One Night Stand (Erica K.)

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I was going through a second breakup with my crazy girlfriend. That’s when someone gave me Erica’s information and told me to contact her because we had a few things in common. I don’t remember who I got her number from, but looking back, I’m glad I got it. I texted her, and at first, that’s all it was, a few innocent text messages from time to time. Suddenly, one night the innocence was gone.

We had both been drinking when the texts started. At the time, I was on my farm in Virginia, and she was in Baltimore. At this point, we had been texting for nearly a month. So on this particular night, it didn’t take long for our inhibitions to go right out the window.

She started with a text that said: I’ll brb, I gotta go wash my vibrator off. I dropped it.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react to that. I asked her if that message was meant for me, and she assured me that it was, saying that she was tired of waiting for me to make the first move.

Honestly, I didn’t find her all that attractive. Erica was a cute, kind of pretty girl, a girly girl, into makeup and fashion, but she was a little on the thick side. On the other hand, I was in a slump, and a piece of pussy sounded good. How bad could it be?

We continued talking dirty that night, going as far as sending each other pictures. I couldn’t get her to send me a picture of her pussy, but she sent me several photos of her tits. A few were in a bra, a couple were nude. Her tits were huge, and they looked firm, firmer than most big girls.

I sent her some pictures of my cock. She told me it looked big and that she’d rather be fucking my cock than her vibrator.

We talked long enough to get each other off that night. After she told me she had made herself cum she sent me a picture of her vibrator. It was a big, pink cock complete with veins and balls. It was at least eight inches long and thick. I couldn’t tell if she had cum or not, but it was apparent by how shiny it was that the vibrator was covered in her pussy juices.

The following picture I got was of her with the vibrator in her mouth. The fake balls were resting on her chin. That’s when I knew I had to fuck her.

I sent her a picture of my cock with my cum running down my shaft so that she could see that she had made me cum too. After that, we both agreed we needed to pass out.

The following day, I woke up to a text from her asking when I planned to come back to Maryland. Before I could reply, I got a picture of her in matching bra and panties that she was wearing that day. That was the first time I had seen her entire body like that. She was kind of thick, but she was actually kind of hot too. She didn’t have any fat rolls, her stomach wasn’t too fat, and she had amazing, huge tits and a nice, plump ass. I texted her back, telling her I’d be in Maryland that weekend.

I went to Maryland that Friday afternoon. After a few texts, we decided to meet at one of my favorite watering later that night.

I had been at the bar for a couple of hours when Erica finally showed up at 10:30. Even though I had no plans of driving, I wasn’t drinking a lot. I didn’t want to be too drunk for our first actual meeting. Except for a couple of beers and a few shots, I had taken a couple of Percocet too. I was pretty much sober when Erica got there.

Erica didn’t want to drink any alcohol since she would be the one driving us back to my townhouse in Hampstead. I told her we could leave as soon as I was finished with my beer that I had already paid my tab. She seemed a little relieved about that. There was no point in staying anyway. After all, the only reason we had met was to fuck each other’s brains out. I finished my beer, told a few people bye, laid a tip on the bar, and then we left.

I followed Erica into the parking lot since I wasn’t sure which car was hers. She led me to a white Mustang Demetevler Rus Escort parked in the back of the lot. Walking behind her was the first time I had a chance to really check her out. She was kind of tall, about my height, 6′ 1″, but she was in heels and doing a fantastic job walking in the gravel parking lot. She was a little thick, but she didn’t have that jiggle that so many thick girls have. She had a nice ass, and her tits were huge.

I only lived a few miles from the bar, so it didn’t take us very long to get back to my townhouse. Jen was in the process of moving out, so there were boxes everywhere, along with the general disarray that comes with moving. Jen was supposed to move some of her stuff that week, and it seemed like she had changed her mind.

Erica asked what was going on, and I explained that I was going through a breakup. While I was talking to her, I took a couple more Percocet. Full of questions, Erica asked what I had just taken. I told her I took them to make sure I didn’t get off too quickly. After that, she just started looking around. I suggested going upstairs to the bedroom to get comfortable, maybe watch a movie. She agreed that was a good idea.

When I got upstairs, I realized what Jen had moved earlier in the week. My bed. Everything else was in the bedroom precisely as I had left it. To say that I was a little pissed would be an understatement. Embarrassment shot through me as well when Erica walked in behind me. To my surprise, Erica didn’t mind at all. She looked around, laughed, and said, “It’s been a while since I got fucked on a floor.”

