On the Loveseat Ch. 26

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Welcome to the final chapter, if not the final installment. The writing of this story has been a wild and long ride. Very long! I can’t believe that it’s been three and a half years! I had never expected it to be this long, or take this long to get out. But now it’s done, the last words have been written. For everyone that has read my words, I say thank you. Thanks also for the comments, suggestions, and positive votes!

I do have numerous ideas for more stories, oh, so many ideas, so don’t worry that I am done writing. None (but one) are like this and will be only one, or just a few chapters long. Please continue to comment or suggest ideas, I am always grateful for any kind of responses! And as always, please vote!


The time passed, as it does.

The next events between mom and me do need to be told, in all their exacting details!

Jojo and Johnny were still at camp. I was counting the hours and days until their return.

Actually, it wasn’t so much their return that I was anticipating, but the amount of time I had left to spend unfettered with my wonderful mother. My gorgeous Jenny. My amazing lover.

I did still get time with Erin too, don’t get me wrong. We just weren’t as limited in partaking of our carnal pleasures. Or the location of their undertaking. It was just on that day that Erin was otherwise occupied with some friends, with which we both tried to spend at least some time.

Just after making me lunch, mom came to me and told me boldly that she wanted to recreate the first time anything had happened between us. I thought she had meant that afternoon at her sister’s, when we had first had sex.

No, she wanted to go further back than that.

She wanted to sit beside me as she had when her hand had fell onto my hard dick!

I just figured that we could watch a movie together and let things play out as they had. Mom told me that that wouldn’t guarantee that I would be ‘ready’ for her hand.

“Your presence mom, practically guarantees that!” I stated firmly.

“I want more assurance than your word. Not that I doubt it.” Mom gave me a pat on the front of my pants that had me filling out.

“What are you suggesting?” Clearly, she was going somewhere with this idea!

“We could watch … an … uh, adult … movie.” Her eyes darted all over the room but couldn’t meet mine. Even after everything!

I stared in shock at my mom.

I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think anything Jenny wanted would surprise me anymore.

I was very intrigued though.

I also was bolder in my response than her request.

“An adult movie? You mean porn?” My eyes never left her face.

Her eyes then came up to mine.

“Yes. If you can watch that with your mother that is.” Her whole demeanor was no longer shy and demure, nor was it motherly. Jenny was all sultry seduction.

“Oh yes I can!” I told her gladly.

“Well.” Mom put a hand on my shoulder. “I will have to dress more appropriately for that. You should get more comfortable as well.”

She turned and headed down the hall to her bedroom.

How do you dress more appropriately for porn? Undress is more like it!

I rushed upstairs to put on some looser clothes that wouldn’t restrict mom’s hands, my hardening dick, or my blood flow in any way! I settled on some old sweat pants with an elastic waistband for easier access and removal, and my usual tee shirt.

I came back down and didn’t see mom around.

I went in search of my love. I found her putting on some lingerie, much as I had not so long ago. And as with then, I spied on her dressing through the half open door. I suspected that she might be purposely putting on a show for me. It was so erotic, sensual, and yes, sexy to watch my own mother putting on the intimate apparel especially for me. That only made me want to please her even more!

Before she finished, I retreated back to the living room in heated anticipation of the upcoming action.

I was already sitting on the loveseat when Jenny came into the room. She was wearing one of the pieces that we had bought together. It was a green silky corset one-piece that left most of her breasts bulging out of the top and the crotch so tight that mom’s vulva was clearly outlined like a camel’s toe. She also had on green-tinted stockings with wide bands around her trim thighs, and modest, but still sexy heels. Also, she had on a sheer green lace gown that didn’t hide anything, with a green silk sash tied around her waist.

I’m sure my eyes bugged out as much as they had that long-ago day.

I made no comment on the amount of time that had passed since that shopping trip, and just stared as she crossed the room and came and sat next to me, snuggling close.

“What about your blanket to keep you warm?” I asked as I gestured to it behind me on the back of the loveseat.

“It won’t be needed as I am very warm already. And I have you here to keep me warm as well.” Mom purred to me with a hand on my chest.

“You’re wrong there, mom. You’re gaziantep escortları not warm, you are very hot!” I told her ardently.

