it was even worse – like someone turned the sex tap off. This year it was the complete opposite.

The amount of times we stopped on a small side road or rest stop just to fuck, it’s amazing we got there at all. She seemed to be getting a taste for a bit of exhibitionism as well. Every time we stopped it was just a bit more daring than the last. Sometimes it was closer to the main highway, sometimes she would wait until she saw a rest stop with people in it and tell me to stop.

One time she got me to stop in a service station car park. She told me she wanted to get a drink because it was so damn hot. If any of you have ever been to the northern parts of Queensland, Australia in the summer, you will know just how hot and steamy it gets there. No amount of air conditioning in the car can remove the humidity. She told me to stay in the car and keep the air-con going as she wouldn’t be long.

I watched her as she got out of the car and noticed her short summer dress had bunched up in the back and the sweat was making it stick to her. Her lovely bum was on display with the cheeks peeking out the bottom of her white cotton panties.

“That’s interesting.” I thought. “She must have changed them after our last road side stop. I thought she had pink panties on.”

I know I should have said something to her but I figured she would feel it and pull it back down. Besides, I just love looking at her hot ass and any excuse will do. I couldn’t believe it as she just sauntered straight into the shop without even touching it, and was it just me, or was fixbet she swaying her hips a little more than she usually does when she walks?

I was hard as steel in moments and when she leaned over the counter to pick up the newspaper she had decided to get as well as the drinks, I could see her pussy lips straining against the fabric of her panties. I also noticed that the teenage boy sweeping the floor of the shop had noticed as well. His jaw hung open and I swear his tongue nearly fell out onto his shirt front. The man at the counter was none the wiser as he obviously couldn’t see what was going on. That didn’t stop him from having a quick peek down the front of her dress as she bent over.

Danielle paid for the drinks and the newspaper, and as she turned to leave the shop she pulled down her dress where it was bunched up and winked at the boy with the broom who promptly went the color of a beetroot. She sauntered back out to the car with her hips swaying like a hypnotist’s watch and a wicked grin on her face.

“You could have told me my dress had ridden up,” she said as she got in and dumped the cold drink bottle right in my crotch.

“Holy shit, that’s cold! Like you didn’t already know it was! Did you enjoy giving your little show?”

Danielle laughed as we pulled out of the parking lot. Gravel sprayed up and rattled under the car as I took off.

“O.K. you caught me. I was only planning on teasing you a bit but when I realized broom boy was looking at my ass too, well, I have to admit that really made me hot.”

“You showed him more than a bit of ass, honey.”


“When you bent over to get the newspaper your pussy was well on display.”

“Bullshit! I’ve got panties on.”

“Yeah, but when you bent over, they pushed against your pussy. I could see your pussy lips clearly from here so he definitely got a good look too. When I think about it, I bet the older guy at the counter was looking down the front of your dress as well.”

“Oh my god! You’re kidding!”

“Nope. I’ve gotta say though, it’s made me hard as a rock thinking about it. I mean, there was a stranger at either end of you, both of them thinking about fucking you.”

“Oh fuck that’s hot! Not what I intended though.”

“I know. That’s what makes it so fucking hot. I mean, think about it – one guy, a complete stranger, was thinking about your sweet pussy and what it would be like to slide those panties to one side and shove his hot, hard cock into you while the other one, also a complete stranger wanted to feel your tits, probably while you were bent over like that and no doubt with your lips wrapped around his throbbing cock.”

“Oh fuck, shut up! You’re making me wet. Look.”

Danielle lifted up the front of her dress and sure enough I could see a small damp spot appearing on the front of her new white panties.

“Mmm, that looks very yummy. Do you know what that young guy with the broom is doing right now?”


“He’s hiding in the bathroom. He’s got his cock out and is slowly stroking it with his eyes shut tight and the image of your panty-covered ass and pussy burning in his brain.”

“I never thought I’d be into this, but that is making me so fucking horny.”

“I’m pretty turned on thinking about that too.”

“What do you mean?” she asked with a worried look on her face. “Do you want to see me get fucked by two strangers?”

“I’ve got to say that the mental image is turning me on a lot, but no, I don’t think I want you to be fucked by a stranger but I sure loved them looking at your sexy body.”

“Oh well, like I said, I didn’t intend to show them but it was a lot of fun.”

“So what are you going to do about your little moisture problem?”

“Hmm. I think I’ve got just the remedy.”

She started to dig around in her hand bag and pulled out her mini vibe. She turned it on and immediately started running it over her pussy with her panties in between. There was an immediate moan and the scent of her pussy got a little more intense. Slipping her hips forward a bit further she pulled her panties to one side then spread her legs and her pussy open and applied the vibrator straight to her clit.