That was reassuring for several reasons. Mostly because I thought she was having second thoughts. The bed wasn’t really an issue for me. In the worst-case scenario, I would just go to a hotel for the night.

There was a stack of sheets, comforters, and pillows that Jen had been nice enough to leave. Erica walked over to them, “I’ll make a place for us to lay. You start a movie,” she said. A few minutes later, she had made a nice place on the floor for us to lay on, and Pulp Fiction was playing on the TV.

We laid down, and it didn’t take long before we started kissing. We were lying on our sides, facing each other. I decided to test the limits, and I started moving my hands around her body. I started playing with her titties, and she just kissed me harder. I ran my hands down her sides to her hips. I kept it there for a moment before reaching back to grab her ass.

When I grabbed her ass, she moved her whole body, pressing harder against me. By now, my cock was hard and straining against my pants. I rolled over onto my back, and Erica followed me, keeping her lips pressed against mine.

Now I had one arm under her, wrapped around her, grabbing her ass, and I used my other hand to undo my belt and unbutton my pants. Erica had a hand on my chest. Once my cock was free, I grabbed her hand and moved it down to my throbbing member. She took the hint and started to gently stroke my cock while kissing me.

After a few moments, she pulled away from me, got on her knees beside me, pulled her hair back into a ponytail, then leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. She kept one hand on the floor between my legs to hold herself up. She continued to stroke my cock slowly as she sucked me off. She was only about 21, I don’t know how many hard dicks she’d had in her mouth, but she was an excellent cocksucker.

Her ass was in the air beside me, in the perfect position for me to rub it. She had a nice, big ass. It was firm and sexy. She was wearing a skirt that came down almost to her knees and stockings that I hoped were only thigh-highs. It took a little work, but I finally got her skirt high enough to see to the top of her stockings. I was relieved that they Otele Gelen Rus Escort were only thigh-high, not pantyhose. I could also see the little triangle patch of thong covering her pussy, and the bottom of her ass cheeks. I had never before been turned on by a big girl, but seeing Erica like that, her pussy and ass nearly exposed while sucking on my cock, really turned me on. Through all of that, she never missed a stroke.

I started rubbing her inner thighs, this caused her to spread her legs a little more, and she slowed down, sucking my cock, taking more of me into her mouth, starting to deepthroat me, and using her hand less. I slowly worked my way up to her inner thigh to the little triangle piece of fabric covering her pussy. As soon as my hand brushed the little bit of cloth, she went all the way down on my cock and started moaning, and I started rubbing the little patch. Her cunt was so wet I could feel her juices on my fingers.

That didn’t last long at all. As soon as I moved my hand to try to get my fingers inside Erica’s panties, Erica stood up, and I thought I had somehow gone too far. She pulled her skirt back down around her legs with her back to me. To my surprise, Erica slid her panties down, taking them off and tossing them aside. I laid there looking up at her. I honestly could not believe that she was so fucking hot for a big girl. I was stroking my cock, still using her spit as lube.

Erica turned to face me, putting a foot on either side of me. She got down on her knees, looked down at my cock, and grabbed it. She used her other hand to part her pussy lips, then slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Her pussy felt amazing. It wasn’t the tightest pussy I’d ever had, but she wasn’t loose either. She was incredibly hot and wet. Almost as soon as I was all the way inside her, I could feel her pussy juices running down my balls.

She started to rotate her hips slowly while taking her shirt off. Even in her bra, I could see how massive her tits were. By far, those were the biggest titties I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with and sucking on. She tossed her shirt behind her then reached around to unhook her bra. When she finally got her bra off, her tits didn’t move. I was shocked, I thought the bra was holding them up, but no, there was no sag. She tossed her bra back with her shirt, then leaned forward. The whole time she kept her hips moving in a swaying motion.

I reached up and grabbed her tits. I was amazed at how firm they were. They had perfect-sized nipples that were as hard as little pebbles. I leaned up and started to suck on one, gently biting her nipple before flicking it a few times with the tip of my tongue. Erica was moaning again but had stopped moving on my cock.