Mom smiled at that but didn’t respond to it, instead replying. “Besides, with the blanket on, then you couldn’t stare at me in my lingerie.”

I couldn’t argue with that in the slightest!

Now that we had come to it, I will admit that I was a little nervous about watching porn with my mother. We might have done almost everything imaginable sexually, but there was still that part of me that saw her as mom. It was the part that made what we did even sexier, more lustful, but she was still the one that had spanked me when I was five or six for breaking the cookie jar and then lying about it. No matter how many times I took her ass, or smacked her delightful derrière, there was still that little boy lurking deep inside me.

And now I would be doing one of the things that every young guy would dread to have their mom catch them doing; besides that other thing of course! Watching porn! Even with her wearing the sexiest of lingerie and looking so ready for sex sitting beside me!

Then came the next issue!

What porn do you watch with your mom?

“What do you want to watch?” I asked nervously.

Mom answered almost nonchalantly. I knew it had to be a front though; she had to be as nervous about this as me. Although she was the one that had come up with the idea!

“Whatever you normally watch.” She said as she pressed her body closer to mine and rested her head on my shoulder like she had done on that fabled evening.

How do you admit to your mother what you watch to jerk off? Even a mother with whom you’re having sex?

“Um … actually …” I faltered. “Since you, and Jess. And then Erin. I haven’t had to in quite a while.”

Mom looked me in the eye with some disbelief at my confession. She had given me much of that relief, so why would she doubt me?

“You decide. I just want to snuggle with you while we watch.” She gripped my bicep lovingly as she pushed her barely concealed chest against my arm.

The big screen had internet connection so I went online and quickly found one of my favorite porn sites. A number of thumbnail views popped up. I have to admit the prospect of watching online porn on the big TV screen was tantalizing!

“Do you just have to scroll through all those tiny images?” Mom asked curiously beside me as she stared up at the TV.

“No, you can also pick by type.” I explained, which felt so incongruous.

“What type do you like?” Mom asked as her eyes still scanned the numerous sex scenes playing out in miniature.

“Well,” I started as I grew more at ease in this strange scenario. “I have grown to like the old/young category!”

I gave her a knowing smirk.

“Oh, really? Any reason?” She played along.

“Yeah, the daddy/daughter videos are really hot!” I teased.

“Really?” Mom asked sincerely.

“No, of course not, Jenny! Mother and sons!”

Her eyes again darted to me at that.

“Is that really a thing?” She asked deeply curious.

“Yeah, look.”

I quickly clicked through the menu bar at the top of the screen and the little screens were replaced by a new batch of tiny vignettes.

“Wow. So many.” Mom said in a hushed tone. “Step-mom. Step-son. Are none real?”

“Of course not. That’s illegal almost everywhere.” I said but had no actual knowledge. I just assumed it was.

“Put one on.” She gestured at the screen with her right hand.

Even in that odd moment, I was getting very hard in anticipation. Not fully erect, but on the threshold nonetheless!

Jenny’s interest seemed to be more on the screen than at the start. Possibly seeing what the fantasy looked like to others intrigued her, even as she was living the reality with me. Or me with her!

“The ‘sons’ seem barely younger than the ‘moms’!” She complained harshly.

“They are only actors, mom.” I had to state the obvious. “But yeah, I agree.”

I searched a moment through the still small images but made larger by the huge TV screen.

“This one is a little more realistic.” I said as I clicked on one. “Well, as realistic as porn could be!”

The reality was far more fantastic than any of the videos!

Jenny’s hand didn’t fall to my lap; she placed it there very deliberately. I heard the soft sigh she let out when she found that I was very, very hard.

“You know Jenny, I don’t need videos like this though. I have my own live video playing in my head and I remember any number of the times we’ve been together!” I half-teased, half-stated. “And with Aunt Jess and Erin even included.”

Mom nodded wordlessly in agreement as she watched the screen avidly. Her hand was more tentative on my erection, searching and wandering much as I was doing on the adult website. The heaviness of her breathing said of the effect all this was having on her.

“What other categories are there?” She asked breathlessly.

I gaziantep eskort went through the menu and scrolled through the choices.

We watched a few amateur ones, but I’m not sure she understood the classification.

“They aren’t as good as the professional ones, but at least it looks more realistic.” She spoke offhand as she gave her opinion.