She worked the little vibe up and down her slit, moving down to her hole getting it nice and wet and then back up to her clit. When it got back up to her clit she would gasp. She swapped the vibe into her other hand and then slowly pushed a finger straight into herself, letting out a deep moan as it slid all the way in.

“Knowing that young guy was looking straight at my pussy turns me on so much, and thinking about him pulling his hard prick while thinking of me is so good. Oh man I’m gonna cum, oh, oh, ohhhh!”

Danielle now had two fingers slamming in and out of her pussy, making a slurping noise while her other hand held the vibe right against her clit. She was making animalistic grunts as she bucked her hips against her hand.

In between puffs she said, “Wow, I haven’t cum that fast in a long time. I can’t believe how horny I’ve fixbet giriş been all day. Oh no, look at you, I can’t leave you all uncomfortable like that. You look like you’re about to split your pants.”

Danielle immediately reached over and squeezed my cock through my shorts. She was rewarded with a damp patch appearing at the tip of my cock and soaking through the material.

“Oh poor baby, let me fix that for you.”

She tried to pull my cock out but I had to give her a bit of help as things had gotten awfully tight. Not an easy task when you’re driving down a freeway but as they say where there’s a will there’s a way. Once it was out she dove on it. She grabbed it hard with one hand then leant over and took my knob straight in her mouth. She was swirling her tongue around my knob and sucking really hard, just on the tip. It felt pretty amazing to me but she was obviously uncomfortable as she took my cock out of her mouth and sat up.

“That’s not going to work. This is better.”

She moved around on the seat until she was on her knees with her ass up in the air and her head in my lap. She licked the pre cum that had developed at the tip of my cock and then slowly slid her lips down the entire length of my shaft, taking me into her throat. I could feel her swallowing to stop the gag reflex and it felt incredible as her throat squeezed around my cock. Then she slowly slid my cock out of her mouth. Once again she sucked my cock deep into her mouth and started to hum.

“That feels so good baby, I love it when you do that. I can feel it vibrate right down into my balls.”

I reached over to her ass that was up in the air right next to her window. I started to rub her ass cheeks. She loves it when I play with her ass. I pulled her skirt up and discovered that her panties were still pushed to one side. I slowly moved my middle finger down towards her pussy. She was still incredibly wet and some of her juices had obviously run down into her ass crack when she came earlier. I started sliding my finger up and down, going from her clit, over her hole then up over her ass hole and then back down again. She was obviously really enjoying this as she picked up the pace on my cock and increased the suction.

It was then that I noticed a Minivan in the other lane a bit ahead of us, and it gave me a naughty idea. Danielle had her face on my cock. Without her realizing, I slowly sped up just a little bit. I was a bit uncertain, as I didn’t know how a stranger might react to this but I had to find out. As I got closer I saw that it was a car load of guys in about their early twenties. I decided to go for it and sped up until I was matching their pace right next to the driver’s window.

The other driver looked across and swerved a bit in shock at what he saw. He started talking to the others in the car who all clambered over to the windows on the driver’s side of the van. I kept working Danielle’s pussy and ass right in the faces of these guys as we kept pace. One of the guys turned around to say something to the others. When he turned back another face appeared in the window – a young woman this time. She had a look of shock on her face at what she was seeing but she didn’t seem to be able to take her face away from the window.

It turned me on so much to have this hot young woman watching me finger my wife’s pussy and ass while she sucked on my cock. I was really struggling to hold on and not cum – Danielle doesn’t normally let me cum in her mouth. Not that she hates it; she just prefers to feel me unload in her pussy or ass. I could really feel the pressure building in my balls and I warned Danielle that if she kept going I was going to cum. She just moaned and sucked harder. She pushed her ass more firmly against my hand and I slipped a finger into her ass. I looked across to see what the reaction to this was in the other car.

The guys in the front were pumping their fists in the air but the reaction in the back was a bit different. The girl had taken her top off and was sitting sideways on the lap of the guy nearest the window. He had his mouth firmly on her nipple. The other guy in the back had his hand on her other tit and she had her mouth open, her head thrown back and her eyes shut. This was all I could take, and that image threw me over the edge and I started to cum.

It seemed like I came for ever. Spurt after spurt squirted from my cock straight into my wife’s mouth. I was really struggling to keep the car going in a straight line. Danielle sat up and looked over at the other vehicle and immediately knew what had happened. Instead of being pissed off she opened her mouth wide and showed them all my cum. She closed her mouth, swallowed exaggeratedly then opened her mouth to show them it was empty. The guys in front started cheering and she rewarded them with a flash of her tits. I then took off down the highway, accelerating away from them.