I laid back and grabbed her hips, hoping that she would get the hint to move again. She did. She sat back up, put her hands behind her head, causing her tits to stand out, and started to grind her wet cunt on my cock. Now I felt deeper in her than before, and she felt tighter deep inside her juicy snatch where my dickhead was. The more she grinded on me, the deeper it felt like I was going.

She kept her hands behind her head the entire time. I kept alternating between squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, holding her hips, and playing with her clit. She rode my cock like that for a long time, and I enjoyed every second of it. She had to have kept that up for over thirty minutes.

Finally, she stopped and fell forward onto me, instantly kissing me. After a couple of minutes of that, she sat up a little, supporting herself with her hands on my shoulders. She began to rise off my cock, then slowly back down, eventually working up to a nice fast pace. Erica started slamming her cunt back down on my cock so hard her pussy juices Balgat Rus Escort were splashing onto my chest and face. I just laid there taking it and playing with her amazing tits.

Out of nowhere, she collapsed own onto me. She whispered in my ear, “I’m fuckin’ exhausted. I’ve cum at least five or six times, and I need a break.”

I laid there with her, rubbing her back as my cock throbbed in her pussy. “Why haven’t you cum yet?” she asked. “I’ve never been with a guy that lasted through all of that.”

I reminded her about the Percocet. “Will you be able to cum?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I’m going to have to fuck you hard and fast,” I told her.

“I’m totally fine with being pounded on like a fuckdoll, but I’m just going to have to lay here while you do your thing,” she said.

“Rollover, lay on your stomach,” I told her.

Erica got off of me and laid down on her stomach beside me. I got on my knees behind her. She didn’t seem to care at all what I was doing. Her legs were spread wide, exposing her well-fucked, wet pussy. She arched her back, lifting her hips off the floor, giving me easier access. She put a pillow under her to hold her up. I just sat there for a moment, staring at her gaping, hairless twat and stroking my cock.

It didn’t take long before the urge to fuck her like a fuckdoll won out. I got closer to her and put the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. I reached up and grabbed her skirt before driving my cock into her hard and fast. Erica let out a quiet groan. I pulled out of her slowly, keeping my dickhead just between her parted pussy lips, then slammed into her again, harder than before. I pulled out of her slowly again. Now my cock was coated with her slick cunt juice.

This time I pulled out all of the way out of her pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them open, put my cock between them, and squeezed them as tight as I could. I slowly fucked her ass cheeks until the lube of her pussy juices wore off.

Through all of this, Erica just laid there. I was starting to wonder if she’d fallen asleep. “Are you awake?” I asked, smacking her on the ass.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure for how much longer,” she replied. “Don’t worry, though. It doesn’t matter if I fall asleep. You can use me however you need to, so you can cum too.”

I decided to go ahead and fuck her and try to cum fast so we could both get some sleep. I put my cock back in her pussy and grabbed her skirt again. With all of the Percocet in my system, the only way I would be able to cum was by fucking her hard and fast, no more pulling out slow. There was no way she would be able to fall asleep with what I was about to do to her. I got into a good position and began to fuck her at a nice medium pace. Once I was sure of my balance, I started to pound her slutty cunt as hard and fast as possible.

Erica just laid there and took it all. Every now and then, she would grunt or moan if I went into her, especially hard or deep. I could tell Erica enjoyed getting fucked like that. She came at least two more times, and I know because she was far more vocal about it this time around. Every time Erica would cum, her body would shake slightly, and her pussy would clench around my cock. She had a thick, white, milky cum coating my cock, and there was a huge wet spot under us. When her pussy would clench up, it was harder to shove my cock back into her. When she wasn’t clenching her pussy she was loose and sloppy now. Wet-smacking sounds filled the room.

The last time she came, her cunt got so tight I had to cum with her. I pulled out of her cunt at the last second and shoved my cock between her ass cheeks just before I exploded all over her back and ass. When I was done cumming I sat back on my knees and enjoyed looking at my handiwork. Erica’s lower back was covered in cum. The cum in her ass cheeks was starting to run down over her bald cunt. Her pussy was gaping open as I had never seen before, her pink lips were a good inch apart, and her pussy hole looked wide and deep. I loved the way she looked lying there.

After a few minutes, I got up and got a towel to clean her off. Once I had wiped the cum off her, I lay down to sleep. Erica was already asleep. When she had fallen asleep, I didn’t know

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