“There are websites where anyone can submit videos of themselves.” I told her.

“It really is amateur?” Mom gazed at me with amazement. “I just thought it was amateur video makers!”

“No, some couples like having others watch them. Sometimes they even share their S.O. with a stranger and film it.” I told her plainly.

“No!” Mom gasped.

But it didn’t repulse her.

“What else is there?” She asked as her hand kept gently teasing me.

I scrolled around. I hovered over anal for a half second that she had to notice but she didn’t stop me, so I kept going.

“I never knew that there were so many categories for sex! Or that it is even a thing for nationalities or ethnic types!” Mom said as I passed over any number of the more niche options. “Or, that MILF was such a large category!”

“Obviously a lot of guys, or girls, like older women. It doesn’t necessarily imply just moms and sons.” I explained boldly as an expert on the subject. Or, I liked to believe that I was an expert, I might possibly need more study of the subject!

I scrolled the wonderful older women category, or as I called it, WOW!

Mom didn’t stop me on any of the videos, so I returned to the main menu and scrolled through the rest of the choices.

“That’s it. Well, unless you count the gay or trans menus.” I turned to mom to wait for her comment about it all.

“Trans?” She asked curiously.

I assumed she knew what that was when I answered.

“I’ve never checked those.” I started. I had no inclination to ever do so either! I had nothing against them; to each their own, but I had no interest myself. “But I guess some guys like girls with dicks. Or is it, guys with tits? Whichever.”

“I just didn’t know that there would be … so much of it.” There was a look of overwhelmed amazement on Jenny’s face.

“Is there anything that interests you now that you’ve seen the choices?” I asked her curiously.

Mom didn’t look at me, and her words were muted somewhat.

“Go back to the lesbians.” She said demurely.

This didn’t really surprise me with her renewed interest in women, specifically my girlfriend and her sister.

“That’s my favorite too. Well … after the mother and son ones.” I admitted.

I returned to that category and after scanning the first few tiny previews, I picked one that looked interesting.

Mom’s hand had been resting on my dick without movement while we had searched but it then resumed its gently caresses.

“Tell me what you were thinking that evening. What you thought when my hand fell onto your lap.”

It had been some time before by that point, but I still remembered it very vividly!

“We were all sitting here, watching a movie.” I indicated the TV screen. The action now playing was far more conducive to an erection than the teen comedy that we had watched that night. “You were snuggled up next to me, your head on my shoulder.”

Mom was already in that position.

“I got uh, excited by the actress in the movie.” I stated. “Especially when she kissed the other girl.”

“She got you hard you mean.” Mom teased.

“Yeah. But with my shorts, and my briefs, it was uncomfortable. I tried to shift around to alleviate it without disturbing you, or letting you know that I was … hard.”

Mom’s hand rubbed over that same hard-on.

“Then you slipped off my shoulder and your hand fell to my crotch.” I barely noticed the action happening on the big screen.

“What did you think then?” Mom asked in a whisper. Her fingers still caressed over my sweats and the bar of flesh hidden there.

“What do you think I thought? I was terrified. My mom had her hand on my erection!” I exclaimed softly.

“I just hoped that you didn’t know where your hand was resting, and that you would move it and lay back on my shoulder. I didn’t want to do anything to let you know that I knew, in case you didn’t realize it.”

“Oh, I knew immediately!” Mom said heartily with a little chuckle. “I’ve had my hand on a few dicks in my time; there was no mistaking it for anything else.”

“I was shocked when you didn’t move your hand right away, even if you did suspect. But you didn’t, and that scared me even more. I was sure you’d ground me, or maybe slap me for getting fresh, or something.”

“Punish you for getting a woody?” She let out a full laugh then.

“What was I supposed to think? It’s not something that happens all the time.” I gave her a stare that she returned. “At least, it didn’t used to happen before.”

Mom’s lips turned up at the ends at that. Her hand encircled my ‘woody’ softly.

“I gaziantep eskort bayan knew, but I was a little shocked myself. I knew it was a hard dick I was feeling, but I just never thought about my son having one, or especially one that was so big!”

She then gripped me tighter, but lovingly.

“I couldn’t understand why you didn’t pull your hand away when you did know what it was you were holding. It really panicked me!”

Mom laughed again.

