Only a Matter of Time

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Only a Matter of Time

Gardening is a rewarding pursuit. It was one that Christina had learned as a child, taught by her Father.

A seed, ever so tiny, is planted.

Through time and patience and care, it inevitably blossoms into something beautiful.

Something natural.

Something that enhances your life.

It’s only a matter of time.

“When you finish with the flowers, why don’t you join me in the bedroom, Christina,” her Father spoke, before turning and walking back to the house.

Nineteen year-old Christina smiled sheepishly and nodded.

She finished in the greenhouse, setting down the water can and then skipping off into the house, unseen.

Shoes kicked off in the mudroom, feet wiped with a towel. Hands washed at the sink.

Bounding quickly up the stairs, she paused at the door and took a deep breath.

Eyes downcast, she came silently to join her Father in his bedroom.

He was sitting in his large leather chair, comfortably leaning back, relaxing in his silken robe, reading the day’s newspaper. He paused as she entered, and folded the paper, setting it aside.

“I was wondering if gaziantep rus escort you wouldn’t mind doing me a Favor, honey,” he asked, as his pulse quickened.

Christina nodded shyly and began to slowly undress before her Father.

First her overalls…. one snap, then the other… lowering it to the ground and stepping out. Her soft cotton shirt was next, leaving her only in a simple bra and panties.

He nodded.

Her hands slid back behind her, finding the clasps with her fingertips. One… two… three. All were released and the bra slide off her shoulders, baring her to Him.

Next, the panties… shimmered down her pale, skinny legs.

He smiled and sank a little deeper into his chair.

Nude, she crawled cautiously up onto his bed.

She grasped one of the tall bedposts and allowed her weight to fall, stretching out her arm and slanting her body as she looked at him with a smoky glare. Her head dropped and rolled, tossing brunette pigtails around like a deadly whip.

Popping up on her knees…



Her body began to move to music that existed only in her mind.

Turning gaziantep swinger escort her back to him, hands on his headboard, the pigtails were efficiently undone and she tossed her hair seductively.

Her buttocks shook and moved in circles, as she looked in the mirror above the headboard at her audience of one.

Christina’s Father penis was at full erection and his hands moved instinctively down to grasp it.

Her eyes caught his movements and locked on to the size of his manhood.

Her Father was a good 8 inches long, uncut, with testicles like lemons. No doubt he had stretched her Mother when they made love.

But Mother was gone now and Christina was trying to ascend to the vacant role.

An only child, she had always loved her Father, and that love had grown deeper as time had passed. As the only other person in the world she was related to, He had her complete and utter devotion.

It had taken a few years of slow going to get to this point with Him.

Over the years, she had flirted with Him, letting Him catch her in various states of undress, “innocently” asking Him to take her bra and panty gaziantep travesti escort shopping. He had always embarrassingly agreed, surely wishing His dear departed Wife were here to complete these tasks that were so crucial to a blossoming young lady’s life. But like a real Man, he had stepped up to an uncomfortable challenge and embraced it.

Touching had come next, with massages for Him after work and rough housing on Friday nights after popcorn and a board game.

Slowly, and perhaps unknowingly, He had opened to his daughter’s advances.

But, He was not quite comfortable with outright sexual touch yet.

It didn’t matter, it was only a matter of time.

Christina laid back on Her Father’s bed, hopefully soon to be THEIR bed, and let her fingers trace her body. She cupped her breasts up and began to lick her nipples with an effortless, erotic grace.

She was rewarded with a moan from her Father in his chair.

He loved watching his daughter do this.

She began to masturbate, watching her Daddy tug his Manhood in much-needed-pleasure

Seeing her in the throes of ecstasy had become very arousing for Him.

Soon His hot ejaculate would coat His fingers, and she would dutifully go get a warmed washcloth to clean those fingers and His spent manhood.

It might take all summer, and even into Fall, but eventually, she knew, He would give in and mate with her.

And then all of their dreams could be fulfilled.

From the smallest seed, the most beautiful flower could blossom.

It was only a matter of time.

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