“Why didn’t you tell me we had an audience?” she chided.

“I didn’t want you to stop.”

“I wouldn’t have stopped, next time tell me okay.”

I liked the sound of that. Next time.

Not long after that we pulled over into a motel for the night. It was so humid that we really had trouble getting to sleep, and hearing the couple next door going at it all night didn’t help. It sounded like they were going for hours. If there was only one girl in there she was going to be sore in the morning. As for us we were just too tired to produce anything of note – just a very short quickie to try and get us off to sleep.

In the morning we woke to what sounded like a herd of elephants in the next room, and when I got up to look out the window I couldn’t believe that the people coming from the next room and piling into their minivan were the same ones we saw yesterday.

I turned to Danielle who was making a cup of coffee for us both.

“You’re not going to believe who our neighbors were.”

She had a puzzled look on her face as we don’t know anyone in the area.


“Do you remember a minivan yesterday?”

“Oh… no way!”


“Well that explains the noise last night. I wonder how many of them had a go with her.”

Danielle had a look on her face that seemed to be half awe and half curiosity.

“I don’t know, but I think she might need an inflatable hemorrhoid pillow today, judging by the way she hobbled out to the car. She’s got a big smile though.”

We both had a laugh at the thought but I couldn’t help but notice that Danielle seemed to be day dreaming about something all through her morning coffee. The rest of the day was spent traveling with not as many pit stops. Our conversations drifted off into that comfortable silence you only get with someone you know well.

Every once in a while Danielle would come out with some random statement or question, each one centered round the girl in the van.

“I wonder if they’re all feeling awkward in that van today?” and “I wonder if she’s feeling sore after last night” or “do you think she’ll be wanting more?” and “I wonder what it feels like to have all those cocks in you? How many do you think she could take at once? Just one or two, or do you think she got all three holes filled?”

I was beginning to wonder if she was just intrigued or really wanted to try this, and if she did, how would I feel about it?

“I don’t know honey, I wasn’t there. How many do you think she could take?”

“I don’t know, but it’s pretty hot to think that just one wall away from us she was getting drilled and maybe completely full of cock – real cock, not just toys like we play with but three real, hot, throbbing, squirting cocks.”

She now had her hands between her thighs and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Needless to say, that became one of our pit stops.

The closer we got to our destination the more I just wanted to get there. We were both tired from the two-day drive and needed a dip in the pool followed by a comfortable bed.

When we finally arrived we were greeted by Danielle’s mum but all of her sisters were out, either at work, with a boyfriend, or at a friend’s place. It was a bit of an anti climax to be honest, as I’d been looking forward to seeing the girls. Danielle’s mum was definitely looking a lot better than last time I’d seen her. She had a bit more color about her and she didn’t look as haggard. I commented that she looked well and she surprised us both.

“Well, six months off the booze will make you look better. Sure as hell makes me feel better.”

“Wow, really mum?”

“Yeah. Once that scum bag dropped dead it was like the weight of the world just lifted off me. I wasn’t scared that he’d come back any more, and the fact that he had a sizeable life assurance policy that he’d forgotten to change out of my name certainly didn’t hurt.”

I burst out laughing. “The prick will be rolling in his grave.”

“Good!” my wife told her. “It’s not like he didn’t owe you, mum. You deserve it all and more for the things he did to you.” Danielle almost spat with vehemence.

The rest of the evening we spent just lazing around in the pool. After I’d totally relaxed and soaked long enough, I said to Danielle.

“When everyone gets home, let’s have a barbecue. I’ll go get some seafood and a few nice steaks. Do you want make up some salads?”

“Yeah that sounds great. I’ll have to send the others a text message and make sure they are coming home though. Belinda’s got a new boyfriend, so they might be busy if you know what I mean? Amanda will be home from her friend’s place soon and I think Carly finishes work in about half an hour.”

“O.K. I’ll get dressed and head down to the market. Just send me a message and let me know how many will be there.”

As I drove off down the road I was thinking about Danielle’s sisters and it seemed odd to me how Belinda now had a boyfriend. She’s eighteen now so I shouldn’t feel weird about it, but last time I saw her she was still at high school. Carly was definitely in my thoughts too. Last time I stayed with them she ended up with a load of my hot cum all over her ass. I still instantly get hard when I think about that night. I wonder if she ever figured out why she had a sticky ass in the morning. I guessed I’d find out that night. I hoped it wasn’t too awkward.

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