“Most guys with a woman’s hand on their pecker aren’t panicked.”

“They would if it was their mom!” I told her firmly. I continued my narration. “Then … you started stroking my dick. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!”

Mom’s hand repeated the action from that far off day, slowly stroking me through the loose fabric of my sweatpants.

“At least it’s a bit easier to feel it now.” Mom purred at me.

As much as she had ever harassed me for wearing the old sweats, now she was happy for them!

“Then, when you started stroking my big hard dick, you worked it free and then when you first touched my bare skin … I thought I was going to die. Or that I already was dead.”

Mom’s hand ran over my hidden shaft, but as I recounted our story, she replayed her motions and worked my cock free. This time there was no blanket hiding her movements, but also no family members to hide them from.

“I couldn’t believe that I was doing as I was while I was doing it.” Mom stated. “I had my hand wrapped around a big cock, one that felt so wonderful in my hand, but also that it was my eldest son’s hard dick!”

“It felt so good too! Your warm soft hand stroking me. Up and down. I was actually surprised that I hadn’t cum right away. Except that I was mortified that it was you that was doing it. Or that Aunt Jess might notice it, or dad wake up and see you jerking me off and kill me!”

Again, mom laughed.

But still, her hand ran over my marble-like skin.

“Then you made me cum.” I paused as I remembered that first time that my wonderful Jenny had given me an orgasm. The first of countless numbers to follow.

“I did. I didn’t mean to. At first, I was shocked that you were like that, and then at your size. As I kept going, I was only doing it to tease you. I was kind of waiting for you to stop me. It excited me when you didn’t. I just couldn’t stop myself. I knew what happens when a girl rubs a dick like that, but I just couldn’t contemplate my own son doing so. And then you did. It surprised me. And even excited me. That I could make even you cum with a simple handjob. Yes, I felt guilty about it, but it was already done.” Mom’s voice had a sexy air of her excitement as she replayed her memories. “Then when I knew you were about to cum, I didn’t want it spraying all over my blanket, or me. I tried to catch it in my hand.”

“I freaked out when you got up and then licked your palm! Right in front of Aunt Jess!” I exclaimed loudly. “I knew she didn’t know what you were doing, but just that you did that, and in front of her. I just didn’t know who you were then!”

“Either did I!” Mom gasped in reply. “After you filled my hand, I then realized what was I going to do with it. It was my son’s sperm! Without really thinking about it, I just licked it up. Then I found out how good it tasted!”

Mom looked at me at that with all her love, but mostly her lust.

“I didn’t really know you then, Jenny. Or what you are capable of, but I do now.” I told her. “I wish I had been able to do this then, but I was too scared, ashamed, and didn’t have enough nerve, but I do now!”

I put a hand into her nestled legs and rested it against the tight satin fabric covering her crotch. I starting rubbing that hot spot firmly. Mom let out a gasp at my touch.

“This isn’t how it happened.” She said with a low moan. Her own hold became more vigorous.

“I don’t have dad sleeping right there,” I nodded to the empty recliner. “Nor is Aunt Jess or my brother and sister here.”

Mom moaned again.

I let my attention return to the large screen and the lesbian threesome that was going on there. Jenny’s eyes were there also, but I knew most of her attention was on the hand between her legs and the one between mine.

“I’m just sorry that it took me so long before I could pleasure you as you had done for me.” I said as I tried to get a finger under the cloth hiding her pussy, but it was so tight that it didn’t allow that invasion.

“Are these things supposed to be impossible to get into?” I asked in frustration.

Jenny giggled and turned slightly so that I could see the zipper at her side.

“I think the lingerie has done its job. Why don’t you take it off?” She asked sultrily.

“Jenny, you don’t need sexy underwear to turn me on, you do that yourself. But I do appreciate it and you do look damn sexy in it. Or out of it!” I told my mother as I reached under her arm to deftly undo the zipper.

“I know you do honey, and that’s why I like wearing it for you. When I get a chance to do so.” She pulled the stiff corset from around her, freeing her big tits with the hard nipples that were asking to be sucked. I just wasn’t in a position to do so then. So, I gave them a mental raincheck and let my eyes travel to the brown-haired patch just above the V of Jenny’s thighs.

“My eyes are up here young man!” Mom scolded me almost seriously.

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